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Al Chesworth29-Sep-2015 19:23
Hi Sheila
Almost a year since you posted, hope you are all well.
Regards Al Chesworth.
Stephanie31-Dec-2014 14:36
::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
*: (=’ :’) :::::::: Happy New Year Sheila!! 2015! :::::::::::
•.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
Jim Flavin19-Jun-2013 19:17
wonderful galleries - will return
Ed McConnell12-Jan-2010 16:46
Hi Sheila, I've been looking through your galleries..that are amassing by the way..and would like to know how you like that Tamron 90mm macro. I thinking of buying one and would like an idea on how close the lens gets when focused to 1:1 and if used on a tripod for shooting flowers close to the ground do you have to have the tripod also low to the ground. Now that you have and used would you rather have a longer macro..say 180mm..
I'm looking for any advice before I buy a lens..thanks, Ed..and I'd like to use it for portraits..
Dima&Nelya10-Jan-2010 09:12
Thank's Sheila for your kind comments!
You have great galleries! We've enjoyed!
We wish you happiness and new excellent galleries in New 2010!
Best wishes. Dima,Nelya.
rybnicki08-Jan-2010 09:56
great work here,well done!
Ed McConnell20-Nov-2009 01:56
thank you for commenting on my kitchen utensils. My first time at your site..need to come back and spend more time..very nice from what I've seen...Ed
Michele Rodgers28-Feb-2009 08:33
Just a delight to look through your galleries. Loving all the wonderful colors too. I will return often so please keep posting.

Cheers from Canada, Michele
Colin Storey13-Jan-2009 19:04
Stunning photos I really enjoyed looking at your work. Will have to keep coming back to see all of them.
Ruth Chao11-Oct-2008 13:43
Amazing work i've seen on the black and white, and recent uploads gallery. You are a true talent- please keep up the great work!

Guest 11-Oct-2008 01:19
Great work Shelia your birds collection is excellent.
Gérard Koehl24-Sep-2008 09:57
Merci d'être passé sur mes galeries et pour votre commentaire et merci de m'avoir fait découvrir vos belles photos.
J'y reviendrais plus en détails, je vous ai ajouté à mes favoris.
adagiobiagio14-Mar-2008 21:26
Thanks Sheila for visiting my galleries and leaving comments!
kimene S07-Jan-2008 10:50
Such a wonderful experience..your work! Superb!..thankyou sheila.
Lazydays Galleries18-Nov-2007 11:45
Very nice galleries Sheila!

Jarek M14-Nov-2007 10:33

Thanks for visiting my gallery and your comments,

MarcWildPassion11-Nov-2007 15:27
Nice galleries, colorfull!
jaac27-Oct-2007 22:36
Very nice galleries Sheila, enjoyed my visit :-)

alicialee05-Sep-2007 00:27
Hi Sheila; I would love to be able to use your Colchicum crocus flower in some work I'm doing. If you'd consider this please contact me at lee-hay at for details. Thanks very much. Alicia, New Zealand
Tim Masih19-Jul-2007 12:59
also, I hope you have a great time with your new Sigma 10-20mm :)

Check out this gallery for some more great Perth 10-20mm work -
Tim Masih19-Jul-2007 10:16
Wow, your gallery blew me away..
Fantastic work. I'll be watching. Tim
Guest 15-Jun-2007 09:56
I think looking through your pictures is time well spent.
Greg Little28-Apr-2007 08:55

You have a wonderful collection of galleries and a fine eye for composition. Very nice images. I enjoyed browsing your galleries and will certainly be back.
Andrija Kasom25-Apr-2007 09:00
Dear Sheila,
You have so nice photos in yours portfolio...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
John Rogers17-Apr-2007 16:10
Hi Sheila,
thanks for the comment. I shall keep popping back to check out your earlier work.
Susan Leigh12-Apr-2007 05:41
Your galleries are a great enthusiasm..lots of lovely images!
Graham Tomlin09-Apr-2007 16:20
thank you for your visit from jas and i ;) regards Helen
Matt Latham04-Mar-2007 13:09
Great galleries Sheila. Thanks for sharing.
csmallari25-Feb-2007 14:30
Re: South Park Portrait <-- Thanks a lot Sheila. Glad you liked it :)
David Barrett21-Feb-2007 09:04
Hi Sheila
Thanks very much for your comments on my Rhododenrons and Great Dixter galleries. In addition I would like to thank you for your constant support which is really appreciated.
You take care in all that sunshine and keep up your good work.Best wishes, David.:>)
Victoria29-Jan-2007 10:48
Dear Sheila, thanks very much always support me, i really appreciated..thanks my friend..i love your stunning collection, your have the artist eyes to got the amazing works...Cheers, keep them on , Bravo
All the best from Victoria
Will Denney17-Dec-2006 10:45
Thanks for the comment on my gallery. Lots of great shots in yours. I cant wait to go through more.
Doug 28-Nov-2006 00:32
I am impressed Sheila, after all the years we have been friends; I never realized what a fine photographer you are. Great job, some really different photos.
kathryn 20-Oct-2006 18:53
hi sheila
please contact me, i would like to get permission to use on of your photo's
pr_rajan09-Oct-2006 10:35
really fresh!
pr_rajan09-Oct-2006 10:34
Janene 04-Oct-2006 16:57
WOW! Beautiful! All of them! Will you contact me about one in particular? Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.
Colleen Hubbard 27-Sep-2006 06:09
Such exquisite photos that capture in fine detail things that we don't readily see in real life. They bring me a lot of delight.
Samad Khan20-Sep-2006 19:58
Hi Sheila. I really enjoyed going through your galleries. Keep up the great work

