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Waynecam05-Jul-2008 02:13
Ah Willa, if only I had your talent I could rule the world!! Your galleries are as visually exciting as ever.


Wayne Suitor
Waynecam16-May-2008 02:27
Willa, had a great trip through yout galleries, the first in some time. It was a pleasure as usua;.

Wayne Suitor (Waynecam, OTF)
Jean-Luc Elias03-Jan-2008 15:19
It has been a wile that I visited your galleries and I must say that since you added a quite a few beauties.
Debbie B.15-Nov-2007 05:38
You are so sweet Willa!!! Thank you for supporting me.
Gene Zonis01-Nov-2007 11:54
Thanks for your comment on my Freehold Grill shot.
Love your puppy photo's. Very well done.
Debbie B.08-Sep-2007 05:33
You are too sweet!! I use the regular 70-200 f2.8. I dont have the IS version. I really just started using it for portraits, ever since I smashed my Tamron 28-75mm. :-( The 70-200 is the sharpest lens in my bag.
BTW, Love your work.
Guest 23-Aug-2007 00:20
I love your pictures. I love how you seem to tell a story with them all. Very nice.
Dragon Tracks06-Jul-2007 18:27
Yep-Love your work--transmits a touch of emotion and life that is not art---I hate "art", as way too many make too much art rather than capturing life, and after while it is just boring---but you are right, I do luv Fiona Apple but now, that song will always carry a certain "irony" and remind me of something I once saw--
Cheryl Meisel01-Jul-2007 06:04
Wonderful shots you have here. I especially LOVED the puppy pics and the flowers!. Very nice all of them :)
Chuck Kuhn19-May-2007 03:17
First, thanks for the nice comments on my Hanoi Galleries. What a pleasant surprise your place is. Beautiful, artistic and colorful. Great frames and script/fonts. TFS
Craig Sadler30-Apr-2007 00:34

You have an inborn sense of the beauty around you, and better yet, how to translate it into the split second of a photo:-) Sorry to be so long in getting back to you and thanking you for your kind and uplifting words:-))

Here's to embracing the beauty around us!!
Debbie B.26-Apr-2007 04:45
Thank you so much for the nice comments. Yes that is me in the photo, my daughter snapped it. (she is the young girl I always photograph) Thank you for the information about cockatiels, I will try the water bottle, as the water dish is gross. The bird is my daughter's and doesnt like anyone else.
Yellowstone/Tetons is my favorite place to photograph, it was too cold to camp in January (-40 below zero). It is such a beautiful place, I can't wait to go back.
John Rogers22-Apr-2007 22:11
Hi Willa, thanks for taking the time to answer my question on DPReview. Checked out your galleries and enjoyed looking at your images, especially Stuff and Nonsense.

Regards, John.
Clifton Bazar18-Apr-2007 15:31
Hello Willa! Long time no see, I am glad you stopped by my site. I see your eye for light and color has gone from awsome to other worldly! I went Pro back in 2004, doing mostly corporate events and head shots. As a result, I have so little time for my own photography, but peeking at your site, I am imspired to make the time to do some shooting for myself.

BTW, a couple of times last year, I needed another photographer. I often thought of your work, but had no way to reach you. Go to my site and find my email address and scoot me your number, would love to talk and maybe pass some work along.

Your big fan,
Guest 24-Feb-2007 03:35
Thanks for the comments on our galleries and our Willa. Your galleries are stunning! Celloblake
rljslick27-Nov-2006 05:20
Hiya Willa! Been a long time, I love to coming to your site and keep in touch! Things look great here!!! Cya later!!!!
Willa Lee Miller 14-Nov-2006 16:07
My name is Willa Lee Figone Miller, I was named after my grandmother Willa Lee Couper Hunting. She was born in Windser, Cal. 11/11/1890, I was born in Petaluma, Cal. 02/23/1939. Just found the book Willa and the Wind, by Janice M. Del Negro. Was happy to see my name in print. Thought you would like the info. Maybe our name will show up some more. Signed Willa Lee Miller
rljslick01-Apr-2006 18:01
Very nice site Willa, you do awesome work!
Debbie B.05-Mar-2006 16:05
Thank you for the kind words. That old hearse is up in Virginia City. Virginia City was a silver mining boomtown in the early 1800's. I think the Donner party went through there. The hearse is in a junkyard, there was a fence and a tethered dog. I went through the fence and snapped 2 pictures of it. I PS'd the old car, house and boat out of the backround as it was a bit distracting. :-)
ps your galleries are wonderful.
Guest 17-Feb-2006 22:42
I have decided that if you ever come to Phoenix, I get to photograph you cause everytime I see an image of you, I am reminded of Mr Wilson behind the fence.
Guest 16-Feb-2006 04:43
I love visiting to see what other creations you haved done, I gave you a Self High 5 :)
pemkid04-Feb-2006 18:51
Willa, thanks for visiting with my Corgis. It starts with just one, I'm sure that you will be adding to your collection. They make great garden ornaments too.
I enjoyed your gallery & have added you to my favaorites, you have a unique perspective on the ordinary things in life.

