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Burma Archive | The Many Faces of Buddha

Burma Archive

In November and December of 2008, I spent a truly magical month in Myanmar.
These are images to show people what a beautiful country Myanmar (Burma) is, despite its ugly regime. I visited Yangon, Inle Lake and surroundings, Mandalay, Amarapura, Inwa, Mingun and Sagaing, went to Monya and Hsipaw and ended my trip in absolutely stupendously beautiful Bagan.
This gallery contains many photos, both for people interested in photography but foremost for people interested in visiting this gem in South East Asia.
Later on, I will make a "best of" chosen from this large gallery.
Entrance to Shwedagon.jpg Buddhas for sale at Shwedagon.jpg Golden Buddhas.jpg Soaring.jpg Golden Swhedagon Pagoda.jpg
Two buddhas.jpg Decoration detail Shwedagon.jpg Study.jpg Many buddhas.jpg Construction Worker.jpg
Monk and buddha.jpg Woman praying.jpg Looking up.jpg Golden buddha.jpg Reclining buddha at Shwedagon.jpg
Reading .jpg Buddha backlit.jpg Hall of buddhas.jpg Unaware of the buddha.jpg Studying the texts.jpg
The golden beauty of Yangon.jpg Religious cashiers.jpg Gold of Shwedagon.jpg Shwedagon.jpg Shwedagon at dusk.jpg
Golden faces.jpg Two buddhas 1.jpg Hidden buddha.jpg Standing in front of the buddha.jpg Gold.jpg
Three colors.jpg Explosion of golden light.jpg Shwedagon sunset.jpg Hues of yellow.jpg Buddha in shadows.jpg
Shwedagon Zedis.jpg Offer.jpg Golden stupa at sunset.jpg Detail Shwedagon.jpg Detail with buddha.jpg
Swhedagon pagoda after dark.jpg Prayers at sunset.jpg Glowing in the dark buddhas.jpg Believers.jpg Offerings at dusk.jpg
Selection of offerings.jpg Botataung .jpg Monk at Botataung.jpg Saleslady of offer money.jpg Fixing up buddha.jpg
Temple lady.jpg Monk in Yangon.jpg Reclining buddha at Chaukhtatgyi Paya.jpg Big big buddha.jpg Laundry day in the monastery.jpg
Buddha eye.jpg Row of monks.jpg Sitting buddha at Ngahtatgyi paya 1.jpg Paya at Inle Lake at dusk.jpg Harbor of Nyaungshwe at dusk.jpg
Boy and bicycle .jpg Sunset.jpg Fiery cloud.jpg Monks on their alms route in the morning.jpg Young monk at Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung.jpg
Monk at wooden monastery at Inle.jpg Three monks at Inle crop.jpg Three monks in window.jpg Washing up.jpg Cheeky.jpg
Detail Decoration.jpg Sandal issues.jpg Sweeper.jpg Taking a break.jpg A lesson.jpg
Study 1.jpg Farmers.jpg Bags.jpg Woman with red scarf.jpg Three kids.jpg
Showing off.jpg Kyaukhpyugyi Paya stupas.jpg Sitting Buddha at Nanthe village.jpg Buddha at an angle.jpg Devas at Nanthe village.jpg
Reflection.jpg Starting a fire.jpg Work to be done.jpg Nanthe child 1.jpg Nanthe child2.jpg
Boy driving.jpg Golden stupas near Nanthe Village.jpg Modern art reflection.jpg Fisherman on Inle Lake.jpg Fisherman black and white.jpg
A break.jpg Village street.jpg Reflected houses on Inle Lake.jpg Floating market.jpg Girl with thanaka paste.jpg
Market lady.jpg Selling peppers.jpg Portrait of a young woman.jpg Boredom.jpg Portrait of an older woman.jpg
Cheroot black and white.jpg Cheroot.jpg Caught crop.jpg Cute smile.jpg Tired in thanaka.jpg
