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Norbert Uhlhaas06-Oct-2015 14:14
Very nice galleries and a good inspiration to photograph windmills now in the Netherlands and Germany. My website:
pacs22-May-2015 18:42
Beautiful galleries.
cheveux gras19-May-2015 06:42
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer.
tresse15-May-2015 16:48
Vous avez un réel talent, continuez:)
kervelli10-Mar-2014 13:16
nice pictures
chris27-Jan-2012 02:45
I love a lot of the material in the galleries. I have just started painting and would like to paint some of the work you have. Would I be breaching copy right laws by doing so, and if so do I contact the owners of the work for written permission? By the way your work is very professional and yet you have only used one T in written for the blurb under each photo. Just a small thing but it spoils such a beautiful collection of works. If this is the way it is spelt in your neck of the woods then I apologize unreservedly. (but I don't think so).
Barry Johnston 26-May-2011 10:47
Some very nice work Richard, beautiful compositions and lighting!! beautiful to see..
Well done...
Scapes Photography05-Jul-2010 13:33
Your understanding and use of light is superb. Very enjoyable
James White04-Apr-2010 11:48
Love all your work, Great job!

David C 08-Mar-2010 11:39
You do all your subject matter a great justice. A wonderful eye you have and your images of Australia/Victoria should be used by the Tourism folks. I mean it. Just goes to show that it matters little what equipment we employ if the eyes do not see. Yours are all seeing.

Awesome stuff.

Andy Seven06-Feb-2010 13:01
they are beautiful work your photos Richard
Andrew Bott31-Jan-2010 02:32
An impressive and inspirational body of work. Although you make me feel a bit guilty for living in Melbourne and missing so many opportunities.
Guest 28-Jan-2010 06:03
Superb work throughout. Love of light = love of life.
Jesse 17-Dec-2009 01:03
Richard, I just bought an LX3 and have been looking around for inspiration. I found it in your beautiful photos. I may use the same camera as you, but I'll never have your eye. Still, I'll have fun trying. Thank you.
Sabrina 20-Aug-2009 12:26
Hi Richard, love your pictures, love your style, love your talent....great job done on Montsalvat...we are looking for places for our wedding ceremony and i think your work has just decided for us what we are after..

keep up the awesome work! i will be back for more =)

Jean-Claude Liehn23-May-2009 13:35
You could call all your photographic work : THE SKY.
In your work Documentation and Art meet. What is the essence of Photography.
I am very admiring. (I have probably already written this to you).
Dan Greenberg29-Jan-2009 06:01
I discovered you by accident looking for rusted cars. I am sure glad I did - you have some really outstanding work. I can't wait until I have time to go through more of it. ~Dan
Ter23-Jan-2009 01:28
just stunning work mate
i really enjoyed going thru your galleries
i will be back :)

Ter 19-Jan-2009 06:02
Hi Richard!

I love your pictures of Australia! Especially those of the Great Ocean Rd are very impressive.
Was a nice time in your galleries ... and i will come again soon.

see ya
Gill Kopy06-Oct-2008 20:36
What a stunning web site - am looking forward to coming back for a closer look
CCovetti 30-Sep-2008 20:36
Absolutely wonderful shots! You have a new fan from the USA!

thank you!!!
kenindfw29-Sep-2008 12:39
I liked several of your galleries. You have a wide range of shots that keep it interesting.
AL from 11-Sep-2008 10:35
I think you pictures of Melbourne are great.
I run and i have an idea to post various shots of Melbourne on principal pages.
Not the usual stuff, candid people,cafes,restaurants, streets, shots of messy restaurant tables.. etc.
Would you be interested in having them publishes? Do you know someone interested?
Of course credit would be acknowledged.
If so , please visit our website and message us via the contact page.

