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Göteborg 2010

My trip to Gothenburg in June 2010. Lots of photos from botanical gardens and Borås Djurpark, a zoo about 60 km´s from Gothenburg. Well worth a visit if you´re nearby!

I might split up this gallery into 2 when there´s more pics. Zoo´s and Gardens or so...
Dahlia in the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg 7799 100619 900.jpg 7684 100619 700.jpg 7680 100619 700.jpg
7689 100619 900.jpg 7676 100619 700.jpg Storma 16/7 Mommies girl...
Sabina at Borås Zoo 15/7 Storma gets a grooming lesson from mom. Nom nom, deliscious roses! Caught in action
Male Common Blackbird rooting through leaf litter for insects and worms. Lilac tree Miss Kim Syringa Pubescens ssp.patula White peony One of the adult brown bears at Borås Zoo
Grey seal, Lat;Halichoerus grypus Sundew or Drosera, a carnivorous plant close up, this is Drosera capensis Mosquito trapped in the tentacles of a Sundew plant. Coral plant in bloom   Lat;Berberidopsis corralina
10/7 There was a begonia exhibition at the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg when I was in town. WHAT did you say I had stucked to my nose? Excuse me, but could you please hurry up with my lunch!! Where are MY herrings?
Storma, orangutan baby at Borås Zoo Sabina cuddling with little Storma, Borås Zoo Cheetah at Borås Zoo The Lipstick
Waiting for the waterbus by the Operahouse Gothenburg opera house 1360 100621 700.jpg 1292 100621 700.jpg
27/6 Artpiece at Röda Sten. I THINK it´s an art piece No race, no gender parhaps Someone´s been busy 7091 100618 900.jpg What´cha staring at, never seen an apple before?
7242 100618 700.jpg Bako likes his veggies Björn and Benny having fun in the lake Wake up honey!
Armani, the lion male Storma, 1,5 year old orangutan girl at Borås Zoo 25/6 Storma takes a nap on mums back 7212 100618 700.jpg
7029 100618 750.jpg Björn, or maybe Benny, having a nice swim in their new lake. Cheetahs, Luanga and her 8 cubs 23/6 Aww, isn´t she cute?
The Palmhouse at Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg Something out of The Pirates of the Caribbean?  Lots of roses on the way at Trädgårdsföreningen, Queen of Sweden
Bako is cuddling with his son, Bunga. Storma has found something nice to chew on Bunga has a little picknick under his blankie Banana break for the chimpanzees
Sulawesi crested black macaque, female Bongo (antelope) Banded Mangoose at Borås Zoo Bako, the orangutan male at Borås Zoo
Sabine, the orangutan female at Borås Zoo, having a little snack Can I have a taste, mum? The litter of 8 Cheetah cubs in Borås Djurpark. Jackdaw (Corvus monedula monedula)
Goose at childrens zoo in Slottsskogen, the huge park in Gothenburg The Common Seal (Phoca vitulina), also known as the Harbor (or Harbour) Seal, 22/6 Back from my trip to Gothenburg! Nom, nom, nom!!! Deliscious herring for the Harbours seals in Slottsskogen