Waterlilies 1.jpg Making thread.jpg Weaver at work.jpg Cheroot making.jpg Cheroot making 2.jpg
Wave.jpg Big bird.jpg Life along Inle Lake.jpg Indein 1.jpg Indein 2.jpg
Indein 6.jpg Indein 8.jpg Indein 10.jpg Indein 11.jpg Indein detail.jpg
Indein 12.jpg Indein 14.jpg Indein 15.jpg Indein statue.jpg Man versus nature.jpg
Indein 16.jpg Indein statue 2.jpg Face off.jpg Indein art.jpg View over Indein.jpg
View over Indein 2.jpg Indein stupas.jpg Buffalo.jpg Monk watching the world go by.jpg Zedis reflected.jpg
Life on the water.jpg Jumping cat monastery.jpg Lone bird.jpg Boat at sunset on Inle Lake.jpg Sunset over Inle.jpg
Reeds.jpg Early morning.jpg Monk in the morning.jpg Buffalo  rider.jpg Kakku 1.jpg
Three statues at Kakku.jpg Statue with growth Kakku.jpg Buddha at Kakku.jpg Partially restored.jpg Detail Kakku.jpg
Statue Kakku 1.jpg Statue Kakku 2.jpg Bits and pieces at Kakku.jpg Treasure in the dirt.jpg Broken.jpg
Zedis at Kakku.jpg Archeology in the making.jpg Head.jpg Row of zedis.jpg A brick forest.jpg
Spiderweb buddha.jpg Tangled up zedis.jpg Monk at Kakku.jpg Kakku zedis.jpg Kakku statue.jpg
Scary grin.jpg Enigmatic smile Kakku.jpg Forgotten by time.jpg Head 1 Kakku.jpg Broken 2.jpg
Zedi decoration.jpg Dramatic pose.jpg Farmer market.jpg Woman 1.jpg Woman 2a.jpg
Woman 2b.jpg Woman 3.jpg Woman 3 in black and white.jpg Monk on his route.jpg Alms .jpg
Truck with monks in Mandalay.jpg Reflection Mandalay.jpg Specks of light.jpg Shwenandaw Mandalay detail.jpg Shwesandaw kyaung .jpg
Mandalay monk 2.jpg Detail Shwenandaw Kyaung .jpg Monks and dog 1.jpg Detail door Shwenandaw.jpg Bell carriers.jpg
Thanaka girls.jpg Thanaka girl.jpg Atumashi Kyaung.jpg On their way to class.jpg Kuthodaw paya reflected.jpg
Kuthodaw marble.jpg Kuthodaw detail.jpg Gold and mirrors.jpg Zedis of Kuthodaw.jpg Tripitaka text.jpg
Statue in Kuthodaw.jpg Shadows and shapes.jpg Mandalay palace.jpg King Mindon.jpg Detail statue.jpg
Studying monk.jpg Door carving Shwe In Bin Kyaung.jpg Shwe In Bin Kyaung in Mandalay.jpg Carving Shwe In Bin Kyaung.jpg Monk in front of buddha.jpg
Monk in Shwe In Bin Kyaung.jpg Pillars.jpg Staircase 1.jpg Jars.jpg Monks district Mandalay.jpg
Two monks in Mandalay.jpg Monks district Mandalay 2.jpg Two monks on bridge Mandalay.jpg Sunset yellow wall 1.jpg Sunset yellow wall 2.jpg
Hidden.jpg Watching the world go by.jpg Two novices in the monks district.jpg Evening falls over monks district Mandalay.jpg Sunset yellow wall 3.jpg
Monk with binder Mandalay.jpg Monks district Mandalay 3.jpg Reading monk on bridge Mandalay.jpg Last light Monks district Mandalay.jpg Monk reading.jpg
U Bein Bridge at sunrise.jpg On the river near U Bein.jpg Monk on U Bein.jpg Three monks on U Bein Bridge in the morning.jpg Contemplation.jpg
Girl on U Bein Bridge.jpg Walk in the fields.jpg Watching the river.jpg Fisherman near U Bein.jpg Novices watching 1.jpg
Novices watching 2.jpg Posing for his friends.jpg Village women.jpg Kyauktawgyi Paya near U Bein Bridge.jpg Friends.jpg
Statue near U Bein 1.jpg Statue near U Bein.jpg Greenish buddha.jpg Ceiling temple near U Bein.jpg Monk statues .jpg
