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The Nature of Creation

The Nature of Creation

Creation branching out

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The Nature of Creation
(Branching Out)

February 6, 2014

Life Mimics Creation and Creation Mimics the "Creator"

  • One Mind created [a] reality
  • Then One Mind sent itself out into Creation to experience that reality
  • The Mind of One became expressed as many different minds (many different ones)
  • New realities were created from the One Original Mind. One Universe became many universes. Reality grew  exponentially until it was expressed on many different levels (planes, realms and dimensions)
  • Creation continues to expand as the minds of the creators continue to create, branch out and expand Creation even further
  • There are many different creators within Creation and there are many different levels of creative power, but none are as great as the One Original Creator (think about this statement for a moment in relation to the concepts of individuality, connection, awareness, understanding, separation and fragmentation)
  • The Original Creation was modeled after the Creator. However, new creations within Creation are modeled after both the creator and the Creator
  • Each of us is a unique and independent part of the One Original Creation and of the One Original Mind. We are separate, but we are also all connected
  • The one helps to define the One. And the One helps to define the one. Thus, the Creator and the creator and the Creation and the creation are part of the same One
  • Mind (consciousness) is the most powerful creation technology that is known in all of Creation
  • This is simply One view of reality. However, it is not the one and only view

Realms of Creation - There are seven different elements of Creation illustrated
in the image above. One is equal to 7 and
7 is equal to One.

A "connected individual" and a "dis-connected fragment" are two different things in Creation. One is based on an awareness and understanding of the other, while the other is based on a blindness and ignore-ance of another.

Was the Original Creator (Mind) of this reality the One that created all of Creation? Or is this simply one creation (and one reality) that is nested within a Greater Creation (and a Greater Reality)?


Brain synapses

Each synapse is like a separate "creator" within the mind of the Creator

The Mind of Creation at Work

To help illustrate the idea of a creator within Creation, think of a novel as it exists within the mind of a writer. In the beginning, the novel exists as only an idea. However, later that "novel idea" has an opportunity to become a "reality" when it is expressed and written down (created) in a book. Each time that the book is read by another mind (creator), there are additional unique realities created within the minds of the readers. Those new realities are then sent out into the fabric of Creation which may subsequently become realities in other creations or even one possible reality that we may experience sometime in the future (through our own creations).

To use another example of a creator within Creation, think of a programmer creating a video game. The programmer first creates a basic storyline, then some challenges and some mysteries, and then various levels to complete. Finally, all of the different elements are "coded" (combined together) and made into a new creation. In effect, the finished video game is actually an entirely new reality (or separate universe) within the universe of the programmer (creator) and the players playing the game.

Depending on what their individual coding is, some characters in the video game might appear quite independent and animated while other characters might appear rather robotic (or simply part of the background scenery). As computer and AI technology continues to advance, it's possible that the characters in the video game could eventually reach a point where they might become almost "sentient" in their actions, and perhaps even gain the ability to "ascend" outside of the restrictions of their original reality (level of creation).

Think about the internet and all of the contributors (minds) that are currently adding input into that new part of "creation". Now think of the countless possibilities (realities) that one day might emerge from that creation that initially began with the input from just a few Original Minds. In a thousand years, how will the unique "creations" that emerge out of that creation view the Original Creators of their Creation? Perhaps the Original Creators of the internet may be seen as the new "gods" of the future in an entirely new Creation.

Where will the original creators of the internet be in a thousand years? Most likely they will have "ascended" out of their previous level of creation (the material world) and into a higher plane (level) of existence. For all intents and purposes, they will in fact be seen as "gods" by those who exist in the lower levels of creation.

Ones and Zeros - binary code

One Perspective on Life

How do we view computerized characters in a video game today? The answer is that we don't really view them as anything. They are just simple animations on the screen right? How might a "creator" that is millions of years more advanced than us view our part of creation? How does the One Original Creator view all of the elements and all of the creations that are nested within the One Creation?

The intent of this discussion isn't to create a debate regarding the "rights" of artificial life forms. Rather, it is meant to create an awareness of how we (as a species) view other life forms around us and what will happen when our knowledge "advances" to a point where we can begin to modify life in very significant ways using bioengineering and/or other forms of technology (this is actually already occurring right now at a rather alarming rate).

The way that we treat other life around us is essentially a function of what our individual perspective on life is. In other words, it is the manner in which we view other aspects of Creation in our environment that helps to determine what role(s) that we will assume in our interactions with that life (i.e. what will constitute acceptable forms of behavior). For example, does one person (or a small group of people) have the right to modify other life forms in such a way that will not just affect them, but all other life forms on the planet? Do people and corporations have the right to patent and own life?

