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James Mason | all galleries >> The war in Central Bosnia > During the attack
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During the attack
James Mason

During the attack

Vitez, Bosnia

In late July of '93 the Bosnian Army attacked Croatian positions along the Brdo front. It was sudden, at around 11 in the morning, and began with prolonged cries of "Allahu Akhbar!" all along the front line. These young Croats, both 15 or 16, were too young to be on the line. They had just helped herd grazing cattle into barns and were unsure what to do next. They are armed with hunting shotguns. The Bosnian attack was apparently not intended as an advance. They fired a lot of ammunition but did not approach the Croat positions.

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Guest 27-Nov-2011 04:17
Wow, it is amazing to see how far the pictures of my village had made, what's dissapointing is that war is the reason for that. Still, these pictures helped me to create a much wider image of it all, since I was a two year old girl back then, so now I'm finally able to put the stories together. And this picture somewhat amuses me, because the house in the back of this photograph is the house where my father grew up and one of his brothers is also on these photos.
Mike 05-Apr-2008 19:14
Hello James when i coincidentally found this page and i Look this sad pictures i found my cousin on this Picture. My question is do you have more Pictures from this Place (Stara Bila)?
Guest 21-Feb-2008 17:55
Just if I can give an short answer to a guy which wrote that"Bosnians"were defenders.
Under term "Bosnians",also bosnian Croats and bosnian Serbs are to be understood,not only Bosnian Muslims,how someone would like to present and how probably most of the people are thinking.Milosevic,together with so called JNA,was creator and with "JNA"he tried to realize
Great Serbia,so Croats and Muslims were forced to defend.But to say or think that only Bosnian Muslim were defenders in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not the truth.Cause of many bad happenings is in the fact that all three sides in conflict had bad politicians on the top,who often cared more for financial profit,then for destiny of their own people.
Bosnia and Herzegovina belongs in the same measure to Muslims,Croats,Serbs and to anyone more or less.
James Mason27-Jul-2007 01:56
"Armija" means Bosnian Army. HOS is Croatian but Muslims have traditionally fought as members of HOS. HV means Croatian Army, HVO is the Croatian Army in Bosnia. JNA means Yugoslav National Army, Serbian paramilitaries working outside the JNA are loosely referred to as "cetnici." If I'm not mistaken, the Serbs refer to all Croats as Ustashi and all Muslims as either Balija or Turci.
RedBarDragon 26-Jul-2007 21:04
Were HOS not Croatian? How could they fight the army? You mean Croatian army?
Mladen 17-Apr-2007 15:47
if Bosnians-Muslim are defenders who are destroy fojnica;Busovaca;Vitez,Bugojno, etc....
don't spek sheet about Bosnian army like angels,96% muslim in Sarajevo is ansvear for all..

greetings from Fojnica

James Mason19-Aug-2006 20:31
Hey boy from Vitez, thanks for the comments. Any chance you could help me out by identifying some of the people in the photos? My goal is to have a name for everybody, and to make sure the names are correct. Also, I'm interested in what the people in the photos are doing now. Are you living in Vitez now?


James Mason
Guest 18-May-2006 21:07
This person down below needs a reality check. No -- of course Bosnjaci only defended themselves. Sure. That's why the massacres of Croatian civilians at Krizancevo Selo, Uzdol, Dusina, Grabovica.......occured. Please refer to 'Zlocin Muslimanskih Postrojbi Nad Hrvatima u BiH od 1992-1994'. Get a reality check. Sefer Halilovic for example, the head of the Armija at one point, not only lead attacks against Croats in BiH, but he also attacked Croats when he served in the JNA when it was destroying places like Vukovar. This guest needs a reality check. Sure Bosnjaci suffered, no one denies that, but people ignore the tremendous suffering of Croats in the Lasva Valley and in Posavina.
James Mason06-Jan-2006 19:49
You are correct and I have not forgotten. But I happened to be in this particular spot when the Bosnians attacked the Croat enclave at Brdo and there are a number of photos from that fight here. I would go from Central Bosna, where HVO was fighting the Army, pass thru a HOS checkpoint where they were allied with neither, and go to Sarajevo where Croats and Bosnians were fighting together against the Chetniks.
Guest 03-Jan-2006 22:34
Don´t forget that croations attacked Bosnia and Hercegowina.
Bosnian soldiers was defender!