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Journey of Awakening - Epilogue

Journey of Awakening (The Spiritual Gatekeepers) - Epilogue


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Below is a review/expansion on some of the ideas and concepts that were explored in the series Journey of Awakening, as well as responses to some of the questions and comments that were brought up regarding the material that was presented.

Questions/Comments: Currently I do not have regular internet access (except for public access about once a week or so). Therefore, if you leave a comment/question or send me an email it may take a little while before I can get back to you (but I will respond eventually).

------- May 30, 2013 -------


What if you could display "time" (past, present, future) on a giant screen? What would it look like? Perhaps such an image might appear as an infinite number of dots representing all people and all events. There would probably be many lines branching out from each person, representing each event that has occurred (and all those which could occur). 

Some of the biggest names in history would probably be clearly visible on the screen with a corresponding lineage of time flowing forward and backward from each point (event) in their lives. Upon closer inspection, you might notice some lesser known people with similar points of reference and lineage…and with similar influences in history.

However, what if you were to look really closely at the screen, what do you think that we might find? There would probably be many unknown names from history, with the same points, the same influences and a similar type of lineage traveling throughout the course of time. But who are these unknown people? They are the teachers that we had in school (who embraced inspiration and rejected indoctrination), the delivery men and women, the clerks, the maintenance people, the assistants, the helpers, the cashiers, the janitors, the trash men…all of the seemingly unknown and unimportant people that we rarely hear about in our modern world.

Such a discovery might lead a person to ponder the question…why are there so many significant timelines emanating from these apparent unknown people in history? 

The simple answer is this…because it doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, what your vocation is, what your religion is, what your race is, what your background is or what you look like. Each and every person has the same potential to change the world each and every day of their lives. And they do change it, without even realizing it.

For example… 

A child of seven touches the heart of one parent, who goes to work and touches the heart of seven co-workers. Those seven co-workers go to lunch and touch the hearts of twenty-one restaurant patrons. Those twenty-one people go home and touch the hearts of each of their families. And the hearts in the world are a little brighter that day.

A trash man does his job every day without much glamour. But he does it with a smile on his face and goodness in his heart. During his workday, each person that he sees he touches with his smile and his warmth. Even though it is wintertime and very cold outside, every person that he comes in contact with walks away feeling a little warmer inside than they did before.

A woman of eighty shares her life experiences with a woman of twenty. The woman of twenty is so touched by what she hears that she decides to make a video about this woman. The woman of eighty that originally touched a single heart, now touches eighty-thousand other hearts simply by way of reaching out to one. 

Any One can inspire any Body. We can reach any Mind, touch any Heart, warm any Soul and help to communicate the idea that any One is capable of any Thing. All that is required is a heart, a mind, a body and a soul.

Silence of the Minds, Part 3
(aka a new scary movie)

What if all of the technology in the world mysteriously disappeared for 30 days? What if we didn't have access to TV, movies, video games, smart phones, tablets, computers or MP3 players? What if the only thing that we had access to was silence and the sounds of our own thoughts in our own minds? 

Now that would be a really scary movie.

The Free World

What is free in this world? Is love free? Is compassion free? How about empathy, is that free? Most people that have been in a relationship would probably agree that love is not free. In fact, it often takes quite a bit work in order to create the type of environment whereby love can truly flourish. This includes individual relationships, relationships within society and even relationships with the planet. The same thing is true for compassion and empathy as well. It often takes quite a bit of work to try and understand other people. It's not easy putting on unfamiliar "shoes" and experiencing a reality that is different or unpleasant compared to our own. Perhaps the most difficult time to try on shoes is when they are familiar to us (i.e. remind us of something that we would rather not remember).  

Many of the issues (personal, societal and global) that we are facing in the world today can be very uncomfortable to contemplate. For this reason, these issues often get ignored, ridiculed and/or buried by our modern society (in favor of pursuing various distractions which help to release us from experiencing such uncomfortable contemplations). However, by pushing these uncomfortable issues into the shadows, they are allowed to exist and grow. Some think that they can avoid the influence of such things by simply ignoring them. Sometimes they can for a little while. But the more that these issues get ignored, the greater the chance there is that such "unpleasantries" may eventually end up directly affecting us or someone that we care about.

In reality, love is not always a pleasant and beautiful thing. Neither is compassion or empathy. Neither is spirituality. That is because in order for love, compassion, empathy and spirituality to flourish, it usually requires that we stand up for and defend these principals so that they have a suitable environment in which to take root and grow. Weeding isn't as fun as harvesting, but it is often a necessary task in order to ensure that we have a good crop to harvest.

Conclusion: In order for love, compassion, empathy and spirituality to flourish, one must be willing to wear uncomfortable shoes while weeding in the garden.

The Dark Shadow of Society

Some readers of this series have suggested that I am contributing to fear by examining the various issues which were put forth in segments such as For the Children, Corrupted Realities and Mechanisms of the Matrix. I suppose that is one way of looking at it. However, I see it another way. Ignoring important issues simply because they are unfamiliar or uncomfortable usually does not result in creating a safer reality for us to live in. Rather, it creates an (un)reality where these issues/systems are "free" to rule over us without any fear of one day being discovered, understood, confronted and dismantled. Ignoring uncomfortable or dark issues virtually guarantees that they will allowed to continue to exist and operate freely within our society. 

Concepts such as Satan, the devil, demons, djinn and fallen angels are typically associated with various religious belief systems. It is precisely for this reason that I tried to avoid using these labels and refer to such phenomena as the "dark entities". However, for the sake of clarity, there were times in the series that I simply had to use a more traditional form of terminology instead. It was not intended to promote any type of fear-based religious propaganda or create a reference pointing towards any particular type of religion. 

The dark entities do exist. And they have a very real influence in our lives. However, they are not all-powerful. And we are not defenseless. They maintain their power by working from within the shadows. Unfortunately, we (the human race) seem to want to help them stay hidden and remain in power. Every time that there is a risk of them being exposed, resistance builds and ridicule ensues. For those that are thick skinned, this isn't necessarily an issue. However, for others, ridicule can sometimes be a very effective tool in discouraging any support for those who are tying to expose such things. Thus, such information usually fades away and, once again, these dark entities are free to operate from within the shadows. 

I have seen this process occur over and over again. It doesn't matter who presents the information, it is always the same... 

Present Information → Freedom alarms go off (in the dark realms) → Ridicule presenter and/or Information → Information gets ignored or suppressed → Return to cleverly disguised (self-imposed) system of slavery 

The efficiency and totality with which this occurs never ceases to amaze me. Such is the state of the world that we live in. But I think that is changing now. There is a growing number of people who are beginning to see these entities for who and what they really are (i.e. deceptive/misleading entities).

People of the ancient times knew of and understood these dark entities. They were referred to by many different names. Knowledge and descriptions of these entities is spread across many different cultures and throughout recorded history. Modern science and modern scholars often refer this ancient knowledge as "mythology".

People in the modern age who have experienced certain types of UFO encounters, abductions and paranormal events sometimes describe such encounters as being very dark or "demonic" in nature. Modern science and modern scholars sometimes refer these people as being "unscientific" or even "nuts". 

It is in our modern and well-educated world that such unexplainable events and phenomena are most often associated with religious freaks, crazy people, superstitions and/or ignorance. It is ironic that the so-called uneducated "heathens" of the past were, in fact, much more educated (in many different ways) than our modern society is today.

How do you control a person? Discourage knowledge and understanding, and encourage ignorance. How do you control a society? Discourage knowledge and understanding, and encourage ignorance. How do you control a planet? Discourage knowledge and understanding, and encourage ignorance. 

What is another way of describing ignorance? Being kept in the dark. Where do these entities come from? The darkness

Are the social and economic issues that we are facing today new problems? Not at all. In fact, they are very much the same as they were thousands of years ago, just updated with different technologies. 

