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Dman 09-Dec-2012 17:39
Ngeke u bone emaSwati abhala sakubo ku mapictures walaba. Mara bona hhayi nelesi ngwete ngwete sabo!!!
Ngash Mkenya 05-Sep-2012 12:55
I support cultural events such as these. We Africans should not let our cultural practices die out. They are a valuable heritage. Thanx for sharing the photos
John23-Jul-2012 15:59
How I wish they dropped the gogles! Girls you are cute without them. Keep yo selves original on such occasions. Yo are impressively beautiful!
Mtondoa 19-May-2012 20:05
Nakuunga mkono mwananchi toka kenya ,ona jinsi walivyopendeza...
more 24-Feb-2012 16:24
black is beauty
Guest 03-Aug-2011 15:20
i love my mother land and it culture, i am proud to be african,i believe we are going to be the best continent in the world, were there is no earth quake,no natural disaster, we are bless with natural resources, best animals in the world , i love my mother land africa.
Omary sultani 15-May-2011 02:39
The culture is not good due outbreak of morality and sustainable HIV which kills high number of people daily, so we cant keep on embracing this culture which insist women to show parts of their anatomy which simply motivate and unleash desire.
Bahram 03-Jan-2011 23:51
I love ur culture. Long Live Africa... (-;
PIUS 05-Nov-2010 10:34
I love this culture
semza 08-Jun-2009 17:50
We are all grown ups, why do we keep blaming someone for the wrongs of others. How about we talk directly to those likely if not already infected peoples to make the right decisions. Mswati is never there when they do the nasty.
Guest 02-Nov-2008 18:21
Y in the world are these ppl trying to paint this meaningful festival in such derogatory terms. It's not your culture, thats y you don't agree with it. It's not my culture either, but I understand the motivation behind, AND I wish there was some way for my country to extol the virtues of being a virgin, and congratulate our young men and women for it. Of course, we cant parade them around half naked like the Swaziland people, cause that would be unacceptable in our culture. But hey, that's THEIR culture, and they hav every right to choose to do this. ONE LOVE St Kitts/Nevis
Guest 07-Sep-2008 02:58
The king should address how he will control the aids/HIV epidemic that is KILLING his country and other African nations! Provide a cure and the whole world will dance with and for the king.
Guest 07-Sep-2008 02:55
As the girls dance, the spectators may join the dance [kugiya] or throw money at their feet in appreciation of the good dance. The king is allowed to pick one of the maidens to be his bride. On September 6, 2004, he chose a sixteen-year-old reed dance participant and finalist from Miss Teenage Swaziland as a fiancée, to join his eleven wives and one other fiancée. The maidens do not gather specifically for the king and they are not forced to attend the ceremony. It is by choice that they attend the reed dance.
Guest 07-Sep-2008 02:51
"The king is there only to dance at the end of the festival to make the rains come." Did it rain?
KiBICHOI 13-Dec-2007 13:52
Please mind your language before you comment in swazi we don't know swahili please.
Seán 07-Nov-2007 19:49
Sanibonani! These girls are NOT dancing for the king, this is another western misconception. They come together at Lobamba to repair the royal kraal of the Queen Mother, that is the whole point of Umhlanga. The king is there only to dance at the end of the festival to make the rains come. In recent history Mswati has used the festival to announce his new brides. To suggest he just sees a girl he likes at Umhlanga and then picks her is just ridiculous, he knows well in advance who he wishes to bear his children. From reading the comments it would seem many westerers have forgotten that breasts are merely for feeding babies. Before becoming outraged at Swazi culture perhaps you should learn about it. If you are concerned about the degredation of women look to the terabytes of pornography produced every year in western countries. ie get the planks out of your own eyes before you complain about the splinter in your brothers. Sala kahle
Gudluza Nxele 13-Oct-2007 10:30
The Swazi Reed dance is memoriabila event in Swaziland that involves all maidens from the diverse back grounds that they come from.
Guest 16-Jul-2007 16:22
There is nothing wrong with the nudity, what's wrong is parading young GIRLS around naked in front of a horny mysoginist king for his picking in a country with an almost 50% HIV/AIDS rate....there is nothing Rastafari about that!
mwana nchi toka kenya 06-Jul-2007 01:32
Sisi Wafrika sikama wazungu ambao wakiona titi za kina dada wana aza kumeza mateza kisherati. Kwetu hii ni mila ata dada akiwa nusu uchi hiyo sikitu kwetu maana mila zetu zina mipaka kwa kila kitu. Hongera tena mila zetu na tuzitunze.Tusiwe kama ndugu zetu weusi huku umarekani anbao walipoteza mila na sasa hwajijui hao ni wakina nani.Wanajuta sana kwa kupoteza mila zao asli na kuiga mila za kizungu ambazo sizao.
Lekwe 07-Jun-2007 22:20
To all people with negative comments about this event and other african cultures, I personally believe you made a wrong choice to leave in this beautifull continent. Regarding nudity, remember we where all born naked and that is why Adam and Eve were always naked before. Even most of the western people prefer nudity beach for sun bathing-what is your comment on that, you anti-african culture?
Please let me know when is this year's event
Ndunya 18-Sep-2006 13:48
Tessa! you are also a rastafarrian, peace and love in africa!