Deb C.
Guest 28-Jan-2006 20:32
Hi Willa, Thank you for your recent comments on my gallery. They are greatly appreciated. I will be back as I need more time to go through all your galleries. You are on my favorites. Cheers Thierry
Steve Hampson11-Jan-2006 22:15
Hi Willa, greetings from another left eyed and canonised - not been withouta Canon SLR since I bought a T70 way way back.
You have a lot of good stuff in your galleries - Peaceful coexistence put a smile on my face
Dawid Wnuk Photography16-Dec-2005 17:30
Some great photography you have here on display. I voted on all 4 of the galleries I commented (Scenics And Cityscapes, People & People, Austin, Texas & Other Places, Nags Head, NC). All of them were really superb.

If you have a moment please come back and see if you like anything more on my page. I would greatly appreciate your further comments (on galleries especially).

Best regards,
Dawid Wnuk
Jack Muhrline Photography26-Nov-2005 21:33
Willa, I can't imagine NJ not having hot air ballooning. Check around, I'm sure you'll find some clubs that can suggest where the closest race events will be held. If you can find an event, and I'm sure you will, be sure and make one. They're quite a sight to see silently taking to the air. This is an annual event here, and next year I'm going to try and con my way into a ride so I can shoot from the balloonist's vantage point.

Jack Muhrline Photography26-Nov-2005 21:25
Thanks again for visiting my galleries, Willa. All of the balloon shots were taken with the 20D and using the 70-200 f/4.0L. As a general rule I shoot most of my work using a tripod, but for this event there were just too many people to really give me the room I needed for the tripod, and still get the angles for the shots. This lens is not bad to hand hold as long as you keep the shutter speed up. On a couple of these I was pushing it just a little.

Jack Muhrline Photography25-Nov-2005 22:38
Willa, thank you so much for the nice comments on my galleries. After viewing some of your work, I'm very flattered. You have so much nice work to look at, I will have to make a number of return visits. Thanks again. Jack
Debbie B.23-Nov-2005 04:53
Thank you for visiting my gallery Willa. My galleries pale next to yours! Your galleries are wonderful "eye candy"! You make everyday items look interesting and fun. I will put you in my favorite artist group. Keep up the good work!
Guest 23-Nov-2005 03:00
Hey Will, as usual your galleries are most fantastic!! I have to say that I love it when you visit, you are such a nut and that makes me smile. Your work is great and your personality is outstanding which makes you truley an artist.
Veronica Fresh20-Nov-2005 23:28
Willa, you cutie, I swear that if you didn't post comments in my Galleries I'd have nothin' said by nobody. Your words of encouragement are treasured. What a doll you are.
Veronica Fresh16-Nov-2005 04:52
Hi sweetie, your comments were so very kind and generous...I'm blushing. This particular guy was the source of inspiration about the high key work I'm playing around with: He does good stuff.
Nelson Chen Photography24-Aug-2005 03:07
Thank you for your nice comments of my galleries. Your photos are truly artistic and inspirational.

Guest 23-Aug-2005 03:37
well done!
Rene Hales07-Jul-2005 12:31
Willa, I have added you to my favs. I am having a wonderful time exploring your galleries. You are very talented and I enjoy your work. Will be back often.--Rene
Vincent Belford25-Jun-2005 12:45
Hi Willa,
Just dropped by to see you recent stuff which is great as usual.
How 'bout including some self portraits of your pretty face?
Harry Goodwin 21-May-2005 15:42
Good Morning
Have an Olympus C2100 UZ. Keep getting message that "cant communicate with computer" when I try to load pics from camera. Any ideas? Realize this is not complete info, but desperate for any help.
Adalberto Tiburzi08-Feb-2005 17:15
Willa, I visit your galleries on a regular basis.
Because I find them interesting and pleasant, and full of photographic skills.
And I also because love your humour! ;-)
Waynecam31-Jan-2005 03:57
Hi Willa. Have just revisited your gallery for the first time in a while and see you have not lost your touch. Excellent work a susual.