War, greed, lust, power, corruption and control. What has changed? Nothing. What is the underlying common denominator in this equation? Is it human nature? Is the true nature of the human race really this dark? I do not think so. Human beings can excel. The human race can excel. I have seen this. We are capable of amazing things. But we are also capable of some truly frightening things as well.  

Where is this influence coming from? Is it emanating from within us, or is it something outside of us? Can we understand it, learn from it, nullify it? Why does Creation allow such a thing to exist? Or, do we allow such a thing to exist? Does it serve a purpose? Or is it just plain evil?

Dark Influences in our Society

There is a great battle that is being waged right now. It is a spiritual war. And it is a World War. The dark forces of this planet are being forced to show themselves now for who and what they really are. These beings of the darkness can appear in many different forms…in human form, in "ET" form and in (false light) "angelic" form. Some of these entities are direct disciples of the darkness, while others are merely pawns being unknowingly used by the dark entities to further their agendas.

How can these dark entities be identified? Typically, physical identification is not very reliable. However, there are some other methods which can be quite useful. In my opinion, the surest way to identify these entities is by their electromagnetic (EM) energy signature. This sounds a bit technical, but it really just means using our innate intuitive abilities and discernment skills as an expanded form of "sight". Or, in other words, it is based on an intuitive feeling or knowing rather than a conclusion derived from the traditional senses or the mind (which can be manipulated). 

Another reliable way to identify these entities is by recognizing their common (non-physical) traits and characteristics. Some of these characteristics are listed below. Obviously not everyone that displays such characteristics is "working" for the darkness. In fact, many of the characteristics described below are actually promoted every day via various delivery systems in our modern society…TV, music, movies, advertising, the internet and the mainstream/alternative news media. Therefore, such characteristics may either represent an intentional behavior (with an intended agenda) or an unintentional behavior resulting from social/psychological programming and conditioning. The words "positive" and "negative" are used here in a more traditional sense (rather than as esoteric concepts).

Listed below are some common characteristics of the dark entities (as seen in both the media and in society in general):

  • The dark forces have a disdain and hatred for positive human attributes such as love, kindness, compassion, empathy, caring and community. They will often lash out at anyone who values or displays such attributes. They sometimes refer to family and community in an almost criminal manner (akin to the mob). Common tactics of deception include using negative word associations (negative concepts attached to positive words) and inversion and distortion of meaning in an effort to try and confuse and misrepresent various positive concepts. Another common tactic is to attach some kind of ridicule to positive concepts, thereby encouraging readers/viewers to disassociate with those positive concepts for fear of being ridiculed
  • The dark forces typically exhibit a great disdain for nature, the environment and the planet. They seek to destroy and corrupt everything that is natural. They will sometimes lash out against anyone that values such things. Quite often, they will associate environmental issues with negative concepts such as oppression, taxation and control (without examining the other side of the issue…i.e. destruction of the biosphere of the planet). Both sides of the argument are valid and should be examined. However, environmental concerns often become heavily blurred by reducing the many valid issues/concerns into a single debate (such as global warming/climate change) so that the word "environment" almost becomes a bad word in the minds of the public
  • They use ambiguity, false logic and false or distorted associations/references in an attempt to confuse the reader or viewer. Typically they will take original information and heavily distort it in order to make their points appear valid. Quite often they will cite a few words, phrases or images (usually far outside of the original context and intended meaning) and distort them in such a way as to give more weight to a specific argument and/or to try and discredit a greater body of work 
  • Love is like poison to the dark entities. They despise love. They recoil from love. Often they will attack or ridicule anyone who mentions love (actually much of this is just social conditioning and programming of the general population)
  • They fear happiness and they make happiness seem wrong. Negative word associations and ridicule are the main tools of choice here. They encourage false material (external) happiness over true internal happiness
  • The dark forces often use political ideologies to try and "discredit" positive human attributes. For example, they sometimes refer to love, caring, community and compassion as negative human attributes (that are supposedly part of some secret collectivist and/or communist ploy to take over the world)
  • The dark forces heavily blur the issues. One of their favorite things to do is mix lies together with truth. The most effective lie is usually one that is sandwiched between two truths. Lying and deception are the "tools of the trade" for these entities
  • They hide behind the veil of individual(ism) in order to strengthen their case and make their points appear more valid. This is at the very core of Satanism. I greatly value true individuality. However, I also recognize a responsibility towards others and a responsibility to the planet that we live on. The dark entities rarely provide a balanced perspective on such issues. Individual(ism) is the only thing that is important to them, and everything else simply represents a ploy to try and move people towards collectivism. This strategy works great for Satanic idealists in times of confusion and increasing oppression because people are usually more open to abandoning various positive human emotions/attributes if such attributes can be (falsely) associated with oppressive agendas. This keeps the people divided and, therefore, easier to control and rule
  • The dark entities reject the idea of God (the Creator, Source, etc), in much the same way that they reject love. They recoil at the mention of God. They do everything that they can to destroy the inner-beauty and inner-light within people. They do everything possible to destroy the environment and the planet. And they do everything that they can to invert and destroy anything that is natural and beautiful
  • They have a disdain for all natural life. They seek to corrupt it via many different mechanisms (Mechanisms of the Matrix, For the Children, Nested Realities). Greed takes precedence over all of humanity and over all living things. Greed is one of the "gods" that they worship the most
  • The ego typically rules over their behavior patterns and actions. Compassion and empathy are foreign concepts to them. They often employ temptation (greed, power and lust) as a means to try and control others
  • The dark entities often talk of the dangers of the "collective" while simultaneously dismissing and ridiculing anything that might contribute to the realization of true and lasting individual freedom

The dark entities know that their time is short. They cannot hide in the shadows for very much longer. Their power and control is slipping away. They will continue to make attempts to try and trick others, however, they lack the necessary skills/imagination to overcome the strength and resolve of humanity as a whole. Sure, they will be able to fool some. There will be some people that will jump aboard their sinking ship, cheer for the lies and deceptions and may even stay aboard until the ship goes under. However, the rest of humanity will continue


What is religion? Most religions are simply belief systems which are based on a collection of ideas and teachings that were known and understood long before organized religion came into existence. Organized religion took this information, copied it, corrupted it and presented it in such a way that would better serve its pursuit of greed, power and control. Then it destroyed and/or hoarded the original teachings and texts for itself. 

Is there useful information in religions? Absolutely. Is there disinformation in religions? Absolutely. Such is the reality of many modern religions. Discernment is the key. 

Rarely is (true) reality based an "all or nothing" proposition. I think that there is useful information in all religions and in all ancient texts. There is even some useful information in the disinformation, simply by way of recognizing it for what it is and realizing that the truth is often just an inverse of the lie. 

There is hidden information in all creative works. Sometimes this is intentional and other times it is not even known to the creator of such works. It really doesn't matter what the church, state, illuminati, elite, secret societies, etc do to try to suppress information. It will always come back into view one way or another. The universe is quite beautiful and mysterious in this way.

Should one pursue religion? That is not for me to say. However, what I will suggest is this…try not to get lost in religion. 

Our true power is within us, not outside of us. For more info, please see Part 12 - The Virtues and Sins of Religion and Spiritual Protection

The Empire Builders

Once upon a time there was a great Evil Empire that ruled over the world. This Empire was divided into a number of different territories that were controlled by a select group of power hungry Emperors and greedy Robber Barons. 

These Emperors and Robber Barons ruled over a vast population of peasants below them. Many of the peasants were very poor and couldn't afford even basic necessities for their families such as proper housing, food, water or clothing. Despite this, the Peasant Class was taxed very heavily (to support the needs and desires of Ruling Elite Class). The peasants tried many times to communicate and reason with the Evil Emperors and Robber Barons, but these rulers were just too busy with their own personal pursuits to grant the peasants a proper audience. 

