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Eric Ming 20-Jan-2009 01:52
You obviously have a technical, absorbing mind with a fantastic aesthetic. Not only are the photos the caliber of Austin Post and Bradford Washburn images, but the website is intuitive, easy to follow and dense with material. Your website is a gem. Thanks!!
R. Hakim 22-Oct-2008 00:53
Hi Mr. Scurlock,
My name is Robert Hakim and I stumbled upon your website thanks to google. I had conducted a search for Homathko Icefeild.
This past summer, I took a month long expedition with a group called NOLS. We entered the glacier at the foot of Bute, and traversed it untill we got off at Alph Glacier. We then crossed a snowy saddle, and hiked down 9 mile creek to be picked up on the Franklin Arm.
I would love to share my photos with you, as I enjoyed yours!
A. Frost 12-Oct-2008 02:35
Mr. Scurlock,
Thanks again and again for your revelatory photographs. Since my recent relocation to the Southwest, your photographs continue to inspire my annual January sojourns to the N. Cascades to attempt new lines in that grand wilderness. Safe travels. Best regards.
Bob Dales 24-Aug-2008 01:23
John, thanks for sharing your wonderful images. They're beautiful and awe-inspiring. I see Mt Baker regularly from the Semiahmoo Spit and when the light's right take a shot. I just sent one to 50+ people and I'll send them all a link to your site so they can know what's happening up there. A good day is a day when the mountain's "out".
MeLissa Stolte31-Jul-2008 00:25
Your galleries are fantastic! Mount Baker and Shuksan are my absolute favorite especially in the winter. Great work, MeLissa
diane de rooij 19-Jul-2008 01:04
john, your photos are phenomenal. i just returned from an 8-day hike up the east bank trail on ross lake & a hike up desolation peak. i saw your pix before i left & thought about them every day that i was up there. thank you immensely.
Richard Bickel 02-Jun-2008 13:27
John--I just looked at your new photo series on Mt. Robson via the American Alpine Club newsletter site. Thanks for the wonderful photos, as usual, which really put the viewer in the picture. Regards--Richard Bickel
jrdigitalart15-Apr-2008 05:17
Hello, John!

My humble thanks for sharing one of your privileged flights (flight to Desolation) with me along for the ride. Made my day. Wishing you all the safe homecomings you could ever ask for.

Sincere regards, Jim Roelofs

PS. Oh, nice pics too.
Beth Joffrion 21-Mar-2008 20:30
Hi John,

Just checking in. I am missing the Pacific NW on this fine Spring day in Washington, DC....while looking out of my office window at the caverns of Pennsylvania Ave. Hope to get out there this summer for some hiking, but for now your photographs and my memories will have to suffice. Beth
Cindy Schroeder 27-Feb-2008 20:20
John - I've only looked at your Sulphide Creek Falls photos and I am in awe. Thank you for allowing me to "see" these falls. I am looking forward to looking at the other locations, as well. Thanks!
Sue Sullivan 01-Jan-2008 19:24
These are outstanding photos. I've been a climber for 30 years and have seen a lot of this terrain and the changes that have come over the years in the glaciers. Nice to see documentation. This is a resource I share with climbing buddies - great for planning or just dreaming about the possibilities.

I swear I have the same photo of the same deer (or their granddaddies) on the Ptarmigan traverse from 20 years ago. Nice to know they are still raiding camps.
Jason Moore 03-Dec-2007 23:43
Hey John, I am a huge fan of your work and I spread the word whenever I can. I have wanted to move to the northwest for years and your photos just feed the fire. Thanks for continually blowing our collective minds.
Richard Bickel 20-Nov-2007 21:52
The clarity and colors of your images are beautiful and provide an invitation to visit and to see more. Thanks!
Charlene 20-Nov-2007 02:51
Having been a visitor to the Ross Lake area for over thirty years, I begin to miss it the moment the lake disappears behind the hills as I leave. I have camped on many of the campsites on the lake, gazing at the snow capped peaks, wishing I was a bird. Your photos having given me that glimpse.
Dave 21-Oct-2007 16:56
These are some of the best and most unique photos of mountain summits I've seen. Please keep up the fantastic photography. Have you considered producing a book of your photos?

