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3rd May 2016  Dusty 10th May 2016 Banff Castle 23rd May 2016 DSC_5734-001.jpg
DSC_5446.jpg DSC_5299-001.jpg DSC_5250-001.jpg DSC_5239-001.jpg
DSC_5225-001.jpg DSC_5167-001.jpg DSC_4938-001.jpg DSC_4455-001.jpg
17th February 2015  getting warmer 8th March 2015  sunshine in the woods 22nd March 2015  looking south 27th March 2015  run around
1st April 2015  April snow 3rd April 2015  mini daffodil 11th April 2015  clean and fresh 13th April 2015  new born
3rd May 2015  tulips 4th May 2015  May Day 7th May 2015  going home 9th May 2015  a meander
12th May 2015  Shower approaching 16th  May 2015  away from it all 25th May 2015  about to sprout 31st May 2015  wet poppy
DSC_5419-001.jpg DSC_5420-001.jpg DSC_5411-001.jpg DSC_5385-001.jpg
DSC_5381-001.jpg DSC_4940-001.jpg 4th April 2015  Ecclesiamagirdle 5th April 2015  River Earn
6th April 2015  River Earn 7th April 2015  meander in the Ury 9th April 2015  fairyland 10th April 2015  spring shadows
12th April 2015  lovely skies 14th April 2015  perfect weather 15th April 2015  spring weather 16th April 2015  The Bass
18th April 2015  yellow 19th April 2015  Sunday afternoon 25th April 2015  snow approaching 26th April 2015  spring sunset
DSC_4871-001.jpg DSC_4831-001.jpg DSC_4840-001.jpg DSC_4598-001.jpg
DSC_4310-001.jpg DSC_4309-001.jpg DSC_4279-001.jpg DSC_4223-001.jpg
DSC_3944-001.jpg DSC_3853-001.jpg DSC_3820-001.jpg DSC_3786-001.jpg
14th March 2015  early 21st March 2015  spring equinox 25th March 2015  fluffiness 16th February 2015  fairy apartments
21st February 2015  Hill of snowdrops DSC_3738-001.jpg DSC_3706-001.jpg DSC_3449-001.jpg
DSC_3310-001.jpg DSC_3304-001.jpg DSC_3159-001.jpg DSC_3108-001.jpg
DSC_3118-001.jpg DSC_3111-001.jpg DSC_2993-001.jpg DSC_2764-001.jpg
DSC_2659-001.jpg 16th May 2014  hazy sunshine 18th May 2014  a walk in the sunshine 23rd May 2014  early
25th May 2014 a  walk in the rain 27th May 2014  daisies 29th May 2014  big daisies DSC_7303-001.jpg
DSC_7272-001.jpg DSC_7263-001.jpg DSC_7108-001.jpg DSC_7093-001.jpg
DSC_7017-001.jpg DSC_7057-001.jpg 9th April 2014  hill of daffodils 18th April 2014   yellow
25th April 2014 misty Friday 15th March 2014  warmest day DSC_5531.jpg DSC_5753-001.jpg
DSC_5244-001.jpg DSC_5236-001.jpg 2nd March 2014  March winds 1st June 2013  first flower
DSC_8905 copy.jpg DSC_8911-copy.jpg DSC_8861-copy.jpg DSC_8379-copy.jpg
31st March 2013  Easter lambs 16th April 2013  warm and sunny 21st April 2013  sheep eating turnips DSC_8056 copy.jpg
DSC_7971 copy.jpg 3rd March 2013  the greenery 23rd February 2013  ploughing DSC_0049 copy.jpg
DSC_0071 copy.jpg DSC_0062 copy.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg
DSC_0035 copy.jpg DSC_0104 copy.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg DSC_0049 copy.jpg
DSC_0095 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg 23rd May 2012  verdant DSC_0077 copy.jpg
8th May 2012  late sunshine 17th April 2012  icy wind 11th April 2012  Glasgow skies DSC_0006 copy.jpg
13th May 2012  Mouth of the River Don 9th April 2012  sunshine DSC_0033 copy.jpg 14th April 2012  polar air
DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0020 copy.jpg 16th April 2012  snow coming DSC_0016 copy.jpg
11th April 2012  showers DSC_0003 copy.jpg 28th April 2012  Spring is back DSC_0008 copy.jpg
21st March 2012  misty morning DSC_0043 copy.jpg 25th March 2012  River Don 12th February 2012  Balquhain Castle
DSC_0094s.jpg DSC_0025 copy.jpg 16th April 2011  spring through the door 13th March 2011  rain
1st May 2011  at the coast 12th April 2011  Fettrnear 23rd May 2011  windy day 6th March 2011  cold sunshine
5th May 2011  beautiful dawn DSC_0017 copy.jpg 14th May 2011  rainbow near the Ivory Tower 1st April 2009  the bass
27th March 2009  daffs 28th May 2010  Loch Morlich DSC_0052 copy.jpg DSC_0007 copy.jpg
11th April 2011  daffs 31st May 2010  end of May DSC_0016 copy.jpg 9th May 2011  the road home
DSC_0056 copy.jpg 15th March 2011  mist and rain 2nd April 2011  April showers 28th March 2009  the bass
18th April 2008  big yellow daisy 23rd March 2009  the road home 22nd May 2011  Loch Morlich DSC_0053 copy.jpg
DSC_0002s.jpg 22nd March 2010  March winds DSC_0013 copy.jpg DSC_0012s.jpg
13th May 2009  sunny morning 26th March 2009  empty road DSC_0005s.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg
