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My Favorites

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All photographs are copyrighted by Barry McCartney and may not be downloaded, copied in whole
or in part, or used for any purpose unless purchased from this web site or written permission is otherwise granted.

Bison & Calf 40D_12288_LR 40D_01458 The Grand Tetons Grizzly Bear Pine Tree Arch Old Machinery
40D_11813_LR Hayward Lake Reservoir 40D_07929_LR 40D_02701_V_LR Radio Telescope 40D_11765_LR Mesa Arch
40D_12976_LR Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge) 40D_11568_LR 40D_02578_LR Haenke Island 40D_12426_LR Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes
40D_13013_LR 40D_09750_LR 40D_0474_LR 40D_08589_LR Ford Iron Wheel IMG_2328
Cruising Norwegian Sun & Carnival Breeze Sandos Playacar Beach Resort 'Ihi'ihi o lehowa o na Kaua Church in the Keanae Peninsula 40D_16396_V_LR 40D_7370_LR Sikorsky S-43 Baby Clipper
40D_07931_LR 40D_03642_LR Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Picture Lake and Mount Shuksan 40D_08077_LR 40D_10020_LR 40D_6854_LR_HDR
40D_16401_V_LR 40D_01540_LR 40D_01958_HDR Ford 40D_12064_LR 40D_12056_LR 40D_08558_LR
Ganoderma Resinaceum (Lacquered Bracket) 40D_14425_LR Harbour Entrance 40D_02289_LR 40D_03025_LR 40D_14257_LR Hala Tree - Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge)
Norwegian Pearl with Norwegian Sun ahead 40D_7399_LR Ferryland Lighthouse 40D_08281_LR Flowering Cactus Bougainvillea 40D_13721_LR
Elevators - Deck 9 40D_11887_LR 40D_09599_LR 40D_01943_LR 40D_10598_LR 40D_02434_HDR 40D_17362_LR
40D_10359_LR North Window Arch 40D_01640_LR 40D_11197_LR IMG_2031_LR 40D_02033_LR 40D_08221_LR
British Aerospace AV-8C Harrier Okanagan Lake 40D_11747_LR IMG_1414_LR 40D_02218_HDR 40D_17208_LR Delicate Arch
40D_03298_LR 40D_09823_LR Tlaquepaque Shopping Mall 40D_10344_LR 40D_02502_LR Kahana Beach 40D_01629_LR
Lily 40D_01485_HDR 40D_11524_LR 40D_02034_LR 40D_0285_LR Kona 40D_08247_LR
St. Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Ho'okipa Beach Park 40D_10596_LR 40D_12215_LR Rainbow Falls View from Lighthouse
40D_6848_LR Dolly's sister Cassie in rear Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge) Ho'okipa Beach Park Quails Gate Winery 40D_02644_LR IMG_0299
40D_11178_LR 40D_01996_LR 40D_0435_LR Prickly Pear Cactus Cape Spear Lighthouse 40D_17498_LR 40D_11590_LR
IMG_1885_LR 40D_15966_LR Artist's Point 40D_0330_LR 40D_08585_LR Thermal Spring 40D_12065_LR
40D_16349_LR 40D_16498_LR Grizzly Bear Bird Nests Myra Canyon Trestle Anchored In Icy Strait 1953 Ford F100 Pickup
Sunken Barge Vintage Truck Headlight 40D_11240_LR Leaf 40D_14603_LR Pine Tree Arch 40D_11850_LR
Grand Tetons 40D_07916_HDR 40D_17006_LR Passage At Sand Dune Arch 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Clematis Dead Horse Point State Park
40D_6864_LR Purple Star 40D_7483_HDR 40D_11944_LR 40D_02582_LR Schooner Bar Lounge Ford Tanker
40D_14323_LR Grand View Point Overlook Fidgit IMG_0295 40D_09251_HDR 40D_01935_LR Chevrolet
40D_09621_HDR 40D_03028_LR 40D_18136_LR 40D_09694_LR Busker 40D_6575_LR 40D_11496_LR
