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Around The House

I don't always want to bother going out in the car to get a Photo of the Day, so in that case I'll find something around the house to photograph.
Apple Closeup 20110420 60D vs HS50 Size Comparison (02040) Reading Glasses 20101228 Desktop Still Life 20101022
Juice Glass Shadows 20101203 Coffee Cup Lid Condensation 20120316 Keyboard Macro HD (20100626) Bubbles DSCF02805
Abstract 20111027 'Rio5' (19868) 7-Up Close-Up DSCF01106-7 Crock-Top DSCF03216
New Mouse 20120223 Abstract 20120311 Connection To The World DSCF04238 Abstract 20120130
Basement Window 20120621 Wet Squirrel Baffle 20120603 Bubbles DSCF02802 Stairwell Sconce 20130405
Nickel Closeup P1010099 Abstract DSCF03473 2TB Photo Archive 20101201 Green Apple 20120513
Nickel Closeup P1010096 Cod Liver Oil Closeup 20120209 Shadows 20120526 Door & Shadow 20120527
HS50-500D Closeup Test2 (DSCF00084) Abstract 20120328 Curtain 20120408 Light Out 20110312
Condensation 20120418 New Living Room Blinds DSCF0339 Self-portrait (20131007) Abstract In Glass DSCF03006
Coat Rack 20130416 New Living Room Blinds 20130409 Shower Insider 20130322 Up A Floorlamp DSCF04027
Chill Grill 20130209 HS50-500D Closeup Test DSCF00068 Keyboard Kloseup 20130125 Holiday Lights 20121208
Glassware 20130121 Trackpad Closeup 01801 Condensation 00068 rph Among T91 (01853)
Backlit Lace 20130213 Noontime Temperature 01828 Breakfast Berries 20130308 Abstract In Pink 20130606
Toothpicks 20130123 iPod Touch Home Button DSCF00405 Green Ring DSCF01138 Cornered 20130116
An 'itch' 20131001 Ceiling Light DSCF04108 Scroll Wheel DSCF0401 Shed Door 20121102
Sprung 20130801 Ceiling Light From the Floor 20130628 Last Of The OJ 20131102 Mouse On Trackpad 20130212
Soapy Window Screen DSCF02889 Pot of Mums 28806 Red Blue & White 20130117 rph Among T91 (01851)
Snowy Doormat 20130202 A Right Jolly Old Elf 20131212 New Computer 20121207 'Expandable Elem' 01806
Homemade Crocheted Quilt DSCF11676 There & Gone DSCF11419.22 Specular Bokeh 20130912 Vase Base 20130913
Vase Base 01844 Apples DSCF11382-4 Mugged Mug DSCF11386 Biscuits Baking 38665-7
Abstract 20130327 Trackpad 01802 Measuring Scale 20131016 Banana Bowl DSCF09094
Handset 20130201 Shadow On The Ceiling 20121216 Where I Stand DSCF11616 Enlightened 20130131
Reflecting On The Dregs Of Dinner Wine DSCF11226-8 'Flash Gordon' 38009 Abstract DSCF12310-2 Glowing 'Embers' DSCF11478-80
One Small Step 20131021 Inside A Bag DSCF11456 Fork Shadow 02043 Jim & Dee DSCF08897
Ceiling Fan 20130221 Apple Magic Mouse DSCF06983 Snowy Back Porch Light 33902 On My Plate DSCF09872-6
Brewing 01963 Before & After P1000139-40 Playing Sudoku 20140227 Curtains 01957
Abstract 01959 Shadow Of Summer Past 41049-51 In The Cupboard DSCF12152 Art Shakers 01921
Kitchen Sink P1000311 There's A Point To This 20140506 Glass Iris Blooming P1010121 Knocker On A Red Door DSCF12073-5
6 O'Clock DSCF12252 Two Feet P1000820 SRM Breakfast P1000623 OJ Dregs P1030308-10
St Patrick's Abstract DSCF14276 Mouse In Hand DSCF13519-21 Snow Beyond Basement Window 20140308 Dining Room Corner DSCF14288-90
Risotto Spoon P1030442 Clean P1010006 Leftovers DSCF14547-9 Computer P1030467
Bug Closeup DSCF14576 Green Droplets DSCF14270 Cookie Crunch Scented Candle 43881-6 Rejuvenating P1010720-2
command option P1000964 Kitchen Faucet DSCF14667-9 Down Low Fork DSCF15628-30 On The Wall P1040619-21
Toasty P1050898-9 Hard-boiled DSCF16289 Lace Curtain DSCF16546 On The Shelf DSCF17238-40
Spare Room Corner P1080685-7 Basement Stairs P1080910 Mirror Mirror On The Wall DSCF18328-30 Stripes DSCF18334-6
Fridge Handles DSCF18374 Bedroom Blinds DSCF18363 Reflected Glass DSCF18616 Window Vase DSCF18620
Peek-a-Boo P1000678 Jelly Beans P1000961 Hard Boiled P1010500 In The Bag P1020110
Steaming Coffee P1020403 Wind Damaged Roof P1030202-4 Red Candle P1030733 Kitchen Utensils P1040035
Santa Behind The Tree P1040224-6 Wooden Utensils P1040038 Cozy Sandra P1040279-81 Christmas Display P1040741
Merry Christmas 2014 (P1040337) Dessert Dish DSCF00341 Need More Cookies P1050557 Stuck P1050514-6
All Fired Up 20150113 How Sweet They Are P1050716-8 Hand Mirror P1050959-61 Electric Fire P1050869-77
On My Desk P1060177-9 Condensation P1060065v2 Magnifiying Light P1060309 Strawberry Heart P1060375
Ceiling Fixture P1060370-2 Amaryllis Stamen 20150206 Amaryllis Abstract P1070202 Fade To Black P1070882-4
Fresh-cut Rose P1080066-8 Fire-Tipped Yellow Rose P1080021-3 Green Abstract P1080579 Fire-Tipped Yellow Rose P1080032
Wet Green Grape P1080543-5 Red Rose P1080967-9 Wet Red Rose P1080779 After The Morning Showers P1090421-3
Frayed Jeans P1100125-7 Red Tulip P1100747-9 Soft Drink Condensation P1100726 Minimal Bath Fixtures P1110077-9
Fuzzy Peach P1100989 Gold Cross Pen Set P1180267-9 Sodium Vapor Bokeh P1180442.51 Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 'Art'
Yellow Roses Still Life P1200090-2 Red Red Raspberries P1210325 Tiny Christmas Tree P1230253-8 Random Access Memories P1240391
Backups P1000578-80 Blind Simplicity P1020813 Crock Pot Lid Knob P1020703-5 Crock Top P1020691-6
Blue Light Special P1030471-3 Miniature Daffodil P1030014-6 Miniature Daffodil Closeup P1030327-8 Abstract P1030922-35
Orange Tulip P1050075-83 Three High-key Tulips P1050101 Yellow & Burgundy Tulip P1050121-6 Clock P1050936-8