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the secret life of me

DSC_1624-001.jpg 5th November 2014  vintage selfie DSC_9775-001.jpg 7th August 2014  summertime
12th August 2014  pineapple snapchat 29th June 2014  Findhorn DSC_4626-001.jpg 25th December 2013  Christmas Day
23rd November 2013  Saturday 31st August 2013  Last day of August 7th July 2013  in the garden DSC_9707-copy.jpg
27th April 2013  basking DSC_7867 copy.jpg DSC_5953 copy.jpg 1st December 2012  warm hat
16th December 2012  unseasonally mild DSC_5390 copy.jpg DSC_5287 copy.jpg DSC_5205 copy.jpg
DSC_5161 copy.jpg 24th November 2012  frosty DSC_4156 copy.jpg DSC_2631 copy.jpg
DSC_2136 copy.jpg DSC_1443 copy.jpg DSC_0226 copy.jpg DSC_0067 copy.jpg
DSC_0057 copy.jpg DSC_0054 copy.jpg DSC_0021 copy.jpg station.jpg
DSC_0063 copy.jpg 8th January 2012  unexpected skyburst DSC_0063 copy.jpg DSC_0042 copy.jpg
DSC_0057 copy.jpg DSC_0012 copy.jpg DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg
wolfman DSC_0043 copy.jpg DSC_0072 copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg
DSC_0042 copy.jpg DSC_0004 copy.jpg DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0013 copy.jpg
17th May 2011  stones 28Feb DSC_0110 copy.jpg South Pacific
23rd April 2011  misty cloud DSC_0112 copy.jpg DSC_0038 copy2.jpg 14th February 2011  dark and rainy
27th March 2011  out to launch DSC_0023s.jpg DSC_0066 copy.jpg Untitled-3.jpg
DSC_0052 copy.jpg 21st December 2008  out to lunch DSC_0016 copy.jpg 15th December 2010  hat
28th April 2011  nebulous thoughts DSC_0083 copy.jpg 10th April 2009  sunny 5th October 2010  chilliness
DSC_0073 copy.jpg 10th February 2011  Southern Cross 14th January 2009  beware of darkness 14th February 2009  winter light
13th June 2008  Friday the thirteenth 26th August 2010  full moon fever 13th March 2009  Friday the thirteenth 14th August 2010  glarse of wine
19th May 2009  laptop 28th December 2010  winter warmer 24th April 2009  Friday 4th June 2009  recumbent stone
7th May 2009  washed out DSC_0266 copy.jpg 2nd June 2010  light nights DSC_0013 copy.jpg
21st July 2008  magnum 30th July 2010  bed 25th July 2009  painter's hands DSC_0021copy.jpg
DSC_0043 copy.jpg DSC_0100s.jpg 31st March 2008  ten past seven 8th January 2011  snow and ice
DSC_0027 copy.jpg 22nd May 2009  sleepy DSC_0143 copy.jpg 28th August 2010  cloudy
DSC_0020s.jpg 24th July 2010  off to a wedding 20th April 2008  a tree and me 17th July 2010  snooze
30th May 2008  silly hat DSC_0051 copy.jpg DSC_0156 copy.jpg Untitled
3rd June 2010  I love summer 18th January 2009  fading light 11th March 2009  the glamour 30th January 2010  winter precautions
DSC_0113 copy.jpg 8th May 2008  more please DSC_0044 copy.jpg DSC_0011s.jpg
5th March 2008  home late 8th March 2010  Janet by gaslight DSC_0046s.jpg 28th March 2010  lost hour
DSC_0061s.jpg DSC_0064 copy.jpg tap-tap DSC_0002s.jpg
DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg DSC_0032s.jpg DSC_0052s.jpg
20th March 2010  boiinnnNNng 8th June 2008  spectacle DSC_0030s2.jpg DSC_0021s.jpg
DSC_0059 copy.jpg 15th January 2008  a bit tired DSC_0026s2.jpg DSC_0036s.jpg
23rd September 2009  mystery of the stones 5th August 2007  moi DSC_0008s.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg
23rd April 2008  raining 29th March 2007  by the window DSC_0046s.jpg moi