values 16-Sep-2006 21:57
Hello, there was some interesting site with nice design
Traveller08-Aug-2006 20:47
Hi Shelia,
You have amazing photos in your galleries. Great work.
oz_ranger02-Aug-2006 01:38
Hi Sheila,

Thanks for your kind comments on my galleries, highly appreciated!!

I have been enjoying your work.., keep it up mate!!!

AL10-Jul-2006 07:41
Thanks Sheila for your kind works on my pic. You've many beautiful works, esp the floral and insect shots. Would love to see more from you and will be back again soon :-) Keep posting!
Susan Leigh03-Jul-2006 01:00
Sheila, you have wonderful galleries with excellent work in all! The images are so enticing and make me wish I was in W.A.!! Great work!!
Zainudin30-Jun-2006 10:13
Sheila, I really admir your work. Your Macro shot esp... Thanks for sharing
elisa14-Jun-2006 06:51
I've just had a tour around your galleries, they are awesome! I'll be back soon :)
Doug Kessler20-May-2006 06:59
You have some wonderful shots available in your galleries. I hope to return and spend some time commenting on individual pictures. Just great stuff!
Guest 02-May-2006 11:21
It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries! Well done! Your pictures are really stunning.
purpod05-Apr-2006 20:51
Incredibly talented, Sheila. So glad Lainie posted your site, as I have somehow missed you. I'll be back, for sure. Xllnt work!
Chris(tine)24-Mar-2006 22:28
WILDBOARCLOUGH - pronounced (approx) Wilburcluf - Chris :) (ex-Peak District) PS - Very nice galleries I enjoyed my browse!
Andrew Hardacre07-Mar-2006 14:15
A return visitor, I've just been through the Birds gallery. I'd love to know where the waterbirds were taken and how you got so close with a 100-400mm lens! Some great stuff here.
Paolo Flores03-Mar-2006 21:45
Sheila, thanks for your visit and comment. You have a very impressive collection here, I enjoyed the tour and will be watching this space!
Nicki Thurgar03-Mar-2006 16:52
don't know why you weren't on my favourites before, but you are now! Great work, looking forward to having more browses! :o)
Irene Müller27-Feb-2006 19:54
Hi Sheila, thanks a lot for commenting on my milk/coffee gallery.
Your work is also excellent, wonderful colours. Love the hearts in the water drop.
Kind regards,
Chun Lo27-Feb-2006 03:25
Thank you very much for visiting my galleries. It's very pleasant to see the comments and appreciation from the loacl people. I love your galleries, I love your city.
Peter Stahl18-Feb-2006 14:37
Thanks for all the kind comments and stopping by my galleries, much appreciated. It is always nice to see the different types of wildlife from other areas including yours. You have a fine collection of shots which i enjoyed viewing.
Clyne18-Feb-2006 00:22
Thanks for your comment on my Myanmar photo. I've really enjoyed my tour of your galleries. Cheers, Stuart.
BoobyBoo17-Feb-2006 14:40
Thank you very much.
your photos are amazing..
Arno Meintjes Wildlife17-Feb-2006 05:24
Thank you very much for viewing and commenting on my wildlife images.
I appreciate your interest in wildlife.
Isabel Silva16-Feb-2006 09:34
Sheila,you have stunning shots!! Congratulations.
julie Holland 10-Feb-2006 05:11
wonderful photos shelia, I have been on a mission to photograph a blue fairy wren like the shot you have. So far no luck, any Ideas. I know the morning is the best time of day but are they active at other times?

