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Evaristo Buendia Carrera03-Jun-2017 20:40
Congratulations. Beautiful work..!
Gary06-Jul-2016 15:42
I appreciate your nice comment on my Cedar Waxwing image...
Gary20-Jun-2016 21:36
Thank you so much for your very nice comment on my Fog Image...
Stephanie31-Dec-2014 13:19
::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
*: (=’ :’) :::::::: Happy New Year Patricia 2015! :::::::::::
•.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
Hernan E. Enriquez23-Nov-2013 12:08
We miss you dearly, Patricia. Come back soon!
bill birdsong24-Sep-2013 01:56
What a fantastic set of galleries! Help you improve your work? No way.....but you have been an inspiration to mine! thank you for providing such beautiful examples of what can be done.
Jaris25-May-2013 03:17
Thank you so much, Patricia. Talk to you later. JARIS
Jaris25-May-2013 03:15
Thank you, SuperArtist-Photographer, Patricia. I have been with Facebook for some time, but I intend to spend more time with Pbase. Best wishes. JARIS
C Ann How14-Mar-2013 19:08
Hi Patricia, have to tell you that Springers hold a special memory for me. My grandpa raised them and I lived with my grandparents for a while when I was a very young thing and used to crawl around with the puppies trying to be one of them. I so vividly recall the puppy smell still!
Roe..04-Feb-2012 01:25
wonderful professional was a nice surprise visiting your gallery..
Jaris17-Jan-2012 01:52
Hi Patricia: A few days ago I requested you to tell me as to how to put EXIF data with my images. I now want to tell you that I discovered a very easy way to that. So, you don't have to bother about sending me that information. Thank you. Your web page of galleries is very pretty and elegant. JARIS
pr_rajan05-Jan-2012 16:37
...a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2012 to you :)

with lots of love _rajan
Kinga Chwalkowska Zadlak24-Dec-2011 20:21
Merry Christmas to you and your family, PATRICIA ;~}}}
Betty Vlasiu24-Dec-2011 19:48
A merry Christmas and a happy 2012 to you and yours.
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:33
Greetings Patricia ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
an nguyen19-Dec-2011 00:49
Happy Holidays to you and yours .
All the best
Anne N
Veronica Fresh14-Dec-2011 02:34
Patricia, thanks bunches for your comments! and I need to say your PBase site is spectacular!
william mahan06-Nov-2011 21:29

You are wonderful person Patricia and I love your new profile page. Thanks for all of your support!! Bill
† donna †05-Aug-2011 19:05
Hi Patricia,,,,,, I just spent a lot of time going through your galleries,,,, I wanted to leave comment all through the "tour" but thought I would just sum it up in your guestbook. I am very impressed with the work and the time you take to create it.... you are very talented,,,, and I love the fractals !!!!! I try photography, but have lots to learn about my camera..... I may ask you some time if I can use one of your photos (not your creations, just photographs) they are all so great.
I'll be back to look again,
donna t kurten
Northern Lights18-Mar-2011 20:40
Wow I love your work. Fractals are just awsome
Jean Chiasson05-Mar-2011 01:09
Hey I went to cuba and I'll be back soon.
C Ann How07-Jan-2011 19:31
Hope the holidays were good to you ~ just peeked at one of your wonderful galleries. Love your style on both the fractals and your other work. Thanks for your inspiration! Some of those fractals would make stunning backgrounds for layering; you should experiment some with that too.
Best wishes,
F García Robles29-Dec-2010 19:07
Maravillosas galerías
Peter Sussex24-Dec-2010 15:21
Dear Patricia,