Guest 04-Aug-2008 11:18
nice travel photos, you know you should really make an album in this site : ...

like this gallery:

its free and you can share with us the places you traveled to on the map. takes 3-4 minutes...
(this is NOT a site to replace PBASE, it's for sharing albums with music and send to friends and share here with your photos)
nickeya12-Jul-2008 08:49
So amazing, so skilled and so brilliant.
Shaun Reeder23-Apr-2008 09:41
Really good stuff; subject, light, texture and pp all combine and no words are wasted; first rate and a joy to view.
Guest 11-Nov-2007 10:33
Excellent work, presentation and images.
The region in Victoria is a beautiful dairy country and you captured well the area.
Arthur Plottier
Guest 29-Aug-2007 03:01
Hi Richard,

Do you go below f/13 on landscapes on the D200. I believe the pictures don't tend to be sharp below f/13. Is that true?
Guest 28-Aug-2007 21:41
Hi Richard,

You have a really nice gallery. I am planning on getting a Nikon D200. What lens would you recommend for landscape shooting? Does Nikon have any lens with similar quality to the Canon 10-22 EF-S. Thanks!
Ives Vanweddingen29-Jul-2007 12:12
Hi Richard,
I'm glad I'll find your site here.
In here I saw great pictures with very high professionalism.
Your a great allround photographer.
Love the vivid colors, the settings/compositions.
Top galleries.
Greetings, Ives
Lin Chia-Yi08-Jul-2007 09:17
You have many great photos!!!
I have added to my favorite and I will come back for enjoy your photos!!!
Pierre Schneider10-Jun-2007 19:30
Dear Richard
I like your work. You have superb shots. You are a great photographer, some master pieces in your galleries. I have the same camera gear Nikon D200, and I thonk it's a perfect cam.
Best regards
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:08
Your photos have really made my day. Thank you.
Brent Andersen15-Jan-2007 21:47
Fantastic galleries! I very much enjoyed the trip. Brent
Zainudin11-Jan-2007 15:26
Hi Richard
Great stuffs here. I am amazed by your work. Very professional. I am glad to be able to find your gallery. I have not go through all, but I have put you in my favorite list. i will come back.

anthony195709-Jan-2007 23:43
I have only just discovered your amazing body of work. Into "My Favourites" you go so I can spend much more time appreciating your talent.
Gryphon5 14-Dec-2006 19:29
Hi Richard

Wonderful galleries. I was wondering if you could share some of the techniques you use to mute and yet draw out the colours as well as you have. The pictures look great, I just cant figure out your workflow to produce these types of pictures.

Bill Robinson04-Dec-2006 09:38
Mate, where do you find the time ?? Great stuff always.
Now back to POTD. :o)
Melissa 17-Nov-2006 04:57
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
pirroby 14-Nov-2006 15:28
hi Richard,
I'm an italian photographer and I have to tell you that you're really nice. you have a great capability to take shots very interesting with different type of tools (lens and body of various brandes).
I'm working with pentax body&different type of lens and after looking your galleries I can understand better that with this brande it's really possible to do good works (and professional ones).
I have a question: Have you ever used a bencini camera in your life? do you know it?


Roberto Picatto
Flemming Bo Jensen Photography16-Oct-2006 06:51
Hi Richard,

I just spent 30 mins going through your galleries but feel I must return and spend hours more to do your fine work justice! Fantastic pictures, you do have some amazing shots in your collection - and from Australia, my favorite country in the world. I've been to Australia 5 times and love it. Can tell from your landscape shots I still have heaps of places to see.
cheers, Flemming
lightsmith 04-Oct-2006 03:01
Pics like these infrared ones were the cause of me buying a coolpix 950 and hoya 72. I am getting some good results (not as good as these!) but its a great new world to explore. Thanks for creating a site to inspire!
Shattered Faith 20-Sep-2006 18:01
Richard, amazing work! Each picture seems to have a soul of it's own, it's own story to be told, you have the rare gift to pull life through your lens... truly impressive work... PL8, Shattered Faith (U.S. Band)
Zainudin17-Aug-2006 14:07
Nothing's compare to your website and galleries. The best I ever seen.
geetha 11-Aug-2006 16:29
Well i am geetha again , you are a great artist , please write to me. Thank you.

geetha 11-Aug-2006 16:27
Hi,I am an artist from India and i paint on canvas with oils. I loved your site and i feel like painting some of them if u can permit me.

