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Edmond 03-Dec-2009 03:31
Hi, this is Edmond, thanks for your comments on my Fotop album, thinking you do interested on Sony DSLR, let's talk via email for further.
calvin ang 03-Aug-2009 13:22
hi terence, i like ur photo taking in underwater a lot! im just recently got my diving license, planning to buy a camera for diving shooting. am wondering wat camera u use for d underwater shooting?? or can u recommend me which one to buy for nice & cheap camera? btw i really joining viewing ur photos. COOL shot!!
cALVin Msia
Erica 01-Apr-2008 15:25
Love the portraits of Miko. No nonsense & completely natural. Great work!
Ben Lun 11-Feb-2008 09:30
Maybe we can shoot in HK together sometime, we have similar style..that is loving photography! Here is my site
Scott Moonen 10-Dec-2007 14:42
Hi Terence. I am interested in using this photo ( in a presentation I am giving at my workplace. May I have your permission to use this image without restriction? Thank you!
James Giovanni Pan01-Nov-2007 19:55
Very nice work. Hong Kong is my beloved city and you've made it so special. Excellent compositions and processing.

Keep it up.
Jonathan Wong07-Mar-2007 02:43
Terence, ³Ìªñ´X¦n¶Ü? ¦³«Ü¦h·s§@­±¥@©O, ¬Ý¨Ó§AÁÙ¤Q¤À³ßÅwÄá¼v!
§Aªº®È¹C¬Ûï¤Q¤ÀÂ×´I, ¤@¦¸¹L¬Ý¤£§¹, ¤U¦¸¦A¨ÓªY½à§Aªº§@«~~

roulette 28-Nov-2006 04:54
u have the beauty site
roulette 28-Nov-2006 01:48
u have the beauty site
roulette 27-Nov-2006 21:45
u have the beauty site
Phoebe (Be*Be) 11-Oct-2006 02:21
Thanks for your kind appreciation. Your scenes photos are so beautiful!!! (^ v ^)
Phoebe (Be*Be) 11-Oct-2006 02:18
ºÃ¶àÖxÄã†þÁôÑÔͬדÙp£¡ÎÒ•þÀ^ÀmŬÁ¦µÄ£¡ÄãÓ°µÄïL¾°ÏàÕæµÄºÜÃÀÄØ£¡£¡£¡(^ v ^)
Jan Wisniowski28-Sep-2006 12:40
It thanks , you shew under-water world very curiously ! :)
6ɤp 19-Jun-2006 09:01
Rachel 09-Jun-2006 06:05
Hi there,

Your photos are awesome. I've just joined the diving club and you've given me a brand new dimension about diving. I've only had a few dives in HK and i don't see nothing. Am very surprised that Sabah looks that amazing as I'm originally from Malaysia. Now, I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

Sorry, back to my question. The reason why I post an e-mail is that I notice that your potraits are great work as well. I've always wanted to look for a photographer with an eye for beauty. I wonder if you provide photography services in Hk (as I'm currently in HK).

Proud Malaysian
Guest 06-Dec-2005 17:43
Hi Terence,
thanks for visiting and leaving a message on my site. I enjoyed looking at your pictures too, you got some nice travelling and model pictures! thanks for sharing and please keep on posting more!... :)

ngric200 01-Oct-2005 19:49
I am surprised and glad to visit your websit here. Acutally i took a fast look on your album, and really found surprisingly that we have the same aim of our photography's path - we are going to capture the beauty of Hong Kong! That is exactly what we are doing now...In fact, i think we did a great job on it!! haha.. As i am a urban planner, a majority of my interest is looking for the urban life in Hong Kong, but i also feel you Portrait photos are nice too. What impressing me in your album is "travel" so relaxing and nice shoot.....!!

last.....the first partner of us seems to be the same..- 602 really give me and improve me a lot! however, the quality is the major problem.....too..!

anyway....i am really pleased to know some guys are doing the same stuff with same philosophy.....keep!
Guest 09-Sep-2005 23:19
Hi Terence,

You have some nice shots of HK...thanks for sharing... :)
Guest 09-Jul-2005 23:11
hello Terence,

thanks for visiting my gallery!

Your work really cool, i noticed that you are using Hasselblad now, actually Hasselblac eas my gear too, but recently I am going to digital world again, I have chosen to give up all film system, as the reality really made me disappointed in film world.

Anyway, try your best and looking forward to see your nice work.
Bob Timothy Ng 09-May-2005 12:02
Hi Terence,
woooooo...... great! Wish you go down the under to shoot more.
Then I can retire & just sit to watch.
Add Oil!!!!
Best Rgd.
Peter Chou02-May-2005 15:18
Wonderful portraits! Your portraits are simply magnificent! Thank you so much for visiting my gallery and do keep your photos coming.
24:00 22-Dec-2004 11:58
H. M. Lai22-Sep-2004 03:08
Hi Terence,

Thank you for visiting my site.

All the images are actually scanned by Christco when the E6 film was processing there. Nikonos V is actually a bit tricky to use mostly in focussing and in macro photography. It is not suitable for shooting single fish portrait in my personal opinion. However, it is good at wide angle photography.