Not all of the Emperors and Barons in the Kingdom were evil, however. Many had simply lost their way (i.e. they could no longer see the error of their ways because the pursuit power, control and money had clouded their thinking). In their minds, they believed that what they were doing was best for the peasants (they knew what was best for the peasants, even if the peasants didn't know it for themselves). 

The peasants continued to petition the Evil Emperors and Robber Barons, asking them to grant the people an audience so that they may voice their concerns and grievances. Finally, the Evil Emperors and Robber Barons set up a communication system whereby the peasants could call on them and have their grievances heard. The peasants were appeased (briefly) by this fine gesture from the Evil Emperors and Robber Barons. 

The peasants began to call on the rulers more and more in order to discuss the terrible living conditions that they had to endure. However, each time that the Peasant Class called on the Ruling Class, they were met with great resistance. Most of the time the rulers were either unavailable or the peasants were cut off prematurely and were not allowed to express their views. 

This angered the peasants greatly, so they decided to organize various grass roots efforts in an attempt to make their voices heard. Their was much success in these efforts. In fact, a number of the former peasants began to rise greatly in stature and gained so many followers that they become very important voices for the people. This new class of the peasant population became known as "Barons of the People" (Good Barons). They organized many large events and created various communication forums where the voice of the people could be expressed. 

The Good Barons began passing around collection plates, pooling the money of the peasants, so that they could expand the voice of the people. Some of the Good Barons searched the Kingdom for mystics, seers and sages and used their knowledge to help them gain an advantage over the Evil Emperors and the Robber Barons. The peasants were glad to help in the efforts of the Good Barons because many of the Good Barons were, in fact, very good people with kind hearts. 

However, a few of the "Good" Barons were not so good on the inside. Some were outright frauds, while others had very good intentions (but had become a little corrupted as a result of working alongside such an evil and corrupted system). To gain the support of the peasants, some of the fraudulent Barons would talk about the many good deeds that they had done for the people. They talked of the distant lands they visited and the many things they had done for impoverished peasant children. 

The fraudulent Barons also sought the help of the mystics, seers and sages in order to gain an advantage. However, they took, and took and took as much as they could from these people, often draining the very life force from them. They used the information gleaned from the seers for their own selfish purposes…for fortune and fame, instead of for personal growth or for the benefit of others. A few of the Barons even inverted the information that they received from the mystics, seers and sages in an effort to try and discredit the very sources from where the information originated. 

Some of the fraudulent Barons discouraged reading and condemned books and writing as word magic (while reading and learning themselves from the mystics, seers and sages). The fraudulent Barons were very controlling and often told people what they could and couldn't do. Don't protest the Robber Barons, don't read books, don't live outside of the Kingdom, don't talk about the environment, don't worry about the planet…it's no good doing this, it's no good doing that.

Many of the mystics seers and sages that the fraudulent Barons used were very poor and could not afford even basic necessities. However, the fraudulent Barons did not offer even a single dollar to help them. They did not offer a thank you, nor did they offer any show of appreciation for their efforts and contributions. They didn't even acknowledge the existence of these people. Due to their knowledge and their efforts to expose evil in the Kingdom, the mystics, seers and sages were sometimes harassed by the Emperor's military and other dark forces of the Kingdom. The mystics, seers and sages were discarded and hung out to dry while the new "Good Barons" rose up in wealth, power and prestige. 

The peasant population made great strides against the oppressive rule of the Evil Emperors and Robber Barons. The peasants found many creative ways to make a positive difference in the Kingdom. Some of the peasants also sought out the knowledge of the mystics, seers and the sages and used that information to combat the Evil Emperors and Robber Barons. However, they also used the information for their own personal growth as well. Some of the knowledge that was gleaned from the seers and sages helped to further awaken their own seeing ability. They shared these personal insights with others. This inspired the neighboring peasants in other towns, and in turn, inspired even more peasants to do the same. Knowledge within the Kingdom began to grow. The Age of Darkness was becoming the Age of Light. Peasants from every land were sharing their creative insights with everyone else in the Kingdom. The peasants no longer thought of themselves as mere peasants. They were people. Great people. The land was beginning to become free from oppression. This made the people very happy. And the mystics, seers and sages were happy as well. 

The Grand Barons of the People searched for additional ways to make money so that they could expand their influence and give the people even more of a voice. They were determined to end oppression once and for all. The collection plates were made larger and they were circulated wide and far. Advertising was initiated. Strategic financial alliances were formed. Celebrity faces were used to help secure funds. Many different products were created and sponsorship was sought. The peasants gave the Good Barons whatever they could afford to give. 

The Good Barons created a vast communication system for the voice of the people. The peasants utilized this system and often called on the Good Barons specifically for this reason. However, the Good Barons had a difficult time responding to such inquires because they were extremely busy with various activities designed to help create an even bigger voice for the people. However, the peasants were very diligent with their efforts and, as a result, they would sometimes be granted an audience with Good Barons. But the Good Barons had very little time to spare, so the peasants were often cut short so that the Good Barons could get back to informing and communicating with the people. Occasionally, the Good Barons would get aggravated by the interruptions from the peasant class, which distracted the Good Barons from delivering their important information and creating a "true voice" for the people. 

Eventually, the Good Barons (with the help of the peasants) overthrew the Evil Emperors and the Robber Barons. The oppressive territories were broken up and redistributed. The Good Barons became the new Emperors and Barons for the People...and a new Empire was born. 

Rubber Band Psychology

Rubber band psychology involves manipulating one side of a polarity (or duality) in order to make it appear unattractive so that it drives a person (or a population) towards the opposite side of the polarity (that favors a particular agenda). 

For example… 

Polarity One:  Carbon credits, taxation, Al Gore, Agenda 21, job losses, environmental radicals, foreign energy dependence, etc

Polarity Two:  People are conditioned to associate various environmental concerns with oppression, thereby destroying valid environmental concerns and protections and freeing up corrupt governments and corporations to frack the entire planet in the name of money, greed, power and control 

Polarity One:  Peace is a tool of collectivist regimes. Only hippies and weirdoes talk about peace. Isn't peace a 60's thing? Peace destroys jobs 

Polarity Two:  A portion of the population shy's away from peace, which paves the way for more war (and enormous profits for the puppet masters) 

Polarity One:  Liberal or Conservative (manipulate as needed) 

Polarity Two:  Need the support of "Liberals"? Make an issue look like it will benefit the "Conservatives". Need the support of "Conservatives"? Make an issue look like it will benefit the "Liberals". Yes, I know, this is a bit of a brain teaser. But that is why it works so well (propaganda, manipulation and disinformation can be used to either create support or opposition depending on how it is approached)

 And so on

Divide and Rule (or conquer)

For the controlling forces of this world, maintaining a constant state of division among the people is very attractive because it keeps us fighting amongst ourselves instead of focusing on the relevant and important issues together. 

What does standing together mean to me? It does not mean collectivism (i.e. acting together with a false sense of unity). Fake "unity" simply creates an environment whereby frauds, charlatans, liars, and corruption can grow beneath the surface (out of fear that examining such issues might create some type of friction or dis-unity in the process). 

Natural unity is primarily about recognizing and avoiding one of the artificial mechanisms of division. I refer to this mechanism as the "The System of Two". Or in other words, manufactured duality. 

The "System of Two" = Democrat vs. Republican, conservative vs. liberal, black vs. white, Christian vs. Muslim, East vs. West, US vs. them, etc.

The System of Two = The Voice of the Few. 

In my opinion, we can retain all of our individuality and still come together to address common threats to our freedoms and existence. True individuality and freedom are not based on simply choosing between two manufactured options (i.e. left/right, etc) that were created for the sole purpose of dividing and controlling us.

