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330 Beautiful Photos with Meaningful Quotes - "Thank You For the Beautiful Comments Left"

When I take photos, I feel that something more could be added. Lots of times I think of meaningful quotes that fit the photo. Some are really special to me. I hope these touch the hearts of others. To those who left comments and viewed my gallery, thank you, comments are much appreciated, if you know any great quotes to use, leave them in the comment section and I will try to use them, thanks .... Ron "" Some have spelling errors but my intent is good, going back and changing is quite a process... " Thanks for your remarks, much appreciated.... You people are amazing, thanks for such nice thought-full comment you have left..."Note I try to find quotes on the net. or anyone that wants one used... I try to give credit to those that wrote them... I do not make any money on any photos. Just try to bring enjoyment to whoever reads them... The response is so appreciated...When a quote is made my someone, I thank you so much... they make this gallery for what it is... Thanks Ron
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_GWW0243a.jpg   Our Own Responsibility
_GWW0243a.jpg "Our Own Responsibility"
_GWW8283.jpg  Choose to Become
_GWW8283.jpg "Choose to Become"
_DSC8648 copyqu.jpg  What is Love
_DSC8648 copyqu.jpg "What is Love"
_DSC8374.jpg   in Time
_DSC8374.jpg "in Time"
_DSC1018ms.jpg   Reeds and Bullrushes
_DSC1018ms.jpg "Reeds and Bullrushes"
_DSC7628a.jpg  Happy Mothers Day 2014
_DSC7628a.jpg Happy Mothers Day 2014
_DSC3244pb copyq.jpg  Diamonds
_DSC3244pb copyq.jpg "Diamonds"
_DSC0701.jpg  Thanksgiving
_DSC0701.jpg "Thanksgiving"
_DSC0203q.jpg   Just Because
_DSC0203q.jpg "Just Because"
_DSC9620aqu.jpg  For HIs Vision
_DSC9620aqu.jpg "For HIs Vision"
_DSC9444qu.jpg  To Fit In
_DSC9444qu.jpg "To Fit In"
_SDP6277q.jpg Oldest You've Been
_SDP6277q.jpg "Oldest You've Been"
_SDP6272Q.jpg Take a Look In the Mirror
_SDP6272Q.jpg "Take a Look In the Mirror"
_DSC6384 quote.jpg Beomes a Memory
_DSC6384 quote.jpg "Beomes a Memory"
_DSC6400quote pb.jpg   We keep things hidden inside.
_DSC6400quote pb.jpg "We keep things hidden inside."
_SDP4435qu.jpg My Friends
_SDP4435qu.jpg "My Friends"
_DSC0293 copyqu.jpg Live the Moment
_DSC0293 copyqu.jpg "Live the Moment"
_DSC0076quote.jpg  True Friendship
_DSC0076quote.jpg "True Friendship"
_SDP3322q.jpg  Live Your Dream
_SDP3322q.jpg Live Your Dream
_SDP3297g.jpg Enjoy the Moment
_SDP3297g.jpg Enjoy the Moment
_SDP3293q.jpg  Most Valuable Thing
_SDP3293q.jpg Most Valuable Thing
_SDP2686quote.jpg   Like a Lion
_SDP2686quote.jpg Like a Lion
_SDP1772pb copyquote.jpg
_SDP1772pb copyquote.jpg
_SDP1865a copyquote.jpg
_SDP1865a copyquote.jpg
_SDP2389 copyquotes.jpg
_SDP2389 copyquotes.jpg
_SDP1891 copyquote.jpg
_SDP1891 copyquote.jpg
_DSC8925pb copyquote.jpg
_DSC8925pb copyquote.jpg
Christmas in his Heart
Christmas in his Heart
Let Me Be Myself
"Let Me Be Myself"
I Thought About You Today
I Thought About You Today
Son's First Hero
Son's First Hero
Follow Your Dream
Follow Your Dream
IRather Be Single
"IRather Be Single"
Their Mind
"Their Mind"
A Better Life
"A Better Life "
Lift You Higher
"Lift You Higher"
Of Your Life
Of Your Life
So Far  The Last Sunset of Spring
"So Far" The Last Sunset of Spring
Open Your Arms
"Open Your Arms"
Good Friends
"Good Friends"
Look Beyond
"Look Beyond"
Walk the Path
"Walk the Path"
You Will Never Know
"You Will Never Know"
Silence Within Yourself
"Silence Within Yourself"
We Remember Moments
"We Remember Moments"
I Thought Of You
"I Thought Of You"
Do Not Judge Me
"Do Not Judge Me"
The Smallest Things
"The Smallest Things"
Lifelong Mates
Lifelong Mates
Time for Courtesy
"Time for Courtesy"
Flower in Heaven
"Flower in Heaven"
Be Faithful
"Be Faithful"
Life is Short
"Life is Short"
Watch a Sunset
"Watch a Sunset"
Enlarge the Future
"Enlarge the Future"
Small Beginnings
Small Beginnings
Road to Success
"Road to Success"
Early Morning Scent
"Early Morning Scent"
'Without Passion
'Without Passion"
Return Home
"Return Home"
What Direction
"What Direction"
My Favorite One
"My Favorite One"
Yes I Have Friends
"Yes I Have Friends"
Knowning Who To Thank
"Knowning Who To Thank"
How To Grow Old
"How To Grow Old"
Where We Stand
"Where We Stand"
Brings You Happiness
"Brings You Happiness"
To Be Better
"To Be Better"
So Much to Remember
"So Much to Remember"
In The Soul
"In The Soul"
A True Friend
A True Friend
MY World
"MY World"
Music to the Soul
Music to the Soul
I Am What I Am
"I Am What I Am"
Master Key
Master Key
Hanging On
"Hanging On"
Until it be lost....
