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Canon EOS 10D
1/180s f/5.6 at 18.0mm iso400 with Flash full exif

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Kal Khogali12-Dec-2006 15:01
I'm quite SOCKED at this whole thread, and feeling quite FRAYED at the ends, so I'm off TOE-morrow to see if my local pharmacy is STOCKING any cure ;-)...and all because of wanting to be a socklar! K
ruthemily18-May-2006 22:34
um, no comment?! i can't think of anything to say that doesn't draw me into this lunacy!
as for superglueing runs in tights...doesn't that stick them to your legs? clear nail varnish is the way to go! not that you need to know that, Niall...i'm pretty sure you don't wear tights. unless you have a confession to make...
Niall O'Shea09-Dec-2004 08:40
Sh*t, jude, can we PAIR up against Carmen? All is forgiven. She's scaring me...
Carmen09-Dec-2004 05:58
"TAG TEAM JUDE?" Niall, are you coming apart at the SEAMS? I would never bet against Jude! (she lives a lot closer to me than you do, and given her skill with PS, she could easily have me taken out of the picture!) My other problem is that I would stick a sock in it, but I'm already overcompensating so much for my inadequacies that I really don't know where I could possibly fit another one...

Gotta RUN. No, seriously. I have a run in my stocking. My mom used to use superglue to stop them, I think. What do you use, Niall? (I am really disappointed in both of you for not having used that one yet.) What a MISMATCHED PAIR you both are -- one a dirty white and the other off-color. You guys are giving me the WELLIES. or the WOOLIES. Whatever. I'm kinda creeping myself out here.

Hope you two can patch things up on your own; I'm WORSTED for the wear...
I guess I'm off to see the counselor again -- you can just add another zero to that check, thanks. ("C-A-N-O-N" ..but I guess you both know that already ;^) Ta.)
Niall O'Shea09-Dec-2004 02:43
Ah put a SOCK in it,Carmen.It's SHEER petulance on your part. jude's too busy looking like the cat who got the SOCK-eyed salmon to notice our PED-y squabble. Now I'm thinking maybe we should tag team her.That would really get her in a LADDER!
Carmen09-Dec-2004 00:52
Oh sure, call the sewing circle once you're all panting and happy as cats laying about in a bunch of unravelled knitting. I just can't stand it when you ARGYLE like this. When I got involved between you a week or so ago I ended up in counselling for months. If one of you want to FOOT the bill, you can make the check out to "Canon USA"... (Don't forget those zeros at the end!!) You two are too SLIPPERy for me and make me feel inadequate (can I stuff socks somewhere to compensate?) I need to start STOCKING up on my PUNions. (Okay, that last one was pretty CORNy. It really doesn't get better from here on out, so I'll just slither away now...)
Niall O'Shea09-Dec-2004 00:24
For once I feel relieved as a red-blooded man to find myself out of my depth on this subject.jude-I concede victory.Could there be sweeter words to you?
jude08-Dec-2004 23:37
I've always wanted a mouth on my toes, Jeanne...
Guest 08-Dec-2004 23:26
hey!! My sock monkeys are CRINGING as you type!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!
jude08-Dec-2004 23:22
Now, now Niall.. calm down. Get off your high horse and try to listen.. if you cannot contain yourself I'll have to turn the HOSE on you - wet every FOOT of you down from the top of your head to the tip of your TOES. I'm sure I might get in trouble with a BOBBY there .. but I'll try not to SWEAT it. I dont' suppose yelling at you would work ... ARE GILE and sweet ways a draw?

Hmmm... I'm thinking this is really bad..LOLLLLLLl
Niall O'Shea08-Dec-2004 22:54
DARN it all to hell girl,haven't you COTTONED on to the PATTERN in your behaviour?I'd hate to be seen to be NEEDLING you but you really bring your low self-esteem issues to HEAL once and for all.And remember:a STITCH in time saves nine.Time is the great HEELer and will MEND that gaping HOLE in you.And please post a link to this THREAD to Jeannie and Carmen.I know it will have them in STITCHES.Things really are UNRAVELLING here.
jude08-Dec-2004 19:14
Well, she said, her brows KNITTED, I WOOLd like to know how you know SEW much about me, Mr O'Shea
Niall O'Shea08-Dec-2004 18:51
Don't be hard on yourself,jude.The competition wouldn't be a 'patch' on you,you'd 'sock' it to them.
jude08-Dec-2004 17:20
Now, now, Niall.. don't be a heel (hey that rhymed!).. i mean.. what do I know about being a socklar? I'd have to TOE my way into that very elite group .. and you know me, I'm not up for the spotlight.. i'm just one of the CREW...
Niall O'Shea08-Dec-2004 14:31
Yes,jude,you'd be a 'socklar'.I believe it's 'darn' difficult to learn,if you follow my thread.
jude08-Dec-2004 13:39
Do you think you have to go to school for that? I mean.. to be a specialist?