------- May 24, 2013 -------

Props and Extras

When will the world wakeup? Is the entire world supposed to wake up? Every person and every thing has a purpose here on Earth. To use a film analogy (which always seems appropriate to this current existence), a successful movie production is dependent upon the efforts of many different people…the producers, the directors, the writers, the leading cast, the supporting cast, the camera operators, the lighting crew, the editors, the special effects technicians, the wardrobe people, the makeup people and the Props and the Extras. 

The Props and Extras rarely share a prominent role in the movie, however, they are just as important to the film production as the rest of the cast and crew. What would the movie look like if there were only leading characters, but no supporting cast? What if there were only cameramen, but no actors? What if there were only special effects, but no plot to the story (oops, bad example)? Directors, without anyone to direct? A movie set, without the necessary filler material (Props and Extras)?

Props and Extras actually share a very important and interdependent relationship with the rest of the production. The only difference is that the Props and Extras are usually discarded after each production, while the rest of the production crew usually moves on to the next project. However, this isn't always the case. Sometimes the Props are reused and the Extras find a way to move into other roles such as writers, technicians, co-stars or even stars themselves. 

The Modern Individual

A modern individual might be defined as a person who is free to engage in individuality as long as it falls within the narrow bracket of options which are provided by the control system. In other words, modern individual(ism) merely represents the illusion of individuality. The control grid sets up various systems that are designed to give people a set of limited choices in order to herd them towards a limited set of behaviors which are designed to keep them forever preoccupied and distracted so that they remain oblivious to what is going on in the world around them. This leaves the system "free" to continually expand its power and control unimpeded by the scrutiny of truly independent free thinking conscious human beings. 

Life in the Fast Lane

Fast food, fast times, fast love, fast women, fast men. 

    Fast Times Indeed 

Instant coffee, instant noodles, instant rice, instant downloads, instant access, instant messaging, instant cash, instant copies. 

    Instant Satisfaction 

Frozen (TV) dinners, magic little pills, viral video, ready-made products, online dating, drive-thru meals, planned obsolescence. 

    Viral Life 

Disposable razors, disposable dishware, disposable batteries, disposable shopping bags, disposable contact lenses, disposable cameras, disposable water bottles. 

    Disposable Life 

Don't Muddy the Water

One of the greatest criticisms regarding the mainstream media (by the alternative media) is that they censor information. Yet, the same type of thing is also seen emanating from portions of the alternative media as well (i.e. it's okay to talk about these things, but don't muddy the water with that other silly stuff). I actually ran into this a bit in this series (and in previous efforts as well). 

I attempted to include the views and work of other researchers in this series in order to offer a more balanced perspective. I do not necessarily agree with everything that they may have to say, but I do believe that everyone has important pieces of the puzzle to share and contribute. If I were to filter out all of the people that had a contrary opinion to mine, or had a unique or different experience or offered an "unproven" theory, what would I be left with? Most likely, I would be left with a very narrow view and perception of reality…which is precisely what we have now with the mainstream media, modern science and modern medicine (I am being kind here in referring to it as "medicine"). 

There seems to be this idea that there are certain acceptable types of data and evidence, and everything else simply represents mud in the water. It has almost gotten to the point where people aren't allowed to have any kind of valid experiences of their own anymore without scientific proof to back them up. And even then, it must be the right kind of evidence.

What if we were to talk with an "uneducated" Native American elder or an unscientific Shaman that have been fortunate enough to escape the western (re)education (indoctrination) camps. What do you think that we might be able to learn from such people? The answer is, very important information that has been hidden from the masses of well educated western world citizens that, in some cases, have been dumbed-down to such an extent now that they have almost totally lost sight of who they really are, what the Earth is and what this experience is all about. 

I am not saying that we should throw out true discernment. Rather, I am suggesting that we shouldn't automatically condemn or ridicule information simply because it interferes with our current programmed views of the world and what is possible and what is not possible.

Many people appear to enjoy residing in a nice neat little box. To a certain degree, that is completely understandable. Such an environment provides for a very comfortable existence by creating a limited set of safe familiar walls to stare out. But at point does it stop becoming comfortable and start becoming reality? Is it still as comfortable when we eventually realize that the walls that we have clung to all of these years are actually closing in around us? Is it still as comfortable when we realize that not only have the walls closed in on us, but they are now attempting to tape the lid on the box shut as well? Perhaps now is a good time to re-evaluate the walls of the box and recognize them for what they really are….pliable pieces of cardboard, not bars made of steel. 

We move forward by opening our minds, and we stagnate and suffocate by living in a closed-minded boxed-in environment. Fortunately, the numbers of awakened individuals is growing steadily. Perhaps one day The Awakening may even go viral? There are those that are awake, those that are napping, those that are asleep and those that are in deep hibernation. There is a certain percentage of people within each of these categories that are destined to wake up eventually (think about this statement again as it relates to one of these categories). These are the people that can usually be reached. 

However, there is another group of people which appear to be quite content with their current existence and simply dig their heels in deeper each time that reality comes knocking on the door. Sadly, it is an unfortunate fact of history that those who choose to turn the porch light off and live in the darkness are eventually confronted by a knock on the door from someone or something that actually seeks out and thrives in such dark environments. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. Is this not the very nature of the wakeup call that knocked on the doors of many napping, sleeping and hibernating souls sometime in the past? Perhaps it's more of a question of timing now (i.e. how patient is the universe)? 

At the very core of everything that is happening right now is a spiritual war. That is the bottom line. There is much more at stake here than just our social, economic or individual freedoms. This is why I have chosen to concentrate so much on this topic.

If you really think about it, the pursuit of spiritual understanding and strength is perfectly compatible (and is actually synergetic) with the more "acceptable" topics that are most often discussed in the mainstream alternative (oxymoron) news venues. For example, one of the primary underlying messages of this series was self-empowerment. And the concepts which I discussed and concentrated on the most such as knowledge, awareness, freewill, responsibility, empathy, courage, health, nature, ethics, creativity, kindness, love, morality and compassion…these are all very important human attributes (currently under attack on all fronts) which are common and necessary to the pursuit of all freedoms…spiritual, social, economic and individual. 

"The Elite Controllers do Not Know What they are Doing"

I have heard some say that the elite controllers do not know what they are doing (i.e. do not give them more power or credit than they deserve). Much of the so-called elite are in fact very cunning and intelligent. Therefore, I believe that it would be extremely unwise to underestimate what they are presently doing or to ignore what they capable of. These "people" sometimes have a very high level of intelligence that is almost always combined with a complete lack of compassion or empathy towards human beings, animals or to the planet as a whole. This is a very dangerous combination of traits. I do not believe that we should offer such people power or respect, but I do think that is important to recognize and understand what they are capable of. 

Part of the purpose of this series was to try to identify and illustrate how well coordinated this dark campaign/war against humanity is....not to create fear, but to create empowerment via recognition and avoidance (non-participation and non-compliance in the broken and destructive system).

In some ways, the current situation can seem quite overwhelming. For example, the control grid has some of the most "intelligent", corrupted and influenced minds in the world working for them and access to nearly unlimited resources in almost every field imaginable:

  • Psychology (controlling the herd)
  • Sociology (herding the controlled)
  • Ancient and/or occult practices (hidden power and control)
  • Mainstream science (limiting that which is possible)
  • Biotech (GMO, transhumanism)
  • Health care (disease production/profit realization)
  • Education (indoctrination)
  • Archeology (hiding our true history from us)
  • Technology (dehumanization/transhumanism)
  • Finance (debt servitude)
  • Economics (the shell game)
  • Military (war/profit)

However, does this mean that they are all-powerful and that we are powerless? Not at all. Their advantage relies mostly on our ignorance, our blind participation and our consent (active and passive). Remove these things and their power begins to fade.

In my view, understanding their capabilities, methodologies and limitations is not disempowering. Rather, it is very empowering and actually holds the keys to resisting their influence. How can we resist or change that which we cannot see or understand? Some say don't shine a light on these entities because it only serves to give them more power. However, is it not ignorance and apathy, in large part, that got us into this mess in the first place? 