ArminB12-Jul-2006 11:25
Richard, just had a quick look and I must say: wow :o)
wonderful galleries, thanks for sharing - count on a new regular wisitor :)
cheers, Armin
Barbara 05-Jul-2006 04:36
What a great site
Susan 04-Jul-2006 16:41
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
Pamela 02-Jul-2006 12:51
Wonderful and informative web site.I used information from that site its great.
Frances 01-Jul-2006 10:13
Excellent, love it!
Jess+Steph 25-Jun-2006 05:47
Cool webbie we really like the photo of us!! 23-May-2006 15:37
Pretty good site. Nat
Eric Haglund18-May-2006 20:23
Richard, you have a great eye for composition and color. Doesn't hurt to be surrounded by such fabulous scenery, either. Wonderful images in your galleries.
tad janocinski 30-Apr-2006 10:21
Fantastic gallery, thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work.
simon thane 06-Apr-2006 09:03
Hi Richard... by enjoying your gallaries, i have question.
i am a canon G6 owner. Very pleased with my gear.
But now thinking of investing a dSLR.
if your are in my shoes, which one will you pick?
Canon rebel XT or Nikon D70? i am just s beginner.
simon thane
Drew Hansen 03-Apr-2006 00:10
I just purchased a canon s1 IS. I see that many people's pictures are very washed out and the focus is poor on many of their shots. I have noticed that your shots are very clear and focused. Are your shots taken in the manual mode? If they are could you mind telling me what settings to set for certain types of pictures? I am very new to aperatures, isos, and shutter speed. I am not quite sure what ones to set for different situations.

RH Photography04-Mar-2006 23:02
I have seen the Type 1 (short banding) in about 1 in every 400 photos at ISO400 or over..... But it is so minor, that I don't worry about it.... 99.99 % of people looking at the effected photo would never notice it.... You have to look at the image at 200% !!!!

Kind Regards
Richard Higgs
Steve 04-Mar-2006 18:47
Richard - excellent photos. Do you ever experience the "banding" issue that is rampant on discussion boards?
Guest 07-Feb-2006 23:08
I like your images, color, composition are great.
One thing; have you considered changing the sorting order in your galleries? IMO, it's better to have the most recent images show up first... this way whenever I visit, I don't have to scroll to the end to see the latest images. Also, considering you have changed to better equipment, and with added experience... your recent images tend to be much better ;-)
Chris Sofopoulos07-Feb-2006 11:16
Many congratulations for your images!
You have a great talent.
Jim Woodworth27-Jan-2006 03:46
Your galleries are among the most impressive I've seen. I'll have to come back when I have more time than the ½ hour I spent this time. I can see that it could take at least a day to go through your images.


hazril 28-Oct-2005 07:59
It's a perfect shot. I'm still new and learning in this field. I love art of photography.
RH Photography21-Oct-2005 21:56
I have now sold the Pro1.
If you don't want the hassle of a dSLR and carrying a bag of lenses around with you, then yes, the Pro1 is still an excellent choice in a top end prosumer model, even today (being an old model). The quality of it's "L" lens is stunning. Also consider the excellent G6.

Richard Higgs
Jim Smart21-Oct-2005 18:22
Richard: Do you still recommend that Power Shot Pro 1. It looks like a good camera, but are you still pleased with its performance?

John S. 30-Sep-2005 18:34
You are a my opinion, of the use of colors and shadows! Beautiful work in all the galleries. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your world !!!
KM25-Jun-2005 13:25
Hi Richard, You have beautiful galleries here. Very nice shots.
Nige Ritchie 04-Jun-2005 19:29
You certainly know how to take a good photo and add colour to it and make it paint a 1000 words..

Great Photos..
Bryan 16-May-2005 01:02
Hi Richard,

Nice shoots, nice gallery! I am impressed with your photo processing skills. Just goes to show that the quality of the image is still dependent on the man behind the camera (or mouse) more so then the equipment. No matter how fancy the technology gets, the skill of the user still is what creates a great photo!

I likewise have a S1 but do not have near the skill that you have shown. However I was wondering with your newer cameras if you had thought about getting rid of your S1 and its accessories? I would be interested in purchasing them if you no longer have a use for them.

