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Shooting Shooters

It's realy fascinating to watch how other people, who love photography, take pictures. Amateurs or pros we all united by single wish to capture best image possible. It's such a wonderful moment when you looking in viewfinder or looking around for subject. That moment photographers are seem to be so concentrated and thoughtful, so emotional, that it makes them wonderful subject for the picture. I like watching others taking pictures and I can't resist sometimes to "shoot shooters". And I know for sure that I've been shot several times as well.

Enjoy. I highly appreciate both your comments and constructive criticism. Please do not forget to vote if you like these images :-).

t3%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f121836687.LJNz7LIZ.jpg Duet t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107161569.ZECnRYQZ.jpg Are We Done Shooting? Nikon's Heavy Canon
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107122299.UOF4nj3f.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107117239.0uClM47b.jpg Dreaming of Bigger Lens Synchronous Shooting t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107101025.vG6nqaRs.jpg
Early Years Photo Education t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107070033.D1r0xHBD.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107042879.Cgjm7cV9.jpg It's Not the Bird Biodome - Beaver Sensation
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406747.133_0506_1.jpg He's Almost Got Me Analog School Big Guns Setting the shot.
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f106982247.1Occ4mdm.jpg Wrong Place For Camera Shooting Two Cats at Once t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55408350.111_0146_1.jpg Too Many Cameras
t5%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f106981679.NrVzaRPQ.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f76678263.BcJ4hbGb.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406755.133_0554_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406749.133_0511_1.jpg Sharp Shooter
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406751.133_0523_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406745.133_0505_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406738.126_0688_1.jpg t5%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f106954587.f3qkNrGc.jpg Bothersome Subject
t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55408043.126_0821_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406750.133_0521_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55407984.112_0364_1.jpg Got It !! Which Button Did You Say Takes Pictures?
t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f76628354.0m8IYHrd.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55408351.111_0147_1.jpg Why Are You Shooting Me? t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406753.133_0542_1.jpg Can't Get Closer
t5%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f106890751.ymdHhTFL.jpg t5%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107022736.j7tGyvbX.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406741.126_0841_1.jpg t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f73557757.nHQ1071h.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f106891427.UCooka7M.jpg
You Don't Need DSLR to be a Real Photog Hmmm.... t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f106957461.hkBhq8ej.jpg Brief Meeting Triple Shooting
Previewing the picture t6%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f86320299.dBFiKphQ.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55406740.126_0838_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f55407800.111_0166_1.jpg t1%2f04%2f463304%2f4%2f107030039.tlfEQZmv.jpg
I've Seen Him Shooting There...
:: I've Seen Him Shooting There... ::