Heavy load.jpg Boy in Taungthaman village.jpg Sweeping the courtyard.jpg Lone fisherman.jpg Breakfast on U Bein.jpg
Young girl at U Bein.jpg Boats.jpg View over U Bein bridge.jpg Many statues temple U Bein.jpg Statue in temple U Bein.jpg
Many statue temple near U Bein.jpg Stone slabs.jpg Inside temple U Bein 2.jpg Inside temple U Bein 1.jpg Inside temple U Bein 3.jpg
Group of sitting statues.jpg Inside temple U Bein 4.jpg Inside temple U Bein 5.jpg Inside temple U Bein 6.jpg Group of seated statues.jpg
Pharao like 2.jpg Hands.jpg Marble stones .jpg Three monks at Maha Ganayon.jpg Novice at Maha Ganayon Kyaung.jpg
Bringing food.jpg Ancient belief.jpg Enjoying the sun.jpg Concentration.jpg Baskets 1.jpg
Baskets 2.jpg Baskets 3.jpg Baskets 4.jpg Novices at Maha Ganayon 1.jpg Novices at Maha Ganayon 2.jpg
Two novices at Maha Ganayon.jpg Waiting for lunch at Maha Ganayon.jpg Novice at Maha Ganayon.jpg In line for food Maha Ganayon.jpg Line up at Maha Ganayon.jpg
Distribution of lunch Maha Ganayon.jpg Watching tourists Maha Ganayon.jpg Dishing out lunch Maha Ganayon crop.jpg Line up Maha Ganayon 2.jpg Novices at lunch Maha Ganayon.jpg
Lunch Maha Ganayon.jpg Monks at lunch Maha Ganayon.jpg Novices at lunch Maha Ganayon 2.jpg Lunch Maha Ganayon 1.jpg Novice in doorway Maha Ganayon.jpg
Novice with alms bowl.jpg Young novice.jpg One way and that way.jpg Two monks at Maha Ganayon.jpg Two monks sitting Maha Ganayon.jpg
Smile .jpg Look.jpg Temple at Inwa.jpg Detail Inwa.jpg Statue at Inwa.jpg
Walls in Inwa.jpg Farmer at Inwa.jpg Novices in class Inwa.jpg Boy at Bagata Kyaung in Inwa 2.jpg Boy at Bagaya Kyaung in Inwa.jpg
A row.jpg Two faces Bright eyes crop.jpg Girl.jpg papier mache dolls.jpg
Statues for sale.jpg Puppets.jpg Novice at Mahamuni Paya.jpg Souvenir sellers.jpg Papier mache owls 2.jpg
Life along the river near Mandalay.jpg Hats.jpg Cracked Mingun.jpg Hsinbyume Paya.jpg Amused.jpg
Monk at Sagaing.jpg Posing Sagaing.jpg On the climb of Sagaing.jpg Caretaker Sagaing.jpg Reflection Sagaing 1.jpg
View from Sagaing Hill.jpg Novices on Sagaing Hill.jpg Stone wall.jpg Behind bars.jpg Three novices with slippers.jpg
Goody two shoes.jpg Expectant.jpg Cheeky novice.jpg Serious novice.jpg Monastery on Sagaing.jpg
Umin Thounzeh 1.jpg Umin Thounzeh 2.jpg Umin Thounzeh 3.jpg Umin Thounzeh 4.jpg Burmese transport.jpg
Weathered statue Hpo Win Daung Caves.jpg Golden buddha Hpo Win Daung caves with offerings.jpg Hidden buddha Hpo.jpg Fresco Hpo Win Daung Caves.jpg Reclining buddha at Hpo Win Daung.jpg
Hpo Win Daung.jpg Buddhas Hpo Win Daung.jpg Cracked buddha Hpo Win Daung.jpg One cave at Hpo Win Daung.jpg Queen statue Hpo.jpg
Reclining buddha Hpo.jpg Reclining buddha Hpo Win Daung Caves.jpg Entrance Hpo Win Daung.jpg Detail Hpo Win Daung.jpg Monkey.jpg
Golden reclining buddha Hpo.jpg Glowing in the dark buddha Hpo.jpg Precious.jpg Thanboddhay Paya.jpg Inside Thanboddhay.jpg
600000 buddhas in one temple.jpg rows of buddhas.jpg Mini buddhas to offer.jpg Hidden statue in Thanboddhay.jpg Looming.jpg
Carnavalesque Thanboddhay.jpg Field of buddhas.jpg 167 meter tall buddha near Monywa.jpg Bodhi Tataung .jpg Large sitting buddha near Monywa.jpg
