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Cimeli Vilage and the Eclipse of the Sun

If you are not from there nor have any relatives in Cimeli Vilage, there is absolutely no reason to go there. But this little village at coordinates 36.579329E and 42.60326N had her 3 minutes of fame, at least in my eyes, due to the eclipse of the sun on March 29th of 2006. Cimeli sits 500 meters in from the main motorway from Ankara to Adana—it is the artery that connects the south-east Turkey with the north-western part of it. My friends and I did not want to miss this opportunity of a life time and headed towards the direction of where the sun’s eclipse was going to happen. Coming from Kastamonu via Ankara direction this place was the perfect spot to be in at that time.

About the Eclipse, this is an event that needs to be experienced at least once in a life time. Two things to pay attention during it: the sun and the horizon. It takes only three minutes and a few second and it feels like as if it going to last hours; however once it is over you feel like it was only a second or two. If you had no idea that the eclipse was going to happen you would normally miss it. Because, you don’t really see a difference until the moon is blocks the sun abut 95%. First, some haze like fog in the distance and the darkness. Then, the horizon becomes reddish orange just like as if the sun was setting; however that color was 360 degrees of the whole horizon.

Taking pictures: if you don’t have a decent camera and a sturdy tripod with you at the time don’t even attempt to take pictures at all; just lift your head up and enjoy the nature's wonder.
The Village of CIMELI, Aksaray 20060329-canon 019.jpg Kinali Teyzem.jpg 20060329-canon 051.jpg
20060329 002.jpg 20060329-canon 041.jpg Zeki 20060329-canon 085.jpg
20060329-canon 092.jpg 20060329-canon 064.jpg 20060329-canon 101.jpg 20060329-canon 042.jpg
20060329-canon 052.jpg 20060329-canon 083.jpg 20060329-canon 118.jpg 20060329-canon 106.jpg
20060329-canon 108.jpg 20060329-canon 103.jpg 20060329-canon 054.jpg 20060329-canon 021.jpg
Hasan Dag from the Cimeli Vilage during the Eclipse 20060329-canon 107.jpg 20060329-canon 080.jpg 20060329-canon 098.jpg
20060329 014.jpg 20060329 022.jpg 20060329-canon 081.jpg 20060329-canon 017.jpg
20060329-canon 053.jpg 20060329-canon 066.jpg 20060329-canon 025.jpg 20060329 013.jpg
20060329 024.jpg 20060329-canon 023.jpg 20060329-canon 024.jpg 20060329-canon 029.jpg
20060329-canon 031.jpg 20060329-canon 048.jpg door trim of cimeli mosque.jpg 20060329-canon 036.jpg
20060329-canon 026.jpg 20060329-canon 038.jpg 20060329-canon 028.jpg 20060329-canon 027.jpg
20060329-canon 037.jpg 20060329-canon 030.jpg 20060329-canon 045.jpg