In any case, Thanks for the photos!
Richard 29-Apr-2005 10:07
Hi Richard

very nice pictures thank you for sharing them.
upgrading from a cool pix 885 to i think the G6 i shoot indoors pics for a publication i own any thoughts ?
Guest 24-Apr-2005 07:49
Hello Richard,
After saw your gallery, I wonder is there any differences in taking a picture using Point&Shoot camera and DSLR camera? Cause I can't see that, all of your pictures are Superb! no matter what camera you use...
jack 12-Apr-2005 07:14
Hi Richard,
How do you compare ist D with rest of your Canons ? [Color tone, contrast, sharpness, brightness and etc]
Connie 07-Apr-2005 16:23
I love your pics, they are very rich in color and they have so much life. I have an S1 as well but I don't know how to adjust the settings so that I can get more crisp photos. Can you give me a little advice on how to do so? Also what is a noise profile? And why is it so important?
RH Photography04-Apr-2005 14:50
Most of the photos I take in public are shot with cameras that use swivelling LCD screens at waist level, such as with my Canon Pro1 and Canon S1, so people don't think I'm taking their photos. I never ask permission, as I don't want to ruin the "candid moment".
I also use a "spycam"... The 3MP Kyocera Contax SL300R, which takes magnificent pics and does not look at all like a camera, as it sits flat in the palm of your hand... People think you are just playing with a PalmPilot or your mobile cell phone.
I would not be as game however, to shoot street photos using my Pentax *istD dSLR though as it is too obvious for "stealth" strret photograpghy.
Aamer 04-Apr-2005 14:30
Hey Richard,

I think you have some awesome stuff. But i think you should just post your pictures without a caption. Let the onlooker see the beauty of your photographs the way that they see it. Frankly I thought the pictures were more beautiful (to me) when I did not look at your captions. I don't know weird.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you about your "people in public places" photos. How do you take those pictures. Do you ask before taking them? If not, do you take them obviouly or just point the camera and click the shutter? Have people ever gotten mad at you for taking there picutures?

You can reply be emailing me.

Frank 30-Mar-2005 17:09

I'm also owner of Canon s1 is so can you send me Noise Ninja profile.

Evandro 29-Mar-2005 16:00
I'd like to know how the G6 behaves under low light conditions for auto focusing, having in mind subjects like music concerts, which should be the reference application for my next camera. For the matter, how does G6 compares to the Pro1.

One other camera in mind is Olympus C-8080.
I'm looking for big apertures (<2.5 wide) and low noise up to ISO200.

The G6, Pro1 and S1 pictures are super. But, i didn't seem to find one that could give me a hint on the aplication i'm going to use the camera for.

Thank you in advance.
Eze Mgbada 24-Mar-2005 14:33
A very nice site keep it up.
Guest 23-Mar-2005 03:12
Hi Richard ~

I've had my Canon G6 for a few weeks and am really enjoying it. It is lovely to see examples of such good work with the G6. I also bought a teleconverter which has enhanced the capacity of the camers. This converter has to be used at full extension otherwise you get mechanical vignetting. That's manageable though.

Thanks for making your photos available to everyone.

Kate Sommerville
Bob J 10-Mar-2005 22:04
Richard, Pro 1 gallery was just what I needed since I was debating G6 vs. Pro 1. Am an old G3 user, so was not sure I wanted to abandon the G format. Looks like I'll be finishing up my shopping with a Pro 1. Both quality cameras, but Your gallery was the tie breaker. Thnaks for sharing.

Bob J
Pierre 04-Mar-2005 13:46
Hello Richard,
Superb pictures as everyone agrees.

Concerning your Pro1 gallery, does it require lots of post-procesing or tricky camera manual settings to get to the fantastic result you got yourself in terms of image quality ?

extra question : I have seen many questions and very few answers. Do you reply via private email or do you just do not reply ?
RH Photography28-Feb-2005 10:55

A slave flash fires when the S1 internal flash fires.
No physical connection is required... A sensor on the slave, senses
the internal flash and fires at the same time, assuming you buy the correct slave flash.


Ken 28-Feb-2005 02:13
Hi Richard,

I have a Canon S1 too. Just wonder how I can use a slave flash without the connection socket on the S1?

g man 22-Feb-2005 18:37
i love dis
Ilan 13-Feb-2005 02:35
Hi Richard, very nice pictures you got there.. I was about to buy the pro1, saw your review on dpreviews and dropped by here. will def. get one now.. I had the g6, but never got to such quality like you did.

I hope i'll do better this time !

Frank Wagner 12-Feb-2005 02:53
Nice Pictures You have taken with that camera! (You take very good Pictures!!!)
Feel like going out and taking some too, just too bad that it's winter time,zero snow, only cold, with lots of rain, and wind... I think the weather has gone crazy...

-How does the camera work in low light conditions? (using zoom) Problems?
(Looks nice with that christmas picture taken at night)
Do You use an extra Flash? (if,Which do You use?)

Keep up the great work!