Wayne (Waynecam from the Oly forum).
Eliott 28-Jan-2005 20:41
Hi, I am a surfer boy and student from Peru, I grew up on a beach in Peru Called Costa Verde which is warm in the summer and cold in winter. The waves are mostly point breaks with really long rights and lefts.

I visit alots of places in Peru, so i can tell you the food is great we have great beaches north of lima, like mancora, chicama,pacasmayo with great waves chicama has for me the longest wave in the world, 43 kilometers south of lima you can find pico alto with waves from 8 to 10 meters.
If you are interested contact me
Danny Depooter11-Dec-2004 21:02
Hey Willa,

Enjoyed looking at your galleries, interesting stuff!
Samuel Jackson is my favourite, nice capture.
thx 4 sharing
Guest 01-Sep-2004 22:53

Hi !
Since last visit I must say I like the over-all look and scheme of your galleries. Your captures are you and a very nice collection ! I enjoyed spendin the time.

and til next time,

Keep Collecting !

Jake 01-Sep-2004 15:04
I really enjoyed looking through your galleries, excellent work!
Howard Passman26-Aug-2004 09:49
Nothing since the end of July!! Let's get back to work!
Maybe you're on vacation, in which case, enjoy.

Dee Proffitt 20-Aug-2004 15:00
Willa: I have not visited your site for quite a while - my how you have grown! Better with the camera, that is. I was showing my co-worker your site - could not believe how great you have gotten with your camera. You should go into business girl!!!

Write to me sometime - Dee
Nina Ludwig 21-Jul-2004 21:54
Wow, Willa, your galleries are a true discovery. You have some fabulous stuff here and I shall be dipping in from time to time. Very pleasuraable
Marie-Hélène Raletz12-Jul-2004 07:57
Hi Willa!
I just bookmarked your site, after leaving a few comments....
I'll come back regularly, what I've seen so far made me want to discover more of your work.
I love your sense of humour!
Sunny regards from Provence!
:-) Marie
Clifton Bazar11-Jul-2004 07:17
WOW Willa! Your photography has taken off into a fantastic new direction! Your natural eye for lighting is now coupled with a awesome compositional style. I am impressed, awed and even evnious! I cannot wait to see more!!!!
Casey 08-Jul-2004 14:32
Hi Aunt Red!
I absolutely adore all of your pictures. They're fabulous. My favorite pictures are of the flowers in your garden and the pictures of your animals. The verdict seems to be unanimous that you're a gifted photographer. Thanks for sharing.....
Guest 07-Jul-2004 03:57
Had to come back for more, I needed a willa fix..hehehe. I realy dig your gallery, puts me in the groovy mood.
christianl29-Jun-2004 20:33
Beautiful work Willa! (and another one on my fav list :) )
j_trujillo24-Jun-2004 18:20
Hi Willa,
You have some very nice galleries here. You seem to have a wonderful eye for composition and your enthusiasm for photography sems to be all-encompassing which, as a non-specialized photographer myself, I appreciate.
I also enjoy your always friendly and helpful contributions over at dpReview.
Guest 24-Jun-2004 01:53
Hello Willa, I really appreciate the coments you made on my photography. It really is a compliment, specialy when I see what a great photogrpher you are. I spent a while in your galleries and to be honest I liked every one of them. Although Death of a Bunny put contrast in your galleries...: ) You have an excellent eye and that 10D really does put out the images huh!! I will be back for mor of this great stuff. thanks for sharing your work. btw...the lightning shots were taken with the Sony DSC F707.

Dias dos Reis14-Jun-2004 23:05
Dear Willa,

Tanks for visiting and for your nice comments. I must tell you I find most of your images quite remarkable.

Greetings from PT,
Antonio Reis
Steve Parkin08-May-2004 21:07
Hey there! Thanks for the comments you left for me at PBASE. I stopped by and gave your photos a look and wow, I'm impressed with your photographic eye! I enjoyed the time I spent looking through your stuff and hope you come back and see the bunch of new chipmunk pictures I put up! :-D

Willa Dios24-Apr-2004 15:45
Hello, again, Howard!
Yes, we certainly could have run into each other on the OBX, especially at Owens, or one of the lighthouses, LOL! Thanks for your email, and maybe I'll see you down there one of these days!

