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Ron Asp | profile | all galleries >> Best of June 2013 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Best of June 2013

Best all around photos taken in June 2013
_DSC6750.jpg  Just a Dragonfly, Not Really
_DSC6750.jpg "Just a Dragonfly, Not Really"
_DSC6689pb.jpg  The Little Bug
_DSC6689pb.jpg "The Little Bug"
_SDP6057gf.jpg Alberta Rain
_SDP6057gf.jpg "Alberta Rain"
_DSC6688pb.jpg  Black Tern Feeding on Insects
_DSC6688pb.jpg "Black Tern Feeding on Insects"
_DSC6701pb.jpg Black Tern on the Nest
_DSC6701pb.jpg "Black Tern on the Nest"
_DSC6653.jpg The Black Tern
_DSC6653.jpg "The Black Tern"
Untitled_Panorama1pb.jpg  Stars
Untitled_Panorama1pb.jpg "Stars"
_SDP5982pb.jpg  The Pond
_SDP5982pb.jpg "The Pond"
_DSC6574b.jpg Edmonton International Airport
_DSC6574b.jpg "Edmonton International Airport"
_DSC6466pb.jpg  Black Tern
_DSC6466pb.jpg "Black Tern"
_DSC6514pb.jpg  Yellowhead Blackbird 2
_DSC6514pb.jpg "Yellowhead Blackbird" 2
_SDP5980pb.jpgTime for a Drive in the Country
_SDP5980pb.jpg"Time for a Drive in the Country"
_DSC6479pb.jpg Yellowheaded Blackbird
_DSC6479pb.jpg "Yellowheaded Blackbird"
_SDP5955pb.jpg  Lull before the Storm
_SDP5955pb.jpg "Lull before the Storm"
_SDP5965pb.jpg Before the Storm
_SDP5965pb.jpg "Before the Storm"
_DSC0008pb.jpg  Alberta Disaster
_DSC0008pb.jpg "Alberta Disaster"
_DSC6405pb.jpg  Mallard Drake & Blue-Winged Teal
_DSC6405pb.jpg "Mallard Drake & Blue-Winged Teal
_DSC6458pb.jpg  Hills Of Peace
_DSC6458pb.jpg "Hills Of Peace"
_DSC6152pb.jpg The Future Bull Rider
_DSC6152pb.jpg "The Future Bull Rider"
_DSC6376.jpg  Storm Coming In From the West
_DSC6376.jpg "Storm Coming In From the West"
_DSC6392pb.jpg The Man in the Moon
_DSC6392pb.jpg "The Man in the Moon"
_DSC9914gf.jpg Golden Rails
_DSC9914gf.jpg Golden Rails
_DSC9845pb.jpg The Photographer and Fisherman at by the lake park in Wetaskiwin
_DSC9845pb.jpg "The Photographer and Fisherman at by the lake park in Wetaskiwin
Untitled_Panorama4pb.jpg Super Cell
Untitled_Panorama4pb.jpg "Super Cell"
_DSC4883pb.jpg The Beautiful Male Mountain Bluebird
_DSC4883pb.jpg "The Beautiful Male Mountain Bluebird"
_DSC4888pb.jpg  Powerful Bison of the Plains
_DSC4888pb.jpg "Powerful Bison of the Plains"
_DSC4900pb.jpg  Bison on the Prairies
_DSC4900pb.jpg "Bison on the Prairies"
_DSC9725pb.jpg Along this Road
_DSC9725pb.jpg "Along this Road"
_DSC9749pb.jpg A Face Only A Mother Could Love
_DSC9749pb.jpg "A Face Only A Mother Could Love"
_DSC4469.jpg The Last Light
_DSC4469.jpg "The Last Light"
_SDP5114apb.jpg The Bull Rider
_SDP5114apb.jpg "The Bull Rider"
_DSC4337pb.jpg Candid at the By the Lake Park in Wetaskiwin
_DSC4337pb.jpg "Candid at the By the Lake Park in Wetaskiwin"
_DSC4378gf.jpg Eight Pelicans
_DSC4378gf.jpg "Eight Pelicans"
_DSC9660pb.jpg   June 5th. Sunset
_DSC9660pb.jpg "June 5th. Sunset"
_DSC9612pb.jpg Pick your Plant
_DSC9612pb.jpg "Pick your Plant"
_DSC9609pb.jpg Arbers Greenhouse Ltd
_DSC9609pb.jpg "Arbers Greenhouse Ltd"
_SDP4572pb.jpg  Handhills Lake
_SDP4572pb.jpg "Handhills Lake"
_SDP5160pb.jpg Handhills Ridge
_SDP5160pb.jpg "Handhills Ridge"
_SDP5172pb.jpg  The Rocy Mountains
_SDP5172pb.jpg "The Rocy Mountains"
_SDP5152pb.jpg Don't Do It
_SDP5152pb.jpg "Don't Do It"
_DSC3203pb.jpg  Horses and HIlls
_DSC3203pb.jpg "Horses and HIlls"