We are continually programmed, conditioned and encouraged by television, advertising, movies, media, computer games, the internet, the music industry, etc to open our hearts and minds and let (pathogenic) Darkness in. Often, the Darkness is expressed as being something exciting or sexy in order to try to entice us into participating in various behaviors which benefit the dark entities. The goal of the dark entities is to incrementally and insidiously break down our resistance and barriers to them so that they may ultimately gain total control over us…physically, consciously and spiritually. In this case, our attention and blind participation does indeed make the Darkness stronger. 

On the other hand, when we seek to understand the capabilities, methodologies and limitations of the dark entities, it actually creates an opportunity to begin to reclaim our power because their advantage (illusion of power) has been removed. Knowledge, understanding and awareness gives us the tools that are necessary to recognize and avoid the influence of these dark entities.

The only caveat/caution that I would add to this philosophy is to always remain alert and try not get too deep into it. Spending too much time on this type of research could potentially create an opportunity whereby (pathogenic) Darkness may attempt to gain access to us. However, in reality, it is probably far less of a concern than that of the regular conditioning and programming that we receive on a daily basis via the "cult of society". If (any) research ultimately ends up consuming us and taking us away from the natural enjoyment of life, then "it" has actually won us over indirectly (via a back door). There is definitely a balance to it all. Knowledge and understanding can either be empowering or crippling depending on how it is approached. 

The Dark Entities

How do I know what I know (or think I know what I know)? There are essentially three ways to gain knowledge and understanding 1) Through experience and direct observation 2) Through research (reading, viewing or interaction with others) and 3) A combination of both approaches. Much of the knowledge and understanding that was shared in this series came from direct experience. Other aspects of this understanding were gleaned from observation which occurred outside of my own personal experiences (derived from a combination of careful observation and logical deduction). Still other aspects of this understanding were derived from the research and work of others (which fell outside of the scope of my own personal experience). 

Modern science (or the religious practice of it) attempts to convince the world that there is only one way that a person can reach a valid conclusion. Unfortunately, this method, by default, often eliminates a vast quantity of potentially useful information simply because it falls outside of that which is physically definable, traditionally understandable and/or professionally acceptable. Modern science certainly has a place in the world. But so do other non-traditional forms of information gathering and deduction. All methods of discovery and deduction have their individual strengths and weaknesses. I only wish that they could meet on common ground more often (actually I think that this is probably inevitable, perhaps even unavoidable, as we continue to progress). 

My personal experience ("training") began when I was about 5 years old and has continued on since then. I have referred to these experiences as "non-traditional" because they typically fall far outside those of programmed or accepted belief systems. I suppose that I could have referred to them as "paranormal" but that might invoke an image of some reality (non-reality) TV show which would only serve to place a preconceived label on a unique personal experience. 

A bit more on my history...I was adopted into a (non-biological) family at a very young age. In my teens, I developed some ongoing health issues which were eventually (much later in life) traced back to a couple of "mutated" genes contained within my genetic profile.

As a result of being adopted, I have always been fascinated with the debate pertaining to genetic behavior vs. environmental behavior patterns (how much is due to genetics and how much is due to environmental factors). Another aspect of this debate involves the examination of genetics and what role/degree they play in actual disease vs. that of the mind (i.e. the manifestation of disease which may be invoked by the mind vs. that which may be created by genetic "defects"). 

I found this debate particularly interesting in that my own personal health issues developed without any prior knowledge of my biological family health history (which later I found was also present in my biological parents). This brings up an interesting question involving genetic memory. Do genes act only on our physical body systems (directly) or is there a genetic "memory" that can be accessed by our brains as well? After many years of contemplation on the subject, my personal opinion is that it is a combination of both. In fact, I would even take it one step further and suggest that genetics affect mind/body/spirit and mind/body/spirit affect genetics. 

Throughout this series I have talked about the various dangers involving Big Pharma and the mainstream medical system. This is a very passionate topic for me because I have had the opportunity (or misfortune) to spend much more time in the medical system than I would have preferred. A significant amount of this time was spent in the hematology and oncology wings of various medical centers which gave me the opportunity to witness the barbaric treatment of cancer patients and the atrocities that they typically have to endure from the established mainstream medical community. 

When I was younger, I avoided the medical system like it was the plague (genetic memory?). Then later, I got talked into participating (through very good intentions) in the illusion and confusion of Big Parma and the "doctoring" of human health and consciousness . Now, once again, I avoid the medical system like it is the plague. After a lifetime of extensive research and through much trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that true healing must be holistic in its approach…examining and treating the systems of mind, body and spirit together, not as isolated or separate elements.

The road to good and lasting health is a natural path, not one paved with toxic drugs and surgery. The treatments and cures which are available from the natural world simply blow away the alternatives supplied by Big Pharma and the corrupt mainstream medical establishment (in terms of both effectiveness and non-toxicity). Could this be why the controlling influences of modern society today are attempting to corrupt (genetically modify/destroy), outlaw (condemn/restrict) and own (patent) every aspect of nature? 

I was diagnosed with a wide variety of illnesses before I finally received the correct label (diagnosis). Then I was told that I would need to take a toxic drug for the rest of my life in order to prevent possible or probable health issues in the future. At this point I was deep into the medical system with what appeared, at the time, to be no way out. I always think back on this time by using the analogy of a casino…it's always easy to find your way in, but much more difficult to find your way out. Actually, the analogy doesn't stop there. Every time that we access the modern medical system we are, in fact, gambling with our health.

Needless to say, the drugs that they gave me only created more problems and the need for more drugs to combat new issues created by the original drugs. On a certain level, you can't help but marvel at the madness of this financial model and the realization that we are indeed all just "assets" in a corrupt and insane business scheme that has no problem in treating the human race in the same manner as the animals that they use to test their toxic products. 

I finally made the decision to walk away from this system of torture and consult nature instead…and my health has benefited greatly as a result since then. 

This sort of leads into a recent news story which has been making its way around the media involving Angelina Jolie and the "treatment" of breast cancer that may potentially occur sometime in the future. I used to think of how insane it was to take toxic drugs for a lifetime in order combat the possibility of some disease or disorder occurring sometime in the future. How many people have actually created the very problems that they were trying to avoid, simply by taking toxic drugs which were supposed to ensure good health? Chopping off important body parts in order to avoid the possibility of a future cancer, however, takes this idea to a whole new level. Where is this road leading to? 

I can certainly sympathize with the emotional issues that women must face in regards to breast cancer. But this is more akin to fear-based propaganda and mind control. And the potential that Angelina Jolie might turn into some sort of poster child for the promotion and execution of such procedures is even more disturbing. Will there be any age restrictions on this procedure? What about other possible cancer causing factors that we encounter in our everyday life? GMO's, pesticides, chemicals, ionizing radiation, Aspartame, pharmaceuticals, Microwave/EM radiation, vaccines…what about all these risk factors? I guess it's easier (and more profitable) to just cut something off/out then look at other factors or solutions to the problem.

What about the idea that an otherwise healthy woman may ultimately end up getting sick or dying from such a procedure that is actually supposed to prevent death or disease sometime in the future? I could go on for days and days about the corrupt medial system, Big Pharma, the FDA, EPA, etc. However, instead, I will just suggest that people engage in their own proper research and due diligence before agreeing to a lifetime of toxic drugs or the mutilation of their bodies. The are many other natural, safe and effective alternatives out there. 

The Entities

My personal experiences with the so-called dark entities is a bit of a mystery. However, I do have a theory. Ever since I can remember, I have been extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields. In fact, so much so that, as a child, whenever I was in close proximity to artificial EM sources such as TV's, fluorescent lights, power lines, microwave ovens, electric motors, etc these EM fields would make me feel very ill. This also occurred when I was around certain people and certain environments as well.