Buddha rama near Monywa.jpg Big big big buddha.jpg Slightly intimidating.jpg 90 meter reclining buddha near Monywa.jpg Photographer and buddha.jpg
Detail reclining buddha Monywa.jpg Monks on their alms route 3.jpg Saleslady in temple.jpg Woven baskets.jpg Petrol sellers.jpg
Petrol sellers 2.jpg Hat car.jpg Hidden by fruit.jpg Market lady in Hsipaw.jpg Bananas.jpg
Market woman in Hsipaw.jpg Woman at the market in Hsipaw.jpg Look Hsipaw.jpg Fish tails.jpg Chef in Hsipaw.jpg
Brooms 1.jpg Brooms 2.jpg Brooms 3.jpg Brooms 4.jpg Crossing the road.jpg
Enjoying breakfast.jpg Elephant statue with offerings.jpg Offerings in Hsipaw.jpg Green bananas.jpg Decorations galore in Hsipaw.jpg
Paint like .jpg Gate.jpg Ancient stupas Hsipaw.jpg Leftover from the past Hsipaw.jpg Peeking and hiding.jpg
Novice in Hsipaw.jpg Monk at work - Hsipaw.jpg Ready for class - Hsipaw.jpg Farmers Hsipaw.jpg Village woman .jpg
View Hsipaw.jpg Cat Hsipaw.jpg Silhouetted statues Hsipaw.jpg Sunset Hsipaw.jpg Reclining buddha on route .jpg
Pillars near Hsipaw.jpg Chickens 1.jpg Chickens.jpg Chickens 2.jpg Transport Pyin U Lwin.jpg
Flowers.jpg Girl in roadside restaurant on the way to Bagan.jpg Local transport in Burma.jpg Mount Popa.jpg Temple Mount Popa.jpg
Mother and child on Mount Popa.jpg Buddha on Mount Popa.jpg Dragon statue.jpg Detail in stone.jpg Market lady Mount Popa.jpg
Monkey business MP.jpg Field work.jpg Farmers near Bagan.jpg Harvesting palm tree.jpg Group of women near Bagan.jpg
Temple in backyard of hotel Bagan.jpg Novice in Bagan.jpg Buddha in Bagan 1.jpg Sunset Bagan 1.jpg Sunset Bagan 2.jpg
Sunset Bagan 3.jpg Sunset Bagan 4.jpg Sunset Bagan 5.jpg Small temple in Bagan.jpg From the top of the temple Bagan.jpg
Brother and sister.jpg Elephant statue Bagan.jpg Teeth.jpg Two buddhas in Bagan.jpg Buddha in Bagan 3.jpg
Statue in blue dress Bagan.jpg Head of buddha in Bagan.jpg Thanaka painted boy Bagan.jpg Buddha in Bagan 10.jpg Child in temple Bagan.jpg
Four armed statue bagan.jpg Temple at an angle Bagan.jpg Boy Bagan.jpg Mirth in Bagan.jpg Little boy Bagan.jpg
Two boys Bagan.jpg Boy with yellow pullover Bagan.jpg Big reclining buddha Bagan.jpg Reclining buddha in Bagan.jpg Buddha angle Bagan.jpg
Shwesandaw Paya Bagan.jpg Mural Bagan.jpg Two smaller stupas Bagan.jpg Green statue Bagan.jpg Dirt road Bagan.jpg
Field with Payas.jpg One of the bigger temples in Bagan.jpg Statue Bagan 1.jpg Otherworldly Bagan.jpg Entrances Bagan.jpg
Entrance temple Bagan.jpg View from Shwesandaw.jpg Bagan landscape.jpg Bagan sunset.jpg Bagan temples.jpg
Bagan sunset 01.jpg Bagan sunset 02.jpg Bagan temples 01.jpg Bagan sunset HDR 03.jpg Temple of Bagan.jpg
Bagan sunset 04.jpg Ananda Pahto Bagan.jpg Bagan sunset 05.jpg Bagan sunset 06.jpg Bagan sunset 07.jpg
Bagan sunset 08.jpg Bagan sunset 09.jpg Two temples Bagan.jpg Buddha detail Bagan HDR.jpg Sunrise Bagan .jpg
Through the window Bagan.jpg Temple Bagan.jpg Detail temple Bagan.jpg Temple group Bagan.jpg Buddha Bagan 08.jpg
Local transport Bagan.jpg Golden faces Bagan.jpg Goldleaf face Bagan.jpg Like pharaos Bagan.jpg Window with pigeon Bagan.jpg
