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not black N white...

25th April 2016  Macduff 26th April 2016  hound DSC_0186-001.jpg 14th November 2015  silver and gold
DSC_2013-003.jpg DSC_1827-001.jpg 16th December 2015  fog on the road 23rd December 2015  hail shower about to start
DSC_9284-001.jpg DSC_3852-001.jpg 14th February 2015  more mist 25th February 2015  the birds
16th September 2014  blue mist 22nd November 2014  bare tree 28th October 2014  black and white night 21st April 2014  misty Monday morning
10th April 2014  the library DSC_6546-001.jpg DSC_2943-2.jpg DSC_3686 copy.jpg
16th November 2013  the moon 20th November 2013  day of storms DSC_2923 copy.jpg DSC_2892 copy.jpg
DSC_2795 copy.jpg DSC_0557 copy.jpg DSC_0544 copy.jpg DSC_6017 copy.jpg
DSC_7726 copy.jpg DSC_5158 copy.jpg DSC_4165 copy.jpg 25th  October 2013  raining
DSC_4147 copy.jpg 19th October 2013   woods at night in the rain DSC_0018 copy.jpg DSC_1732 copy.jpg
DSC_0081 copy.jpg 6th April 2013  snow shower DSC_0118 copy.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg
10th October 2013  nearly home DSC_0007 copy.jpg 15th February 2013  paler shade of grey DSC_0002 copy.jpg
DSC_0127 copy.jpg 23rd March 2013  drifting 18th March 2013  spring snow DSC_0071 copy.jpg
4th April 2013  Loch Pityoulish 10th February 2013  winter storm 7th February 2013  is winter fading? 29th March 2013  springtime is so bracing
DSC_0097 copy.jpg 22nd January 2013  bitter wind 9th December 2012  Citroen DS 1st April 2012  north wind is back
4th February 2012  snowflakes 22nd October 2011  grey 13th December 2012  Little Freeze 8th December 2012  unexpected snow
22nd December 2012  driving home for... 25th February 2012  more north wind 18th October 2011  cold front 20th January 2013  winter walk
13th February 2013  snow at the coast 7th February 2012  frosty moon 6th June 2012  Ben Nevis 18th February 2012  snowy day
15th February 2012  soft, soggy day 21st February 2012  lumpy sky DSC_0191 copy.jpg DSC_0037 copy.jpg
DSC_0155 copy.jpg 3rd November 2011  the sun is still there 19th October 2011  stormy 17th December 2011  snow shower
DSC_0009 copy.jpg DSC_0088 copy.jpg DSC_0012 copy.jpg 13th March 2011  rain
9th March 2011  flakes DSC_0080 copy.jpg 23rd December 2009  December Colour DSC_0044 copy.jpg
7th September 2009  about to rain DSC_0089 copy.jpg 4th January 2009  drizzly DSC_0022 copy.jpg
DSC_0020 copy.jpg 10th March 2011  stormy 28th January 2012  by the river DSC_0024 copy.jpg
DSC_0152 copy.jpg DSC_0041 copy.jpg DSC_0007 copy.jpg DSC_0059 copy.jpg
22nd December 2010  dark becomes light DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0190 copy.jpg 20th September 2009  Jag
DSC_0058 copy.jpg 24th November 2009  dark and cold DSC_0098 copy.jpg 28th May 2010  Loch Morlich
DSC_0024 copy.jpg 10th September 2008  Bridge over the Don DSC_0015 copy.jpg 5th April 2012  Ballindalloch Castle
DSC_0056 copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg 3rd February 2009  short stories 29th December 2009  getting colder
19th December 2010  main road DSC_0059s.jpg DSC_0091 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg
10th January 2009  stormy DSC_0056 copy.jpg DSC_0116 copy.jpg 7th January 2010  River Ury
14th December 2008  bleak midwinter DSC_0006 copy.jpg 7th March 2010  snow is going 15th March 2011  mist and rain
13th September 2009  Citroens 4th December 2009  pale light DSC_0102 copy.jpg 6th January 2010  January colour
13th April 2009  misty start 15th January 2009  grey skies DSC_0035 copy.jpg 15th January 2010  frosty
DSC_0054 copy.jpg 14th September 2008  North Sea 3rd November 2008  hanging on 31st January 2010  snow shower