Until it be lost....
Power and Tallent
Power and Tallent
Courage to Stand Alone
Courage to Stand Alone
Ultimate Results
Ultimate Results
Creative Effort
"Creative Effort"
Wherever You Go
"Wherever You Go"
Be Yourself
"Be Yourself"
You Really Need Them
"You Really Need Them"
Which One To Burn
Which One To Burn
The Little Things
"The Little Things"
Into The Past
Into The Past
Use Your Heart
Use Your Heart
Faith Is
Faith Is
Just Don't Have
Just Don't Have
Sun, Moon, Truth
"Sun, Moon, Truth"
Tell the Truth
Tell the Truth
Lots of Snow
Lots of Snow
Way Better Than Before
"Way Better Than Before"
Close your Heart
"Close your Heart"
Encourages You
"Encourages You"
Inner Joy
"Inner Joy"
Heart of a Man
"Heart of a Man"
To Be Loved
"To Be Loved"
In The Light
"In The Light"
Need My Space
"Need My Space"
The Moon
"The Moon"
I Share With You
"I Share With You"
Our Own Life
"Our Own Life"
Creating Yourself
"Creating Yourself"
Life's Choices
"Life's Choices"
Gives You Courage
"Gives You Courage"
Travel Well
"Travel Well"
Kindness two
"Kindness" two
Some People Dream
"Some People Dream"
Learn to Let Go
"Learn to Let Go"
My Home City Downtown Wetaskiwin  at 4:30 am
"My Home City Downtown Wetaskiwin at 4:30 am"
A Soul
"A Soul"
An Artist
"An Artist"
Your Attidude
"Your Attidude"
Act of Kindness
Act of Kindness
A Dog
"A Dog"
Resent Growing Old
Resent Growing Old
Your Kids
"Your Kids"
Their Problems
"Their Problems"
In the Bank
"In the Bank"
Life to Others
"Life to Others"
My Spoon
"My Spoon"
World Changes
"World Changes"
Years Roll On
"Years Roll On"
Outside Himself
"Outside Himself"
In All Things
"In All Things"
Grand Essentials
"Grand Essentials"
More Treasures
"More Treasures"
Dream Together
"Dream Together"
You're Not Alone
You're Not Alone"
No one wants
"No one wants"
Finding Some Serenity
"Finding Some Serenity"
Treasures Hidden In the Heavens
"Treasures Hidden In the Heavens"
To see it, one must feel it.
"To see it, one must feel it."
Fallen out of Touch
Fallen out of Touch
I call him dad
"I call him dad"
What Happened
"What Happened"
Loss in Life
"Loss in Life"
Run out on us
"Run out on us"
What You Have
"What You Have"
Help a Child
"Help a Child"
A Mystery
"A Mystery"
A Great Photograph
"A Great Photograph"
You Make It
"You Make It"
Minds to Be
"Minds to Be"
On a Detour
On a Detour
Realized it Sooner
"Realized it Sooner"
Hang On to Your Dreams
Hang On to Your Dreams
Open Your Eyes
"Open Your Eyes"
The Fall Harvest
The Fall Harvest
A Journey
"A Journey"
Four Simple Concepts In Life
Four Simple Concepts In Life
Live Your Life
"Live Your Life"
Future You Seek
"Future You Seek"
Speaking the Truth
"Speaking the Truth"
Your Memories
"Your Memories"
You Made Them Feel
"You Made Them Feel"
Special Someone
"Special Someone"
Biggest Worry
"Biggest Worry"
All Seasons
"All Seasons"
God Writes
"God Writes"
Perfect Happiness
"Perfect Happiness"
Know Who To Thank
"Know Who To Thank"
It's Who You Have Beside You
"It's Who You Have Beside You"
Key to Sucess
"Key to Sucess"
Saying Goodbye isn't that tough
"Saying Goodbye" isn't that tough
Life Is Something That
"Life Is Something That"
Life Is Something
"Life Is Something"
Love Is Trust
"Love Is Trust"
Change Your Life
"Change Your Life"
Scared to Death
"Scared to Death"
Having a Soul
"Having a Soul"
Liking What You Have
"Liking What You Have"
Smallest Decisions
"Smallest Decisions"
The Three R's
The Three R's
Simple Things
Simple Things
Enjoy the Sunsets
Enjoy the Sunsets
Giving Freely
"Giving Freely"
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