Think about this for a moment. In just a few short decades, life on this planet has been artificially modified and changed in ways that had previously taken many thousands or even millions of years to evolve in the natural environment. And the manner in which it has been changed, in many cases, has been in ways that it was never meant to be changed (i.e. the crossing and combining of different species together).

Do we, as human beings, have "dominion" over other life forms on this planet? Do we have the right to rearrange life in any way that we see fit? How will this affect their lives? How will it affect the lives of others around them? How will it affect the environment of the planet? How will it affect us? And if we consider the idea of panspermia, how might the modification of life on this planet affect life on a cosmic scale?

If we do have dominion over other life on this planet (being at the top of the food chain), does that mean that other beings that are more advanced than us have dominion over the human race? How about on this planet? Do people that are more educated, have more money or have more power have the right to hold dominion over other people that know less or have less? Obviously there are different levels of "dominion". So I guess the real question is this, how are we exercising our dominion? In other words, are we using our freewill in a moral, ethical and conscious manner, or are we using it in an immoral and unconscious manner?

I sometimes hear people trying to justify the actions of others by citing the laws of nature (i.e. it's natural for the strong to survive and for the strong to prey on the weak). See anything wrong with this mode of thinking? This is a false argument because human beings are not amoebas, bacteria, wolves, lions, tigers, bears or sharks. Our consciousness is more evolved than that (or rather it should be). That being said, are humans the only beings on this planet that have the ability to ascend to higher states of consciousness? There are some forms of thought that suggest that all life is conscious and that all life has the "Spark of Creation" within it (just existing on different levels). If this is indeed the case, how might the artificial manipulation of genetics affect the natural ability of other life forms to evolve and possibly "ascend" to higher states of consciousness?

In addition, is it possible for us (as human beings) to independently reach a higher state of consciousness and understanding without also developing a proper awareness and understanding of that which surrounds us? Are we independent of that which surrounds us? Or, are we actually intimately connected to everything that surrounds us, and dependent upon such interactions to help us develop a proper understanding of ourselves?

I would argue that everything in this world is important to our growth (just as we are important to their growth). Therefore, all aspects of Creation (both large and small) should be respected and treated as the unique treasures that they are. 

What would happen if humanity blindly corrupted and destroyed the natural diversity that surrounds us? How would that affect our ability to experience, to learn and grow in this world? In other words, are we building (and maintaining) our own prison as a result of our blindness?

Factory farming and chemical-based modern agriculture

Sometimes it seems like humans have little regard or respect for other parts of Creation

Environmental disasters and deplorable human living conditions

The Nature of Creation
(Is creation based on Creation?)

What do we see when we look up at the night sky? It's full of light and darkness (ones and zeros in binary code language). At the heart of all computers, tablets, smart phones, video games and the internet are just many strings of ones and zeros (on/off or light/dark). Think of all of the amazing things that modern digital technology can do today. Yet all of it is based on simple states of polarity (and different levels of polarity).

Ones and zeros - the binary code of the universe

Is the "binary code" of our known Universe based on polarities?

When we look around at nature, what do we see? Everything is branching out. When we look at the human brain, what is it made up of? Synapses, branching out. What is a computer network made up of? A series of branches. What is etched on the motherboard of a computer? A network of printed circuits and pathways that branch out. What is the CPU in a computer made up of? Millions of circuit pathways (branches) that use simple "polarities" (ones and zeros) to create almost anything imaginable.

Was the creation of digital technology in this world (and the virtual realities associated with it) simply a natural extension of the fabric of Creation? Or was it a corruption of Creation? How is digital technology (for example, digital media, social media, smart phones and the internet) affecting us individually and collectively? Has the growth of technology occurred in harmony with nature, or has it over-shadowed nature (and all that nature potentially has to teach us)?

Nature branches out in all directions

Nature branching out

Realities Within Other Realities

What is the nature of the strange paranormal stuff that seems to randomly pop in and out of our world from time to time? Is it errant coding in our creation? Is it creators from other creations intentionally adding (or subtracting) code to or from this creation? Or maybe it is other realities and creations, that under the right conditions, sometimes cross over into our own part of creation (without necessarily being aware or conscious of it)? Could our own reality be crossing over into someone else's reality (creation) without our conscious awareness of it?

Perhaps certain aspects of our reality, as we are experiencing it, are simply the result of another mind in another part of Creation thinking about something new that they would like to create. How might a couple of days of "contemplating" an idea in their reality translate into our reality? How might our own contemplations in our reality affect their reality? How does time translate from one reality to another? Is it possible that the passage of a couple of days in one creation might be only a nano-second or even a billion years of time in another creation?