GMC in rear and International in foreground 40D_16086_LR Barn On Mormon Row 40D_0418_LR 40D_11992_LR Approaching Hubbard Glacier 40D_03616_LR
Gooseneck, Colorado River 40D_14256_LR Chevrolet 40D_02434_HDR 40D_6745_LR Boeing B17-G Flying Fortress 40D_07939_LR
Cherry Blossoms 40D_08301_LR 40D_07883_LR Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge) 40D_15349_LR Hayward Lake Reservoir Sandos Playacar Beach Resort
Republic F-105D Thunderchief 40D_08350_LR 40D_02504_LR 40D_11530_LR 40D_16005_LR 40D_08600_LR 1931 Oldsmobile
40D_01787_LR 40D_6341_LR Douglas C-133B Cargomaster 40D_12591_LR 40D_01509_HDR 40D_6573_LR 40D_02318_LR
Colorado River Gooseneck - Dead Horse Point State Park - After Torrential Rain Morning Glory Hot Spring 40D_11803_LR 40D_13918_LR 40D_13655_LR Square Tower House 40D_11926_LR
NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover Launch 40D_6695_LR Picture Lake and Mount Shuksan 40D_02060_LR 40D_03319_LR_Flood 40D_03588_LR 40D_08588_LR
40D_16346_LR 40D_12217_LR 40D_08287_LR 40D_09587_HDR Nature Trail 40D_11122_LR Convair B-36J Peacemaker
Plumeria 40D_17404_LR 40D_09686_LR 40D_14157_LR Bamboo 40D_16392_LR Bison
40D_11852_LR Tunnel Plymouth Lily 40D_08251_LR Kettle Valley Railroad Trestle 40D_09917_HDR
40D_08592_LR Morro Rock Hubbard Glacier Triumph TR4-A 40D_12063_LR 40D_17853_V_LR 40D_02317_LR
Grand View Point Overlook Kettle Valley Raildoad, Tourist Train San Felipe del Morro, 'El Morro' Fort Hilton Waikoloa Village 40D_13780_LR 40D_01995_LR 40D_11167_LR
40D_08339_LR 40D_02405_LR 40D_01654_LR Hilton Waikoloa Village 40D_13343_LR 40D_12963_LR Stairwell
Grand View Point Overlook 40D_12223_LR Church Rock Ford Model T Truck 40D_09819_LR Roberts Bank Coal Terminal 40D_7749_LR_Flood
40D_09136_LR 17 Mile Drive La Posada Hotel 40D_13369_LR Norwegian Epic 40D_01478_V_LR  40D_02280_LR
Tlaquepaque Shops, Galleries and Dining 40D_0492_LR Moraine Lake Chimping 40D_09119_LR Ryman Auditorium Vintage Headlight
40D_16023_LR 40D_02385_LR 40D_01491_LR 40D_11775_LR Door Handle 40D_09061_LR 40D_13720_LR
40D_15003_LR 40D_0461_LR 40D_16095_LR Piedras Blancas Lighthouse 40D_07934_LR Sand Dune Arch Old Machinery
40D_02558_LR Tlaquepaque Shopping Mall 40D_01648_LR 1929 Auburn Boat Tail 40D_02540_LR Ferryland Lighthouse Mormon Barn
40D_14318_LR 40D_08364_LR Old Faithful Geyser 40D_16094_LR Wizard Island Austin Healey 40D_02349_HDR
40D_01492_LR 40D_02458_LR 40D_09783_LR 40D_0338_LR 40D_6819_LR_HDR 40D_6486_LR 40D_6692_LR
Highway 1 Yellowstone River 40D_12950_LR 40D_11192_LR Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Radio Telescopes 40D_12017_LR
40D_11036_LR 40D_7840_LR 40D_11898_LR 40D_01542_LR 40D_16021_LR 40D_13915_LR 40D_6394_LR
40D_11204_LR 40D_12488_LR 40D_03588_LR Grizzly Bear Trinity Bay From Skerwink Trail The Painted Church Rose
40D_11523_LR 40D_09684_HDR Bison 40D_01493_LR 40D_10799_LR 40D_08339_LR Soda Bar
40D_02223F_LR 40D_13777_LR 40D_02004_LR Lifeguard Sand Dune Arch Trail 40D_12325_LR 40D_07953_LR
Chrysler 40D_14490_LR Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Indian Motorbike 40D_01662_LR Ford Mustang 40D_12077_LR
40D_6365_LR 40D_07029_HDR Fishing IMG_2035_LR Dead Trees Flaming Gorge 40D_11581_LR
