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tglass01-Mar-2016 03:12
I'm enjoying your landscape photography and shall return often to see what yo've added to your galleries.
soulis08-Apr-2013 02:37

I am practically gone from PBase. I am "soulis0" on DeviantART now.
Keep up the beautiful work.

david chilvers17-Feb-2012 11:49
Hiya Rob

Thanks for your kind remarks on that infra red church image of mine. Just been looking around you site and enjoyed it very much indeed.

G3orge Dalziel03-Mar-2009 03:48
thanking you, likewise your added to my favourites...keep in touch pal.
G3orge Dalziel02-Mar-2009 09:24
Some great pictures in your gallery Robbie, love the Skye and Eilean Donan.
I hope your planning more Scotland in the future.
Great camera also, My first Dslr was the D70, just upgraded to the D300.
Again great work, i'll visit your site again soon.
Bill Warren20-Feb-2009 02:27
Thanks for visiting my galleries
Marijka08-Dec-2008 00:20
i lov pbase for one reason only--and that is to view the world through other's eyes... it is almost impossible to comment on all the beauty and talent that is displayed here every day, but when i visit the galleries of those that comment on my photos and poems, i feel humbled to be in such company.
nige5003-Dec-2008 23:04
Thanks Robbie , I found a tutorial called Blast on the web site
Cheers Nige
ps we never got to meet up this year may be we could try in 2009
Bill Adams17-Sep-2008 06:46
Hi Robbie:

Thanks for stopping by my galleries again. Whenever a talented photographer like you leaves such a nice message, it is a great source of encouragement for me. I really appreciate your comments.
Liv 07-Aug-2008 11:36
Cette écriture est en français!
david rowley31-May-2008 15:38
Great set of images Robbie, enjoyed all of your galleries.
Juan Rojas14-May-2008 20:08
Robbie, thank you for visiting my gallery and for your your comments.
Bernard VINH05-Mar-2008 23:44
Thanks for your visit and all of your comments on my gallery. I like your photos too and have added you to my favourites list. Best regards
Bill Adams03-Dec-2007 16:50
Hi Robbie:

Thanks for stopping by my gallery. On my reciprocal visit to your gallery I was entertained by your running commentary and you great compositional skills and colorful images, especially your very popular nature shots. Keep up the good work.
Debbie Plaistowe03-Dec-2007 03:39
Hi Robbie, thanks for your comments on my pics. You've got some great shots, I really enjoyed looking at your galleries
Nick Powell14-Nov-2007 23:25
Hi Rob, I really want to thank you for the constructive comments you've provided on my images. This is the reason why I joined PBase to get balanced feedback, to help improve my photography. I really like the style and humour in your work and have added you to my favourites list. Thanks again, Nick.
Yves Rubin08-Apr-2007 17:21
You have such an eclectic and fun collection of pictures Robbie, it is so refreshing. Love your humor!
Waqas Usman28-Jan-2007 06:43
Thanks for your comment on my macro gallery, I haven't done many macros other than this, some test shots but I haven't trimmed them to upload yet.

Actually the hit ratio was very little (about 10%) for these handheld indoor macro shots (I chose the best ones for this gallery), and I had no tripod so I had to do it handheld. I sold the 105 a couple of weeks ago to buy some PC hardware, hope I'll buy one again sometime later (when I have a tripod as well :P).
Guest 06-Jan-2007 19:10
Very nice work ROB! Thanks for your comments and sharing your beautifull work.
Waqas Usman05-Jan-2007 11:59
Hi Robbie, Thanks for your nice comment on one of my shots. It was nice to visit the cockpit, now that many airlines are very careful about it, PIA still allows passengers in its cockpit. Here are the rest of the shots:
Irene Müller04-Jan-2007 20:13
Hi Robbie, Thanks for the comment, you're right, of course, about the coffee/milk image. The five decent ones I got took me two full evenings - but it was worth it.
Cheers and all the best for 2007.
Jean D26-Dec-2006 03:20
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Guest 26-Nov-2006 14:44
Hi Robbie,

Thnx for stopping by my gallery, and thnx for your nice comments, much appreciate it.
your galleries are beautiful I really enjoy them all.
I'll be back again to see more..

