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Bob Reynolds | profile | all galleries >> A Journey of Awakening - The Spiritual Gatekeepers >> The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 11) - The Hybrid Breeding Program tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 11) - The Hybrid Breeding Program

The Spiritual Gatekeepers (part 11) - The Hybrid Breeding Program

Peeling back the layers of an onion to get at the core

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The Hybrid Breeding Program

August 31, 2012

Who are the Dark Entities?

The dark entities are a group of malevolent/mischievous beings that are mostly energy based (non-corporeal). They inhabit a dimension (realm) that is in very close proximity to ours. These entities have been referred to by a number of different names throughout history including Archons, Djinn, Fallen Angels, Demons, Grays, Vampires, Incubus/Succubus, Flyers and Fairies. It is these entities that makeup the core of the underlying malevolent force that controls this planet.   

There is a hierarchy of power within their realm. At the top of this hierarchy is a dark consciousness that has been called by several different names (depending on culture and/or religion). The layers below contain other entities that have either chosen to be aligned with this hierarchy or have been manipulated or tricked into aligning themselves with the darker lower realms.  

The Grays are the foot soldiers of this dark hierarchy. They serve as an interface between their realm and ours. I believe that the Grays are essentially manufactured bio-robots (please see the footnote below for additional info regarding this topic). The Gray "bodies" are mostly utilized by the lower-ranking dark entities. These entities may temporarily inhabit and/or control the bodies/consciousness of the Grays in order to interact with us on the physical planes of Earth and conduct human abductions and genetic research.   

What are the Common Traits of these Entities?

Most of these dark entities share very similar behavioral traits:  

Sexual energy is a central theme involving these entities. If we look around our world, sex is in the news, sex in advertising, sex in movies/books, sex in children's cartoons (subliminal), sex on the internet (porn) and sex in the shadows (pedophilia). It goes way beyond the commercial value of sex (sex sells) or a normal healthy interest in it. These dark entities are actually the driving force behind much of the corruption of sex in this world. They directly feed off of this energy and use it as a mechanism to control and corrupt humanity. 

One of the reasons that the "Fallen Angels" fell from grace was because of their desire to experience the physical pleasures (namely sexual encounters with human women). This appears to be a desire that is shared by all of these dark entities and it is a driving force behind much of their activity including the incubus/succubus entities, the "old hag", Lilith/Lamia, Trauco (Chile), Liderc (Hungary), Popbawa (Zanzibar) and many more.

The are numerous historical accounts of human interaction with these entities and they all seem to share very similar details:

What is the Reason for Abductions?

There are a number of different reasons for abductions (and many different opinions on the subject), but probably the most important one is to conduct genetic research. The malevolent entities (in their current form) have a limited ability to physically interact with us on a regular or extended basis. Genetic research and the hybrid breeding program were developed in order to eliminate that limitation so that these entities could return to the "days of old" when they ruled the Earth as "gods" living among us. 

The Hybrid Breeding Program

I believe that the hybrid breeding program is mostly completed. The goal of this program was to create compatible "empty vessels" in which these dark entities could permanently incarnate into and rule over the physical planes of Earth (instead of just temporarily visiting it). The other goal was to create a group of convincing human-hybrids that could be strategically placed in influential areas such as the government, the military, business and in the media/entertainment industry. While in these positions, the hybrids can act as managers and sheepherders (for the general human population) in preparation for the final phase of their agenda. The hybrids that are here on Earth right now are probably (mostly) empty vessels that can act independently and/or receive telepathic instructions directly from the dark entities (from their realm). These hybrids have many enhanced mental abilities including telepathic, psychic and intuitive powers which can put humans that are in direct contact with them at a great disadvantage. 

Creating compatible (human form) bodies that these entities can permanently incarnate into is a very complex procedure because of complexities contained within the human genetic code and the interaction that naturally occurs between the body and the soul/spirit systems. In order to incarnate into a physical body, the genetic coding of the body must properly match the profile of the soul/spirit. Otherwise the transfer of the soul/spirit will ultimately be unsuccessful.

Many of the strange mythological creatures that were described in ancient times (and some that we see now) were the result of various genetic experiments that were conducted by these entities in the past. These entities not only have the desire to incarnate into human forms, but also into other hybrid creature forms as well. They appear to have a great fascination/inclination for tinkering with DNA and changing that which is natural into something different (i.e. creating their own corrupted versions of Creation).

These entitles have been waiting a long time to complete this program and move forward with the final phase of their agenda. The natural energy levels here on earth have been steadily rising in recent years due to a predictable (long term) cyclical process. This is one of the main reasons why we see so many people awakening to a higher/greater understanding of things. It is also the reason why we are seeing more "UFO" and paranormal activity occurring. The same energy that is affecting us is also affecting these entitles as well.  

The energy levels here on Earth will continue to steadily increase until a peak event occurs sometime in the future. It is at this point that these entities will probably try and make the full transition onto the physical planes of Earth. It is not known whether they will be successful or will be allowed to do this. There are benevolent beings here now as well. They are waiting to see what we (the human race) will do. Much of the outcome depends on us and the path that we choose to take. It is our freewill to decide. We are not alone and we do not have to face this by ourselves. But we do need to make a decision, and we do need to stand up for that decision. If we continue to align (or allow ourselves to be aligned) within the lower frequency realm of these entities, then things will most likely end very badly for many of us. 