This sensitivity eventually progressed to a point where a sort of "higher sense" developed that allowed me to see into and understand various things that appeared to be hidden from other people. I think that this is one of the reasons that I ended up having so many experiences with these entities. Most often, these entities seem to interact with people either because they serve a useful purpose or because they represent a possible threat (to their exposure).

It is interesting to note that during the times in my life where I became heavily immersed in the "matrix", there was very little (if any) interaction with these entities. On the other hand, when I chose to reject the "illusion" and concentrate more on consciousness and spiritual development, this is when things usually got much more interesting. 

Energy is at the core of everything that exists. Therefore, each experience is essentially just a manipulation of energy (a movement, recall or transfer of that energy). The more that we can learn to decode various states of energy, the greater that our "sight" becomes. It seems that there are certain types of entitles who wish to remain hidden from humanity. However, the more pronounced that our sight becomes, the more that these entities seek to interact with us. These experiences can vary greatly and can be perceived as either good, bad or neutral. 

In an effort to further understand how this extended "sight" was affected by the environment, I began to track each experience. I found that both sight (and experience) had a direct relationship to various variables within the environment…geographical location, time of day/night, time of year, solar activity, solar alignments, cosmic alignments, personal health and individual and/or collective intent. Independent of other variables, the greatest/strongest sight always seemed to occur when I was not thinking about it. In other words, most of the time it was very spontaneous in nature.

However, perhaps the strongest manifestation of this sight occurred in direct relationship to the creative process. This idea is actually not new and can be seen distributed quite widely throughout various types of creative works. Prophetic messages are sometimes contained within the body of literature, film, music and other forms of creative works. Perhaps some of this can be attributed to predictive programming (intentional or unintentional). However, I would suggest that a great deal of this insight is simply a result of "creating" a strong connection with the energetic information fields that surround the Earth, the Sun and Universe as a whole. 

Another related concept which I spoke about quite frequently in this series is nature. As this "sight" became more developed, it become more and more difficult to live in densely populated areas such as big cities. Therefore, I ended up spending a lot of time living in smaller towns/cities with a less dense population (no pun intended). I also began spending more time out in nature…enjoying the silence, listening to nature and learning from it. 

When I speak of the importance of preserving nature, I do so from personal discovery and many "non-traditional" experiences which have demonstrated to me that nature indeed holds all of the keys to all of the doors. In case you are wondering, my personal interactions with nature were accomplished without the use of medicinal plants. Personally, I have no objection to participating in such journeys or experiences. Those plants are there for a reason…to teach us. But that is not the only way. There are other routes/methods which are equally effective as well. 

The world and the reality that we are living in is changing quite rapidly. I firmly believe that we are now entering into a new era in which highly developed intuitive abilities will become more widespread. Those with existing abilities will develop greater abilities (and additional abilities). And others who may have less experience with these senses will begin to develop a greater understanding of them and of what is possible.

All of these senses and abilities are completely natural. They have been with us all of the time, but are now just beginning to rise back to the surface. The flip side to this is that the control grid is doing everything that it can to try and block this transition from happening. I believe that this is causing sort of a see-saw effect in much of the population right now as new natural (and strong) energies interact with the old artificial energies which are being produced by the control grid. 

I have attempted to provide certain types of "non-traditional" information in this series in the hope that it might prove to be useful to others who may be having similar experiences and seeking out more information on such subjects. It is not my desire to force any kind information on anyone.

As is the case with any type of information, I always encourage people to develop their own discernment skills based on their own personal experiences, observations, research, logic, heart, intuition, understanding, higher senses and consciousness (as opposed to an understanding based solely on our programming and conditioning). If the information in this series is helpful or provides useful insight, then please feel free to use it in the development of your own personal insights, understanding and/or awakening. That is what this time is all about…a Great Awakening of consciousness. Consciousness is indeed expanding. No longer will we be bound by the old rigid systems which have been traditionally based on manipulation, control and limitation. 


The concept of morality is very much like the concept of responsibility. One person's morality is probably another person's immorality. And one person's immorality is probably another person's morality. Both concepts are often manipulated by various corporate, religious and state systems in order to promote various agendas involving the pursuit of greed, power and control.

One of the greatest challenges of this current existence is understanding and correctly applying the concept of morality to ourselves and to others around us (via the proper use of freewill). At its most basic objective level, morality is actually a very simple idea that may be summed up in the following way: Do No Harm (do not harm yourself and do not harm others). However, in practice, it seems that morality and ethics often take on a much more complex and convoluted meaning in the world.

Sometimes there are indeed valid moral dilemmas. For example, is it moral to harm (or to kill) one person in order to save a thousand other people? How about to save a million people? How does one properly define a clear and present danger (to initiate a proper defensive reaction)? To a capitalist politician, a communist leader might pose a significant danger to humanity (based on historical examples of such leadership). However, to another world leader, capitalism might pose a significant threat to humanity (based on present-day militaristic empire building and unsustainable destructive economic practices).

Issues regarding morality usually do not arise out of valid philosophical questions. Rather, they occur as a result of the practice of moral relativity (subjectivism, rationalization and justification). On the surface, moral relativity can seem quite attractive to many people because it represents an idea of total "freedom" (i.e. unrestricted behavior). However, true freedom is not just a function of personal freedom (at the expense of the freedom of others). Rather, true freedom is freedom for all (realized through the practice of true moral and ethical behavior of all).

Where does the idea of moral relativity emanate from? Is it a product of our own thoughts? Or is it a result of the psychological conditioning and programming implemented by the control system. Who benefits the most from moral relativity? Could corrupt politicians and corrupt rulers act immorally in a morally sound society?

Them is Fightin' Words

What usually happens to an individual when they attempt to deliver a message of peace, love, truth and understanding? They are suppressed, attacked, ridiculed, burned, shot or crucified. What happens when millions of people attempt to deliver a message of peace, love, truth and understanding? The world becomes a more truthful, loving, peaceful and understanding place. 

------- May 9, 2013 -------


Hearing the word "responsibility" often invokes a negative reaction in many people. This is because we have been conditioned to associate the concept of responsibility with negatively aligned actions or behaviors (i.e. behaviors that usually benefit the corrupt system at the expense of responsibility towards ourselves, towards others and towards the planet that we live on).

 For example, the system often associates responsibility with: 

  • Going to college to earn a degree in a socially acceptable/desirable field that promises to offer the best opportunity for wealth and material accumulation (while simultaneously shackling us to a system of debt servitude and detouring us from our true passions and path in life). Those who choose to follow their heart, their passion and a more creative path in life are often chastised by the mainstream for not being responsible or having a "real" job
  • Vaccinating young children with highly dangerous substances (that actually cause disease and immune dysfunction) in order to protect them from questionable disease threats. If parents fail to comply with the forced drugging of their children they are sometimes deemed "irresponsible" and subjected to punishment (banishment)
  • Treating disease or cancer with highly toxic and profitable drugs (that actually cause disease) instead approaching the issue with highly effective (non-toxic) treatments such as eating the right foods, juicing, herbs, meditation, talking (truly expressing oneself), examining possible problems within our living environment, and looking at the energy distribution of the body (the human body is a bio-electrical machine that runs best when it is "tuned" or balanced correctly). Refusing the "accepted" treatments in favor of natural non-toxic treatments is often viewed as "irresponsible" by the mainstream medical community and by other segments of society. Children are increasingly being forced to comply with state mandated policies regarding "acceptable" medical treatment…against their will and against the better judgment of their parents
  • Following the rules. Be a good patriot (shut our mouths and blindly support our leaders), accept the world as it is (as it destroys itself), don't protest against destructive corporate/state policies (don't be a radical), do not express concern for the environment (don't be a job killer), don't say anything that might rock the boat (or you will become a social outcast), and most importantly always conform to the "will" of the collective and stay within the boundaries of the system (don't express yourself with different or unique views of the world)

When we follow our hearts and our passion in life it creates true internal happiness which results in a transfer of happiness to those that we encounter and to the world around us (outward happiness). Working at a job that provides good pay but makes us miserable often results in internal misery and a transfer of that misery to those that we encounter (and to the world around us). The politically correct solution to this dilemma is "fake happiness" which usually makes us even more miserable and contributes to the existence of the virtual reality that we live in.  