Howard Passman23-Apr-2004 17:31
Wow, you certainly are prolific! I enjoy my time at OBX and as near as I can tell we may have run in to each other at Owens or maybe at Bodie Lighthouse around 4:00 a.m..

Is there a special interest in guitars?

Nice work and keep shootin'

Guest 08-Apr-2004 16:14
Hi Willa,
Thanks for keepin in touch ! Looks like you have been adding more to your galleries. I really liked the beach captures ! Keep working that camera !

[:o) John
Guest 02-Apr-2004 22:54
Hi..i saw you left a comment on something i posted, so i thought it was fair to spend some time looking at your work!.
Very nice...certainly gives me something to aspire to!
thanks again for your comments of support
tglass23-Mar-2004 02:54
What a nice group of galleries you have! My dog wants to find out how to climb a ladder like yours can! Thanks for your kind comments on my gallery. That always inspires me to pick up the camera again.
Guest 22-Mar-2004 16:46
I realy like your photos.i vote your gallery :)
Andy Gabriel17-Mar-2004 23:46
Nice pics!
Jeff Cochran15-Mar-2004 04:27
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
oshun15-Mar-2004 01:21
Willa I appreciate your feedback and Iam flatered . It means a lot to me specially coming from a photographer of your caliber. I added you a couple of months ago to my favorite artist gallery as I was moved with the "soul" of your compositions . I will keep in touch and will also look for you in the dpreview forum.

best regards

Ps: By the way Willa are you in the 300d or 10d forum ?
Guest 12-Mar-2004 01:30
Hi Willa, I love your work. I also realize that I must get out more with my camera. Great photographs.

Robert Levy29-Jan-2004 06:43
You have a marvelous eye! You inspire me as well!!! Thanks for your kind comments and the home is my brother's summer shack. Poor guy.
Tim20-Dec-2003 04:31
Thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving such kind words. Enjoy the upcoming holidays.
Willa Dios26-Nov-2003 13:52
Thank you, Eddie! I'm very grateful when anyone looks!

Eddie Williams 26-Nov-2003 11:42
Hi Willa

I really enjoyed your gallery, especially the Outer Banks Pics.. Keep up the great work.

Dana 30-Oct-2003 13:29
Red I found it! Your art is phenomenal! I love it. I'll always be a fan. Keep shootin'! Jesus is Lord! Love, Dana
oshun28-Sep-2003 11:15
Hello Willa , thank you for your generous and flatering feedback. I struggled with this very same decision and opted for the 300d , with the 500 dollars That I saved I was able to get the 28-135mm IS and a high speed CF card , Iam now looking for a tele macro lens since I do a lot of flower photography . The pictures are from various parts of Miami Florida incuding some from the Vizcaya mansion (now a museum) which was built in the 1910s.
I look forward to seeing your 300d compositions in pbase.

Love and Light

Vincent Belford10-Jul-2003 00:28
Hi Willa, from a fellow NJ-ian.
I've played at the Art Ctr. Many times.
Came across your wonderful galleries by way of Jal’s (just surfing pbase).
I like all your galleries but “Around The House”, really does it for me.
Too much good stuff for one viewing, so I’ve earmarked your galleries for return looks.
Keep up the good work,
Vince B.
maria 07-Apr-2003 01:39


I happened to stumble upon your gallery one night, and it was a very pleasant surprise. I loved the photo of Fisherman's Wharf in Wanchese. I loved it so much that I tried to save it on my computer. It saved, but would not manifest the image when initiated. The error code was due to "no file extension" . Could you let me know what the file extension is on that particular photo so that I can open the file successfully on my own computer.

I think your other galleries are beautiful, keep up the good work it's really a great idea. Thank you....Maria
Guest 16-Feb-2003 17:26
Great gallery.
Truly beautiful and inspiring.
Keep up the good work.