The possibilities within each reality are endless because the possibilities of creation within Creation are limitless.

Multiple realities and multiple dimensions

Realities within realities. Realms within realms. Dimensions
within dimensions and creations within Creation.

Everything is Connected

As above so below, as within so about

Everything in Creation is connected. Creation can branch out in many beautiful and magnificent ways. Or, creation can branch out as a cancer, a form of destruction or as a "net" and "web" of imprisonment.

How do we want to create? What do we want to create as creators within our own creation of Creation?

Autoimmune Disease

The universe and a brain cell look the same

 Journey through the body of creation

What would happen if a single brain cell was dislodged from the mind of a "creator" and it traveled through the circulatory system to other parts of the body (of the creator)? How would that brain cell be viewed and treated by other cells? Would the brain cell be recognized by the white blood cells as part of the same body? Or would they attack it because it looks different and it is not recognized by other cells in that part of the body?

The Illusion of Time

Using the brain cell metaphor above, how would the passage of time be viewed by that brain cell once it is outside of its original environment?

How is "our world" viewed by a fly that lives less than a day? An ant that lives only 6 months? A bee that lives one year? A hamster that lives 4 years? A humming bird that lives 8 years? A cat that lives 15 years? A dolphin that lives 20 years? A bear that lives 40 years? An eagle that lives 50 years? An elephant that lives 70 years? A human that lives 80 years? A box turtle that lives 120 years? A tree that lives several hundred years? Or a Bristlecone Pine that lives to be 5000 years old? How is the passage of time within Creation viewed by a single "cell" that can endlessly divide itself?

How is Creation viewed by the One Original Creator? For example, the passage of a single "year" in that part of "Creation" might be viewed as a trillion years in the part of Creation that is known and understood by us.

Are Natural Polarities A Corruption of Our Reality?

What would the cycle of a "day" look like if there was only light but no darkness? What would a year look like if there was only summer but no winter? What would the night sky look like if there were only stars or only dark space? What would a novel be like if there was only a protagonist but no antagonist? How could nature exist without the existence of polarities?

What if there was only bliss in our world? Would that be a good reality? Maybe for a little while. But what would that reality be like after 20 years? How about after 50 years, or a 100 years or a thousand years? How would that reality be viewed after a million years? How would such a reality be viewed after a billion years by a soul (unique aspect of consciousness) that is eternal in nature?

Perhaps the greatest lesson of our experience in this current reality (level of Creation) is in learning the responsible use of polarity (rather than seeking to eliminate it or become blind to polarity altogether).


The information outlined above is a very simplified representation of Creation. The actual potential that each of us has within us to create (within Creation) is limitless. Outside of this physical realm there are opportunities for creation that we cannot even begin to understand while we are in this current form of existence. However, there are also many amazing things that we have yet to learn about ourselves, and the art of creation, while we are here in this incarnation.

True power exists within the mind (consciousness) of every creator within Creation.

What should we create (or not create)?

Life Mimics Creation and Creation mimics the "Creator" (or the creator)

The branching out of Creation (and creation)...

Rivers branching out


Veins on leaves branching out


Blood vessals branching out


Lightening, snowflake and water branching out


Roads branching out


Computer networks branching out


Computer circuits branching out


Neural networks branching out


Humanity branching out in space



Modern "creation" (the expansion of contraction)

 Humans caught in hamster cages with no exit

The "progress" of contraction at work


Modern prisons in modern society

The expansion of contraction (the un-branching of Creation)


Chemtrails, HAARP, barbed wire and the wireless grid are trapping humanity like a web

Are there not better ways to "create" and "branch out" then this?


Modern society and modern destruction

and this...


 NSA spying and the police state

and this?


Constructing a larger prison doesn't change

the fact that it is still a prison.


The life of a tree - knowledge, wisdom and understanding

The Third Element is the balance point between two polarities (one and one). The Third Element
is symbolized by the color yellow because it represents the "Light" of the Sun helping to bring
knowledge, awareness and understanding into the darkness.


Modern society sometimes acts like a cancer

The blind use of knowledge.

And humans wonder why our little planet is located all by itself on the outer edge of the galaxy? It is up two every one to help awaken each other, to both our-selves, and to all that surrounds us.



 The natural path of creation winding through Creation.



There are certain forces in this world (both seen and unseen) that wish to keep us blind, separated and disconnected from each other (and from our environment). The existence and perpetuation of the corrupt Empire that we live in relies on us connecting and identifying with it, rather than seeing and understanding the connections that we have with each other (and with our environment).

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