It could be said then that one of the greatest responsibilities in this life is to ourselves…not in a selfish or egocentric sort of way, but as a path towards discovery and true happiness…to experience, to learn and to grow as we were intended to. Following our heart and our true passion in life usually puts us on the right path whereby all of the other "responsibilities" (to others, to the Earth, to our future, etc) fall into place quite naturally. That is not to say that we should automatically expect for this to happen by itself, but it is often a common "side effect" (good one) of simply choosing to follow our hearts rather than our programming and conditioning. 

Individualism vs. Collectivism

Individualism is typically associated with concepts such as freedom, freewill and Democratic or Republic based political systems. Collectivism, on the other hand, is typically associated with varying degrees of conformity, oppression and Socialist, Fascist or Communist based political systems. Therefore, individualism must be good (desirable) and collectivism must be bad (undesirable), right? 

Lets examine this idea a bit further… 

  • A dictator is a ruler (with a highly developed sense of "individualism") that believes that the views, desires and needs of the "one" (himself/herself) is preferable to the views, desires and needs of the "many" (the people)
  • Socialism and Communism are political ideologies that believe that a few "individuals" at the top know what is best for a population of millions (or billions) of people below them
  • Corporations are "independent" entities that believe that the greed/profit motives of a few (banks, oil companies, Big Pharma, Military Industrial Complex, etc) take precedence over the well-being of the general population and of the planet that we live on

A few more examples…

  • A "democratic" nation that values individualism decides to wage war on the entire world in the name of freedom, democracy and individual human rights
  • A country decides to exercise its "individual sovereignty" by dumping toxic pollution in a lake (with shared borders) that other countries rely on for their drinking water
  • An individual decides to exercise his "individualism" by blasting his stereo all night long, keeping his neighbors awake
  • A free democracy inadvertently infringes on the rights/needs of others because it believes that "individualism" is a god-given right. A scripture that is sometimes quoted by god-fearing freedom loving Christians (usually social, religious, corporate and/or political leaders that wish to hold dominion over others) is…"and let them (Man) have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the Earth and every creeping thing that creeps on the Earth" (apparently creeping people are also included in this definition as well). It kind of makes one wonder if the god of the Old Testament was perhaps a CEO or dictator in disguise?

This isn't a poke at Christianity or Christians (I grew up in Christianity and still value some of the information and teachings contained within the Bible). This is simply an honest examination of some of the more destructive ideas that are sometimes mixed in with the more rational and beneficial teachings within the Bible and other ancient texts. To quote Chief Seattle…"the Earth does not belong to Man, Man belongs to the Earth". The human race has acted with total dominion over all that exists on the Earth now for thousands of years. How has that been working out for us? Do we have more freedom or less freedom? Do we have more war or less war? Do we have more happiness or less happiness? Do we have a healthy and beautiful planet to live on or a struggling polluted planet? Should we continue to act with total dominion over the planet and everything on it, or should we perhaps try living with the planet in a more harmonious manner? 

Individualism, left unchecked, can lead to highly egocentric (out-of-touch) behaviors that can be quite destructive towards other individuals and to the general population as a whole. On the other hand, Collectivism can lead to a loss of individuality and creativity (suppressed individual needs) in favor of the oppressive/abusive policies of highly "individualistic" corporate and state tyrants.

So which is better, Individualism or Collectivism? I would suggest that neither is preferable because they both exemplify extreme states of artificially constructed/maintained "polarities" (dualities) that seek to promote one "idealism" over the other (and at the expense of the other). Blind individualism without responsibility to others can be just as destructive as collective thought patterns and actions without individual discernment or responsibility towards oneself. 

We are all Connected, We are One

We are all connected, we are one. This statement probably means different things to different people. To someone that grew up in a socialist or communist country, it might represent a danger sign (perhaps something signaling a "collectivist" type of political ideology). However, to someone else it might represent something entirely different (without any type of social or political philosophy attached to it at all). 

When I was a teenager I had an NDE (near death experience) that had a profound impact on my life. Since then I have had quite a few other (non-traditional) experiences that have confirmed, without a doubt, that we are indeed all connected in a very important way…not as some homogenous blob of consciousness, but as unique individual souls that have a shared heritage and origin (and an amazing inter-connectedness that would be difficult to express in words). 

In Hermetic teachings there is a postulation that states…"As above, so below". Based on my own personal experiences, this is true on many different levels. If you ever have any doubt as to whether we are all connected, spend a few days out in nature (our classroom "below" which is a direct reflection of that which exists "above"). Watch the animals, the fish, the insects, the birds, the trees, the plants, the water, the air, the day and the night and how they all interact…each one is highly independent of the other, yet they are all greatly dependent on each other for their individual survival. 

Money and Power

Money by itself is not evil. It is mostly the manipulation and worship of money that is at the core of the problem. Money and power can be used for either good or for evil. The corrupted pursuit of money often leads to the corrupted pursuit of power. In this way, money can contribute to the realization of false power (false empowerment or disempowerment). Things usually begin to go awry when consciousness and awareness surrender and take a backseat to the ego (the ego becomes the driver and consciousness becomes the passenger). 

I chose to try and provide the information in this series free of any monetary influences because that is what felt right to me. It was a personal choice. It was not intended to represent any type of moral statement. When someone provides something of value to someone else, there is nothing wrong with requesting something of value in return for our time, effort, or for the services or products which have been provided or created. In fact, such an exchange is very beneficial. That doesn't necessarily mean that it has to involve a monetary form of exchange. Sometimes it could be a trade or barter or even something as simple as a thank you or some other show of appreciation. 

The only time that I take exception to this philosophy is when someone attempts to take advantage of another person (i.e. uses the generosity of others in the pursuit/furtherance of their own commercial gain or fame…or in other words, by bypassing the original spirit of such freely given products or information). Many people today are in a situation where they cannot afford to donate any monetary funds towards a particular cause or effort. However, there are others which can afford to provide such a medium of exchange (either monetary funds or an expression of appreciation) but choose not to engage in such an exchange.

It's very strange, but often the greatest acts/displays of generosity and kindness seem to come from those who can least afford it. Contributions/exchanges can be simple in theory but still offer large rewards in practice…for example, even a simple thank you can often help to encourage a person to continue with their work and may even end up contributing to an entirely different kind of wealth just by putting a smile on the faces of both parties involved. 

Surrender vs. No Surrender

Dreams, passion, love, compassion, morals, internal beauty, ethics, empathy, freewill, kindness, creativity, freedom, generosity, awareness, truth…these are human attributes that the "system" would like us to surrender to it. Greed, lies, hate, intolerance, artificial beauty, fear, apathy, immorality, manipulated ego, conformity…these are the replacement attributes that the system (matrix) favors and wishes to instill/install in us.

To surrender or not surrender? I suppose that depends on what "stage" of reality that you are currently experiencing in your life. In other words, one person may decide to stand firm and hold on to the ideals that they believe in (not surrender to the system) while another person may choose to let go and surrender to his/her higher-self in order to find their way back to the ideals that they once cherished (before such values were corrupted). 


There is some talk today about how COINTELPRO (counter-intelligence programs) have infiltrated various parts of the alternative news/research community. There is certainly some of this going on. However, some of these people (accused of being counter-intelligence operatives) may not even know that they are acting in this capacity. In other words, one can act as an "agent" for the system without necessarily being on the official payroll.