Vyrd helsingj;
RH Photography04-Feb-2005 23:59
The Pro1 is a better camera with 28mm wide angle, greater telephoto, better super macro, magnesium alloy body and larger sensor.
Mitch 04-Feb-2005 22:15
Just a question - Looking at your work, the G6 photos look superb. Why the Pro1?
Griffon_Tr 04-Feb-2005 14:39
..on taking such wonderful pictures!
I recently bought an S1 IS, and whenever I feel I might have made a bad decision, I look at your pictures and the feeling goes away..
Thanks for sharing your art,

-Onur Otlu, Istnabul - Turkey
Eileen Smith 03-Feb-2005 20:11
Hello Richaerd!

I am loving the color balance and sense in your Cannon PRO1 shots. Do you use filters to enrich the colors or are they settings that you use in your camera that deepen the color saturation?

Really beautiful shots. Lovely to look at and impressive as a PRO1 portfolio.

Thanks for any advice,
Eileen Smith
Hower 30-Jan-2005 22:11
Hi Richard,

Very impressed with your photography and review of the cameras. As a novice you are an inspiration having seen the artistic nature and quality of your shots.

Can you give me a few pointers regarding overall shooting and image processing tips?

- lighting (natural, time of day, other?)
- image processing (photoshop?)
- sharpness (how did you shrink your photo in size while keeping high image sharpness?)
- do you use compression, or strictly raw images to convert?


Guest 28-Jan-2005 08:18

Thanks for leaving all your pics non-copyrighted for my new best seller. I plan to make quite a bit of cash! Sorry - just kidding. I'm actually going to use your site as inspiration for my own Canon Pro1. Maybe someday you'll see some of my pics.

Keep snappin,
Randy 28-Jan-2005 05:36

Could you please get back to me via email. I'm hoping to obtain permission from you to use a pic for a flyer design. Thank you for your time.

Cynthia Hester26-Jan-2005 22:35
Hi.... I'm very impressed by your work... It looks great... I will be using my pro 1 for the first time on a wedding I will be covering... Can you give me some pointers on the light set up.. Thank You Cynthia
richard in Michigan 20-Dec-2004 20:18
I am not familiar with where I am (net-wise), but am trying to find:
1)additional info on the COKIN .5X and 2.0X adapters(comparative quality, any hazard taking on and off, etc.) and
2)a retail source (in the US?).

Have looked in net and called local dealers. No luck yet.

(Got to Australia once for a two-week period. Thoroughly enjoyed.)
maga 11-Dec-2004 19:44
oi dona laand
HK Melton 06-Dec-2004 05:00
Thanks Richard for your great postings on the Canon forum in DPREVIEW. Your images are stunning and suggestions on post-processing have been amazingly helpful. Your images set a high standard for the rest of us to aspire to.
Best regards,
H Keith Melton
author of "Ultimate Spy"
mark 05-Dec-2004 05:30
Saw your comments about the G6 Nice shots posted on your web gallery. Have you printed any G6 13"x17" or larger? How did you like them?

P.S. - I have some shots from scanned slides/negatives at
Alexandre Knob 26-Nov-2004 19:37
Hello, I found its photos very interesting, mainly the super macro taken off with the G6. I did not only understand as you it took off this photo if the G6 alone allows until 5cm of macro. Was through Lenses close-up 250D or 500D? Alexander
Steve Castle 24-Nov-2004 00:35
Richard, Due to your posting of the telextender photos in the Canon forum AND this group of galleries that include quite a bit of S1 IS material... I purchased a S1 today. Great work! At your convenience would you forward your S1 IS Noise Ninja profiles for the S1 please.
I use a Digital Rebel for a lot of my work but the S1 will be great for my day trips and hiking. You have some great photography here... Congrats!!!

Steve Castle
stefano 08-Nov-2004 10:27
Vry interesting gallery and wonderful photos:i enjoied a lot "The essence of all of us". I'm looking for a new camera (canon g6 vs pentax 750z).

Greetings from UDINE - North Italy

Gordon 31-Oct-2004 03:01
Thank you for sharing your ART! I have never seen such great pictures before.. Fabulous lighting in every picture!!!!! I have a lot to learn.
Guest 29-Oct-2004 20:17
Bob 16-Oct-2004 16:08
Richard, please e-mail the Noise Profiles for the Canon S1IS. Thank you in advance.