40D_7169_HDR 40D_15994_LR Sterling Vineyard Driveway Clematis 40D_17290_LR 40D_10979_LR 40D_08387_LR
40D_08586_LR IMG_2345 40D_13917_LR 40D_0432_LR 40D_01807_LR 40D_11411_LR IMG_0356_LR
Hwy 374 toward Rhyolite Leaves Spider Rock Barbour Heritage Living Village Bird Of Paradise Turrent Arch 40D_02531_LR
40D_01499_HDR Tower Of Babel Fidgit 40D_11904_LR 40D_08584_LR 40D_08023_LR Sunken Barge
Chevrolet 40D_02315_LR 40D_12019_LR 40D_01634_LR 40D_06932_HDR IMG_2328_LR Green River Overlook
40D_7296_HDR Harbour Pilot 40D_11614_LR 40D_12445_LR 40D_09136_LR Evening Squid Fishery Gifford Homestead
Moloki Island in Cloud Saguaro Cactus 40D_15997_LR 40D_6356_LR Engine 3716 40D_14259_LR HorseShoe Bend
40D_14092_LR 40D_03237_LR Midway Geyser Basin 40D_02735_LR 40D_02434_LR 40D_12944_LR Bird of Paradise
Lewis River Sandstone Fins Pine Tree Arch 40D_02536_LR 40D_17388_V_LR 40D_07955_LR Geyser
Lanai Island 40D_02533_LR 40D_02333_LR_Flood IMG_1799_LR 40D_07933_LR Fort Amherst 40D_6399_LR
40D_12921_LR 40D_16163_LR George Massey Tunnel & Mt. Baker 40D_17473_V_LR 40D_7119_LR Disney Dream 40D_15863_LR
40D_01552_LR 40D_13012_LR 40D_08501_HDR Palm Tree 40D_09859_HDR 40D_08524_LR University Of BC Student Union Building
40D_6698_LR Christmas Lights Koki Beach Dead Horse Point State Park 40D_13908_LR 40D_01562_LR 40D_17905_LR
View through hotel ruins IMG_1522_LR Grand View Point Overlook 40D_03665_LR 40D_03310_HDR 40D_08030_LR Carnival Sensation & Carnival Ecstasy
40D_17135_LR The Battery Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge) Cape Spear Lighthouse 40D_15479_LR 40D_02349_LR Stave River
40D_13750_LR Disney Dream 40D_08726_LR 40D_08331_HDR Norwegian Sun 40D_14493_LR Green River Overlook
Mormon Row & Grand Tetons 40D_07890_V_LR Serenade Of The Seas Colorado River Gooseneck - Dead Horse Point State Park - After Torrential Rain 40D_14604_LR Tlaquepaque Shopping Mall Camel Butte
Grand Okanagan Hotel Chimney Rock 40D_14601_LR 40D_07916_LR 40D_01474_LR 40D_07893_LR 40D_7757_LR
40D_08999_LR Convair B-36J Peacemaker Grizzly Bear 40D_08349_LR Artist's Point 40D_0316_LR de Havilland DH-4M1
40D_03601_LR 40D_02936_LR Ford Fox Chrysler 40D_0317_LR 1957 Chevrolet
40D_14254_LR 40D_15474_LR-2 Rose 40D_02753_LR 40D_11763_LR Ho'okipa Beach Park 40D_02060_LR_Flood
40D_17499_LR Disney Dream 40D_01638_LR Kona 40D_10526_LR Serenade Of The Seas Ruskin Dam
40D_08590_LR 40D_12598_LR Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Dead Horse Point State Park Water Lily 40D_01646_LR 40D_09629_HDR
Ship Rock 40D_6820_LR_HDR 40D_08677_HDR 40D_6826_LR_HDR IMG_1888_LR Mesa Arch 40D_6754_LR
Tlaquepaque Shopping Mall 40D_11986_LR Wagon Wheel St. John's Harbour Entrance Hydrangea East Mitten & Merrick Butte Cabot Tower
Spider Rock 40D_09917_LR Myra Canyon Trestle # 6 on left 40D_01619_LR 40D_16388_LR 40D_08355_LR 40D_01610_LR
El Morro Fort 40D_03332_LR_Flood La Posada Hotel 40D_02348_HDR 40D_08307_LR 40D_01491_HDR 40D_6458_LR
40D_07938_LR Grizzly Bear Old Saint Mary's Cathedral Tender - Heading For Shore 40D_11427_LR Saguaro Cactus Mission Hill Winery