Buddha Bagan 13.jpg Young boy in Bagan.jpg Reclining buddha Bagan 01.jpg Inside a temple in Bagan 1.jpg Bright eyes in Bagan.jpg
Bright eyes in Bagan 2.jpg Sulamani Pahto.jpg Statue in Sulamani Pahto.jpg Painted tile Sulamani Pahto.jpg Sulamani Pahto 01.jpg
Ceiling Sulamani Pahto.jpg Monk at Sulamani Pahto.jpg Monk on the roads of Bagan.jpg Kicking up dust bagan.jpg Golden Hti of Ananda Pahto.jpg
Mural Bagan 2.jpg Central Plain Bagan.jpg View over part of Bagan.jpg Relaxing on Shwesandaw Paya.jpg Temples of Bagan 02.jpg
Name Temple Bagan.jpg Central Plain Bagan 1.jpg Golden roof temple.jpg Big temple Bagan.jpg Novice on viewing platform Shwesandaw.jpg
Sunset Bagan 01.jpg Sunset bagan 02.jpg Monk in Shwezigon Paya.jpg Praying Shwezigon.jpg Monk and novice Shwezigon.jpg
Two ladies.jpg Novice with alms bowl Shwezigon.jpg Two novices Shwezigon.jpg Woman with bucket Shwezigon.jpg Shwezigon Paya in Nyaung U.jpg
Statue in Shwezigon.jpg Novice in Shwezigon 01.jpg Two novices with alms bowls.jpg Seeking out the shade.jpg Father and son nat.jpg
Playing in the courtyard.jpg Statues in Shwezigon.jpg Novice in Shwezigon with bowl.jpg Portrait of a novice.jpg Behind bars Bagan.jpg
In a golden cage.jpg Beautiful girl Bagan.jpg Pigtails Bagan 3.jpg Cheroot Bagan 1.jpg Cheroot Bagan 2.jpg
Monk Shwezigon Bagan.jpg Groceries Bagan.jpg Ox cart Bagan.jpg Ox cart 2 Bagan.jpg Farmers in Bagan.jpg
Peeking Bagan.jpg School bus Bagan.jpg Tree and temple sunset Bagan.jpg Sunset Bagan 6.jpg Sunset Bagan 7.jpg
Sunset Bagan 8.jpg Sunset Bagan 9.jpg Sunset Bagan from temple.jpg Sky above Bagan.jpg Walk home after sunset.jpg
Balloons over Bagan 1.jpg Balloons over Bagan 2.jpg Shwezigon from the top.jpg Shwezigon from the top 2.jpg Early morning fog.jpg
Fields and temples Bagan.jpg Ballons over Bagan 3.jpg On top of a temple.jpg Balloons over Bagan 4.jpg Balloons over Bagan 5.jpg
Balloons over Bagan 6.jpg Balloons over Bagan 7.jpg Walled in temple.jpg Temple with shadow of balloon.jpg Balloons over Bagan 8.jpg
Balloons over Bagan 9.jpg View over the plains from balloon.jpg Balloons over Bagan 10.jpg Shwesandaw Paya from above.jpg Bathing in golden light Bagan.jpg
One small temple Bagan.jpg Ananda from above.jpg Bagan in early morning fog.jpg Aerial view of central plain of Bagan.jpg Close up of Dhammayangyi Pahto.jpg
Green plains of Bagan.jpg Walled temple 1.jpg Truck Bagan.jpg Balloon shadow 1.jpg Entrance in golden light.jpg
Rooftop temple.jpg Shwesandaw in morning light.jpg Plains of Bagan in the morning.jpg Temple Bagan 00.jpg 2 Walled temples.jpg
Temple and fields Bagan.jpg Temple in fog Bagan.jpg Temple group.jpg Just before landing.jpg Souvenir sellers Bagan.jpg
Village women Bagan.jpg Laquerware shop 1.jpg lacquerware shop 2.jpg lacquerware shop 3.jpg Lacquerware shop 4.jpg
Sunset Bagan 10.jpg Sunset Bagan 11.jpg Fiery sky Bagan.jpg Temple and clouds Bagan.jpg Temple sunset Bagan.jpg
Wooden monastery Bagan.jpg Artwork Bagan.jpg Carving monastery Bagan.jpg Reddish temple Bagan.jpg Dancers.jpg
Paying respect.jpg Elephant statue 1.jpg Start young.jpg Reclining buddha Myinkaba.jpg 3 Faces.jpg
