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Smiths Falls, Ontario Gallery

Smiths Falls, a town of a little more than 9,000 people and the heart of the historic and picturesque Rideau Canal Waterway,
is located approximately halfway between Ottawa and Kingston in eastern Ontario, Canada.

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Travelers Tankard 2014 OCA Ontario Curling Championship Games
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CP Holiday Train
<< CP Holiday Train >>
Smiths Falls Birds & Bugs
<< Smiths Falls Birds & Bugs >>
Smiths Falls Flowers & Other Flora
<< Smiths Falls Flowers & Other Flora >>
Around The House
<< Around The House >>
2012 Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon (33rd Annual)
<< 2012 Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon (33rd Annual) >>
Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario
<< Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario >>
Heritage House Museum
<< Heritage House Museum >>
Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls
<< Along the Rideau Canal in Smiths Falls >>
Rabbit In The Grass DSCF14978-80 No Splash Splash-Pad DSCF14666-8 Air Filter DSCF14549-51
Rolls-Royce Grill DSCF14536-8 Clouded Sunrise P1090534-6 1953 Chevy Pickup Nose P1090471-3 2016 Rolling Thunder Car Show & Shop P1090456-8
Yellow Hot Rod P1090447-9 Chevrolet Nose P1090414-6 Parade of Horses DSCF13473 Parade of Horses DSCF13443
Smiths Falls (Picnic Tricycle) DSCF13099 Lower Reach Path DSCF12842-7 Chippie With Breakfast Snack DSCF12836 Chipzilla DSCF12057
Chippie Standing At Attention DSCF12045 Chippie At Breakfast DSCF12010 Chippie Peeking Out DSCF11391 Chippie On The Rocks DSCF11385
Chippie Checking Me Out DSCF11378 Common Snapping Turtle DSCF11116-8 Table & Chair DSCF9732 Sunrise Landscape P1060116-22
Snowy April Night P1050139-41 The 6:22 Arrives P1040834-6 First Buds Of Spring P1040674 Foggy Sun P1040498-502
Trees In Foggy Sunrise P1040473-5 Chilled Grill P1040413-8 Snowy Spring Night P1040302-4 Early Spring Snow P1040281-3
Early Spring Snow P1040278-80 Railway Lines P1040152-4 Abstract In Ice DSCF6103 Trees In Fog P1030443-5
Winter Night Light Pillar P1020381-3 Snowy Night P1020360-2 Ice On The Rocks P1020306-8 Sparkling Tree P1020130
Bright Night P1020077-9 Patio Aftermath P1010651-3 Out Front Aftermath P1010645-7 VIA Station At Night P1010620-2
Snowy Gallipeau Centre Driveway P1010308-10 4K Frame Grab Test P1010323 Icicles P1000999 Snow Over Beckwith Street P1000734-6
Davidson Courtyard P1000731-3 Bright Night P1000067-72 After A Snowfall P1240671-6 Snowy Russell Street 48142-4
Snowy McGill Street 48137-8 Beckwith Street Bridge At First Light P1240399-401 Public Library 48082-4 Streetlight Holiday Wreath 48067-9
After The Snowstorm P1230768-70 Snowstorm 20151229 (48039) Nativity In Lights 47962-70 Victoria Park On A Foggy Night 47893-5
Station Theatre On A Foggy Night 47878-80 Victoria Park At Night P1230453-5 Victoria Park At Night P1230453-5 Holiday Town Hall P1230292-4
Holiday Town Hall Entrance P1230280-2 Merry Christmas 2015 (47709) Happy Holidays 1230175-7 Victoria Park Christmas Tree 47574-82
Celebration Of Lights 2015 (47565-73) Celebration of Lights 2015 (P1230034-5) Bright Night 47382-4 The 6:22 To Toronto 47147
