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the frothiness

14th May 2016  Blue Angel Café DSC_4917-001.jpg 19th March 2016  wolfed down DSC_2076-001.jpg
DSC_9729-001.jpg 23rd September 2015  rest 13th June 2015  froth 16th June 2015  leaf
DSC_5714-001.jpg 3rd April 2015  mini daffodil DSC_4646-001.jpg DSC_4260-001.jpg
DSC_3676-001.jpg 20th December 2014  two coffees DSC_3126-001.jpg DSC_2571-001.jpg
DSC_0998-001.jpg 20th October 2014  out to launch DSC_8997-001.jpg 7th June 2014  flat white
DSC_7583-001.jpg 8th May 2014  cross section 3rd April 2014  breakfast 4th April 2014  clouds
12th April 2014  macaroon DSC_6009-001.jpg 21st March 2014  mugs DSC_4876-001.jpg
25th January 2014  crema DSC_4552-001.jpg DSC_4337-001.jpg DSC_4224 copy.jpg
DSC_1844 copy.jpg 28th September 2013  Saturday coffee DSC_0744 copy.jpg 3rd June 2013  crema
8th June 2013  Saturday treat 17th March 2013  small cup 2nd February 2013  Le Weekend 21st February 2013  hot chocolate
DSC_6632 copy.jpg DSC_5916 copy.jpg DSC_4266 copy.jpg DSC_4031 copy.jpg
DSC_1044 copy.jpg DSC_0093 copy.jpg WJK_9698 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg
DSC_0024 copy.jpg 4th April 2012  froth DSC_0009 copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg
DSC_0039 copy.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg 302009_2388884357447_1110964877_32785583_1308775217_n.jpg shot_1301501088574copy.jpg
DSC_0009 copy.jpg DSC_0018 copy.jpg DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0004 copy.jpg
DSC_0088 copy.jpg DSC_0046 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg 11th Setember 2011  Sunday frothy
DSC_0005 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg DSC_0040 copy.jpg 27th November 2011  coffee and croissants
DSC_0011 copy.jpg 5th August 2011  Glasgow frothy birthdaybun copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg
DSC_0016 copy.jpg 9th April 2011  lemon tart DSC_0024 copy.jpg DSC_0001 copy.jpg
30th March 2010  warming up 11th February 2011  Portuguese tart 12th July 2010  on the way home 19th March 2011  two frothies
23rd August 2009  maltesers 23rd October 2009  out to launch 6th July 2010  frothiness over The Minch 26th February 2010  frothy heart
5th February 2011  frothy on the 5th DSC_0020 copy.jpg 2nd December 2009  extreme decadence DSC_0030 copy.jpg
18th July 2009  coffee, non frothy 20th January 2009  breakfast 16th January 2009  frothy to go 14th January 2008  frothy treat
6th January 2009  frothy 6th June 2009  rest up DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0021 copy.jpg
DSC_0029 copy.jpg 15th June 2008  fair trade 2nd March 2009  gaggia-ing for a frothy one 27th February 2009  try me, taste me
DSC_0044 copy.jpg 30th January 2010  winter precautions 14th October 2010  froth 25th April 2009  froth
16th July 2008  Le froth c'est moi 18th February 2008  one more cup of coffee 7th March 2009  out to lunch 28th March 2010  lost hour
9th April 2010  last day of the holidays DSC_0028s.jpg 31st January 2009  temptation 2nd April 2008  frothy coffee outside
DSC_0024s.jpg 1st October 2010  wild and windy 24th June 2007  a quick break DSC_0012s.jpg
that's amore DSC_0077s.jpg DSC_0032s.jpg caffè schiumato
25th November 2007  si DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0008s.jpg 12th June 2007  secret meeting
DSC_0017s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0006s.jpg DSC_0021s.jpg
10th June 2006  shady DSC_0005s.jpg 7th January 2007  the party's over 18th April 2007  free at last
DSC_0034x.jpg 23rd January 2006 coffee and cake 24jan2a.jpg from Aiden
27th October, hot chocolate 5th January 2006 Coffee for Shade 8th January 2005, cosy coffee4.jpg
Simg0015.jpg 23rd November, is it... PICT0014x.jpg 28th October, frothy coffee
3rd November, the frothiness 25th February 2005, time for launch cappuccino 22nd July, empty!