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Daniel Beams | profile | all galleries >> People and Places around Bolivia >> Samaipata, Bolivia tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Samaipata, Bolivia

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To learn more about our work in South America visit _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A few images from in and around Samaipata, Bolivia. Please vote for this gallery if you feel so inclined. Thanks for looking around.
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070511_0232.jpg Los Volcanes de Bermejo Forest vegetation in Las Yungas, Parque Amboro, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Los Volcanes en Bermejo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Ferns in Las Yungas, Parque Amboro, Santa Cruz, Bolivia Samaipata Sunrise
g1/28/527328/3/130037315.3ZS4PL8F.jpg La Vispera Window 070611_0202.jpg
g1/28/527328/3/130037348.M3isFIf2.jpg Samaipata Plaza Popcorn in Samaipata
Evening Mass in Samaipata Tienda in Samaipata Restaurante La Pascana en Samaipata
Fresh vegetables at La Vispera Samaipata market wares Public Nap in Samaipata
Catholic Church in Samaipata Catholic Church in Samaipata Casa del Arte en Samaipata
070611_0205.jpg Door detail in Samaipata Viernes de K'Jaras en Samaipata
Asociacion de Artesanos en Samaipata Michael Blendinger Tours in Samaipata Okey
Door in Samaipata Sleeping it off in Samaipata Elder Citizen in Samaipata
Shy Juan Pablo Market Wares in Samaipata Elder Citizen in Samaipata
Coffee at La Chacana Spiky Flora Traudi's Flower
La Vispera Flowers La Vispera Garden Flowers 070611_0194.jpg
La Vispera Flowers La Vispera Fruit Baskets La Vispera Tea Pot
La Vispera Guest La Vispera Mascot La Vispera Flower
La Vispera Herb Shop La Vispera Window Vivero Sarita
Samaipata Evening Stroll Games and Supper at La Oveja Negra La Vispera Companion
La Pajcha Stream Humming Bird Stretch La Pajcha Falls
La Pajcha Stream La Pajcha Falls Vegetable Farming near Mataral
Highway Rest Stop near Mataral Free Wheeling Postrervalle Evening
Postrervalle Lane El Pueblito Resort Chapel El Pueblito Chapel
Reception at El Pueblito El Pueblito Porch Room with a View
Devil's Window Radio Repair Samaipata Sunset
Samaipata Market Se Vende Gas Samaipata Market
Samaipata Market Going to Market Gravity
Corner Store Passion Fruit Flower Morning Walk
Preguntando Hand in Hand Samaipata Market
Samaipata Market Samaipata Mural La Chacana
Samaipata Garden Shop Glance Trading
La Pajcha Margarita Tree near La Pajcha
Street Corner Senior Citizen of Samaipata Devil's Window
Fresh Fruit La Vispera Pottery Sol and Ginger
Manuela's Zoo La Yunga Fern Forest g3/28/527328/3/52730113.sama112305212.jpg
u42/beamsclan/medium/39652636.Samaipata095c.jpg Los Volcanes I'm Taller than You Are
Los Volcanes Look at Me Too Ready to Show Off
Cool Kids La Pajcha Falls La Pajcha head waters
Samaipata Valley Samaipata Valley Blooming Tajibo
Lavender garden at La Vispera in Samaipata Window View Sunshine
Bees Morning News Empanadas
Alcaldia La Pascana La Canasta
Rio Pirai in Angostura Pasture in Bermejo Suspension Bridge in Angostura
Spike of Color Troudi's Troudi's Porch
Soaking up the sun Century Sleeping it off
Pocos Clientes Tuto for President Bench Warmers
Parked for Good Samaipata Store Front Tomatoes
To the Market Residencial Don Jorge Samaipata Afternoon
Construct Waiting Learning to Ride
Samaipata Market Mountain Ridge near Las Cuevas, between Santa Cruz and Samaipata Devil's Window
Giant Fern Forest Storm Over Samaipata Cerro Colorado
El Fuerte Forest Samaipata Valley Fern Forest
Landscape near Mataral Samaipata Valley Auto Rally in Samaipata
Mountain vista near Las Cuevas, between Santa Cruz and Samaipata