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Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls

The town of Smiths Falls, Ontario is commonly called the Heart of the Rideau Canal since it's at the midpoint of the canal that stretches 202 km (126 miles) between the cities of Ottawa and Kingston in eastern Ontario, Canada. The Rideau Canal Headquarters Office, the Rideau Canal Museum, and three of the canal's locks are located in Smiths Falls, so the canal plays an important role in the town.

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Smiths Falls Canada Day Fireworks
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Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9bw Collapsed Boathouses At Sunset DSCN02448-50 Winter Canal Basin P1170140-2
Rideau Canal On A Bright Night P1170127-9 Turtle Island Sunrise P1170066 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170055-7 The Swale At Night P1160726
Christmas Boathouses At Nignt P1160712-3 Railway Bridge At Night P1160710 Setting Cold Moon P1160593-9 Cold Moon Over The Swale P1160476
Cold Moon Setting Beyond Collapsing Boathouses P1160439-45 Clouded Cold Moon P1160419 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN1744-6 Freezing Canal DSCN01669-71
Almost A Sunrise DSCN01645-7 Channel Marker In Fog DSCN01233 Christmas Boathouses DSCN01120-2 Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night P1150645-7
Turtle Island Bridge In Snowfall DSCN01030-2 Lone Canalside Tree DSCN00970 Foggy Nightscape P1150494-5 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCN00882-4
Sunset At The Swale P1150287 20161114 Supermoon Setting Over The Swale DSCN00784-5 Last Fall Foliage DSCN00485-7 Lower Reach Ground Fog DSCN00387
The 6.22 Train To Toronto P1150231 Autumn Trees DSCN00191-3 Autumnscape DSCN00179-81 Autumn Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN00063-5
Autumn Ice P1140930-2 Autumn Rideau Canal P1140867-9 Half-Autumn Tree P1140762-4 Autumn Tree P1140744-6
Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF23694-6 Autumn Trees P1140604-6 Autumn Nightscape P1140550 Autumn Canalside DSCF23619-21
Moonlit Mist P1140013 Hurricane Matthew Clouds P1130624-6 Boathouses In The Dark P1130436-40 Foggy Rideau Canal P1120955-7
Canal Basin At Night 48833-6 Distant Fog DSCF22018 Rideau Canal Sunset P1100974-6 Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1100828-30
Hotel Beside The Canal At Dawn P1100822-7 Canoe In The Canal DSCF21770 Black Chain DSCF21625 Black Window DSCF21621
Turtle Island At Night 48731.4 Boat In The Bush DSCF15003-5 Beckwith Street Stone Arch Bridge DSCF14951-3 Sunrise Over The Swale P1090847-9
Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1090599-601 Kawartha Voyageur At Night P1090586-8 Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4 3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3
3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3 Red Dawn At The Combined Lock 48651-3 Boats Docked At Victoria Park 48639 Two Boats In The Basin DSCF12939
Boat At The Detached Lock P1080150-2 Distant Rain Shower P1080129-31 Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070542-6 Kawartha Voyageur At First Light P1070536-41
Muskrat On The Move DSCF8198 Collapsing Boathouse P1040758 Rideau Canal At Night P1030912-21 Log In Spring Runoff P1030860
Foggy Night P1030399-401 Foggy Night P1030365-7 Foggy Night P1030353-5 Boathouses At Sunrise P1030237-43
Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4 Misty Sun Rising Beyond A Railway Bridge P1020759-65 Turtle Island Misty Sunrise P1020654-60 Boathouses At Night P1020055-7
Moon On The Bascule Bridge P1020035-9 Snowstorm 20160216 (DSCF5896) Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1010479-84 Sunrise Mist P1010437-9
Cold Morning Mist P1010346-52 Duck Island On A Bright Night P1010249-51 Water Tower At Night P1010239-41 Rideau Canal At Night P1010231-2
Christmas Boathouses P1010119 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010114-6 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1010113 Rideau Canal Sunset P1010097-9
Lower Reach In Falling Snow DSCF5738 Sunrise At Old Slys P1010051-7 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1010040 Swale Boathouses At Night P1010030
Blue Hour Reflections P1010009-13 Rideau Rapids P1000896-9 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9
Lockmaster's Watch House At Night P1000821 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light P1000548.51 Sunset At The Swale P1000451 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1000297-9
Turtle Island Trees At Sunrise P1000159-61 Boathouses At Dawn P1000100-1 Moon Setting Over The Swale P1000085-91 Winter White Water P1240953
Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1240563-7 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1240519-24 Red Channel Marker Locked In Blue Ice DSCF5666 Winter Canal Basin P1240156-61
Confederation Drive Bridge On A Misty Morning P1240138-40 Lower Reach At Night P1230483-5 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1230355-7 Christmas Boathouses P1230325-7
Rideau Canal At Night 47614-9 Rideau River At Night 47602-7 Moonlit Lower Reach P1220684-6 Freezing Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1220617-8