Pamela 09-Oct-2004 16:20
Hi Richard, I was unable to access your email through the profile on the cannon forum. So I am trying here. I would be interested in the noise profiles but am unsure how to use them. Do you use the program with photoshop, seperate?
Eduardo 08-Oct-2004 21:26
Can you send the Noise Ninja profiles for "Canon S1" to me, too ?
Derrick 05-Oct-2004 02:41
Hello Richard, first let me say that seeing your art for the first time has truly been a awe inspiring experience! Being that I am to a S1 IS owner it made me feel great to see what this camera was capable under your control. I would like to ask you if you could send me the Noise Ninja profile that you have set up for the S1 IS. I would really appreciate it and I look forward to discovering more of your work as it becomes available. Thanks -Derrick-
George 29-Sep-2004 13:38
Very nice pictures !!!
Keep up the good work !

Can you send the Noise Ninja profiles to me, too ?


Tomek 29-Sep-2004 10:10
Hi :)

I like your photos very much, especially Candid Captures :)

Maybe I'll make as good photos as you some day :)

I'm also owner of Canon s1 is so can you send me Noise Ninja profile.

Thank you :)

Best regards from Poland
Oren 24-Sep-2004 20:15
Hi Richard,

I saw your thread in dpreview about the noise ninja profile and I was hoping you could send me a copy of the S1 IS profile.

Thanks you so much,

Gavin 23-Sep-2004 07:02
Hi Richard,

I am just wondering what you think of the G6 camera?

I am looking at getting one and am just after some general thoughts on it.

Damian Miranda 20-Sep-2004 18:02
Absolutely stunning images Richard. Some very dynamic, spontaneous shots and consistence in pushing the limits of the camera. Trully inspirational.

Damian Miranda
Alex 14-Sep-2004 16:07
Your webpages are so exciting...
I have 2 questions,
1. What software did you mean with HDR in your recent photos with ps G6?
2. How do you think about powershot A95, is it has a capability in IR as good as G6
Thank you so much
Jasmin 29-Aug-2004 22:08
Hello there,

I really enjoyed the pictures on your website and will visit again soon to admire and be inspired.

With all best wishes from Cologne, Germany

Selvin Chance29-Aug-2004 08:37
Lovely collection especially the candid shots. I agree it's better to take impressive shots rather than shots of impressive things.
Barry Matsumori 08-Aug-2004 00:49
Enjoyed the photos you had on your website.

Was wondering if you had any of he video images you had taken to view. The still capabilities of he S1 look great, but not sure how good he quality of the video taking features are.

Thanks much.....Barry
Charlie Smith06-Jul-2004 02:32
Dear Richard
I am soooooo impressed by your work. Excellent composition and perfect lighting make them so professional looking. Great job...nicely done.

Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA
rohit 24-Jun-2004 08:40
Hi Richard,

Very nice work with the canon A80.

I would like to know between canon A80 & canon S1 IS which do you prefer ?
If you could give some kind of detailed view it would be very helpful to me.
I cannot try out these cameras in my country & have to buy one or the other based on recommendations\reviews.
My email is

Thanks in advance.
David Gunter 08-Jun-2004 00:11
The S1 also has a dedicated TC-DC52B image stabilisation setting, you set to oiptimise the IS system for this lens, which works really well.

This was from a post at ( )

How do you get this setting?
Thank you,
Brendon Chambers 03-Jun-2004 12:08
Hi Richard ,I was very impressed with macro shots in particular.Have you any images on your site taken on the S1-IS yet?Have you used the macro lens on S1-IS yet?
Thanks Brendon
Guest 19-May-2004 14:05
Re: Number 18 in your SI IS review on the Imaging Resource Forum.
>18. “Leica” SNAP mode – That works with LCD off (e.g. manual focus >is keep)
Sorry, forgot to leave my email address:
Guest 19-May-2004 01:56
Re: Number 18 in your SI IS review on the Imaging Resource Forum.
>18. “Leica” SNAP mode – That works with LCD off (e.g. manual focus >is keep)

Can you clarify this? I don't see any documentation of the "snap" mode on the powershot site for the S1 (I don't own an S1 yet). Is this a Custom function setting using hyperfocal and manual focusing?
sam 24-Apr-2004 14:29
Dear Richard
Impressed by your work and more by your philosophy and atttitude to your work
Keep it up
Jeff Cochran04-Apr-2004 17:02
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)