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Savannah Firsts

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February 12, 1733 SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- FIRST CITY founded in Georgia by James Edward Oglethorpe. He founded Georgia's FIRST Colony (America's 13th Colony, which later became the State of Georgia).

February 12, 1733 SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- FIRST Capiltol of the 13th Colony

1733 SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- FIRST Capitol of the State of Georgia. later moved to Atlanta.

1733 FIRST Jewish Congregation in the South.

1734 FIRST Agricultural Experimental Garden in North America.

1734 FIRST City Planned on a System of Squares in North America.

1735 FIRST Silk Exportation from America (At Savannah, GA).

1736 FIRST Moravian Church in America.

1736 FIRST English Hymnal in America.

1736 FIRST Sunday School in America.

1736 FIRST Lighthouse on the South Atlantic Coast.

1740 FIRST Horse Race in Georgia.

1763 FIRST Garden for the Blind in the Southeast.

1763 Georgia Gazette:The First Newspaper in the Colony.

1777 The First African Baptist Church of Savannah, GA, is the FIRST and oldest black church in North America.

1788 FIRST Public School in Georgia. (Massie school in Savannah, GA.)

1788 FIRST Negro Baptist Congregation in the United States.

1793 FIRST Practical Cotton Gin. (Invented near Savannah, GA. by Eli Whitney.)

1794 FIRST Golf Course in America built at Savannah, GA.

Built 1799 FIRST ship named "Savannah" was built in Savannah, GA.

1819 FIRST Steamship to Cross an Ocean. ("SS Savannah")

1832 Georgia Infirmary:The first hospital for negroes in the United States. Chartered on December 24, 1832 and established under the authority of the General Assembly. Thomas F. Williams left $1,000 in his will for this hospital.

1834 The FIRST Iron Sea Vessel, the John Randolph, was built in Savannah.

1862 FIRST use of a Rifled Cannon in Modern Warfare at Ft. Pulaski.

1886 FIRST Building in the United States Built Over a Public Street.

1886 Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences: The first art museum in the Southeast.

circa 1900 FIRST Public Health Agency established in Savannah, GA, more than one hundred years ago.

1911 FIRST Motorized Fire Department in the United States.

March 12, 1912 FIRST Girl Scouts of America Founded in Savannah, GA, by Juliette Gordon Low.

Registered March 12, 1912 MARGARET DAISY GORDON (Neice of Juliette Low) was first registered Girl Guide in the United States (in Savannah, GA). (The name "Girl Guides" was changed to "Girl Scouts" in 1913.)

1993 FIRST City to Introduce a Computerized Reservation System Available to 290,000 Travel Agency Computer Terminals Throughtout the World.