Best Regards,
David Barrett13-Nov-2006 22:22
Loved your galleries,Robbie, which I would not have found but for your great processing on Jen's Dahlia.Well done
Jean D05-Nov-2006 00:50
Robbie, thank you for taking the time to visit my galleries and leaving your comments.
Irene Müller16-Oct-2006 16:04
Robbie, thank you so much for the constant encouragement you give me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.
Best wishes,
EB23-Aug-2006 04:16
Thansk so much for your comment on my picture (chipmunk). Always greatly appreciated :)
Guest 19-Aug-2006 09:16
Thanks for your nice comments Robbie! To answer your question Tirol is a region in the Northen East part of Italy, close to the Austrian border-It is about 8/9 hours drive from where I live(I live in the Northern East of France, close to Luxembourg)-I wish the landscapes where I live were as beautiful as in Tirol :)My boyfriend Thierry and I decided to go there for a long week end last July-it was tiring but we enjoyed our stay a lot.Thierry also has a pbase gallery that you can visit on if you wish.Have a nice week-end!
marita toftgard24-Jul-2006 20:15
thanks for your wonderful comments...!
much appreciated..

have a nice week
Jean D21-Jul-2006 04:07
Robbie, you have beautiful images.Well done.Thanks for visiting.
Guest 12-Jul-2006 08:14
Hi Robbie-Thank you for your nice comments on my PAD one.Sorry for coming back so late but I have been too busy these days to regularly update my PAD and thank everyone-I will come back soon.
Guest 25-Jun-2006 15:26
I think your pictures are worth more than a thousand words. Keep it up!
Guest 18-Jun-2006 14:45
I think your work is an inspiration to many of us. Do keep updating as I will always come back those updates!
Guest 16-Jun-2006 17:29
Hi Robbie-Thanks a lot for visiting my galleries and leaving your kind comments on my pictures! I will definitely need to take more time visiting yours:)
Kind regards,
Maud 23-May-2006 15:35
Incredible.. Ken
Guest 19-May-2006 16:57
Hi Robbie, Thankyou so much for looking through my gallery. Your comment made my Year! I very much appreciate it. I am also looking forward to seeing more of your work as I really did enjoy looking through your galleries, as they are full of very high standard and stunning captures. Kind regards...Lorraine
Irene Müller18-Mar-2006 10:23
Hi Robbie, thanks for the kind comments on my work and for giving me the opportunity to visit your beautiful galleries.
Kind regards,
Guest 19-Feb-2006 16:07
Hi Robbie
Have looked at the Brecon rain pictures and that is fantastic how you have changed it into the picture. I prefer the photograph for the look of reality but the picture is just like an oil painting. Think the detail on the fuschia and the bee is really good too. How close were you? I have enjoyed looking at your galleries. You have a real good set of photographs - your natural talent!

wert 10-Feb-2006 14:35
Nice, well done!
natalitsa01-Feb-2006 07:23
Hi Robbie,
Nice comment about my picture, very grateful :)
Have a good work and a nice day :)
Vilone21-Jan-2006 19:04
Hi Robbeie,

Did you get your firmware update? It's important for your camera. Thanks for your kind comments.

Vilone P.
Guest 09-Jan-2006 13:46
Hi Robbie -

Thanks for being such a loyal viewer of my galleries. Your comments are encouraging.

Have a nice day.

Vilone01-Jan-2006 14:43

Best wishes for you & a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vilone27-Dec-2005 00:48
I forgot to tell you,... yes I used 3 stops GND filters. 1 is warm. 1 is 2 stops. I use them depends on lighting situations.