Visit my gallery to see the real face of Israel (The State of Terror)
Guest 14-Jan-2003 06:26
Your fans wish for more frequent updates! I'm updating mine every day. So there...
Veronica Fresh01-Jan-2003 05:58
Here's to a productive, creative and nourishing New Year! Happy 2003! Veronica
Veronica Fresh26-Dec-2002 05:40
To a beautiful lady who finds the beauty in others, have yourself a Merry big Christmas...
I've watched you grow as an artist and a photographer & it is a joyous sight! Thank you for your richness of spirit and kindness of heart. Veronica
Guest 21-Dec-2002 07:36
Thanks! :)
Guest 20-Dec-2002 19:07
I was charmed by you photoes. Wish you good health and luck. Hope to see more of your wonderful shots.
Yuri Pautov
Clifton Bazar20-Oct-2002 20:59
First of all Willa, congrats on the Sony F707, that camera should be able to keep up with your talents, you made a very wise choice. I see your work has taken on new flare, more polished with stronger compositions. Whenever I peek in on this site, I always find a new piece of eye candy: "Waaah! I Lost My...", "Believe" and my all time favorite "Ball Of Light"!
joandaniel10-Oct-2002 23:57
Hi Willa,
Thank you so much for your nice note and the comments in my gallery. I'm so thrilled to be sharing my "first photos." I had no idea what was involved in digital photography but I think I'm getting the hang of the process. I have looked at your gallery in the past and have always enjoyed your wonderful photos. I especially had a good laugh when I saw your "Dog Fight"! Thanks again for your warm welcome to PBase. Joan
Guest 08-Oct-2002 00:32
Willa - I just found your comments on my gallery and wanted to thank you! You are such a sweetheart and one of the kindest souls that I have met since becoming a photonut! Your gallery is wonderful......took a while to go through (my satellite connection was misbehaving) but I loved them all. I discovered several similarities in our lives besides both having the same two awesome cameras.....I started off with a negative pixel Ricoh, I used to live in NJ.....Mountain Lakes (ever hear of it?), and I think I've been to that same boardwalk attraction! My kids were real young so I bribed a kid who was with us to play the squirt the balloon till it pops game but turn and squirt the attendant instead! We ran like hell! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for making me feel welcome!
Willa Dios06-Oct-2002 14:30
Geesh! I meant "OUTER Banks"... I shouldn't type so late at night, lol.
Willa Dios05-Oct-2002 05:33
Thanks, Don. I'm trying to practice as often as I can.
The Outbanks is a magical place.

Don Spencer04-Oct-2002 18:05
hey Willa, nice pics!
hope to see lots more from the Outer Banks, I'd really love to take a trip down there sometime soon.


Don Spencer,
Brick, NJ
Guest 19-Sep-2002 03:24
Hi Willa. First let me say I got a big laugh out of your post telling me nothing I could do was any good, and your embarraessed post when you saw what you put down, LOL

Yes the birds all run around together but the guineas keep to themselves more or less with some pack attacks on the chickens every so often. They range all over my pasture and occasionally go up the road to the neighbors. They do all have the knobs on their heads and they are in the same group as Turkeys.

I don't know whats going on with the D60 in that few can seem to get ahold of one and now Canon is coming out with the 11mp D1s to be announced at the end of the month at Photokinia. It will be very expensive tho I am sure. I don't know if I will go for a D60 ever or not. Was hoping they would get cheaper when a new model comes out but it looks like they are so scarce that there wont be any lower price or ones available. I am glad I kept my D30 now. I also went backwards and got a used UZI 2100 for a good price from a friend. It is a handy fast little camera but cant take the quality the D30 can. I am also looking with interest to this Olydak slr that Olympus and Kodak may announce. It would take lenses made especially for it. The Nikon slr looks good too, if you havent already invested in any Canon lenses. Oh well, it would also be nice to have lotsa money to buy these new things too.
Willa Dios16-Sep-2002 03:54
Sorry about that last post. I meant to say "HAD" not "HARD".

Willa Dios16-Sep-2002 03:52

I'm sorry that you hard trouble navigating around my photos. The Olympus C-2100 is a wonderful camera. You cannot go wrong buying that camera, if you can find one. :)

Hope you saw at least one or two photos on my site that you liked. Thanks again for looking!

