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Canada Geese Collection 2013

Canada geese are always fun to watch and each one has its own personality. The first geese to arrive was on March 02.2013. Then they came and went... Slowly because of the bad weather there were more returning later in the month.. Today March 30th. was a huge showing of over 500 taking a break before the major journey north.... A few will stay and in the end we will probably end up with about 10 nesting pairs... They geese over the season bring so much joy from the young to the seniors... I hope to capture the best of the moment... Enjoy...
Update April 17th...very cold, ice melting slowly on the by the lake park... some geese around, some are mating, and starting to sit on the nests... This has been one terrible year for nesting pairs, around May 26th. Only batch of geese hatched two.. last year about six set about 30 young ones.... cold late year and lots of water flooded nests were the cause... The only two are going to get spoiled..
_DSC9774pb.jpg By the Lake Park Geese
_DSC9774pb.jpg "By the Lake Park Geese"
_DSC1495pb.jpg Coming in for a closer look
_DSC1495pb.jpg "Coming in for a closer look"
_DSC1487pb.jpg Time Out
_DSC1487pb.jpg "Time Out"
_DSC1454pb.jpg Putting The Run On Others
_DSC1454pb.jpg "Putting The Run On Others"
_DSC1264pb.jpg  No Place To Go
_DSC1264pb.jpg "No Place To Go"
_DSC0925top.jpg  They think they can't be seen on the Sneak...
_DSC0925top.jpg "They think they can't be seen on the Sneak..."
_DSC0863pb.jpg It's Been A long Day
_DSC0863pb.jpg "It's Been A long Day"
_DSC0757pb.jpg One Large Step for a Canada
_DSC0757pb.jpg "One Large Step for a Canada"
_DSC0629pb.jpg Seems to be Happy
_DSC0629pb.jpg "Seems to be Happy"
_DSC0787pb.jpg  Side Shot
_DSC0787pb.jpg "Side Shot"
_DSC0615.jpg The Sneak
_DSC0615.jpg "The Sneak"
_DSC0432pb.jpg Sunny Afternoon
_DSC0432pb.jpg "Sunny Afternoon"
_DSC0351pb.jpg  Just A Little More
_DSC0351pb.jpg "Just A Little More"
_DSC0367pb.jpg just Walking Along
_DSC0367pb.jpg "just Walking Along"
_DSC0359pb.jpg  Come Dance With Me
_DSC0359pb.jpg "Come Dance With Me"
_DSC0187pb.jpg  'Droping in to See You
_DSC0187pb.jpg 'Droping in to See You"
_DSC0260pb.jpg The Last Of Light
_DSC0260pb.jpg "The Last Of Light"
_DSC0263pb.jpg Putting the Run on Others
_DSC0263pb.jpg "Putting the Run on Others"
_DSC0194pb.jpg Hungry and Aggressive
_DSC0194pb.jpg "Hungry and Aggressive"
_DSC0190pb.jpg Droping In
_DSC0190pb.jpg "Droping In"
_DSC0113pb.jpg Nesting Time
_DSC0113pb.jpg "Nesting Time"
_DSC0271pb.jpg  Pussy Willow's and Canada Geese
_DSC0271pb.jpg "Pussy Willow's and Canada Geese"
_DSC0253pb.jpg Growing Old
_DSC0253pb.jpg "Growing Old"
_DSC0260pb.jpg Beak  Under the Wing
_DSC0260pb.jpg "Beak Under the Wing"
_DSC0240pb.jpg The Canada Goose Portrait
_DSC0240pb.jpg "The Canada Goose Portrait"
_DSC0209pb.jpg Fly By
_DSC0209pb.jpg "Fly By"
_DSC0172pb.jpg   Paired Up
_DSC0172pb.jpg "Paired Up"
_DSC0170pb.jpg  friends
_DSC0170pb.jpg "friends"
_DSC0078pb.jpg  And The Winner Is
_DSC0078pb.jpg "And The Winner Is"
_DSC0114pb.jpg From Owls to Canada Geese
_DSC0114pb.jpg From Owls to Canada Geese
_DSC0052pb.jpg  Flock In Flight
_DSC0052pb.jpg Flock In Flight"
_SDP3647pb.jpg Geese in April Record Cold Today
_SDP3647pb.jpg Geese in April "Record Cold Today"
_SDP3480pb.jpg She's Looking Out For You
_SDP3480pb.jpg She's Looking Out For You
_SDP3265.jpg  Pretty Even So Far
_SDP3265.jpg "Pretty Even So Far"
_SDP3163pb.jpg  WWF Geese Fights two
_SDP3163pb.jpg "WWF Geese Fights two"
_SDP3158pb.jpg   WWF Geese Style
_SDP3158pb.jpg "WWF Geese Style"
_SDP2963pb.jpg  Sun Tanning....
_SDP2963pb.jpg Sun Tanning....
_SDP2966pb.jpg Putting the Run on Each Other
_SDP2966pb.jpg Putting the Run on Each Other
_SDP2774pb.jpg   Not Happy
_SDP2774pb.jpg Not Happy
_SDP2881pb.jpg   In For The Landing
_SDP2881pb.jpg In For The Landing
_SDP2739pb.jpg    Checking Me Out
_SDP2739pb.jpg Checking Me Out
_SDP2936vin.jpg   Classic Portrait
_SDP2936vin.jpg Classic Portrait
_SDP2789pb.jpg    At Ease At By The Lake Park, Wetaskiwin
_SDP2789pb.jpg At Ease At By The Lake Park, Wetaskiwin
_SDP2845pb.jpg  Out For A Stroll
_SDP2845pb.jpg Out For A Stroll
_SDP2872pb.jpg   One Thing After Another
_SDP2872pb.jpg One Thing After Another
_SDP2778pb.jpg  Returning Home.... and liking it...
_SDP2778pb.jpg Returning Home.... and liking it...