Oriana through the window DSC_0043s.jpg DSC_0015s.jpg Capetown
11th October 2006  book's eye view 21st April 2008  shadowy Japan South China Sea
19th May 2008  shadow South Pacific egg.jpg DSC_0094s.jpg
Hat handy prop 20th July 2007  Time plays tricks on your memory 28th March 2008  North Star
DSC_0022s.jpg 8th August 2007  Mackie's Birchbank 24th July 2008  in the summertime
DSC_0035 copy.jpg DSC_0027x.jpg 9th May 2009  Broomend of Crichie WTC shadows
Ruddbank 8th January 2008  curly 1st September 2008  shadow and The Ninja 28th September 2007  two seater
DSC_0004s.jpg 21st February 2008  in bed Roachbank DSC_0109s2.jpg
23rd April 2007  the lethargy 29th November, quelle barbe DSC_0034s.jpg Forthbank
17th August 2006  pic by Tamsin 4th February 2007  be prepared SIMG0004a.JPG 27th March 2007  frothy
Espiritu Santo 1st December 2005 advent 12th August 2006  early morning blues Mississippi
26th August 2006  The Curse of The Claw Panama 28th November 2007  woolly hat 31st March 2006  fading away
5th April 2007  daily  bread 20th October 2007   Twatt 20th February 2007  Je Suis Fatigué DSC_0017s.jpg
11th March 2007  Tamsin's dad slurp 26th November 2005 winter 21st April 2006  aliens have been on my bench
9th December 2006  turning icy 8th December 2006  out for dinnah 22nd November 2006  vulpine 31st July 2006  mwah!
tropical 17th December 2005 basking 26th May 2008  springtime at the stones DSC_0044s.jpg
11th March 2006  me, by Aiden 18th June 2006  my preciousss DSC_0011s.jpg 11th September 2006  rain man
25th October 2006  new books 28th January 2006 arriving home Conor 25th July 2006  hot n steamy
19th May 2006  go ahead 9th March  worn out 9th January 2007  the Medusa touch 10th January 2007  heat seeking
15th August 2006  bananaphone 15th July 2007  that's amore 1st May 2006  mirrors
20th March 2006  soaking 3rd February 2006 paler shade of white 3rd May 2007  the heat 16th January 2007  the temptation
14th December 2005 sleepiness 26th April 2007  with one bound he was free Samarai, South Pacific 7th April 2006  auto tittivations
31st December 2005 resting  The darkest hour 2nd June 2006  monkeys
Papua New Guinea 7th June  summer heat  off down the road vertigo
28th April 2006  that Friday feeling  can you hear the drums? moi 7th January 2006 dinner time
 summer starts here!  reflections 17th October 2005 dissolving 11th August 2007  Pictii
Moorea cloud 9  parmi le foliage 18th January 2007  Sunray
6th December 2006  quarantine  Janus 28th September 2005  don't fear the reaper 27th January 2006  let me near that fire
 bath n bed 9th March 2006  au printemps dan le jardin 17th September, dirty windows Africa
 chives 10th January 2006  not alone anymore 1st January 2006 Happy New Year 31st August 2005 dreaming of faraway places
  'armless 11th January 2007  Mr Muscle Donatello  27 degrees
 unexplained laughter 22nd October 2006  birthday cake 11th October 2005   sound of rain 16th May 2006  par dessous la mer
 on the couch 4th November 2005 moi 5th October 2006  new bed  pampered
30th July, my passport shows a face from another time...  the thundery-ness  danger, danger 7th May   is Len in?
 in the garden me n Mrs N  Pompeii
 busy doing nothing 20th February 2005, 30th April,  swimmer
 sleep  hogar dulce hogar