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an nguyen30-Sep-2012 02:47
Great to find your work
anne .
Roe..25-Apr-2012 13:01
I've been on pbase for years and never have I seen images with so much emotion..inspiring
cedric fattebert19-Jul-2011 05:06
You are a great artist, for sure !!!

bravo pour ces belles images, d'une force et d'une profondeur peu communes. je te souhaite une belle continuite dans cet art ou tu excelles.
96spec23-Jul-2010 21:58
A truly great collection of galleries - really great great job.
Brent Vermilyea08-Feb-2010 04:50
You're a real artist. Inspiration in every fame. Favorited; I'll be back often.
Kaparu210-Oct-2009 20:22
Ruth - you have obviously touched so many people with the strength and creativity of your work - it is beautiful, powerful and meaningful and moves the heart - it touches me too.

best wishes Kev
Meggi Raeder01-Nov-2008 21:39
You are an incredible photographer and story teller. I am haunted by your images of "Girl interrupted" and "Life and Death" - touching and heart-renching.
Your work is superb.
gsl00704-Jul-2008 22:40
I have really enjoyed your work, especially your very personal study of a mental illness that affects so many young women.
gsl00704-Jul-2008 22:40
I have really enjoyed your work, especially your very personal study of a mental illness that affects so many young women.
missy corrales23-Jun-2008 05:15
I wandered into your galleries and stayed quite a while and plan to keep returning.
Your images are very intriguing, powerful and beautiful!
Thanks for sharing them with the world.
laura brookhart20-May-2008 00:07
I could not stop looking . . .
Sue Roberts04-May-2008 15:14
wonderful amazing art.........i am just beginning to explore your galleries and they are fabulous.
RachelJane08-Apr-2008 20:03
Oneday soon, I hope your body becomes your pride, rather than a tool to display what goes on within. You are a beautiful photographer, yet I can't help but be made emotional at the private work, which expresses at the deepest level, your inner most world.
Set yourself free Ruth.
You are truly beautiful in many ways.
Rachel xxx
Patrickver06-Apr-2008 20:55
Amazing collection of Art.
lgprice08-Mar-2008 14:27
I really enjoy your galleries. Nice juxtaposition of art and reality. LG
Dominic Kite27-Aug-2007 12:31
I found your photos late last night, when I was so tired, that anything I had written or said, would have seemed like a tired meaningless attempt. I came back today and had another look through your galleries. Thank god I did, you're a unique talent.

It's rare I stumble upon someone elses work that instantly strikes such a chord. You've put together an emotional beautiful collection of photos. All your exhibitions and achievements, are testament to this. You've set creative, insprirational thoughts moving in my mind - which is the highest accolade I can pay you.
Michele Motta07-Aug-2007 18:07
all I can say is WOW, and thanks. Very inspiring. Looking forward to more!
Kindest regards, Michele
anthony195703-Jul-2007 01:19
I have been exploring your galleries and I am gobsmacked(!) by your artisitic creativity and technical skills. What gifts you possess! I look forward to revisiting your work many times.
Martha Albuquerque29-Jun-2007 18:48
Yes, Ruth, I am so impressed as well. Your work is superb!! Bravo!

Thank you for your visit and support,
Sue Roberts18-Jun-2007 10:55
i am so impressed with your entire body of work here at pbase... it's beautiful!
gilanuriel18-Jun-2007 05:36
Hi Ruth, love your wonderful work, waiting for more. Gila
Stu Egan12-Jun-2007 08:52
Hi Ruth,
I've only started properly following your work for a couple of months now, and it really is inspiring. You have a lot of photos here that stay in the mind.
Irene Müller04-Jun-2007 19:23
Ruth, I loved your comment on my milk meets milk image. Thank you so much. You have some stunning work here, it's been such a pleasure visiting.
Kind regards,
ecliffordsmith02-May-2007 15:01
Hi Ruth,

I have very much enjoyed taking a look at your images. You are clearly very creative and have a lot of original compositions.


Eric Hewis01-Feb-2007 09:26
Thanks for your comment on my Lowry picture, I loved the photographs in the gallery were I took my picture but those Lowry's, b***dy awful!
Phil Douglis14-Jul-2006 00:46
We will miss you. Do what you need to do, and come back to us someday, Ruthie.
Sue Roberts07-Jul-2006 14:13
your work is inspiring!
Yves Rubin03-Jul-2006 03:50
Hi Ruth,

I just have to say that I am amazed with you work, and see so much positiveness and hope in it! Your profile quote:

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever. The goal is to create something that will"

just resonated with me!
Chris Sofopoulos24-Jun-2006 13:00
I just want to express my respect for your wonderful, and most of all, inspiring images.
Since many months you are in my favourites list so I can explore from time to time your works.
bruce berrien24-Jun-2006 00:04
Be careful around that Niall fellow. He's Trouble. That's right. Capital "T" Trouble. And you can tell him I said so.
raymondg22-Jun-2006 12:14
Hi Ruth,

Thanks for dropping by my Whitsunday Islands gallery. I guess if you have been there you know what a beautifull place it is. Grab that credit card and GO!