'Let It Snow' 46597-601 'Happy Holidays' 46581-3 Trinity United Church At Dawn 46566-8 'Yellow Peril' Harvard 46497-505
'Hotel' P1220507-9 'Hotel' P1220470-1 Remembrance Day 2015 (46400-2) Leafy Stairs DSCF5138
Flags At Night P1190850-1 Pining For The Moon DSCF4874-5 Rainy Night 46044-6.9 The Ride Across Canada P1180108-10
The Ride Across Canada P1180078 Lower Reach Park DSCF21419-21 Sunrise Glow DSCF4538-40 1940 Chevy Grill DSCF4372
Wet Street P1160405 Tai Chi Under A Bridge P1160118-20 Howard Ryan Kelford Knott & Dixon Mural P1150984.87 Pines In Misty Sunrise P1150478-80
Bunny Eating The Yard DSCF4109 Caution Concealed P1150241-3 After A Rain P1150160-2 Rusty Rivets P1120459-61
Lingerie & Toys P1110755-7 Water Tower At Night P1090860-5 Spring Snow At Night P1090826-8 Foggy Beckwith Street P1090764-6
Light Springtime Snowfall P1090535 Beckwith Street In Light Snowfall 20150330 Church Doors 20150329 Side Door 20150327
'Road Closed' P1080979-81 New Strip Mall At Sunrise P1080735-7 New Strip Mall At Sunrise 20150316 Switching Rail Cars 20150314
Switching Rail Cars DSCF00660 The 6:22 To Toronto In Sunrise Fog 20150306 Snowy Bench 20150304 TSC Store At Dawn 20150303
Econo Lodge At First Light P1070850-2 Be It Ever So Humble P1070551-3 Pedestrian Boulevard P1070539-44 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1070415
Fast Food Row 20150214 Icicles 20150213 Market Street In Winter P1070056-8 Winter Night Lights 20150212
Winter Night Light Pillar P1070050-2 Picnic Anyone? 20150205 Celestial & Terrestrial Lights P1060653-8 The 6:22 Departing 45410-9
The 6:22 Waiting To Depart 20150204 The 6:22 Waiting To Depart 45357-67 Waiting To Board The 6:22 (45299) Going To Board The 6:22 (45295)
The 6:22 Arriving 45286-90 Shadow On Snow P1060507 Canadian Pacific 8707 In Snowstorm 20150202 Snowy Night On Ogden Avenue 45236-7
Snowy Night On Foster Avenue 20150112 Picnic Anyone? 20150109 Moon Over Russell Street P1050507-12 Moon Beside The Clock Tower 20150105
Frozen P1050471-3 Snowy Bench DSCF00346 Wind In Confederation Park P1040694-709 Holiday Smiths Falls P1040595-7
Beckwith Street Bridge Underpass 20141222 Holiday Lights P1040368-70 Foggy Beckwith Street P1040248-50 Running Avenue At Dawn 20141215
Railway Office Building At Night P1040153,6,7 Station Theatre Front Door 20141214 Holiday Lights 20141212 Assemblies of God Church 20141211
Chambers Street Subway 20141209 Holiday Lights Below The 'Yellow Peril' Harvard P1030858-60 Window Ornament P1030840-2 Streetlight Ornament P1030819-21
Christmas Ornament 20141206 Holiday Lights 20141202 Red White & Blue P1030639-41 STAPLES P1030636-8
Celebration of Ligh-- (20141201) Store Closing 20141130 Eastbound Train P1030412 Middle Of The Road 20141126
The 6:22 To Toronto P1030219 House On A Corner P1030140 Santa Claus Parade 2014 (20141122) Santa Claus Parade 2014 (45024)
Snowy Nightscape 20141120 Snowy Confederation Park 20141117 Corner of Elmsley & Centre Streets P1020800-2 Snowy Autumn Leaves 20141116
Snowy Parking Lot P1020781-3 Remembrance Day 2014 (P1020573-5) Victoria Park At First Light 20141109 Lone Autumn Tree 20141106
Eastbound Freight P1020317 The 6:22 Train To Toronto 20141105 Main Street At Dawn 20141102 Sunrise Pines 20141101
Halloween Decorations P1020030-2 Morning Commute 20141027 Sign Of The Thymes P1010473-5 Second Floor Door P1010428
