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"Old Dawgs & Pups"

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Old Dawgs and Pups
Introduction by Bill Cummings
"Old Dawgs & Pups" Kennel-Master

By way of introduction – let me give you a little background on who we are and what we’re all about. We’re just a bunch of old Vietnam-era dog handlers that worked Sentry and Patrol dogs at seven Thailand bases between 1968-1976, and a very select group of friends and supporters of MWDs and handlers of today.

When our country started putting troops on the ground in the Middle East – we thought it was time for us to “re-up” – unfortunately – DoD wanted nothing to do with some “Old Dawg Handlers” – Hell, they were probably right! At that point in time – we felt like we needed to get involved to assist “OUR” dogs and handlers that were deploying to places like Qatar, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Our “fearless leader” Monty Moore, (DaNang – RVN – 68-70 - Kuboc/X448 & Blackie X129) got to thinking of how we could coordinate a program that would allow our “Old Dawgs” to communicate and support the “Pups” that were now following in our footsteps.

Hence – “Old Dawgs & Pups” was founded. Monty, through his contacts with several K-9 handlers, got a few e-mail addresses from deployed handlers and the next thing we knew – we had old farts and young handlers all over the place. Just to give you an idea of the program – go to: I think this will give you a low down on our program.

Under Monty’s guidance and hard work, we started making contact with handlers in the “sand”. E-mails were exchanged, care packages were flying, and a bond was being built between the dog handlers from the Vietnam era and the conflict in the Middle East. After all, they were “just dog handlers” – not that much could have changed – could it?

How wrong we were! These young pups are cool! Their training and equipment resemble rocket science compared to some of the training, equipment, and even the breed of dogs, that we had. What the hell is a Belgian Malinois or a Specialized Search Dog? Man, we sure have learned a lot from these guys!

Once they (pups) volunteered (don’t you just hate that word?) and we established who in the sections were willing to exchange information with us – Monty will assign them an “Old Dawg” or a friend/supporter from his database.

In 2005, we were contacted by a handler in Iraq (that handler shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) concerning assistance in procuring some basic equipment that was very much needed just to perform their routine duties; grooming equipment, beds for the dogs (they were sleeping on concrete), cooling pads and vests, and the list just went on and on.

Sparks flew! Out of the dust the “K-9 Supply Program” evolved. Currently, we have forty-one old handlers and nine “friends of K-9” involved in the support of 26 handlers (25 Air Force and 1 Army) and 21 Military Working Dogs assigned at four bases in Iraq.

UPDATE October 15, 2009: We have donated in excess of $42,300.00 in this effort to supply our troops.

Both projects have supported the canine programs at Kirkuk Air Base (506th SFS - personnel from the 822nd and 823rd SFS – Moody AFB, Georgia), Ali Base (407th SFS), and USAF handlers assigned to the 101st Airborne Division in Iraq with equipment shortages, correspondence, and matters of general morale.

UPDATE 10/15/09: We now have our own WEBPAGE for Old Dawgs & Pups, hosted by! A new War-Stories main link featuring Newsletters for our Supply of K-9 handlers and MWD teams in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other points in the AOR is now available. You can check out the Current and Archive Editions of K-9 Supply. You can go directly to the site at

More than $80,300 of supplies shipped downrange!
We are currently supporting nine (9) kennels and twenty-seven (27) deployed Air Force, Army, and Navy teams as of November 15, 2012. November 2012 brings us to seven years and two months of operation for our “Old Dawgs & Pups” program. Once again, I’d just like to say thank you to all of you that have supported our awesome programs and especially our troops and their canine partners deployed down range.

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? – You might want to discuss that with the “Old Dawgs and Pups”!

Bill Cummings – U-Tapao RTAB
K-9 Brutus - X321 – 1970-1971
E-Mail Address -

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