You have a very diverse gallery with everything from the beautifull to the confronting. I will need to visit lots of times to get a full perspective of your creaivity. Your portraits are superb and I also like your colourfull abstracts. I will return!

best regards

Lisa Sullivan18-Jun-2006 19:39
How have you never commented in my guestbook before, eh?! EH?! :P

Thank you SO much for all your consistant and persistant words of encouragement and support. They truly mean so much to me.
As you for, pretty chicky, your work just gets better and better, and I love that you've recently been concentrating on expressing your inner most thoughts and feelings through photography; your self-portait gallery is feckin' outofthisworrrrrld! I hope you've found that it's let a little air of the tires, as it were.
Can't wait too see you again soon, my angel, peut-etre en aout chez ma mere?
Gilles Navet14-Jun-2006 12:20
Happy to discover you,
Great talent to capture street feeling, you play well with composition
I like particulary your B&W
I add you in my Favorits, more easy to see your next pics
It will be pleasure
Guest 12-Jun-2006 15:45
Love it! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Guest 12-Jun-2006 08:04
Hello Ruth. I came across your galleries through an image of Kal, dedicated to you.
Let me just tell you I've never spent more time in someone's galleries than in yours today.
I just can't explain it, but a lot of your images were made by your soul, rather than your eye. They go so deep, that sometimes it becomes uncomfortable looking at them. At that point, any comment about the picture quality means nothing and makes no sense, but as we're all photographers here, I'll just tell you anyway that also the quality of your images is very good. I like the Paris gallery a lot. As for your "girl, interrupted" gallery: I have no words, only endless admiration for your courage, and the generosity to share your deepest inside with us.
Mohab 08-Jun-2006 09:36
An Amazing gallar, especialy the "girl, interrupted" set.

Why ar'nt you writing a book about portrait photography?

Guest 07-Jun-2006 12:49
hi ruthie, you rock more and that the end of it, dont argue with me! ;-p
Guest 05-Jun-2006 17:49
Your photos are certainly refreshing. Can't say pbase has any thing quite like it.
Clyne05-Jun-2006 09:19
Ruth, thanks for your comment on my Myanmar gallery. Actually I'm surprise I haven't left a comment on your galleries before - I'm a fan and have been here many times before! Keep up the great work! Stuart
Ana Carloto O'Shea05-Jun-2006 08:03
Hummmm... it seems like I've never left you a message here also.
And if you think that I shoot from the heart, I believe you do the same. Stay inspired and keep on surprising us girl.

Ana 04-Jun-2006 12:10
Very interesting. Mike
Pretorious Photography03-Jun-2006 04:26
Opps, forgot to sign in first. lol
Guest 03-Jun-2006 04:22
Hi Ruth, thanks for visiting and commenting on my gallery. I sent you an email explaining the question you asked about one of my weird edits images, feel free to ask if theres anything more I can help you with. And thanks again for visiting my gallery. :)

ruthemily31-May-2006 14:14
i was born in no!
Guest 31-May-2006 14:03
did you graduate from BSHS in 1966?
Guest 31-May-2006 14:03
Hi, I'm looking for Ruth Doungans Hanson who went to BSHS graduating in 1966. Is that you? Pat Yonker
philippe carpentier22-May-2006 16:44
Hi Ruth,
excellent work , your gallery Cambodia, is absolutely great,never saw such a good work , and I saw a lot about Asia! You're an ambassador for Asia.
Subrata Basu22-May-2006 01:08
Very moving gallery, I will come back often.
Anne Dorsey21-May-2006 16:13
You knock my socks right off my feet, young lady, over and over again. I was delighted to see you are actively working on your galleries. I knew there was more to see after all your adventures abroad and the wait was certainly worthwhile. Anne
Lisa Sullivan14-May-2006 14:46
I adore the new layout! Very swanky...muy impressivo! Great choices for the slideshow, too. Your amazing images deserve such a professional and elegant home!
A big bunch o' love, from
~ Lisa x
Guest 07-May-2006 17:38
Thank you for your thoughts on my pics Ruth :)) Your words are real, and made me smile xxx 22-Apr-2006 10:11
google pr main
Stella King30-Mar-2006 21:32
Hi Ruth,

Thanks for those nice comments at my daughter Cleft gallery..I have visted this site quite often I love your photos..I would love to travel to these areas someday. Maybe when my daughter is older...Ed
shaila 28-Mar-2006 10:19
Hi Ruth,

I looked at your photos after perusing Friends Reunited. Just wanted to say, they totally blew me away, many of them leaving me thinking of them for days afterwards. They are incredible. Will definitely be coming back to your galleries.


