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Dianne Clark 09-Aug-2010 18:44
Bob, God blessed you with such a talent. What great pictures of so much of God's great creation. Although you must have great equipment, it takes an eye to capture what you have done. Thank you for sharing.
Susan Anderson Fouts 30-Jun-2009 08:59
Fantastic photos, Robert!!!
Enjoyed catching up with you at Yvonne's party, and looking thru some of your have a wonderful eye!
Pawel Kazmierczyk05-Aug-2007 14:41
very inspirational work - it is truly joy to browse through your galleries. Amazing range, top quality, very original PoVs. Congratulations, and keep adding more photos. Big vote !
Guest 08-Mar-2007 10:38
I'm going to model some of my work after you in the soon as I get a new camera.
Guest 18-May-2006 19:40
Beautiful gallery. It's hard to pick a favorite photo. I like them all.
Derrel07-Mar-2006 04:05
I happened to see your S2-5D side by side comparisons,and your potential direction is,I think, truly the right direction. The 5D's shallower depth of field will manifest itself at even f/5.6--while f/5.6 on a cropped-sensor is a small,deep depth aperture. There's really very little doubt. I've seen the samples from the 5D,and it's absolutely the real deal. Several European S2 users have contacted me thru my blog, and they are almost to a man switching to the 5D. Take it from don't WANT the D2x unless you want to shoot under studio strobes at 320 ISO or lower, but even so,the DOF issue and the lens/dof/working distance problems of crop-sensor always come to the fore in the studio.....there's so doggone much back DOF at f/8 with a 1.5x camera that the muslin starts coming into focus unless it is a _least_ 3x the distance from subject to backdrop,which is kind of impractical at times. As I said WRT the 70-200VR, you _DESERVE_ it. You also _deserve_ the 5D Robert, you truly do.
Wishing you and Deb and the kids the very,very best! Derrel
Guest 05-Nov-2005 08:01
Hi Robert,
Absolutely beautiful work, I'm more than a little impressed, your style and your techniek are exceptional, I also enjoy and respect your comments on dpreview. Keep up the good work.
Regards, Ed
robert whiteman 09-Sep-2005 18:03
hey man my name is robert whiteman too. you da bomb man. im from australia, dunno where ya from but liken the name man. keep it real. get some photo`s of me racin motocross dude and you`ll go far.
Robert Neff 10-Jul-2005 16:23
OK Robert, AKA "CB," your pictures are putting me to shame! I guess I needn't some hokey comments on composition, lighting, framing, etc., for the most part we have very similar tastes in what constitutes a "stunning" and expressive picture and YOU have mastered the art of creating very good pictures! Who is that gorgeous woman that shows up in a number of your pictures - any "relationship"? (Little inside joke...) --TB (another Robert).
Janice 22-Dec-2004 20:17
Dear Robert,
I have been watching your answers on dpreview, but can't post a question there since I have this email address with which there is some problem. Anyway, I LOVE the clarity of your pictures, and wanted to know, in the forum question on the 70-200 VR lens, on the last photograph of the bride standing by herself in what looks maybe like a doorway, on what specific area of this picture did you focus your meter? Are you using a separate meter, or are you focusing with your camera, and letting that set your exposure? And when you say you watch your histogram carefully, are you taking these pictures in RAW? The reason I'm asking is that I just purchased a new Fuji S2Pro for Christmas and this is a big jump from my little Sony F707. Your ability to get beautiful skin tones is breath-taking and if there was anyone whose work I would want to imitate, it would be yours . Thanks so much for your response.
Chris Boice 17-Oct-2004 16:33
Robert, very impressive images indeed! Keep up the great work!