Regards, ;)

Guest 14-Sep-2002 04:52
it would have helped if the galleries were labelled by the camera name since you have many digicams. for that would have helped me to judge the cam to buy. i am looking for a uzi2100
RichO12-Sep-2002 13:49
Your spirit shows quite nicely through your photos. You have special "eye" for the things most people would not see. Great work! Thanks for sharing it with us.
RichO :)
Veronica Fresh17-Aug-2002 00:31
The little spot of rust grabbed me & brought me back! Enlarged it to original size and zowie! What a great composition,beautiful forms & a sharp contrast with the spot of rust...wonderful.
Veronica Fresh17-Aug-2002 00:01
Willa I'm not used to someone actually looking at my work and thinking about it. So, if I don't respond too quickly to your comments, I'm just a bit speechless. Allen & I had a wonderful trip to Italy, and my camera was never out of my hand! NEVER! It was a true feast for the senses. After we came back it was at least a week or two before I could look into the viewfinder again.

I'm enjoying the Olympus talk on DPR. There is so much talent there. Good company to be in!

Gary Senkus10-Aug-2002 13:26
If you stand on your head and drink a glass of water might fix the hick ups.
Dave the Rave 06-Aug-2002 01:11

Well once again congrads!!!!! I really like this photo alot!! I think its time for a show soon. Looking foward to more great shots.. Love Dave
Dave the Rave 06-Aug-2002 01:11

Well once again congrads!!!!! I really like this photo alot!! I think its time for a show soon. Looking foward to more great shots.. Love Dave
Gary Senkus04-Aug-2002 18:32
I think the 100 rs could be called classic, but 2100UZ has reached cult status. Now I understand how in the old days when Grateful Dead would come for 3 days be a sell out but same audiance all 3 days, notice at steves, some people after they found 1, have bought 2nd 2100? Ever seen home improvement on TV? They might get you for copyright, the pics of you are like the guy on the other side of fence, only part of his face ever shows: ).
Have you ever used panaroma? or tried the new Camedia 4.0 master pro ($40 from Olympus)?
Willa Dios03-Aug-2002 20:34

I don't see very much, if any, difference in photo quality between the e100rs and the c2100. Except maybe once in a while in a distance shot. The rapid shot's clarity might be a bit less than the UZI, but I have seen photos that others have taken with the e100 that were truly excellent. And at 15/fps, and precapture, geez. I know my answer is a bit cliche, but what can I say? Some people say it's overkill, but I disagree. Both cameras are classics, don't you think? I told you, I have no more room in my Tamrac bag! I can hardly lift the damn thing now!

Later, Sam. ;)

Gary Senkus03-Aug-2002 02:22
Rice burners are better shot with canon (not the camera), abuse of batteries to use one of your quality cameras. How do you like the 100 rs vs the 2100UZ?
Willa Dios03-Aug-2002 02:16
I have no idea who that biker was, so please, sir, I implore you, do not judge me guilty by association, hahah!

Later then.
Willa Dios03-Aug-2002 02:14
Hey "Sam"!

I agree! My kids were making comments to the same effect when I was taking the photos!
Thanks for looking at my gallery. See ya in the movies!

Gary Senkus03-Aug-2002 01:27
Pictures are great, but the one of the biker.... what he is sitting on has been judged and found wanting.
Sam Elliot
Willa Dios02-Aug-2002 12:21
Thanks, Rich! I'm trying!!


Guest 02-Aug-2002 07:33
Beautiful work!
Guest 25-Jul-2002 21:26
Hello Willa,

Thank you for inviting me to look at your galleries! I really enjoyed my visit, and yes, we do have much in common! Anyone who would photograph asparagus is OK in my book! Keep up the good work --


Mom 20-Jul-2002 03:29
Hi Red,
Just had time to look at some of the pictures you shot. You are getting better
and better. Can't wait to see them all, will look at some everytime I go on line.
Keep up the good work!!! Love, Mom
Guest 19-Jul-2002 13:40
hi willa,
thanks for visiting my galleries. i love your pics too.
Willa Dios14-Jul-2002 04:07
Jennifer: Thank you for your kind comment,and I humbly thank you for viewing my gallery. I am learning as I go along and as fast as I can! I think the D-40z and the C-2100uz are great 'side-kicks'! I use the D-40 especially when I encounter low-light focusing problems. The camera (D-40) is awesome in its own right, but what the heck do I know, LOL. Do you have photos posted? I would LOVE to see them.


Jennifer Zimmerman13-Jul-2002 08:53
Love seeing your gallery. I am definitely getting this camera as a side kick to my c2100uz. I love it except sometimes I just wish I had a smaller compact camera. Great photos.