11th December 2009  frosty 17th September 2008  misty morning DSC_0071 copy.jpg DSC_0002 copy.jpg
25th February 2010  soggy snow DSC_0155 copy.jpg 8th December 2008  December morning 29th November 2010  snowstorm
15th December 2008  Christmas tree DSC_0065s.jpg 1st February 2010  keep left DSC_0161copy.jpg
22nd December 2009  out to launch DSC_0012 copy.jpg 18th November 2008  statue DSC_0035s.jpg
18th February 2010  frosty DSC_0049 copy.jpg DSC_0160 copy.jpg 23rd January 2009  wet n windy
20th April 2009  bench DSC_0083s.jpg 6th March 2010  Blue Saturday 16th April 2009  spring
DSC_0013 copy.jpg DSC_0047s.jpg 25th December 2009  Christmas Day 26th October 2010  not black and white
DSC_0012 copy.jpg DSC_0063 copy.jpg 25th March 2010  fog DSC_0001s.jpg
13th January 2008  land of darkness 30th December 2008  the romance of trees 2nd July 2008  mist coming in 18th December 2010  minus ten
3rd March 2009  wintry fingers 20th November 2008  snow on the cards 21st March 2008  first day of spring 9th January 2009  moon lights the coast
17th November 2008  cold day 7th December 2008  blue 1st March 2010  lighter days 28th August 2009  stormy
17th May 2009  downpour DSC_0163s.jpg DSC_0154 copy.jpg 9th January 2010  grave mistake
8th January 2008  wet & windy DSC_0041 copy.jpg 19th December 2007  still frosty 24th December 2008  misty
26th December 2009  fallen tree 5th February 2009  trees in winter 13th December 2008  further rain 27th February 2010  northeasterly
24th June 2009  misty evening DSC_0040 copy.jpg 9th February 2009  cold morning DSC_0035 copy.jpg
29th February 2008  sunshine and showers 25th March 2006  drizzly 19th August 2008  drizzle 7th May 2008  audience of cows
21st December 2009  Winter Solstice DSC_0006 copy.jpg 17th July 2008  Boulogne PICT0003s.jpg
DSC_0022 copy.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg 8th November 2008  light breaks through DSC_0139s.jpg
DSC_0067s.jpg DSC_0026 copy.jpg 30th August 2009  Atlantic front coming in 25th December 2008  Christmas robin
DSC_0090s.jpg DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0091s.jpg 31st March 2010  not going anywhere
12th September 2007  in colour DSC_0060s.jpg 21st August 2007  still misty DSC_0054s.jpg
15th May 2009   rain coming DSC_0056s.jpg 28th February 2008  hanging out 17th December 2007  frosty
DSC_0008 copy.jpg 12th January 2008  further layer of frost 12th November 2007  trees by the road
DSC_0071s.jpg 6th April 2008  snow again DSC_0030copy.jpg 11th December 2008  misty
19th November 2007  the sound of rain 20th March 2008  beginning to snow 25th January 2008  favourite tree 4th March 2010  nowhere to go
16th November 2007  winter flight DSC_0039s.jpg 8th February 2008  February sun coming up 2nd December 2008  snowstorm at the coast
DSC_0081s.jpg 2nd April 2007  mistiness in the evening Castle Varrich 9th May 2008  Friday leap
6th February 2010  Donegal harbour 11th January 2008  frost and mist 21st November 2007  Rain 11th April 2008  woods in a thunderstorm
DSC_0062s.jpg 29th August 2007  stormy energy 18th January 2008  misty light 30th May 2007  heavy skies
10th October 2007  last light at the stones North Sea mist 28th May 2007  rough seas DSC_0048s.jpg
DSC_0022s.jpg DSC_0022s.jpg 3rd July 2007  before the downpour DSC_0034s.jpg
22nd November 2007  the rain stops DSC_0029s.jpg 11th November 2006  near the coast 12th February 2007  wet blanket
DSC_0194s.jpg 11th May 2007  Cairngorms DSC_0060s.jpg 29th May 2008  cows in the evening
DSC_0142s.jpg DSC_0051s.jpg 25th June 2007  The Bass DSC_0022s.jpg
DSC_0004s.jpg PICT0007s.jpg DSC_0053s.jpg DSC_0017s.jpg
DSC_0072s.jpg 3rd November 2007  in the air DSC_0019s.jpg 25th August 2007  summery evening