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you everything on your wish list. May you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!
Jeff Real06-Nov-2010 13:29
What an amazing pleasure it is for me to visit your galleries. You are a wonderful photographer and artist. Your vision is so special and very inspiring to me. I am filled with gratitude for all of your kind comments to me.
Take care my friend.
John Ewart01-Oct-2010 04:38
Thank you for being my PB friend, and your kind comments. You do have wonderful galleries. John
Paolo Peggi (aka Bracciodiferro)29-Aug-2010 09:41
Hi Patricia,
Love the Sweden and your work,thanks for sharing us.
I add your pages in my favorite.
Keep in touch,
hal-pbase through_the_lens 27-Jul-2010 11:22
Dear Patricia, l've been trying to contact you for some time.
l'd like to invite you to join my group that you visit occasionally,
pbase. com/ through _ the _ lens . No spaces of course.
Please leave a message on my most recent photo if you would like more information on becoming a member of TTL. Also thank you for your kind comment on the old cottage.
Sincerely Hal Bruce
Rene Hales26-Jul-2010 12:15
Patricia, your Stockholm gallery is a treasure. I so enjoyed viewing the images.--Rene
Blandine Mangin18-Jul-2010 16:26
J'aime beaucoup tes photos et tes compositions ! Merci de partager avec nous toutes ces petites merveilles !
Robert Houde24-Jun-2010 01:59
Patricia Terrific galleries. I am glad I stopped by.
hal -through_the_lens 18-Jun-2010 01:33
Hi Patricia, l've been admiring your excellent work. Very impressive.
l have a small gallery on pbase, with about a dozen active members.
A member has just left who was doing work rather like yours.
l wonder if you would like to join out group.
lt's different in a way. You continue with your ordinary pbase galleries
and post usually one photo at a time on my gallery. Other members comment and after
4-7 days, as a rule, you then post another image. Also you comment on our photos.
ln this way we all become friends. Last year l visited a member of the group whom l had
never met except on my gallery.
Have a look and see if you would like to join us. pbase dot com/ through_ the_ lens
No spaces. Pbase doesn't accept web addresses.
lf you would like to join us, please leave a comment on my latest image and l'll contact
you. Hope you say "Yes". Kind regards Hal Bruce (Australia)
atso01-Jun-2010 06:51
thanks a lot for your visit and nice comments on my page!
all the best!!
atso :*
John Ewart17-Apr-2010 01:08
You have very nice work, and thanks so much for your visits to my galleries. Take care,John
Guest 23-Feb-2010 08:59
Beautiful work, from your "base" photos to the fractal work on them! Just lovely!!!
Jean Chiasson22-Jan-2010 22:12
Thank you for posting your pictures They're a great inspiration to me
Cekari28-Dec-2009 00:00
Happy New Year

and a lot of great new images and artwork from you to come.
rk_foto26-Dec-2009 14:52
really great stuff i can see here..
very well done work.. wonderful..
dang 25-Dec-2009 01:57
Hope you have a wonderful 2010!
Keep up the good work.
María Cano25-Dec-2009 00:01
Hi Patricia,

Merry Christmas for you and yours. I hope and I wish that these days are full of peace and smiles .. ;)

All the best dear friend
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 05:10
hi Patricia. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Jeff K
an nguyen18-Dec-2009 21:05
I cannot believe that I never sign your guest book. I love to see your creation in photos and admire your work.
Best Regards.
Anne Nguyen
Betty Vlasiu18-Dec-2009 16:18
Best wishes to you and all dear to you also . Have Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Veronica Fresh17-Dec-2009 00:59
Thank you Patricia...for commenting on the watercolor of my dog Mary. It was a long & detailed one, but if you like, I can give you the url. Also, I truly like the way fractals have become such a mainstay of your art. One of these days I'll have to get Fractalis. You use it so well.
Margot W11-Nov-2009 21:09
Thanks for your latest visit to my Blue and More gallery.
Every time I click onto your profile page I sigh for that lovely photo there.
Today it makes me think of the poppy worn for Remembrance Day.
William Hartshorn29-Oct-2009 16:34
Beautiful Galleries & Imagery!! ~GMV~
larose forest photos30-Sep-2009 19:14
Hi Patricia, You have some of the most beautiful and creative galleries I've seen. Very ingenious use of flowers! Viewing your work is such a pleasure.
Rosemarie Kusserow30-Sep-2009 10:36
It is always a plesure to view at your works Patricia, thanks for sharing your art with us, I would like to thank you for your constantly support and the kind comments on my shots, Rosemarie :o))
cat bounds01-Sep-2009 23:47
Hey dear heart, thanks for stopping by my beach photos gallery. I always value your comments, as well as your friendship.
Big Hugz,
Lillian Rodriguez13-Aug-2009 23:51
You have taken so many beautiful shots and done amazing fractals, I will return to enjoy them at leisure! Congrats on an a very creative gallery!
Paul Moore27-Jul-2009 06:52
Thank you very much for your comment, I really like your work.
Patrick HANEZ16-Jul-2009 04:40
Helle Patricia,
Thanks for your comments on my Floral Poetry Gallery.
Your fratale pictures are awesome : you are on the top of this Art.
poetry66607-Jul-2009 12:35
Hi Patricia, I would like to thank you for your continued support of my work and for your lovely kind words. I enjoy your work very much and love the creative side of your work too.
Best wishes,
Nick Powell23-Jun-2009 17:32
Hi Patricia, thanks for all your recent comments. I really appreciate your generous comments and feedback. Best Regards, Nick.
kacap23-Jun-2009 15:31