Richly decorated temple Bagan.jpg Holey.jpg A hint of former glory.jpg Dusty road Bagan.jpg Tired animals.jpg
Monk walking Bagan 1.jpg Ceiling Bagan.jpg Damaged.jpg Buddha Bagan 23.jpg Buddha Bagan 24.jpg
Bagan and the moon.jpg Bagan sunset 20.jpg Bagan sunset 21.jpg Bagan sunset 21a.jpg Bagan sunset 22.jpg
Bagan sunset 23.jpg Fields of Bagan 20.jpg Bagan sunset 25.jpg Bagan sunset 24.jpg Buddha row Bagan.jpg
Shwezigon gold.jpg Water mellon seller.jpg Novice and alms bowl Shwezigon.jpg Portrait Novice  Bagan.jpg Two novices Shwezigon Bagan.jpg
Young novice at Shwezigon Bagan.jpg Running Bagan.jpg Old couple Bagan.jpg Taking a break Bagan.jpg Boy near hotel.jpg
Friendly face Bagan.jpg Boy and toy.jpg Thanaka paste boy Bagan.jpg Final sunset in Bagan.jpg Reading Yangon.jpg
Monk Sule Paya Yangon.jpg Two nuns in Sule Paya.jpg Two masks Sule.jpg Prayer Sule Paya .jpg Statue Sule Paya.jpg
Detail Sule Paya.jpg Novice nun in Sule Paya.jpg Offering Sule.jpg Offering 2 Sule.jpg Prayer at Sule Paya Yangon.jpg
Two nuns offering.jpg Asleep.jpg Colonial building 1.jpg Colonial tower with growth.jpg Clock tower.jpg
Colonial building 2.jpg Decay Yangon.jpg Kyaik Pun Paya Bago.jpg Monk in Bago.jpg Monk in Bago 2.jpg
Monk in Bago 3.jpg Monk with giant buddha Bago.jpg Spectacle of Kyaik Pun Paya Bago with edit.jpg Reclining buddha Bago.jpg Reclining buddha in full in Bago.jpg
Shwethalyaung Buddha in Bago.jpg Enormous buddha head Bago.jpg Sacred Hall of Ordination Bago.jpg Monk in Kha Khat Wain Kyaung.jpg Teacher and students.jpg
Chef in Bago.jpg Stirring Bago.jpg Carrying Bago.jpg Serving lunch Bago.jpg Bringing tea Bago.jpg
Serving staff Kha Khat Wain Kyang Bago.jpg Waiter monk Bago.jpg Waiting for the crowds.jpg Lining up Bago.jpg Lining up Bago 1.jpg
Lining up Bago 2.jpg Dishing up Bago.jpg Three monks Bago.jpg Two monks Bago kitchen.jpg Lunch Bago.jpg
End of lunch Bago.jpg End of lunch Bago 2.jpg Shadowy shapes and golden pillars.jpg Hall Kha Khat Wain Kyaung Bago.jpg Buddhas galore in Bago.jpg
Temple Bago.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 1.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 2.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 3.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 4.jpg
Nat ceremony Bago 5.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 6.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 7.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 8.jpg Nat ceremony Bago 9.jpg
Nat ceremony 10.jpg Nat ceremony 11.jpg Nat ceremony 12.jpg Nat ceremony 13.jpg Nat ceremony 14.jpg
Hindu temple Yangon.jpg Muslim quarter Yangon.jpg Satellite dishes Yangon.jpg Sule Paya center Yangon.jpg Receiving alms Yangon.jpg
2 nuns and umbrella.jpg Old monk in Shwedagon.jpg Nun and monk Shwedagon.jpg Monk with yellow bag Shwedagon.jpg 3 nuns Shwedagon.jpg
Contemplating life Shwedagon.jpg Meditation Shwedagon.jpg Monk on his visit to Shwedagon.jpg Taking a break Shwedagon.jpg Nun praying at Shwedagon.jpg
Golden decorations Shwedagon.jpg Golden Shwedagon at dusk.jpg Hidden buddha shwedagon 1.jpg Hidden Buddha Shwedagon 2.jpg Group of Buddhas Shwedagon.jpg
Statue Bagan .psd