PS Im in Albany wa, plenty of them here but they have started breeding late this year so Im told.
Susan 22-Jan-2006 12:49
Simply stunning! Great work Sheila.
missy_gardenwhimsy21-Jan-2006 09:55
I loved looking at your beautiful photos, Sheila! So wonderful. Thank you for sharing them. Missy
Guest 16-Jan-2006 00:51
Your pictures are pure inspiration
csmallari14-Jan-2006 17:49
Thanks Sheila for the nice comment regarding one of my bird photos. Enjoyed browsing through your galleries. You are a wonderful photographer... so many nice photos to be proud of !!!! Thanks for sharing :-)
Niquin04-Jan-2006 13:07
you have some real stunning shot here!!
Arno Meintjes Wildlife04-Jan-2006 12:13
Sheila. Fantastic galleries. I have added you to my favourites list so I will be back regularly. Arno
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik03-Jan-2006 02:45
Hi Sheila, Thanks so much for your kind comments. You have become the newest on my list of favorite photographers, as your pictures are a joy to look at.
Guest 26-Dec-2005 13:55
I made a little tour through your galleries and was surprisd by your creative and unique vision that seems to enter into the mysteries of the 'invisible' world. A true pleasure!!
Best to you,
Guest 25-Dec-2005 10:44
Eliane and me let us wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a very good end of the year . Regards .
Andrew Hardacre25-Dec-2005 06:25
This is a wonderful collection of images. I have been back several times and never cease to be impressed. Congratulations.
David Clunas18-Dec-2005 23:43
Thanks for your recent comments on my December gallery Sheila.
I'll take my time going through your galleries, as they look too good to rush through. I really like the start of the abstract and spiders web galleries, I think I'll start there :) . . . .
Wendy07-Dec-2005 12:20
Beautiful Galleries. Your water and abstract galleries are quite facinating. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing them.
carabias05-Dec-2005 19:01
Sheila thanks for your commentaries. I am inexperienced in this art, but your photographies enchant to me (and I am seeing much). Every day I am anxious of your new photographies. It pardons my English translated with Google.
Jeff Cochran23-Nov-2005 13:33
Wow, very nice galleries.
Sean Blumenhein21-Nov-2005 18:53
Thank you for the wonderful comments on my galleries. If I can become half as good as you, I will be a happy man.

Michael Morrow11-Nov-2005 01:27
I really like your galleries and I'm not sick of your drops at all!
Graham Tomlin24-Oct-2005 11:05
wish you better soon!
Guest 17-Oct-2005 12:06
Stumbled across your gallery by accident! Left pleasantly surprised by your work! Great macro galleries. I'll definitely be studying your works in the coming months. Superb!
Don Zlaty29-Sep-2005 16:06
I love you photos. Thanks for sharing your talent! I am new to photography and am enjoying seeing all the fantastic ways that one can express themselves through the lens. Thank you for visiting my gallery as well. I will be back!!!
Giovanni Cotterle16-Sep-2005 08:12
Your galleries are SUPER!Great colours!
Torben Jorgensen13-Sep-2005 11:36
Thanks for your comment. You have some amazing shots here. Love the bees.
EDITH RB01-Sep-2005 14:41
You really have an amazing galleries. I love the way you create compositions on your shots and the lighting too! keep up the great work... :o)
Guest 01-Sep-2005 11:44
you are already on my favorate persons list here...but i want you to know how wonderful your images are. a real artist.
Marc Baumser24-Aug-2005 21:10
Sheila, Thank you for the comments you left at my gallery. The Tequila (Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo) is an upper class tequila but not the best and not the king. Then again it's all a matter of taste. Marc
Veysel Birinci23-Aug-2005 08:04
Hi Sheila. Thank you for your affirmative comments of my photos.
But ý know ý must learn so much thing.
Pierre Rousseau22-Aug-2005 00:40
Sheila. Thanks so much for your help naming some of my flowers. I may in the end have nothing but photos about flowers and insects! I love it!
Veysel Birinci10-Aug-2005 21:23
Your all pictures is perfect.
Guest 29-Jul-2005 19:57
it`s your greatness, that u think about my comment,
rbfresno19-Jul-2005 17:45
Hi Sheila!

Thanks for your comments about the Heron and gopher. I'm very impressed with your images, particularly the water drop stuff. Also, very well done color rendition in your images (I've got to work more on this!).

Annie 20-Mar-2005 09:19
Hi, Sheila,
I just went to send you an email via the Gardenweb and saw that you had a web page so I thought I'd take a look.
Marvellous! You have some totally amazing piccies and I really would hate to have to come up with a favourite.
Well done!!
ChrisBrunell06-Oct-2004 06:09
Your Flower and Water galleries are awesome!
sooze 17-Aug-2004 00:56
Great pics Sheila - the water group are stunners - that stain glass window is a magnificent piece of work - look forward to seeing more of the trip.
Best to you m'dear,Sooze
Mark Schretlen20-Mar-2004 16:59
Hi Sheila,

I really enjoyed visiting your "flowers" gallery - wonderful colour set against a dark background really makes them pop.

Thanks for visiting my galleries and commenting. I do visit the NTF from time to time to see what everyone is up to. I should probably post so I can maintain my Challenge eligibility, eh? The DSLR forums lack soul - perhaps I should start hanging out at NTF again.