DSC_0021 copy.jpg 24th May 2011  showers 26th May 2010  dreamy sky DSC_0033 copy.jpg
4th June 2008  spring day 2nd April 2009  buds 16th April 2009  spring DSC_0045 copy.jpg
1st May 2010  mayday 20th April 2009  bench 19th February 2010  tulip DSC_0097 copy.jpg
13th May 2008  broom 23rd April 2009  Blairdaff 21st March 2010  it's officially spring DSC_0050s.jpg
DSC_0037 copy2.jpg 17th May 2009  downpour DSC_0013s2.jpg DSC_0021 copy2.jpg
17th March 2010  spring bloom 6th May 2010  north wind DSC_0040s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg
DSC_0065 copy.jpg DSC_0033copy.jpg 24th May 2009  Blairdaff rainbow DSC_0014 copy.jpg
23rd June 2008  foxglove DSC_0083s.jpg DSC_0020s.jpg 21st March 2009  first day of spring
DSC_0113s.jpg DSC_0056s.jpg DSC_0032s.jpg DSC_0064s.jpg
31st May 2008  hot and steamy 4th May 2009  stormy DSC_0025s.jpg 5th April 2008  Sandy Knowes Fishery
8th May 2009  leafy DSC_0051 copy.jpg 10th May 2009  Ythan 18th May 2008  Findhorn Bay
7th April 2008  fluffiness 30th March 2009  shadowy DSC_0190s.jpg 21st April 2009  cows
4th May 2010  chilly 27th May 2010  cows DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0019 copy.jpg
15th March 2010  Ides of March 17th May 2010  beautiful day 10th April 2010  warmest day DSC_0056 copy.jpg
11th May 2009  balloon 6th June 2008  D Day DSC_0066 copy.jpg DSC_0050s.jpg
3rd May 2009  fields at Balquhain DSC_0051s.jpg 9th May 2009  Broomend of Crichie DSC_0050s.jpg
22nd March 2009  sudden rainbow DSC_0033s.jpg DSC_0083s.jpg 12th May 2009  to the beach
DSC_0082 copy.jpg 20th May 2009  thundery skies 30th March 2008  Oyne DSC_0053 copy.jpg
3rd April 2006  Avielochan DSC_0002s2.jpg 4th May 2007  moon 4th May 2006  Kinmuck
DSC_0005 copy.jpg 12th April 2009  postbox 25th April 2008  stormy weather approaching 3rd April 2007  just out
DSC_0212s.jpg 11th April 2009  Balquhain 12th May 2007  sorry to leave DSC_0078copy.jpg
21st April 2006  aliens have been on my bench 29th May 2006  a cloudburst doesn't last all day 5th June 2008  harbour 1st March 2009  green shoots
DSC_0054s.jpg DSC_0017 copy.jpg DSC_0086s.jpg 8th April 2009  new born
DSC_0053s.jpg DSC_0029s.jpg DSC_0014s2.jpg 1st April 2006  all it takes is some warmth
11th May 2010  heavy shower 21st March 2005, chilly mist 5th May 2009  clouds building 30th April 2006  bring me sunshine
DSC_0011s.jpg 11th May 2008  mist in the afternoon 29th May 2008  cows in the evening 12th May 2006  light and shadow
27th April 2007  Le soleil et la lune 4th April 2008  River Earn 27th May 2009  Gardenstown 11th May 2007  Cairngorms
DSC_0012s.jpg PICT0033a.jpg 9th May 2006  peaceful PICT0001a.jpg
11th April 2006  spring is here DSC_0057s.jpg DSC_0096s.jpg 14th March 2005, green shoots
DSC_0028s.jpg 17th April 2006  consider the lily 14th May 2007  going home 22nd May 2006  spring day
8th May 2005 still showery Walled Garden, Fraser Castle 25th May 2006  sunshine and showers 28th April 2007  the cuteness
PICT0013a.jpg 8th April 2005, Inverness 10th May 2008  in the woods oyne.jpg
SIMG0008a.jpg 6th May 2005 Open Air 16th May 2008  Glen Tanar PICT0074a.jpg
2nd May 2006  late misty sunshine  parmi le foliage PICT0026xx.jpg 8th May 2007  monarch of the meadow
PICT0023.JPG 1st May 2005 14th June 2005  the truth is... 28th May 2005 fantasy
29th April 2007  banks of the Dee PICT0001a.jpg 23rd April 2006  sheepish PICT0022a.jpg
Castle Fraser 5th May 2006  Five minutes peace beside the River Don 19th April 2006  silver lining moonstone2.jpg
12th April 2007  sunshine Findhorn 3rd May 2006  Castle Fraser 4th May 2005 curious calf
Findorn 25th April 2005, misty sunshine 25. March, lambs on the way... DSC_0009s.jpg
28th May 2006  further on up the road 27th May 2006  outlook showery 30th May 2006  golden evening 17th May 2008  Balquhain
River Don 9th June 2006  further mistiness Simg0012.jpg
29th April 2006  eight thirty the calf at bay 17th April 2007  Craigievar Castle late evening
bullocks 30th May 2005 another long walk 3rd April 2005, green and misty
29th March 2005 River Dee Benachie 17th May 2005  time for bed
Balquain Castle 20th March 2005, spring tomorrow 26th May 2005 a long walk
24th May 2006  caught in a shower 28th April 2005 the windiness... 2nd April 2005, enchanted forest
9th May 2005 the tranquility