Autumn Church Door P1010419 Bright Night P1110237,40,41 Beckwith Street Bridge Underpass 20141015 Water Tower & Cenotaph P1010222-4
Little Guttersnipe 20141010 Crumbling Stairs 20141004 Confederation Drive 44931-4 Sunrise Sunrays P1100804
Downtown Streetlight At First Light 20140920 Laundromat 44761.67.70 Laundromat 44761.67.70v2 Smiths Falls VIA Rail Station 20140906
Tank Car Train 20140903 Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass P1090632-4 Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20140825 Pines In Misty Sunrise P1090205-7
Smiths Falls Cenotaph 20140813 The Morning Train Arriving 20140808 4 AM Traffic 20140730 The Swale At Sunrise 20140709
Flying High P1060258 Afternoon Storm 20140613 Sunless Shades P1040628-30 Sunless Shades P1040628-30BW
Centennial Park At Night 20140605 Smiths Falls Daybreak P1040544-6 Pines In Sunrise 20140508 Sunshine On A Cloudy Day P1030272
Church Window 20140502 The Old Post Office 20140501 'Sweet Scoops' P1030108 Trees In Sunrise 20140429
A Rainy Night On Beckwith Street 20140426 A Rainy Night On Beckwith Street 43771-7 Wet Street P1010805 Colours of Canada P1010632
Smiths Falls Cenotaph P1010264-7 Spring Snowfall 20140330 On The Beckwith Street Bridge 20140329 Beckwith Street Downtown 43577-80
Can You Dig It 43571-5 It's Spring! 20140322 Station Theatre At Dawn 20140321 Queen St Convenience 43535-7
Centennial Park 43358 20140312 Snowstorm 20140312 Jasper Avenue 20140310 1 William Street E (43233-40)
Econo Lodge At Night 43189-97 Bright Night Light Pillar 20140305 Station Theatre Sidedoor 20140302 Beckwith Street At Dawn 20140223
Mac's Ultramar 42627-8 30 Russell Street E (20140218) Tracks In The Snow 42559 Beckwith Street At First Light 42477-8
Frosty Dawn 20140212 Reflecting On Icicles DSCF13282-4 Snowy Bench 42004 Wintry Confederation Drive 20140202
OCA 2014 Championship Sheets DSCF13024.27.30v2 Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre 20140131 Blowing Snow 41865 Snowstorm 20140127
St Francis de Sales Church DSCF12918-20 The Craine House 20140125 Bright Night 20140120 Bright Night 41821.3
Lone Pine In Snowstorm DSCF12741 Car In Snowstorm DSCF12729-32 Pine At Night 41781 Moon Over Pines 41771
79 Beckwith Street North 20140111 Snowy Tim Hortons 20140110 A Light In The Night 20140106 George Street 20140105
Lafarge Smiths Falls At Dawn 41435.40.42 First Baptist Church 41306-14 VIA Rail Station At Dawn 20131230 Elmsley At Centre Street 20131228
Holiday Lights 41140-50 Iced Tree 20131224 Iced Tree 20131223 Wintry Queen Street At Dawn 20131222
Riverdale Avenue On A Wintry Night 20131220 Night Clouds 20131219 Winter Night Clouds 41012-3 Main & Beckwith In Snowstorm 20131215
Holiday Lights 40840-5 Holiday Lights 20131213 Church Street East 40817-9 Chambers Street Subway 40802-3
Green Cart Corrals 20131211 Davidson Courtyard 40718 Russell Street West 20131209 County Fair Mall Staples 40589-94
Gallipeau Centre Driveway 40570-3 Centennial Park At Night 40535 On Target 40507-19 Fogged Lights 40498-506
Holiday Lights 40489-97 Holiday Lights 20131204 Running Avenue 40449-51 Christmas Nativity In Lights 40428-33
Main Street 40425-7 Kinsmen Community Pavilion In Fog 40313 Bright Night 40273-5 127 Beckwith Street N (40254-60)
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