If you are going to shoot underwater, maybe Olympus 5060 + underwater housing maybe a good combination.
Terence Leung14-Sep-2004 15:26
thx your visit
i will add oil to take more great photos
and your also very great
hope we have chance to know each otehr afterwards
Terence Leung14-Sep-2004 15:21
first really thx you visit my website
as my chinese typing is super poor
sorry for reply in english

s2pro is good camera to take potrait
as it skin tone is very attractive (tend to red)
but once you take landscape
i found it can't give me the detail i need
maybe due to its noise reduction function that inborn in the camera software
so make the image quite blur while compared with sigma SD10
so S2pro is great in taking potrait and ©]´º
the lens using for S2pro better to use top lens
otherwise the photo quality also not gd.

sigma SD10 is the camera that i seen in this moment is the most sharp and very detail camera.
great camera to take landscape.
but sometimes it is barrier for ppl to chose
as sigma lens coating is far not gd as nikon or canon.
but this is advantage for you to buy few more lens simga lens instead of one great nikon len.
sigma also not gd in taking ©]´º, it's noise reduction is poor. but in the time have sufficient sun light, it is superior.
one more thing you have to concern to use sigma is the skin tone of ppl taken by sigma is yellow. u have to use photoshop to remove such yellow that i also spend a lot of time to thril how to remove it.

if you not so demanding
i suggest you to buy nikkon d70 instead
hope such information can help you
Eric 13-Sep-2004 16:47

Ãö©ó§A©çÄ᪺¶iµ{¡]«üªº¬O¨Ï¥Î¼Æ½X¬Û¾÷ªº¦¸§Ç¡^¡AS602 -> S2 Pro -> SD10¡A¯u«Y­Ú¨ì§Ú¤@­Ó¦n¦nªº°Ñ¦Ò¡A¨Æ¹ê¤W§Ú©ó02¦~ÁʤJS602¡A¶}©l±µÄ²Äá¼v¦Ü¤µ¡Aµo²{¤â¤WªºªFªF¶}©lº¡¨¬¤£¨ì§Ú¤F¡A¦ÓS2 Pro©MSD10¥¿¬O§Úªº­W´o¡A¦]¬°«ç¼Ë»¡¤]­n¹L¸U¤¸¡A¥ò­n¦³¤j°ïªºªFªF¸òµÛ­n¶R§a¡I§Ú³Ì·R©çªº¬O­·´º¤Î©]´º¡A¤H¹³¤Ï¦Ó¥u¬O®a®x·Ó§a¡I§Æ±æ§A¥i¥H­Ú¨ì¤@¨Ç·N¨£§Ú§a¡IÁÂÁ¡I
Jonathan Wong11-Sep-2004 00:29
Terence, Hello~~
¦n©¯¹B¦aclick¤J§Aªº¬Ûï, ªY½à¨ì§Aªº§@«~,

¦³¥­¥Á©]Á`·|¼qµó, ¤é¸¨¥Õªd, ¥Á¶¡ªº¤Ó¥­²MÃç... ³£¬O«Ü¦³½ìªº¨t¦C!
Terence Leung18-Jul-2004 14:49
thx for your comment
and i will try my best to take more gd photos
Rob Flanery09-Jul-2004 21:37
I really enjoyed looking through your gallery. you have a very good eye and a joy for the work. I have spent much time longing for a DSLR and looking through your SD10 images is motivation to take the plunge. You have a talent to be explored.

Terence Leung05-Jul-2004 16:40
s2pro and sd10 i think is two different type of dslr
s2pro is a great camera to take portraits
as it skin colour tone is very close to skin colour
but i sometimes find it a bit red
but this can be easily solved by using photoshop

sd10 is a very sharp camera that i so far use among digital camera or the sharpest camera among all digital slr
so this is a great camera to take landscape picture
all details will totally appear in front of you
but its disadvantage is take portraits the colour tone a bit yellow
this is a bit hard to correct it though photoshop
but i have heard sigma later will release a update software to correct this aspect...........
if you have to choose among s2pro and sd10
i will suggest sd10
many will worry about the quality of lens
but they are very sharp
but you better choose ex series.
i have sigma 14mm and 180mm
they give me a lot of great photos
hope my opinion can help you
and thx for visiting my gallary
Guest 28-Jun-2004 20:39
I noticed your mastery of both the s2 pro and the sd10 and was just curious as to wich camera you prefer for your professional work. I was concidering either camera for my next purchase and your input would be *highly* valued! Thanks for your time!

Robert Plant
Chunsum21-May-2004 22:59
17-40 to sigma mount? really? interesting.
would you mind sharing how that's done?
Terence Leung16-May-2004 05:48
first i use sigma 28-70 to take the portraits
but later i change one canon len 17-40 into sigma mount
which range is near 28-70 is SLR
i have 14 and 180.
i plan to buy 80-400 sigma
this len is super gd
but the disadvantage is the motor sound is quite large
but it is a gd len.
at the end, thank you you come to visit my gallary
Chunsum08-May-2004 20:07
Terence, nice collection of images.
got a question for you. which lens(lenses) did you use for the portraits you took with the SD10. looks like the 24-70 from the exif info.

I am using 20, 28, 50, and 105 primes and am looking for a good zoom to carry in family gaterings and parties.

be great if you can let me know. thanks!
F Garca Robles11-Apr-2004 18:16
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Pack-Man KAWA 08-Apr-2004 06:05
So Professional!

Next time while I'm PACKING,
Take a Great ONE for ME!

meow 20-Mar-2004 15:16
Hey, nice pics! ..especially those from 602
Mei 29-Feb-2004 15:02
You pics are SUPER NICE!
When you take for me and Pin?!
Guest 26-Feb-2004 06:38
wao you have so many cameras!!!
OPEN 28-Jan-2004 17:42
Hey, really can believe that all the photos are taken by u
but if that's the truth. I will just say 'u are really cool!'
keep on taking your masterpieces !! ^______^
Derek 28-Jan-2004 16:48