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Personal Favorites

All images copyright 2003-2013 Roberta Fair.
Images are available for licensing.
Images are best viewed on ORIGINAL size.
West 39th Street t1%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f105241923.zMh3fCkr.jpg Blue Jay Rockport, MA
Blue Jay t2%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f66163731.VBJ2ZhN1.jpg Katelyn Lake George at Dusk About to Pop
Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Jeff Morning Glory  Staunton, Virginia Cardinal
The Storms of Life Rockport, MA Sweet Sleep Meika Shower
Splash Cleaning the Pool- Removing Leaves Seagull Hawk Time Flies
Portrait of Meika Enfield Creek Man's Best Friend  Best viewed on ORIGINAL t1%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f62832900.dbaIpTRZ.jpg
Robin Blue Jay u46%2froberta%2fsmall%2f39915254.IMG_8262copy.jpg t1%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f58260156.KW7N0441copy.jpg Montauk
Bald Eagle Mac III Roy G. Biv Alpine Lake Reflection Rosie
Perennial t1%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f53666890.DSC02027copy.jpg Fall Wet Window Meika
Seriously... Greetings from the Gang Meika ... Slate Colored Dark-eyed Junco
Bash Bish Brook Jellyfish Farm on McBride Road Meika Snoozing
Charred Sunset Halifax Cafe Sunflower III IR Stump
Gerbera Profile Peggy's Cove at Night Meika Robert Treman State Park Old Leaf- large file
Maine Misty Morning Wet Web Charlottetown Seagull Lake George Leaf Lake George
Two Gerberas Artist at Work Beach Jewels St. Georges Bay Bash Bish Brook
Sunflower Meika's Yearbook Pic Meika Attack Cat Acrylic on Canvas
Your Move Spray Technology Flip-top Technology Better in Red Alpine Lake IR
Rose IR Marina Under the Fence Weed B&W Keen Lake
Infrared Lake George B&W Daisy Closeup Alpine Lake Flowers Woods
Bash Bish Falls Red Window Mallard Closeup 42nd Street Myrtle Beach Silhouettes
Myrtle Beach Ripples IR Seagull Cobalt Shadow #3 Apples Grass and Light
Nature's Velcro Mist in the Fields II Barn Window Stamen Seward Road Pond
Meika Barn and Lace Looking Out Canon 10D Tiger II
Berry Picking Lunar Eclipse Meika in the Shadow Meika in the Shadow II Mother and Child
Shadows II Meika Sparrow Acrylic on Canvas 42nd Street
Meika Creativity Christmas Dreams 004 The Light of the World
Zipper Curves Lily Petal Flower Macro Gerbera Back Looking out the Window
Gerbera Macro Colored Glass Quilted Window McBride Road Farm Barn and Snow
Rog G. Biv Setup Fall Colors Daffodils Meika Old School Baptist
For Loren Two Oranges Flags II Repetition Flowers in Baddeck
Meika Phat Cats at the Gym Leaf in Mud Meika Birding II Mallard
Baby at the Beach Fisherman Daddy's Hat Cosmos Daffodils
Subliminal Universe by Dustin Kwanzan Cherry Dandelion Seeds Dandelion Seeds Spring Passage
Fisherman II Old and New Steeple First Fall Dandelion Burst
Conductor Synchronized Fruiting Acrylic on Canvas Mixed Media Meika
Lily ... Chelsea  Sept. 1990 - June 26, 2004 Looking Through II Poppy
Hatteras Gull Perennial Lamb's Ear Shopper ...
... .. Monarda Wheat Cone Flower
Byron Farm ... Meika Batik (detail) Meika's Eye Junco in Snow
Tufted Titmouse Fall Rosie Meika in the Shadows ...
Chickadee ... Rosie Christmas Gull u10%2froberta%2fsmall%2f37906217.KW7N1579copy.jpg
Snow Flurries Broadway u12%2froberta%2fsmall%2f38201284.IMG_0177copy.jpg Winter Leaves Meika
... u15%2froberta%2fsmall%2f38929941.KW7N8390.jpg Gerbera Chickadee Best viewed at ORIGINAL
Rose Orchid Dunkin    June 27, 1982- February 28, 2005 u43%2froberta%2fsmall%2f40339842.KW7N0725.jpg u43%2froberta%2fsmall%2f40339371.KW7N0689.jpg
u43%2froberta%2fsmall%2f40339109.KW7N0655.jpg Seward Road Pond u40%2froberta%2fsmall%2f40595403.KW7N1252copy.jpg Orchid ...
u14%2froberta%2fsmall%2f41743708.IMG_9116.jpg u17%2froberta%2fsmall%2f42344111.KW7N3123copy.jpg Pippin Pippin Dogwood
Rhododendron v3%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f44144030.IMG_8817copy.jpg Jacobs Road Farm Kwanzan Cherry Orchid
Bluejay Alpine Lake Dock Poppy Father and Son Blue-violet
Hide and Seek v3%2f93%2f130493%2f4%2f49453197.KW7N7166copy.jpg St. Mary's Church Wheels Meika
Canon 10D, Canon 100-400, Bogen 488RC2 Dogwood Poppy Lake George Boats Barn and Grass