Vilone27-Dec-2005 00:43
Hi Robbie,
I use RAW mode for landscapes. My 1GB card gets 170 shots for RAW. I think you might have to upgrade your D70's firmware. Check your firmware first. It's simple but becareful, just read instruction carefully. Check on Nikon's website.
Another way is to get 2-4GB compactflash, but they are expensive :-((. Now I will have to get atleast 2-4GB card because of my new D200 I just got. My 1GB card get 51 shots on D200.
Well....thanks for your kind comments.

Happy holiday!

nige5020-Dec-2005 12:04
Thank you calling by again ,, thanks for the comment
Mike Davies21-Nov-2005 20:33

Great pictures you've posted recently, keep up the great work
Nigwel19-Nov-2005 20:16
Great photo`s..
Brando Ho24-Sep-2005 20:57
Hello Robbie,
I happen to stopped by your galleries and see some excellent shots. I made some comment on a couple of them. The rest of the photos are also great. I really enjoy them all. Keep up the good work, and I will return soon.
Happy photographing,
Tony England 17-Sep-2005 12:27
Very impressive Bob,some erally excellent shots. Looking forward to the next photography trip.
Mike Davies13-Sep-2005 19:41

Thanks for the comments, I see you too have been busy, the picture upload each day contains some great shots.
John Rogers11-Sep-2005 13:24
You have some great shots here Robbie. I particularly like the night photography and four seasons. I will keep popping back for inspiration!
Regards, John.
Graham Tomlin25-Aug-2005 21:01
thanks for your comments on my galleries, my 24-70 sigma lens has a kind of macro, not a full blown macro, but i can get fairly close, about 15 inches giving it a ratio of 1:3.8. i sometimes use it with extension tubes to get closer but it makes it hard to focus being so close and cutting out a lot of light. check out they are quite sharp especially the ones of the sand castles in Brighton. i think it is an excellent lens, about a third of the price of Canon's lens of the same focal lenght and aperture.
Rene Hales06-Aug-2005 14:59
Not sure if you are still away based on your "last 4 for a while" statements. Hope you hurry back. I appreciate your comments and enjoy viewing your images.--Rene
Guest 28-Jul-2005 06:56
thanks Robbie,
i did not get offended at all... I was afraid my comments could offend someone because they could sound a bit pretentious when, in fact, I am just an amateur....
As for the matrix, it is something I did for fun, and the comments are directly taken from the movie so it is just fiction....

Thanks again. I will come back as well...

Benoit Durocher Photographie28-Jul-2005 02:41
Hi Rob , thanks to be always so supportive to me. As I read on your website , you will be out for a couple of days. Well , I'M wishing you a nice vacation (if it's the case). And keep shooting :-)
Mike Davies10-Jul-2005 19:23
Thanks for the message, and the comments will only spur me on to hopefully improve.

Pic Chick10-Jul-2005 03:39
Thanks again for your wonderful comments Robbie! I do carry my camera in the car with me whenever I go to work, and try to lug it with me when I go out for my walk at lunch. I know I would kick myself if I missed an opportunity! (i.e. my mink shots). In fact, I think the shoulder strap has permanently attached itself and everyone knows it is my constant companion....Great shots you have here, keep up the great work!
Benoit Durocher Photographie05-Jul-2005 20:29
Hi Robbie , thanks for visiting my galleries , I really like your water drops.
audra baecker05-Jul-2005 17:01
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH WHOOOOOOO!! FINALLY! You took the plunge!! of course I am adding you to my favorites list and look forward to checking out your additions! Welcome to pbase my friend!

Friendliest Regards,
Guest 04-Jul-2005 09:58
Congrats, Robbie, not a bad start.
Pic Chick30-Jun-2005 23:35
Thanks for all the wonderful comments you have left in my galleries. Nice to see you have started up here and I will visit often. As for your question regarding my close up shots - I do use my macro (close up) setting with my 18-55 lens, but often crop my photos before posting. I think perhaps this gives them the ultra-zoom look! I'll be back to see your stuff soon! Cheers.