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The Atlantic Talks To Me

My father was born in S. Miguel, Azores.

Growing up, my fondest memories are from the summers where our family would go there on vacations once each alternate year.

Today, as an adult, whenever I set foot on that island again memories from those happy, carefree times come rushing in a sweet turmoil, sparked by the island’s familiar scents, views and the ever-present high relative humidity that is a trade mark of mild summer days on those Atlantic islands.

The entire Azores archipelago has a very special, almost magical feeling to it. Each one of the nine individual islands has its very own special charm. Unique features in each island are guaranteed to throw in a state of enchanted contemplation even the most Nature-averse people. (Nature loving ones, of course, are in for one of the best rides of their lives…)

In August 2005, my family and I went there to spend our vacation time. We spent the bulk of the holidays in S.Miguel Island but also visited Faial and Flores.

My two sons loved the trip. Seeing them enjoying the place’s natural beauty, special treats and the love and attention from relatives, as I did several decades ago, made my heart bounce between plain overwhelming affection and bitter-sweet feelings, as I kept evoking my father’s memory.

The trip was also targeted as a photographic bonanza, since, in addition to the natural scenery, the islands also benefit from great natural light conditions.

During the summer the sky is always scattered with small white puffy Cumulus, and the odd dark Towering Cumulus. The sunlight coating through them illuminates the scenery in an exquisite, ever-changing way, that I like to call “lightscaping”.

One can stay in the same spot for hours, taking hundreds of different photos as the light “paints” the landscape.

Take some time to wander through this gallery. I promise you’ll be touched be the raw natural beauty of these islands, and the special atmosphere they evoke.

And you if listen closely maybe, just maybe, these Land & Water images will talk to you too…

(The gallery now includes photos from a second trip to S.Miguel in November 2006 and from a third in April 2010 - the ones from this last trip are actually displayed at the top of the gallery).

(Just hover your mouse pointer over a photo to see photo specific location.)

(Gallery still under construction)
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