Jennifer Z.
Dave 25-Jun-2002 11:15

Your photos just get better and better!!! I think you have found your calling. Keep up the good work and Im proud of you!!!You are making me want to get into taking shots again. LOVE DAVE THE RAVE
Guest 23-Jun-2002 18:58
Didnt see your other question when i answered those. I live in the Arkansas Ozarks in the Boston Mtn. range about six miles from the Buffalo National River. Too bad you dont live closer but if you ever travel to the Ozarks get in touch with me.
Guest 23-Jun-2002 18:52
Hi Willa,
Thanks for wonderful compliments on my photos.
By the lighting I would say the Imdaman shot was taken around 11 or 12. Yes, they are my chickens and most of the insects and wildflowers were taken around my place.
I guess I use my D30 most of the time but I still have things I like better with each of the other cameras and things I dont. I use the Pro90 with the 500D closeup lens for most of my macros. The Kodak is weatherproof so has its own special times to use.
Willa Dios21-Jun-2002 21:36
Thanks, Beth!

Yes, as soon as my sister "settles in" I'm flying up there to see her. Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other, LOL. Keep shootin', Lady!


Beth21-Jun-2002 17:32
Hi Willa,
Found your comment on my Bend,Oregon gallery. Thanks for visiting and making such nice commments! Your photographs are nothing to sneeze at! I think I like the asparagus shot the best too...very comforting and artistically done.

Your friend has chosen a lovely small town in Oregon to purchase a house. Most of the houses there are tiny by eastern standards...more like the kind of house you might find in old beach communities on the east coast. It has a lively arts community and varieties of shopping: coffee houses, organic grocers, ecological and health-oriented community, I'd say.

My son lives there and the photos are from a visit last August/September. We were going back this summer, but if the Amtrak bites the dust, we may have to reconsider. (We don't fly.) You should go out to visit!

Thanks for stopping to visit my galleries and commenting.
Willa Dios30-May-2002 19:51

I was so excited to see you'd sent me a message. Coming from you, I am really, really flattered by your comments! I haven't had a chance to take your advice on with any night shots, but I will! I think tonight they are going to do that beam of light thing in tribute to the WTC again, but this time it is supposed to be in red, white and blue... should be interesting, and I would be excited to see any pics you might capture of that scene, if it is in fact going to happen. I am hoping I can make it over to the water to try at it myself, but don't know that I'll be able to slip away!

Anyway, I really appreciate your comments. I am humbled, 'cause I think you're an excellent shutterbug! Thanks again, keep in touch!


(learning every day!)
Clifton Bazar28-May-2002 00:08
Hello Willa,

I have been watching your gallery and I see your photography has taken off extremely well. I found many favorites here, Knowledge, Affectionate Asparagus, Ball of Light, Ballerina Sachet (color & b/w), Lamp Lite. You seem to have a good eye for natural lighting. Keep at it, great things will flow from your camera.

Clifton B.
Willa Dios13-May-2002 11:51
Thank you, Andrea.

I have a LOT to learn. I am amazed at how willing, almost eager, other photographers have been to offer help, suggestions, etc. They alone have helped me learn a lot. In any event, I am only doing this for fun. Thanks for looking. :)

W. (a.k.a. "Red")
Andrea 13-May-2002 11:42
Hi Red! Finally, I had time to see all your pictures. I must say that they are excellent, you are very talented and you learn very quickly how to use all the functions of you camera. There is nothing more to do than wish good luck and patience in your future photographing.
Willa Dios17-Apr-2002 13:51
What a sad story. I'm glad everything turned out OK. And, you have so much to look forward to, moving into that sweet house. You must really be excited! I will check your gallery often. Best wishes,

Guest 16-Apr-2002 21:35
Willa, Thanks for your wonderful comments regarding my Lily Pads photo I use an Oly C2100 exclusively, and I didn't do anything with this photo, other than some Photoshop post-processing brightness/contrast and a very little bit of cropping. I took the photo on September 12th, the day after the WTC disaster (I'm a New Yorker, heart and soul), and 15 minutes after I found out my son's girlfriend attempted suicide (she's OK now). I was very depressed, and was actually weeping when I took that photo. Whether you, the viewer, can perceive that or not, I don't know. But, that photo holds some special meaning for me. It's very dear to my heart. And, I'm glad you like my cottage. :-) I move in on June 1st. Now, I'll go see what you've taken. :-)
Willa Dios16-Apr-2002 14:10
Thanks for taking a peek at my gallery, Phil. I LOVED your photos of New Orleans and the plantation homes. Your pans are excellent! I've only been doing this digital photography stuff for about three years, but not 'seriously' (in an amateur sort of way), until last year. I love it. There are not enough hours in the day. I practice, practice and practice! I want to work on portrature, but I keep going back to still lifes. Maybe I should deny my natural inclinations! Anyway, thanks again for sharing (most good photographers do, I found. Isn't that wonderful?