PICT0005s.jpg 15th January 2007  grey sunset DSC_0138s.jpg 5th February 2007  turned out (n)ice again
DSC_0116s.jpg 9th December 2007  begining to rain PICT0031.JPG DSC_0054s.jpg
2nd October 2006  in colour 3rd January 2007  stormy day at the beach DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0266s.jpg
19th August 2007  mini monarch of the meadow DSC_0008s.jpg 26th March 2007  misty start DSC_0001sL.jpg
29th October 2006  wickerman DSC_0033s.jpg 31st October 2007  spooky drive home 9th October 2007  misty
4th January 2008  big storm coming DSC_0124s.jpg PICT0023s.jpg PICT0030.JPG
DSC_0033s.jpg DSC_0062s.jpg 1st July 2007  fog on the hill DSC_0162s.jpg
5th March 2007  storm on the way PICT0027.JPG DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0046s.jpg
24th June 2006  climbing up on Moncrieffe Hill 8th May 2007  monarch of the meadow PICT0001s.jpg DSC_0069s.jpg
3rd January 2008  winter in the woods 12th April 2006  sunlight penetrating DSC_0007s.jpg 10th March 2006  I ate a lady's bun
DSC_0026s.jpg DSC_0154s.jpg PICT0002s.jpg 24th November 2007  moonlight shadow
DSC_0049s.jpg PICT0079a.jpg 25th December 2006  Frosty Christmas Carbisdale Castle
PICT0014.JPG PICT0001s.jpg DSC_0009s.jpg DSC_0024s.jpg
31st October 2006  dark and windy PICT0012a.jpg DSC_0045s.jpg DSC_0022s.jpg
21st June 2006  burst of energy DSC_0121s.jpg DSC_0070s.jpg PICT0006s.jpg
DSC_0010s.jpg 27th April 2005 PICT0147a.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg
PICT0036a.jpg 22nd January 2007  starting to snow DSC_0043s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg
20th April 2006  pink mist DSC_0056s.jpg DSC_0076s.jpg PICT0012.JPG
DSC_0019sL.jpg PICT0006a.jpg DSC_0009s.jpg DSC_0021.JPG
30th June 2005  soft day DSC_0012s2.jpg PICT0037a.jpg 16th November 2005 wintry showers
DSC_0025s.jpg 5th November, the gloominess... PICT0005a.jpg PICT0099a.jpg
28th November 2006  by the moon's light DSC_0021s.jpg PICT0009.JPG DSC_0030.JPG
DSC_0020s.jpg 8th June 2006  warm, misty blanket PICT0034a.jpg 19th August, River Don
17th November, winter approaches... PICT0057a.jpg 31st March 2005, a bit of sun DSC_0035s.jpg
Dunnottar PICT0007a.jpg DSC_0008s.jpg
PICT0005s.jpg PICT0081a.jpg Pict0026.jpg PICT0022.JPG
Pict0031a.jpg 17th January, the fizziness PICT0005.JPG 15th May 2006  nobody about
30th March 2007  murky 26th January 2006 colour not included DSC_0017s.jpg 2nd January 2006 muddy boots
PICT0098a.jpg zcarrc.jpg 18th April 2005 still chilly DSC_0019.JPG
3rd December 2005 dark day PICT0064.JPG 1st February 2006 elusive wispiness of the winter sun 26th February 2005, the spookiness
DSC_0011s.jpg 3rd December, the lovers 29th December 2005 River Earn PICT0145a.jpg
PICT0055a.jpg 27th March 2005 9th May, River Don PICT0016a.jpg
Leith Hall 31st May 2005   lost track of time Daviot stone circle 11th August, departure...
seaside1.jpg 17th December,  hooray it's snowing! PICT0021a.jpg 7th December 2005  return of the fog
PICT0012a.jpg PICT0016a.jpg 10th December,  the laziness... 3rd January 2005, road to my mother's
29th October, chilly thrills Smoo Cave 21st February 2005, chasing clouds 10th February 2005, through the glass, darkly...
4th January 2005, more trees 24th February 2007  I was lost in the forest seaside2.jpg 7th Oct, chillier
3rd April 2005, green and misty 14th February 2005, home again! Smoo Cave
Eddrachillis Bay 2nd March 2005, turning chilly 28th December, icy winds 15th March 2005 wet N windy
PICT0025a.jpg 17th May 2005  time for bed Easter Aquorthies
Pict0019.jpg 22nd March 2005, gloomy
Smoo Cave winter picnic
Loch Morlich 2nd January 2005, 6th March 2005, circle of trees 1st December, frostiness
28th April 2005 the windiness... E type motte and bailey castle
Loch Morlich 2nd April 2005, enchanted forest