Fishing Hoist Turrent Arch Rose 40D_02538_LR 40D_17582_V_LR Sikorsky S-43 Baby Clipper Kona
40D_09899_LR 40D_03025_LR 40D_09160_HDR 40D_6617_HDR 40D_08352_LR_Flood At Wolf Ranch 40D_08005_LR
40D_02729_LR 40D_11131_LR Ruskin Hydro Electric Dam Boeing 737 Lifeguard Bison & Calf 40D_01618_LR
Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes View From Lighthouse  John Ford Point Rose 40D_07896_LR 40D_10466_LR 40D_03296_LR
Cape Spear Lighthouse Dolly's Family in Concert 40D_15991_LR Tlaquepaque Shops 40D_13729_LR 40D_14294_LR 40D_08992_LR
40D_11574_LR Grand View Point Overlook Mormon Barn 40D_10407_LR 40D_12958_LR Ford with Chev Engine 40D_01658_LR
40D_08003_LR 40D_03363_LR_Flood Skyline Arch 40D_7608_LR 40D_11392_LR 40D_07927_LR 40D_08069_LR
40D_0442_LR 40D_14253_LR Path At Sand Dune Arch 40D_0511_LR Ferryland Lighthouse Plow 40D_03273_LR
Fishing Cone Geyser, West Thumb Geyser Basin Logging Machinery 40D_08797_LR Mission Hill Wine Cellar 40D_13271_LR 40D_16398_LR Hubbard Glacier
Lounge Near Stern 40D_02554_LR Mission Hill Winery Mesa Arch Kahana Beach Water Lily 40D_16100_LR
Rose Ho'okipa Beach Park Mesa Arch Ford Brockton Point Lighthouse and Downtown Vancouver 40D_02222_LR 40D_17345_V_LR
Wolf Ranch Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge) Boat House 40D_12439_LR Grim Reaper 40D_6353_LR 40D_14660_LR
40D_01636_LR 40D_11592_LR Red Banana Plant 40D_14148_LR 40D_08139_LR 40D_13720_LR 40D_08502_HDR
40D_12390_LR 40D_02346_LR 40D_08387_LR 40D_08350_LR Custers' GraveStone White Rim Trail Ocotillo Cactus
Hilton Waikoloa Village Sunken Barge Porter Brothers Store Erected 1906 40D_01651_LR Akaka Falls Douglas B-23 Dragon 40D_12235_LR
Tidal Pools Cape Spear Lighthouse 40D_09532_LR Water Lily The Battery 40D_08666_HDR Fermentation Tank, Sterling Vineyard
Norwegian Sun 40D_08470_HDR 40D_07891_LR 40D_01904_LR 40D_0495_LR 40D_11507_LR 40D_08467_LR
40D_01462_HDR Ocotillo Cactus 40D_07986_LR Rose 40D_09509_LR 40D_02530_LR IMG_0295_LR
40D_07936_LR Pu'uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park (City Of Refuge) 40D_6906_V_LR 40D_6637_LR 40D_07994_LR 40D_02826_LR 40D_18184_LR
40D_16133_LR 40D_08016_LR 40D_03298_HDR 40D_16394_LR Haystack Rock 40D_12632_LR 40D_6351_HDR
1914 Packard Touring Car Icy Strait Point, Alaska The Painted Church 40D_17233_V_LR 40D_09816_LR Peyto Lake 40D_08345_LR
Norwegian Sun 40D_13900_LR Delicate Arch Ford 40D_17039_V_LR Elephant Butte Old Unused Trestle
40D_11143_LR Rattlesnake 40D_07882_LR Lombard Street Banana Tree Leaves 40D_07905_LR 40D_02811_LR
40D_17294_LR 40D_03269_HDR 40D_17513_LR Virgin River 40D_14475_LR Grand View Point Overlook Giant's Head Mountain
50's and 60's Music Performance - Fabulous Kettle Valley Railroad Trestle IMG_2622_LR 40D_08260_LR San Felipe del Morro, 'El Morro' Fort  - From Inside WWII Bunker Tunnel Arch 40D_7011_LR
The Battery Slot Canyon Barbour Heritage Living Village Owachomo Bridge Claret Cup Cactus 40D_07940_LR 40D_14293_LR
Ship Rock Vintage Car Show 40D_01653_LR Koki Beach Lower Falls Moulton Barn On Mormon Row Shelter Used By Cowboys
40D_12975_LR Saturn 5 Fuel Tank Cruising 40D_02125_LR Japanese Pavilion - Epcot Indian Memorial IMG_1980_LR
Bison & Calf