Phil 14-Apr-2002 17:38
Hi Willa. Thanks for the nice comments about the Wysteria photo at Steve's Forum. I looked at your photos and enjoyed them very much. Nice work! have lovely blue eyes Willa. A self portrait would be very nice.......serious pose.....maybe a thoughtful mood shot?

You must live near interesting places......seashore?

I am in New Orleans. I have a lot of photos of plantation homes around this area.i...including some nice pans. If you are interested in seeing them, let me know. I'll send a few your way.

Thanks again.

Guest 13-Apr-2002 05:48
Willa, I absolutely loved the asparagus shot. The colors and textures are all right. There were so many that I truly loved. Nana is such a beauty for 88 and you can't help but wonder what she must be thinking. The pears also were quite beautiful and the print would accent any room. There are so many wonderful photos I can't mention them all. Lastly I love the photo of the books. Most of your photos really get the imagination going and your grasp of the color and light are excellent. They're "all that" so keep it up.
Guest 12-Apr-2002 01:53
Hey Willa! Thanks so much for your kind words - I didn't realize it at first, but after looking through your photo's, I realized I'd seen most of them before! Great stuff! Most of my photos are with an Oly 3040. Many of them used a circular polarizer as well - irreplacable for shooting outdoors in my opinion (although it's only a USD$35 lense, so.. I'm not sure if the linear polarizer would work better or not). Take care, Matt
Willa Dios11-Apr-2002 01:58
Thanks so much for your input. I agree, many of my photos ARE very dark. Hmmm... not sure why, but I'll figure it out. I appreciate all your input. I am amazed at how many photographers willingly share information. I guess that is what expressing one's self with photography is all about anyway. I think you are a WONDERFUL, talented photographer, and I look forward to more, more, MORE! :)

Keep shootin'

Willa D.
Frank Vetere10-Apr-2002 13:12
Hi Willa:
Thanks for spending the time to view my gallery, and I appreciate your comments. It took me a while to find the photos you commented on
( I wish pbase would just send you to the photo when you click on the number) I took the yellow boat, firehouse with gate, and the night cemetary photos with the C-2100 and the france pictures with a point and shoot film camera.
I may have used a polarizer on the boat picture, but otherwise no filters on the camera or in photoshop.
I used levels and curves to adjust contrast and brightness in each photo, and in some cases I isolated an element to enhance just that part of the picture.
As far as exposure, I try to take most of my photos in early morning or late afternoon, which creates a warm , low angle lighting that is very attractive.
I looked at your gallery, and there are some nice scenes, but in many cases they seem a little too dark. Go to your photo editor software and play with these.
I could ramble on, but keep in touch if you have any questions.
Good luck and keep having fun.
Willa Dios26-Mar-2002 13:42

You should check out Georgia Roessler's gallery here on pbase. She owns the Olympus C-2100 UZ, and has evidently used her camera to take photos all over the world. She is a VERY good photographer and her photos will really, REALLY make you happy with your decision. I need to find out about filters, lenses, etc. that go with the C-2100 UZ, and I know NOTHING about this stuff. I saw something called an HQ converter lense ($349!). I wish someone would explain to me what that thing does! Of course there are always filters of various sorts available in photo imaging software such as Adobe Elements, Adobe Photos Shop (too expensive for my needs to justify), or Paint Shop Pro. Hell, the C2100UZ takes gorgeous photos without the use of any filters if you ask me! Anyway, I'm never going to be hired for National Geographic or Sports Illustrated, am I? This is about FUN; for me, anyway. Again, ENJOY, and check out Georgia's stuff. :)
Willa Dios26-Mar-2002 13:35
You are going to have SO MUCH FUN with your new Olympus C-2100UZ. This camera is DA BOMB! You'll see! Let me know where you post your photos! I can't wait to see them and hear your GLEE once you get started. This camera takes fabulous photos, despite the whines about two megapixels. You are going to have a blast with this camera! Good luck, have fun, and don't forget to let me know where you're 'stashing' your new photos! Keep clicking!


Willa D.