Hi Patricia,
Thank you for your commments.
Your talent is so much amazing.
Guest 20-Apr-2009 16:47
Thanks to have visited my galleries Patricia.
your work is amazing ! you're very creative,
best regards, Didier
Larry & Linda Dunlap15-Feb-2009 13:45
Thanks so much Patricia, for all your encouraging comments on our galleries this past
year. Much appreciated. Your fractal and Orton work continues to amaze.
tomr-photos13-Jan-2009 02:00
Well...just added your galleries to my favorites. I want to come back and see what else you've done. I'm impressed!
tomr-photos13-Jan-2009 01:41
Hi Patricia. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)
Eliane11-Jan-2009 10:06
Un Grand Grand BRAVO pour l'ensemble des galleries ,
Galleries with wonderfull pictures and also magnifique art works ...
A special BRAVO for " near to home " Galleries and your great sensibility and the complicity with the Roses .
Thank you sharing beauty
brigittelorenz01-Jan-2009 14:05
Hi Patricia, thanks for all your nice comments in the last year...
I wish you all the best and a very happy New Year 2009! Regards, Brigitte
Andy25-Dec-2008 19:01
Hi Patricia,
Your work and words are inspirational to me and many other PBasers. Here's hoping you have a wonderful blessed Christmas and a super happy and prosperous New Year!
All the best,
C Ann How24-Dec-2008 21:19
Hello Patricia - and thank you also for your kind words on my galleries! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2009! Regards, Ann (Carol)
Betty Vlasiu18-Dec-2008 04:15
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , to you and your family !
Ken Chambers ARPS29-Nov-2008 18:37
My Dear Friend Patricia,
Congratulations on the anniversary of your first year on the pbase forum.
With your Fractals and your Macro Art you have added so much to this forum.
I am looking forward to seeing more of your incredible work.
Sincerely Ken....
Jean-Claude Liehn29-Nov-2008 04:55
Happy birthday, for this first year on Pbase. Jean-Claude, France.
anuschka14-Nov-2008 11:27
Thanks for visiting!
Will explore your work right now.
jomkeansanson08-Oct-2008 16:04
Hello.. Patricia .. ^ ^

Thank's for all your comments and vote to my galleries

You also have a really wonderful pictures and Is' so beautiful art pictures . I also like it and stil lerning how to make more beautiful of the pictures...

Nice to meet you , Jomkeansanson
brigittelorenz30-Sep-2008 12:27
Hey Patricia, thank`s for all your nice comments to my
Floral Fantasy - gallery. You`re right, the last addet is
a cyclamen bud, regards, Brigitte
Ken Chambers ARPS22-Aug-2008 16:02
Hello Patricia, Nice to have you back with us again, it's been lonely without you !
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 21-Aug-2008 20:28
Nice Website
poetry66612-Apr-2008 16:14
Hi Patricia, Thank you for your recent comments and support of my work. I really love your Fractal and Art images. You have a real talent for them and they are a pleasure to see and view.
My very best wishes,
Larry & Linda Dunlap24-Mar-2008 02:30
Thanks, Patricia, for your comments on our flower and seashell galleries. Much appreciated.
I really enjoyed the opportunity to look through some of your creative work, too. The fractals
and the Orton effect galleries were fascinating. If you get a chance, take a look at our "Spheres"
gallery; it's our lastest addiction, but we'd like to learn how to do fractals too. Any suggestions
where to start? Thanks again, Larry
Jonpaul23-Feb-2008 19:24
Patricia - I havejus had time to look at a few of your galleries - they are absolutely stunning - I think my favourite so far, is the ballet pics. This gallery is really magnificent. The colours, composition and subjects are second to none. - I must have another look.
Ceya10-Feb-2008 08:51
Thank you for visiting my gallery! You have wonderful flower galleries! Keep up the good work!
Michael Shpuntov02-Feb-2008 02:37

Thank you very much for your kind words, vote and comments you left in my galleries.
I appreciate them a lot and glad you liked gallery. Welcome to PBase, and I will be back to see more of your work

TuTmin22-Jan-2008 20:11
Hi Patricia. Welcome to the pbase world.I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.
Ken Chambers ARPS21-Jan-2008 17:05
Wow, I love you having the Swedish Flag on your Profile, It makes you look very important.
Take care
Rosemarie Kusserow18-Jan-2008 19:12
Thanks a lot Patricia for your many comments and votes on my shots, I´m glad you liked them so much, have a nice weekend, best regards, Rosemarie :o) I love your work and will mark you as one of my favorites to keep an eye on.
Walter O. Koenig10-Jan-2008 22:59
Dear Patricia,

Thank you for your visit and for your kind comments and votes. I'm glad you like my galleries. I've added you to my PBase favorite artists and will be back to visit soon.

Best Wishes, Walter
Patricia Kay20-Dec-2007 16:04
Thankyou so much Cat and Ken....Your words means so much to me!!!

cat bounds20-Dec-2007 02:05
And another welcome, sweet, talented friend. I know you're going to enjoy your galleries here.
Ken Chambers ARPS01-Dec-2007 18:10
Welcome to pbase
I am so looking forward to seeing both your photography as well as you beautiful artwork.
Best wishes.