What is Their Final Agenda

The human race is in the process of being sterilized (physically and mentally) via GM foods, chemicals and radiation. The plan is to have the majority of the human race sterilized within 2-4 generations. During this time the genetic code of the human race will be significantly altered via a variety of overt and covert methods including interbreeding with the hybrids (very similar to the way in which GMO's are corrupting the genetic diversity of plant species here on Earth). This is not a random or haphazard plan. Various genetic traits in the human race that are desirable to the this new ruling class will be kept or enhanced (such as desirable physical traits, emotional traits, subservient traits, etc) while others (the capacity for spirituality, creativity, intuitiveness, individuality, empathy, compassion and love) will be severely suppressed via genetic manipulation (body over soul/spirit/consciousness). The Human race will in fact become an entirely new race…a genetically modified race of slaves with little or no memory of their prior history (and little understanding or realization of their role as slaves in this system). 

The elite "bloodlines" and the hybrids (currently here) have herded the human race into virtual corrals for the benefit of the ranchers (entities). These entities have used us as "slaves" without most us even realizing it:

This is essentially the same storyline of many ancient prophecies, just updated with different technologies. However, they aren't really prophecies. Many of these events are really just a continuation and a repeat of history. They have happen before...more than once. It is actually a continuing cycle here on Earth. This same cycle has probably been seen on other planets in our system as well (that didn't fare so well). And it will probably be the same cycle that is seen on future planets. It has always been this way. The Earth is our battlefield, our prison, our university and our utopia all rolled into one. It is what we make of it. It is how we decide who we are, how we align ourselves and what we will experience later when we move on.


The potential future that we face is beyond that what most people can probably imagine, even in their worst nightmares. I believe that most of us probably do not live in that world. Currently, one of the greatest threats to the human race is the herd mentality. Running with the bulls right now is an exceptionally dangerous endeavor that will most likely end with a horn being strategically placed in an uncomfortable spot.  

The "powers that be" have quite a few contingency plans for the final herding of war, global financial collapse, the good alien/bad alien scenario, marshal law, a pandemic, the return of a deity, etc. All of these scenarios are possible, perhaps even probable. However, it is also possible that there won't be a major "event" in the near future. While we are speculating and waiting for the "big one" to occur, they might just continue to incrementally and insidiously bring us closer and closer to their ultimate goal, same as they have been doing for quite some time.  

Having a clear understanding of what is occurring in the world today is essential in making correct decisions. However, if we continue to remain forever swimming on the surface in all of the manufactured sludge (distractions), then we will never have the opportunity to see with any real clarity the underlying cause which "lies" below (that is ultimately responsible for all of the manufactured chaos above). We can continue to try and skim the scum off the top as it appears, but if we do not address the true and underlying cause of the problem(s), more scum will appear. This is the process and the game that seems to keep us forever busy and forever distracted. 

A good analogy of this concept would be the Deepwater Horizon disaster. What if the underlying cause had been ignored? What if we had only concentrated on the problem seen on the surface and ignored all of the oil gushing out of the well deep below? We would still be skimming the surface of the ocean today and dealing with all of the associated problems, now and far out into the future.  

Isn't it time to come together and make a stand against the real threat? Isn't it time to stop fighting amongst ourselves and recognize that we are ALL (the entire human race) being manipulated by an outside force? 

We are controlling and enslaving ourselves for their benefit. When we realize this? The longer we wait, the more complicated and confusing things are going to become. 

We can look back and say…

1)   "I remember when things were much different. The human race was under a great assault. But we came together as a people and there was great awakening that occurred. We stopped the assault and we changed the world for the better." 

Or, we can look back and say…

2)   "I remember when things were much different. There was a time when we had an opportunity to change things. There were still some freedoms back then. But we let them slip away. Now we are shackled to a life without any freedoms, choices, consciousness or spirituality. There once was individuality and creativity among the people. There once was love and compassion among people. We used to be able to have our own children. But that has all changed now." 

Footnote Regarding the Grays
(March 15, 2014)

There are quite a few researchers and experiencers that have expressed the idea that the Grays may be some type of manufactured entity or biological robot. There are others that believe that the Grays may be beings from an extraterrestrial planet. Some believe that they may be demons from another realm, dimension or parallel reality. And others think that they may be time-traveling humans that have traveled back to the past from some point in our "distant" future (or one potential version of it). Actually, there may some truth in each one of these views (i.e. they are not mutually exclusive, but may actually be related). The reasoning behind this view is detailed throughout this series, however the relationships may only become apparent after reading all of the segments (and seeing all of the connections). For those with less time to read, I have tried to collect some of the more relevant segments regarding this topic in the "Related Posts" section below.


Is the information presented above a revelation? No. In fact, much of this information is not new at all. Portions of it have been addressed many times before by many different people, going back many thousands of years. However, we have been trained to dismiss such (present and historical) information as myth, folklore and fantasy.  

Below are some resources which examine various aspects and views on topics such as: Inter-dimensional entities, the control system, UFOs, consciousness, abductions, Archons, hybrids, demonic activity, aliens, fallen angels and folklore and myth. 

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