David G26-Mar-2006 05:11
What an amazing collection Ruth! Happy to have stumbled upon your gallery...such a pleasure to see. :)
Guest 21-Mar-2006 19:28
there was a little man who sat on my shoulder, yelling at me to stop taking pictures, the other day I smacked 'im off my shoulder and put 'im in a jar which I now carry in my camera bag. thats what i do... i never forget what a critic says... i make it a part of what i do... i'll always have my angel in my bag... and a devil looking though my lens...

thanks for the tour..
Luci 06-Mar-2006 20:27
I am drawn so ofetn to look at your wonderful photographs. Never give up, you are amazing.
Jenny 10-Dec-2005 19:05
Hey Ruthie!
So good to see you again, and i thought as you mentioned your love of photography, i'd search for some of your work- it's amazing! Really emotional. Keep going with this incredible talent of yours!!
Lots of love,
Stan Schutze07-Oct-2005 03:49
I miss you Ruth. Come back soon.
Guest 19-Aug-2005 18:10
I found wonderful images in galleries that are soo coherent.
Great work, Ruth.
Guest 15-Aug-2005 08:28
Your design and work are exquisite but how about making the top legends on your pages in a larger print for us old foggies. THANKS.
Guest 07-Jul-2005 07:29

I just visited your galleries and they are really great
keep up the good work

greetings from Belgium,
Didier Vanderperre25-Jun-2005 01:02
Ruth you have a unique Paris gallery: very well done.
Your sense of composition is really excellent
Guest 10-Jun-2005 20:59
Hi Ruthie,
I want to leave you a message here to tell you how deeply your imagery touched my heart, my soul.. all of my being. You are a truly gift human being, with a big and kind heart and with an enormous talent within.
Thank you very much for sharing your gift with all of us!

Kal Khogali31-May-2005 16:13
Hi Ruth. I came accross your galleries by accident, was gripped by them, and then dicovered that you also had a connection to Phil Douglis. I mentioned to Phil how absolutely stunned I was by your work, and that in fact your galleries made me want to throw out many of my images, and keep those that I can call remotely as expressive as yours. You are a talented artist, whose ability to express a feeling through every image is a gift. I wish I had that natural gift of genius, but since I don't, I can at least sit back and bathe in the wonder of admiring the work of one. Thank you for sharing your work and your feelings with us. Kal
Jose Paulo Andrade25-May-2005 14:35
Very good galleries with a lot of creativity! Keep going! I will be back!
Guest 05-May-2005 14:00
You have a gift. I have a healthy envy for your talent. I just started visiting this site and I am blown away by your natural talent. Keep posting images!
Phil Douglis22-Apr-2005 03:28
Your images have moved your viewers deeply, Ruth, including myself. The reason is quite obvious. You willingly express your own feelings to us, and do it in an extremely humane way. Technique for you is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. Form becomes content, while abstraction and incongruity inform your expression. By enriching your viewers, you enrich yourself as well, as you take another step into self-discovery every time you make a photograph. I'm proud that you have asked me to help guide you on this journey.

edmundo 17-Apr-2005 18:05
i love the ramdom ii pic gallery and experimenting life and death.

I love the expression of the shot in experimenting life and death.. it make you feel not to fear with death coz there is always a new life coming in. (That what i feel with the flower in and death is always combination.. life for the flower, death for the grave) True death meaning is while we are living here and new life is when we finish in this world and go to heaven. :)
A Reid13-Apr-2005 05:17
Thank you for the kind comments you left on my site. I hope you'll come back again. allen
Chris 04-Apr-2005 08:24
What camera do you use in this photos in you gallery?Thanks
Fred 01-Apr-2005 12:54
I think you must be one of these people who stares off into the distance as the world rushes by and they miss irreplaceable moments, while in your quiet place you see the single snow flake in a blizzard. You must be someone who is greatly loved and loves. You don't just take photos, you create a memory of what we hope we ourselves might not forget. Simple in our life. God Bless you Ruth
DODI ZETA 24-Mar-2005 22:42
a beautiful lady..a great talent...

what a combination
Lisa 17-Mar-2005 21:49
Ruthie, I'm blown away! Your pictures are so beautiful, chicky. They're so artistic and professional, and it's obvious that you've put so much of yourself into them. You are truly gifted. ~ L xx
Guest 09-Mar-2005 19:54
Your passion come out in your pictures. Fantastic work that will only get better.
Didier Vanderperre06-Mar-2005 20:49
Very interesting work, you have an eye for photography.
Nelly 05-Feb-2005 23:21
A genuine star - I love your work.

Full of power and passion - keep it up

Nelly xxx
Chris 04-Feb-2005 10:43
Hiya Ruthie me dear! :)

Saw you had this gallery and thought I'd pop by and have a look. It just blew me away!!! Wonderful shots and such emotion... Thanks for the images!

Howard 03-Feb-2005 11:52
Hi, Ruth.

Just dropped by your gallery and
WOW, you are doing some fantastic work here.
Keep going girly you are doing great.

Sarah 19-Jan-2005 12:41
Beautiful photographs taken by a beautiful person!
Ruthie, you are incredible and whether you believe me, you always have been and always will be! S xxxx
Richie Rich 15-Jan-2005 21:30
I didnt realise you had a gallery, some fantastic shots Ruthie, will definetly addthis page to my favourites :-) Keep up the good work.
Stan Schutze09-Jan-2005 19:18
Your photos are professional, intelligent and artistic. Good job, Ruth.
Scooby 04-Jan-2005 23:01
great pictures, well done, I have not seen many of these before, love the owl shot, and the various pics of the Lake District