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California Dreamin': The Perfect Road Trip

Simply a perfect California road trip: start with a two-lane blacktop, back road detour from Sedona to Palm Springs (not a mile of interstate!) thru the Mojave Desert,
cross-town to LA in the dead of no-traffic night. Spend a day & night in Malibu, then up the coast to Santa Barbara harbor for a world premiere surfing documentary
(Bustin’ Down the Door) at the SB international Film Festival. A bit of shopping on State Street, then up the coast to Morro Bay with a fun 4x4 jaunt down the wet sands of Pismo Beach.
Catching the early morning light (and a cup of gourmet coffee in Cayucos!) as we wound up thru the Central Coast, spending an hour with 14,000 elephant seals & newborn pups, then the world-famous
climb up to Big Sur. Lush green side canyon waterfalls, vertigo-inducing mountainside driving, the twists and turns of epic Highway 1, with a quick stop at McWay Cove and then on to Monterrey
with a brief sunset tour of Point Lobos.
Santa Cruz in a rain storm, Half Moon Bay, a stop at Stephen Johnson’s incredible landscape gallery in Pacifica and into San Francisco for an afternoon above the Golden
Gate and an evening of fine dining as can only be had in ‘the City!!’ A long day of snowy, winter driving via Lake Taos, Mono Lake, Bishop, finally laying our heads down at Stovepipe
Wells, Death Valley. An early rise, a simply gorgeous pink sunrise at the lowest place on the continent, Badwater, and then home to some seriously pining kittycats and some
. . . rest!!

Hope you enjoy what I managed to capture on what was a much-needed family vacation. The photo opps were everywhere but as much as I might have liked to put my work hat on,
it really was about making the most of some very quality time with my best friend, the love of my life, my road tripping partner in crime, my gorgeous wife Teri. Thanks, baby, for an incredible trip!!

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