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Greyhound Rescue Adoption Ireland

"The gift which I am sending you is called a dog, and is in fact the most precious and valuable possession of mankind"
-Theodorus Gaza

Adopting a dog is the only time a person gets to choose their relatives.

These are various images from the Greyhound Rescues. In Ireland, Greyhounds aren't widely seen as suitable pets. Few Irish are aware of how clean, calm, and loving these dogs can be. Greys and most lurchers do not need any more exercise than any other hound their size. They spend most of their time sleeping, curled up on something soft. So, actually can take up less 'room' than a smaller dog that is more active.
WYK makes fun of Jim's Poodle The Neighbors Out behind the house Out behind the house
Fergal - Greyhound/Lab mix Mícheál Country View Molly - Short-Haired Saluki
Ciaragh is helping me chop some wood at the Greyhound Rescue This is what I look like after a couple hours chopping wood Bringing Carlow off a farm in, uh, Carlow. Inspecting the hounds
Carlow's sister Ceatharlach Ceatharlach horse in carlow
Ceatharlach Ceatharlach Ceatharlach Ceatharlach
Ceatharlach Ceatharlach AKA, The Space Modulator carlobeds.jpg Ceatharlach
Ceatharlach Ceatharlach Ceatharlach the Hypnodawg...You are becoming very sleepy...very sleepy... Carlow in B&W
Carlow in B&W Carlow in B&W Carlow in B&W carlowpizza.jpg
angerdawg2.jpg angerdawg3.jpg angerdawg4.jpg C-Zed the Greyhound
C-Zed, sleepy Greyhound angerdawg5.jpg angerdawg6.jpg angerdawg7.jpg
angerdawg.jpg sleep2.jpg Roachin Greyhound clo 001.jpg
clo 006.jpg clo 007.jpg carlowbed4.jpg Carlow being comfy
carlow.jpg carlow1.jpg carlowsofa.jpg Carlow having a nibble
Ceatharlach rests Ceatharlach all comfy Greyhound on her bed Greyhound Carlow on her bed
001.JPG Carlow on the sofa 103_0015.JPG 103_0016.JPG
103_0056.JPG 103_0060.JPG carlowsleeps.jpg carlowroach.jpg
Carlow the Greyhound PB251020.JPG PB251050-FLIP-H.JPG PB271099-e.JPG
Carlow Prays PC011497.JPG PC011498.JPG PC011501.JPG
PC011507.JPG PC011511.JPG PC011512.JPG PC011516.JPG
PC011529.JPG PC011530.JPG PC011536.JPG PC011543.JPG
PC011546.JPG PC011547.JPG PC011548.JPG PC011550.JPG
PC011552.JPG PC011553.JPG PC011554.JPG PC011588.JPG
PC051303.JPG noodlestare.jpg dowgs.jpg mum.jpg
pup.jpg pups.jpg smokey.jpg dawgs.jpg
P2052168.jpg P2052169.jpg P2052180.jpg P2072195.jpg
P2072204.jpg BLOO-SMALL.jpg Carlow-sofa-1.jpg francie-c.jpg
francie-e.jpg FrancieETMaggie.jpg maggie-a.jpg vera-b.jpg
sara-liz-a.jpg vera-c.jpg pippa.jpg pups.jpg
Asha Puppymeat.jpg P8076014.JPG P8076015.JPG
P8076025.JPG P8076027.JPG pmoon.jpg ear.jpg
dogwalker-4-1078.jpg dogwalker-2-1078.jpg