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monique jansen | profile | all galleries >> World Travel Photography >> A Magical Month in Mysterious Myanmar - 2008 >> The Many Faces of Buddha tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Burma Archive | The Many Faces of Buddha

The Many Faces of Buddha

Tear buddha Hpo.jpg Kyaik Pun Paya Bago.jpg Buddha Bagan 07.jpg Hands.jpg Golden buddha Hpo Win Daung caves with offerings.jpg
Buddha face Bagan 04.jpg Goldleaf buddha.jpg Buddha Bagan 16.jpg Spiderweb buddha.jpg Buddha at Kakku.jpg
167 meter tall buddha near Monywa.jpg Fixing up buddha.jpg Reclining buddha Myinkaba.jpg Buddha detail Bagan.jpg Buddha in Bagan 2.jpg
Buddha in Bagan 7.jpg Buddha in Bagan 10.jpg Reclining buddha at Hpo Win Daung.jpg Reclining buddha at Shwedagon.jpg Buddha in Bagan 4.jpg
Hall of buddhas.jpg Golden buddha Hpo Win Daung.jpg Buddha Face Bagan 03.jpg Buddha in Bagan 5.jpg Golden buddha Bagan 02.jpg
Buddha in Bagan 12.jpg Buddha on Mount Popa.jpg Buddha Bagan 15.jpg Buddha Bagan 12.jpg Golden buddha Shwezigon.jpg
90 meter reclining buddha near Monywa.jpg Reclining buddha in Bagan.jpg Two buddhas Bagan.jpg Buddha eye.jpg Buddha Bagan 14.jpg
Cracked buddha Hpo Win Daung.jpg Gigantic buddha.jpg Buddha Bagan 22.jpg Buddha in Bagan 3.jpg Buddhas for sale at Shwedagon.jpg
Buddha at an angle 1.jpg Golden faces Bagan.jpg Buddha Bagan 23.jpg Buddha Bagan 17.jpg Golden buddha.jpg
Spectacle of Kyaik Pun Paya Bago with edit.jpg Buddha face.jpg Reclining buddha Shwezigon.jpg The face of Buddha in Bagan.jpg Buddha Bagan 18.jpg
Two buddhas in Bagan.jpg Big big buddha.jpg Buddha Bagan 18.jpg Buddha in Bagan 13.jpg buddha bagan 01.jpg
Inside a temple in Bagan.jpg Buddha backlit.jpg Buddha Bagan 02.jpg Buddha Bagan 11.jpg Umin Thounzeh 1.jpg
Shwethalyaung Buddha in Bago.jpg Buddha in white and gold 2.jpg Buddha in Bagan 8.jpg Reclining buddha U Bein.jpg Slightly intimidating.jpg
Nun and monk Shwedagon.jpg Hidden Buddha Shwedagon 2.jpg Buddha detail Bagan HDR.jpg Reclining buddha near Shwesandaw Paya.jpg Buddha Bagan 10.jpg
Precious.jpg Photographer and buddha.jpg Big big big buddha.jpg Buddha face Bagan 01.jpg Buddha in Bagan 17.jpg
Buddha Bagan 20.jpg Large sitting buddha near Monywa.jpg Buddha face Bagan.jpg Many buddhas.jpg Buddha detail in Bagan.jpg
Sitting buddha at Ngahtatgyi paya 1.jpg Head of buddha in Bagan.jpg Buddha Bagan 05.jpg Buddha in Bagan 19.jpg Behind bars Bagan.jpg
Buddha in Bagan 9.jpg Reclining buddha Bagan 01.jpg Goldleaf buddha at Hpo Win Daung Caves.jpg Goldleaf face Hpo Win Daung.jpg Giant sitting buddha near U Bein.jpg
Golden reclining buddha Hpo.jpg Buddha at an angle.jpg Hidden buddha Hpo.jpg Reclining buddha Hpo Win Daung Caves.jpg Buddha in Bagan 6.jpg
Mona Lisa like smile.jpg Sitting buddha Bagan.jpg Buddha in Bagan 16.jpg Reclining buddha Bago.jpg 600000 buddhas in one temple.jpg
Buddha on Sagaing.jpg Buddha face Bagan 02.jpg Buddha in orange.jpg Goldleaf face Bagan.jpg Like pharaos Bagan.jpg
Woman praying.jpg Buddha row Bagan.jpg Buddha near U Bein.jpg Big reclining buddha Bagan.jpg Buddha in Bagan 14.jpg
Buddha in Myinkaba.jpg Buddha.jpg Golden Buddhas.jpg Half hidden buddha in Bagan.jpg Hidden buddha shwedagon 1.jpg
Hidden buddha.jpg Buddha in Bagan 06.jpg Buddha in Bagan 18.jpg Buddha Bagan 13.jpg Buddha Bagan 09.jpg
Buddha Hpo.jpg Buddha in Bagan 11.jpg In a golden cage.jpg Golden faces.jpg Looking up.jpg
Buddha angle Bagan.jpg Glowing in the dark buddha Hpo.jpg Buddha rama near Monywa.jpg Stone buddha at Hpo Win Daung.jpg Reclining buddha in full in Bago.jpg
Buddha in Bagan 1.jpg Umin Thounzeh 3.jpg Buddha Bagan 04.jpg Buddha Bagan 21.jpg Buddha in shadows.jpg
Reflected buddha at Sagaing.jpg Umin Thounzeh 2.jpg Two buddhas.jpg Golden buddha in Bagan.jpg Golden buddha in Bagan 1.jpg
Monk and buddha.jpg Group of Buddhas Shwedagon.jpg Golden and brick buddha at Kakku.jpg Buddha Bagan 24.jpg Enormous buddha head Bago.jpg
Against green.jpg Reclining buddha at Chaukhtatgyi Paya.jpg Buddha Bagan 03.jpg Two buddhas 1.jpg Buddha Bagan 08.jpg
Reclining buddha U Bein 2.jpg Reclining buddha Hpo.jpg