Whatever you do, wherever you go, I wish you safe journeying. Thank You!

Guest 17-Oct-2007 18:30
Beautiful! Thank you for freely sharing these pictures of places I wouldn't otherwise get to see. --Gwen
Paul Berntsen 14-Oct-2007 13:30
Great pictures! Its fantastic to see the alpine world above us.
Jim Liming 09-Oct-2007 02:32
John, your photos of Three Fingers, Desolation, Hidden Lakes Peak and other lookouts captured them in a time heretofore unknown to most of us mere mortals -- middle of winter. Great work !
Guest 01-Jun-2007 03:31
I've just briefly looked at the photos here. I'm going to have to spend some time here. I also sent a link of this site to my dad Frank. He'll love it.
Tim Davis 01-Oct-2006 23:03
This is, without a doubt, the greatest collection of North Cascades images--particularly in WINTER, by far the most dramatic time--that I've ever seen!! Keep up the great work!!

Peter Babler 15-Aug-2006 18:26
For me, this is one of the best finds on the internet. It is really exciting to see the mountains from such a new perspective. I hope there is plans on photographing the Olympic Range as well. Thanks so much!
Chris Hanzsek 24-Apr-2006 05:31
Great resource. I find myself looking for climbers paths as I spot various routes... I like the way you lay out a mini catalog of peak angles - very useful when prepping for a climb. If I see your little aero-camera out there I will wave!
Love the photos of glacial ice contrasting the polished rock. Keep up the great work!
Eric 14-Apr-2006 20:28
I am in love with the Cascade Range, particularly the North, and the peak and formations in this area; I hope to live there someday. You have accomplished something that I have not seen before, a massive amount of photographs of these epoch peaks in the winter time.

I wanted to thank you for hours of enjoyment examining these photos and dreaming of someday seeing them in person. This is truly awesome.

Thank you!
Rosemary Antel 24-Mar-2006 23:00
I am an artist who did the Inspiration Traverse with Frank King in 1974. I am doing some paintings from photos I took then and have been trying to identify the peaks in the photos and stumbled upon your photos. I have spent 4 hours examing the North Cascades photos and they are fantastic. I did not think I would ever get to see this area again. My only regret is how much more barerock there is now. Thank you for making my day.
Robert B. Scott 22-Mar-2006 23:40
John, each time I view you magnificent photo, I am againdazzled by their clarity and your choice ofcamera angles. You have provided a service for us old lookouts in viewing peaks that we have seen from a distance,but with never so much realism. I have always admired Oval Peak as I saw it from our ranch just south of the Intercity Airport. Keep up the good work.
Russ Dalton 05-Feb-2006 18:06
Your recent photos of the snow-smacked fire lookouts speak volumes. It is remarkable that they have survived for decades, being punished by brutal winds and incredible snowloads.
May I raise a toast to:
The architects who designed the little sky houses,
The ballsey Forest Service Employees who selected the sites,
The Forest Supervisors who blessed the projects,
The employees and volunteers who maintained the lookouts throughout the years,and
To you for providing us the Winter Eagle's view of them.

Russ Dalton
Todd Ketcham 31-Oct-2005 07:31
Awesome pics! Are you a pilot/Climber as well? Nothing better than flying over a mountain scouting a route and then climbing it the next day. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Todd
F García Robles16-Apr-2005 14:58
Interesantes fotografías.
Gracias por compartirlas.
Saludos desde España
Harte Bressler 06-Feb-2005 20:14
John, I am simply blown away. These winter shots show faces seen by very few individuals. They are a great display of the beauty of our Cascade range and they bring back a flood of fond memories of climbing trips past.
Sam Avaiusini 19-Nov-2004 06:34
Wow, this is quite a collection! As Jason said, this is a lengthy distraction from work!
Keep the good stuff coming!