Robert Whiteman13-Jul-2004 00:13
If I'm doing a number of shots under the same lighting conditions I'll set the exposure manually, otherwise I use AE aperture prefered. I watch the histogram closely and adjust as needed before saving any files to the flash card.
Ed P. 05-Jul-2004 04:40
Great photos. Do you often have to manually set exposure, or does the S2 Pro do that good of a job of metering?
Marisa D.L.12-Jun-2004 16:14
Hi Robert!
Yes, it's really amazing how we can discover fascinating galleries and find familiar presences at once...I followed your link and I was delighted to have a first look at your impressive work, I want to take my time to enjoy all your galleries with more attention, because they deserve it, but the funny thing is that I have found in your guest book a message from Sergey who is a friend and an excellent photgrapher too, it's really nice to see a confirmation of identity in tastes and choices of photos.
Thank you for your comment to one of my galleries, all your suggestions and opinions will be welcome and I'll be grateful for them.
Best regards
Sergey Korolev15-May-2004 10:21
Hello Robert! One thing is amazing of pbase, that is - every day one can discover something new, joyful, beautiful. So, I have just discovered your galleries and certainly was fascinated.. Exceptional technique, taste, and style. Thank you.
Patrick Kealey10-May-2004 20:29
Your work is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic!

May I ask what sharpening software you use?

Pat Kealey
Zane Paxton22-Apr-2004 08:36
An excellent body of work executed with a superb technical discipline. A real joy to see.
Robin Fadtke19-Mar-2004 05:47
Love your images. You have a classic touch...robin
sTefaNo 08-Mar-2004 10:28

Hi Robert!

I don't use to leave messages in guestbooks...
But this time I have to..!

Veeery good pics!
F García Robles23-Jan-2004 09:48
Muy Interesantes, extraordinarias fotos.
dawn 15-Nov-2003 16:34
were you in alberta in the early 80's? if yes im sure you would love to get a hold of me
Robert Whiteman21-Oct-2003 23:26
The frames and borders are done in photoshop. I have PS Elements 2.0 and for much of these used the "border mania" plugin. Not sure where I got the plugin but you can do a web search to find them.
Guest 17-Oct-2003 17:41
Your San Francisco photos brought me to your pbase postings, and they bring me back. Very enjoyable works you have shared. I do look forward to see more and more as you post them. I do appreciate you including the EXIF information when you can. Can you let us know what software you use for the frames/borders you use?

See you on

Tom 21-Sep-2003 12:49
Robert ..loved ya` pix, relaly did, is there any chanc eof getting intouch with me i would love some info` on your trip to Vegas and Bryce Canyon, mainly bout distance and milage...... i`m hoping to do this kinda trip next sumer (july time) mainly to get some great captions in photo`s ...its just one of those places to always look back on with great memory`s......all the best ..Tom ...UK
Robert Whiteman28-Aug-2003 05:57
Karen, thank you for the generous comments. I've been reloading Windows and getting everything back in order and just saw your message. I went to the page you had linked and the photo has been suspended. I guess I'm flattered...sort of. I've had this done at least once before that I know of. The person re-entered it onto the same forum that they stole it from. Maybe they thought I wouldn't recognize it flopped horizontally and with a frame added. Some people!

Thanks for the heads up.


Robert Whiteman
Karen Nichols22-Aug-2003 19:05
Your work is impressive. So impressive, that someone has stolen it. See (if you need a username and password, I have a short-term temp one : username karennichols, password axxaxxa). This person stole 37 of my images. You might have some success emailing dcfever ( to have your stolen image removed from the site.
Best rgds,
Karen Nichols
Guest 18-Jul-2003 01:10
I just love your photography. I enjoyed each and every photo. Wish I had your skill.
Robert Whiteman09-Jun-2003 23:30
Thank you for the kind comments Pam. Yes, I'm that other "Bob" too! ;-) This site is easier to share with family and friends. They don't have to have an account to view the photos.

Pam R10-May-2003 21:33
Absolutely gorgeous work! You have a very elegant, classic style. Hope to see more!

BTW, just out of curiosity, are you the "Bob" Whiteman from PhotoSIG? Your style seems very similar. I'm guessing you are one and the same :)

Robert Whiteman06-May-2003 01:07
Why thanks a bunch! More on the way.
Ray 04-May-2003 17:16
"Nice job ole Boy" Ray
Don & Carol M. 28-Apr-2003 00:49
Great pics Bob! We enjoy every one. One of these days we will invest in a digital but maybe not like your latest. Good idea on the Gallery. Never knew such a thing existed but it is fun and looks like you are getting some good exposure. Many hits huh? Good luck with this venture! Great grandson there. I can see he is growing already. Don