Turtle Island At Sunrise P1220278-83 Rideau Canal Sunset 46466-8 Rideau Canal Sunset 46463-5 Rideau Canal Sunset P1220155-7
Canalside Bench & Tree P1210997-9 Gulls Off & On The Poop Dock P1210902,5 'Hotel' 46305-10 Lower Reach At Night 46246-8
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 46167 Turtle Island At Night 46139 Rainy Day Along The Rideau DSCF5010 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1190643-5
Econo Lodge Reflection At Dawn P1190628-30 Rideau Canal Sunset P1190555-60 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1180930-2 Jim At Old Slys Lock DSCF4813
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 46059-62 Canal Basin At Night 30s iso800 (DSCF4742) Foggy Rideau Canal P1180795-7 Foggy Beckwith Street Bridge P1180783-5
Turtle Island Trees In Fog 45842 Turbulent Water 45824 Yacht Dolphin DSCF4519 Canal Basin At Night P1160715
Kawartha Voyageur At Sunrise P1160697 Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1160632-4 Kawartha Voyageur Arriving P1160556 Boat, Train & Lock P1160435.53
Centennial Park From The Water At Night P1160238-40 Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF4135 Canal Basin At Dawn P1150226-8 Rain Runoff At Sunrise P1140865
Rain Runoff P1140781 Rain Runoff At Night P1140770-2 Railway Bridge P1140276-8 Geese & Goslings On The Swale P1140266
The Swale At Sunrise P1140257 Goose Train P1140245 Railway Bridge In Mist P1130975-7 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1130769-71
Lower Reach Sunset P1130751-3 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night P1130514-6 Houseboats At Dawn P1130326 Vintage Detached Lock At First Light P1130308-10vs
'Perfect Balance' P1120975-7 Kawartha Voyageur Docked P1120938-40 Old Slys Swing Bridge P1120887-9 Rideau Canal At Night P1120759-61
Rideau Canal At Night P1120753-5 'Lady of Dover' P1120739 'Lady of Dover' P1120727 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge DSCF19998,02,05
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1120462-4 First 2015 Boat In The Basin P1120418-20 Misty Swale At Sunrise P1110125-7 Canal Basin At Sunrise 20150428
Detached Dock P1100845-7 Spring Runoff P1100825 Lower Reach Sunrise DSCF19548-50 Combined Lockmaster's Office P1090755
Spring Runoff 20150405 The 6:22 To Toronto Over The Canal 20150320 Lockmaster's Office At Dawn 20150319 Rideau Canal At Night 20150315
Bright Moon Over The Lift Bridge P1080461-3 The Sunday 9:48 To Toronto 20150308 Ghost Train P1080286.94 Foggy Sunrise P1080168-70
Sunrise Mist P1080159 Railway Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1080149 Canal Basin Moonset 20150205 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light 20150228
Turtle Island Sunrise Sunrays P1070812-4 Turtle Island Pines At Sunrise P1070758-60 Beckwith Street Bridge At Dawn 20150208 Turtle Island In Winter Sunrise P1060789
Turtle Island In Winter Sunrise P1060787 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20150201 Frosty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060473 Kilt & Castle Beyond Canal Sunrise Mist 20150131
Rideau Canal Snowfall DSCF00526 Dawn Beside The Combined Lock P1060228-30BW Dawn Beside The Combined Lock 20150125 Railroad Bridge 20150124
Rideau Canal On A Winter's Night 20150123 Hard & Soft Water P1060089-91 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs 20150119 Misty Rideau Canal At Dawn 20150117
Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn 20150115 Freezing Mist Over The Canal Basin 20150114 Smiths Falls Dam In Winter P1050604-12 Pines On Turtle Island 20150108
Frozen Motion P1050470 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night DSCF0384 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night 20150104 Rideau Canal Sunset 20141229
Doug Walton Shelter At Dawn P1050051-3 Holiday Smiths Falls 20141224 Frosty Wonderland P1040579 Frosty Wonderland P1040573
Boathouses On Ice P1040567 Night Lights Reflected 201221 Canal Basin On A Winter's Night 20141218 Cenotaph On A Foggy Night 20141217
Econo Lodge At Night P1030666-8 Lockmaster's Watch House 20141203 Foggy Confederation Park At Night P1030092.98.103 Turtle Island Dock Light On A Foggy Night 20141123
Drained Canal Basin At Night P1020965-6 Drained Canal Basin At Night P1020833-4 Rainy Night 20141112 Dark Canal Light DSCF00280
Rideau Canal At Dawn 20141110 Lockmaster's Watch House 20141107 Combined Lock At Night P1020036-7 Autumn Victoria Park 20141029
Autumn Victoria Park P1010837-9BW Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1010627-30BW Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs 20141026 Boathouses & Bridge At Night 20141024
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 20141022 Cloud Arcs P1010486 Canal Basin At Night 20141019 Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge P1000673-5
Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge 20141008 Turtle Island At Night 20141007 Beckwith Street Bridge P1000275-7 Turtle Island At Night 44953-5
Autumn Trees At Night 20140930 Canal Basin In Fog 20140924 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 44865-7 Empty Docks 44854-8
Victoria Park At First Light 20140922 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 20140914 Rideau Canal Sunset 20140831
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