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Swazi Princesses

Swazi Princesses

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John22-Jul-2012 17:31
Emmanuel thanks for opening our eyes to those facts! fools who have not been weaned in knowledge cannot understand. Little knowledge is dangerous to the one with it! We should stop offending people like Francis who has one for a wife! my culture have unique things; some other things in them may be discarded, but not the one that preserves morals and dignity and identity of a people!
Guest 23-May-2012 09:44
Wht is clother and culture in swazi?
ally mtondoa 19-May-2012 19:51
taifa lisilo na mila ni taifa lililokufa, waafrika tudumisheni mia zetu jama.
Guest 05-Jan-2012 13:39
Ni kweli mwananchi toka Kenya; mwacha asili si mjasiri kamwe! Keep it up Swazi People.
Guest 05-Jan-2012 13:37
Ni kweli mwananchi toka Kenya; mwacha asili si mjasiri kamwe!
Guest 04-Jan-2012 16:23
this is an exibition of the 15century primitive african humanity which has no place on the modern world. am very surprised, i now understand why hiv aids has been this countries daily bread.
the world should stop waisting time on nuclear countries and capture this nonsense king to the ICC. what!!!!! does this country have any idea about develoment at all?
Emmanuel 31-Dec-2011 14:56
I'm Emmanuel form South Africa n I spent my past week in Swaziland. I must say Swaziland is a good place to be at, though there are still economical challenges, I enjoyed every minute of my stay. I learned a lot about the Swazi culture n its interesting, infect I love it. The only bad thing (that can be amended) about their culture is that it benefit the Dlamini clan n the few. About the discussed photo: yes those ladies up front are the children to the King. During the reed dance, those ladies who are under 13 are separated to those who are 14 and above. Moreover, those feathers they put on the head are not the same, ladies who are ready for marriage can be detected through the feathers. King Mswati 3 passed the law that stipulate that ladies who are below 18years are no longer suppose to be engaged in sex, meaning that they are not considered to be married. I just love swaziland. Next year I will attend the reed dance.
paragon15-Mar-2010 08:23
wow,this gals are super b
francis 04-Sep-2009 18:20
im not too sure abut the culture but is something one needs to get use to i have never experienced it befor and am sure that my wife did it aswell when she was at that age cus she's from there....i am proud to call her her my wife she beautiful and the best SWAZI's u rocks i wish to witness this onedy of my life but i think there culture is very advice is do not alow anyone to detect who you are cus in the eys God you are special, this is SWAZILAND culture so people must respect that cus this is wht they pride themselfs in..
Bob Kenney 23-May-2009 18:53

Moron, these girls with the red feathers are the -Kings own children-
(or perhaps children of other close members of the Royal Family? Not

IE, Princesses.

If this dance was just some way for the king to find new "honeys", then why
would he be putting his very own children in it, or the children of his close

Obviously this dance is an important cultural icon that the king takes seriously - it's
not just a beauty pageant to him.
guest 03-Feb-2009 14:21
Can some one educate this Ben dude - he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about - someone please help him!
Guest 13-Jan-2009 05:28
hey hey Ben you seem to be such a freaking idiot
Bokang 08-Jan-2009 11:22
I love people who love their culture!
Caroline 02-Oct-2008 21:06
wow! i wish i lived in Swaziliand
makasivale 24-Sep-2008 13:39
mboloyatota? You should be arrested and corporal punishment administered on you. You are a disgrace to Malawi and all Africans who respect culture. If the Swazis have a good mind they should not let you anywhere near their borders since obviously you are into little girls. Perhaps the Malawi police should check you out you stupid pedo. Yuck!!!! you are disgusting and you are the type that make the internet seem dirty. Dont defile our friends culture with your stupid name and think that you are the only one who knows the meaning of the word "Mboloyatota". (for those not in know it means "I have an erection". What filth. I hope you have a mother you piece of garbage.
Bhinikwa 20-Sep-2008 22:11
Kanti Ben, where are you..In Africa ? or busy overworking for a white man in Europe !
This is Africa at its best.Go & tell the west that Prostitutes,Gays,Porn,high divorce rate,high teenage pregnancy is OK before you comment here!
mboloyatota 15-Sep-2008 11:16
i naturally cant see anything wrong with this swazi culture. infact we have to applaud the king for making sure these things survive the test of time and the western assault. We are very proud africans and dont desire your cultureless life.leave us alone to practise our ways . Most of the negative comments are from individuals who have no idea of what they are championing about. How i wish i could travel to swaziland to attend such a culturally rich event.
Julio 12-Aug-2008 11:31
I do not know what this has to do with human rights and ruler's extravagance. Can the reeds dance be 'blamed' the King or it's part of the Swazi people' culture? I think some of the anti-dance comments may be more ethnocentric than rational. Cultures are diverse across time and space and one must be cautious not to commit the anthropological sin of judging another culture by their own. Nudity, for example, must be seen in terms of how the Swazi people see it, what meaning and value is attached to it. The culture may also be more prevalent in Africa than many people may think. There are some in Zambia (e.g. N'chwala among the Ngoni of Eastern province) that are supported locally and by the government. Even the Republican President attends such ceremonies.

It is mostly Western ethnocentrism of the precolonial era and after that has led to the demise of rich cultural traditions. Many non-western practices were labeled barbaric, primitive, evil etc. And I guess to a Western mind nudity may not be a very big leap to pornography!
Ben 28-Mar-2008 14:08
This wicked Mswati should appear before the Hague international criminal court for abusing the children, violation of human rights, promotion of public nudity and corrupting public morals, aiding the spread of H.I.V and commiting crimes against humanity.
Mash 13-Dec-2007 13:22
Have you ever participated in this dance?Please send me more details about it i.e Origin,meaning,diversity,role and it future I will appreciate
Power 10-Dec-2007 02:31
The orientation of these innocent children should be changed. UN should rescue them from the hands of this wicked king
mwana nchi toka kenya 06-Jul-2007 01:10
Sioni ubaya wowote hapa mimi.Mpoteza mila ni mtumwa. Hii Waswazi wanafanya hapa nikutunza mila zetu ambazo wazungu walikuja kunajisi na kufanya muafrica kujiona bure.Hongera Waswazi. Wakenya mtunze mila zenu na pia.
Amby 03-May-2007 19:44
Guest 12-Jan-2007 05:25
Iam African born and I see in this the exact depiction of this exoticism that has failed africa for many years. Because of things like this buffoons like Mswati find sympathy and tolerance for their extravagances and propensity to abuse and waste national resources.
Guest 02-Dec-2004 19:01
I don't compose--well, only what gets composed as I speak. But about this picture: It is full and present. It pulls together the whole series of shots into one outstanding picture. As an amateur photographer I know what we all know: The masterpiece is never hidden. Among the series of pictures you set THE ONE aside. This is that one. Thank you.