Programming and conditioning can take on many different forms and can often be very difficult to detect unless we periodically take a step back from the system and review how our current thoughts, emotions and actions (of mind/body) compare with our backup (our heart, intuition and consciousness). 

The most effective "ports" of entry (programming interfaces) include the ego, the senses and various emotions (greed, fear, fame, survival needs, and sexual desires). Primal desires/behaviors are usually the most effective programming portals because they offer a "back door" into our consciousness that bypasses many of our natural defenses. The ego, in particular, is extremely susceptible to programming because it craves what the control grid feeds it (attention) and it is extremely resistant to recognizing or admitting to being "infiltrated". 


Discernment is a necessary and beneficial practice (as well as a lost art). However, the other (uglier) side of discernment is suspicion which can actually be quite destructive and offers no real benefit other than to create chaos and to feed the "machine". 

Access Ports

The human access ports (ego/senses/emotions) are analogous to the communication ports in a computer. And our consciousness is analogous to the artificial intelligence (the operating system/programs) of a computer. A firewall protects a computer by restricting access to open/unused ports in the same way that our aura, discernment, awareness and health (mind/body/spirit) protect our consciousness by filtering out potentially harmful programs/elements in the world around us. Viruses, Trojan horses and malware can negatively effect both types of operating systems (the digital computer and our mind/body/consciousness system). 

Throughout this series I have used the analogy of a computer to describe the dark entities and how the human race is being transformed into something that is essentially a direct reflection of these entities. Those who have been (un)fortunate enough to have direct contact with the dark entities which are currently controlling this planet would probably agree that these entities act in a manner that is, in fact, very robotic and computerized…both in their methodology and in their actions. 

For example, lets briefly examine the manner and efficiency in which humans are currently being digitalized and dehumanized:

  • human emotions are being distilled down into digital numbers ("likes", page views, followers, pins, stats, etc)
  • Face-to-face contact is being replaced by virtual interaction
  • Real friends are being replaced virtual friends
  • Natural intimacy is being replaced by virtual porn
  • Outdoor environments are being replaced by indoor virtual environments
  • Memes that run wild through the virtual world are referred as viral (i.e. viruses…regardless of whether they have a good or bad influence)
  • The name of one of the most popular operating systems used today by humans is "Android", and the other popular operating system is characterized by the symbol of an "Apple" (which in more esoteric terms is sometimes used to represent temptation or the "forbidden fruit").

Interestingly, in the Old Testament, the Apple is used to represent the "Fall of Man", while, in the New Testament, the Apple is typically associated with the "Redemption of Man" (another important philosophical concept derived from the ancient texts…i.e. the Apple can represent good and/or evil, it just depends on how we use it). 

Mirror Image

The mirror image symbolism in this series was sometimes used to represent the inverted (non) nature of the system/control grid which is attempting to hijack both humanity and the Earth. For every natural concept in the natural world there is a mirror image or reverse/inverse (corrupted) version of it in virtual reality. The dark entities are attempting to completely overhaul/replace the entire natural world here on Earth with a reverse corrupted version of reality (non-reality) using a methodology that they are most familiar with…viruses, Trojan horses and malware. Think about this analogy and how nearly every "system" here on Earth right now is "infecting" or "corrupting" the natural world, our natural physical bodies and our natural consciousness. 

Solution: Periodically run a personal antivirus program (please see COINTELPRO above) to make sure that you haven't been unknowingly infected or compromised. 

The Angry Activist

I used to get very angry in the past when I witnessed injustices in the world. This mindset actually seemed to serve me quite well for a while by acting as a catalyst that helped to nudge me towards constructive/productive action. However, after a while I discovered that trying to harness anger for beneficial or constructive means can be a tricky proposition in practice (when attempted on a ongoing basis). 

Anger (and other strong emotions) can sometimes be used quite effectively as a short-term motivator when battling injustice. However, in the long run they can often end up turning against us and becoming more of a destructive influence in our lives than a beneficial one (without us even realizing it). There is of course a time and a place for everything. And what works for one person, may not work for another. However, what I can say from my own experience is that holding on to strong emotions for extended periods of time will most likely eventually work against that which we may be trying to accomplish (i.e. anchored emotions can be just as destructive as suppressed emotions). 

The Dimmer Switch

When we are born into this world, each of us has a bright light that is contained within us. This is the light of God (the Creator, Source, the Great Spirit or whichever other term you may prefer). However, almost immediately upon arriving here, we are confronted with a vast array of control mechanisms which are designed to incrementally and insidiously extinguish this light little by little…TV, public education (indoctrination), war, conformity training, organized religion, fluorinated drinking water, vaccines, chemicals, the corrupted mainstream media, electromagnetic pollution, alcohol, drugs (recreational and prescription), GMO's, chemtrails, heavy metal poisoning (mercury, lead, aluminum, barium, etc), peer pressure…the list goes on and on.

For much of the population, this light has usually been diminished quite considerably by the time we graduate from college (or other similar systems of indoctrination). Just take a look at the eyes and face of a child vs. that of an indoctrinated adult... one is usually quite bright while the other is often a bit faded (not from age, but from the coordinated assault/campaign/war that is being waged against the mind/body/spirit). 

The challenge of this existence is to hold on to that light, nurture it and encourage it to grow. The dramas manufactured by the Matrix are designed to keep us constantly distracted so that this light remains hidden from us. As soon as it begins to glow a little we are usually confronted with yet another new distraction/drama, streamed at us continually compliments of the media (i.e. "don't look at the light within, look here instead"). However, despite all of the ongoing distractions, this light is beginning to return (and grow) within many people.

There really are some truly beautiful things which are happening right now. Even the control grid/matrix can't escape it. In its ongoing efforts to remain in the role of the "extinguisher", the control grid has actually inadvertently switched roles now (remaining true to its inverted nature) and has instead become the "light giver/bringer"…encouraging more and more people to wake up (as a result of all of the manufactured chaos it is creating) and recognize the true light and innate power that is contained within all of us. Even though it may not always seem like it, everything in the Universe has both a place and a purpose (Note: To properly understand the paragraph above, it is important to take it in the context of this entire series).

To Protest or not to Protest?

For many, the word "protest" often invokes an image of people marching in the streets with signs. However, there are actually many different forms of protest. Other types of protest include modifying our buying habits, signing petitions, engaging in non-conformity and non-participation in harmful parts of the system (for example growing our own food) and initiating or participating in various creative endeavors (video, writing, music, radio, art, etc.) in order to express our views and opinions.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each form of protest and each person must decide which form of protest is right for them personally. However, one thing that I firmly believe is that every single person has great potential to inspire others and to encourage positive change. There are some things to consider if one chooses to participate in street protests (as discussed in part 9). However, as long as people remain alert and aware of their surroundings, these venues can be safe, productive and create many positive effects such as encouraging a strong sense of solidarity among the people and helping to create public awareness of important issues. 

The Journey(s) of Awakening

As many people have probably discovered, the "Journey" is not just one, but that of many. It is actually an ongoing process that is always evolving. In this present experience, however, it seems that the control system (currently here on Earth) would like us to board a bus (the Bus Trip), follow a specific route/itinerary and travel down the road of life without ever taking the time (or perhaps more accurately…having the time) to look out the windows (except to view the billboards of course). 

The universe, on the other hand, seems to be trying to encourage us to partake in an entirely different kind of road trip…one where we actively observe the scenery around us and regularly depart the bus so that we may fully experience all that the trip has to offer. To put it another way, the control grid presents us with a predetermined route of travel consisting of a gray concrete "free"way (merely providing the illusion of freedom of travel), crowded with many other motorists…offering little scenery, blocked or restricted exits and corrupted (polluted) air to breathe. On the other hand, the Universe presents us with a beautiful/colorful "high"way (a higher form of travel) that is connected to an infinite number of side roads that branch out in all directions…encouraging us to explore the scenery and meet other travelers as we move along our own unique highways and paths in life. 

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