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Herve Foltz14-Nov-2016 17:48
Michael, I am so glad to see that the quality of your film pictures is at the same level as the digital ones.
You know how to work on B&W negative and it shows!
One of my favourite lens is also the 80-200 f/2.8, especially for landscapes.
See you around on PBase, Herve
emmanuel LB27-Oct-2015 19:58
Vous avez un superbe oeil photographique.
Bravo et merci.
monique26-Nov-2011 19:37
Your visit and comment are appreciated

Iris Maybloom (irislm)07-May-2011 19:19
Thanks for commenting on my site.....much appreciated. I've enjoyed looking through your images. Almost makes me want to resurrect my film cameras.....almost!!
María Cano08-Mar-2011 20:20
Dear Michael,

thanks so much for visiting my galleries and your kind comments. I really enjoyed myshelf seeing your shots and I know that I'll learn so much from you and your work ..

Best wishes,
Lara Kantardjian24-Oct-2010 09:32
Thanks for your comments. Nice to meet a film photographer too. And I see that you solely use film. Very impressive. You have so many galleries with fine images. When time I shall look through more.
B Thomas Johnston23-Sep-2010 08:32
Hi Michael, thank you for your comments on my images. I enjoyed your bicycle gallery very much.
simks05-Sep-2010 05:34
Hi, thanks for the comments over my galleries. You too have a set of wonderful works.
Will look forward to see more. All best God bless.
Shu04-Apr-2010 12:37
after looking at your galleries, i feel complimented you have taken the time to comment on mine, michael! you are an amazing photographer! shu
kervelli17-Feb-2010 19:05
beautiful pictures
krishan30-Jan-2010 11:17
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

leelou20-Dec-2009 19:33
Thanks for your kind comment.
I too appreciate your talent.
Regards :-)
D Fratto06-Dec-2009 05:16
Thank you for visiting my galleriers. You have some very nice pictures.
ajuett05-Dec-2009 18:04
Hi Michael, thank you for the generous comments and visiting my site. Your galleries are substantial. I'll need a while to go through them all but from what I have seen so far, your photos are awesome. I envy your camera equipment as well, very nice! I wish I could afford to shoot film all the time, sadly I've had to stop for now. I do have a new Canon G11 that is impressing me though, it's a fun camera.
Michal Pistol14-Jun-2009 19:18
úåãä òì áîçîàåú, åòì äáé÷åø áâìøéä.
éù ìê âìøéä î÷ñéîä , ðäééðúé îàã !

Guest 23-May-2009 04:54
Thanks for the kind comment; it is an honor to receive a compliment from you who has such a fantastic body of film photography images here on pbase. I will keep a link to your site as a reference of how to organize the subject matter, and also for ideas on what to image.
Best regards,
Gary Kovacs
Paolo Flores21-May-2009 20:58
thanks for your visit and comments. I admire your perseverance with film, knowing how tedious scanning work can be. Motivates me do do more myself. You have a great set of photos and great scanning work.
All the best,
Kuriacose Joseph24-Jan-2009 15:35
Thank you for visiting my gallery. You have some very nice pictures.
Don Marlow27-Nov-2008 07:25
Thanks so much for the terrific comments in the galleries. I enjoy in particular your black and white materials, good comps and angles on the overseas locations.
No time like the present.. get out there and get that Hasselblad throw caution to the wind and let loose those creativity levels...Keep up the great images
Thanks again,
Mats Sundström15-Nov-2008 14:16
thanks for the comments on my pictures
ALLEN LLOYD15-Oct-2008 06:01
Thank you Micheal.The state of Isreal is my dream to photograph.Let's keep in touch because I will soon be there.I love your work also.
Bill vander Sluys24-Aug-2008 05:18
Michael, thanks for your comments. I really like your B&W work, something I used to do a lot of. Great shots in all your galleries, it was a real treat to browse through them. Nice work.
regards, Bill
Jim Woodworth17-Aug-2008 14:48
So many fascinating galleries, so many excellent images.

I'll be back when I have more time to look around.
Peter Bardwell20-Jul-2008 05:30
Hi Michael - thanks for those kind comments!
I've been enjoying a look thorough your pictures - especially the places I know best such as Rome and Naples, but also those amazing Roman ruins.
I often reflect on why it is that the better ones of my film shots are generally nicer than I'm getting with digital - the viewfinders in the older SLRs, more considered shooting, who knows? At least I get many fewer absolute failures these days! Regards, Peter
Enny19-Jul-2008 10:34
I am very impressed by your work, is terrific, will come back later to see more.
Cheers Enny.
lorand11-Jul-2008 23:34
Hi Michael!
Thanks for your comments on my galleries.
Piedad TENORIO-JIMENEZ01-May-2008 18:16
i love your gallery Doors & Windows!!
Carlo Colombo23-Apr-2008 15:25
Great galleries, you live in a wonderful country!
Adrian Watson17-Mar-2008 08:17
Hi Michael, thanks for looking at my photos and your kinds comments.
Claude Martin16-Mar-2008 13:43
Thanks a lot for Your visit and Your great photos....
I've added your galleries to my favorites and I will be back regularly.
Christian Lallier09-Mar-2008 08:44
thanks Michael
great works and so well composed
H2M08-Mar-2008 09:25
Hi Michael, thank you very much for visiting my galleries and for all your comments. I do enjoy very much your work as well! Best regards. Hélène
Linda Marlowe05-Feb-2008 02:01
Wonderful photos of your country. I especially liked the Market Places
in Daily Life and the various quarters. Also the textures of the Israeli landscapes
are intriging to me. Your Galleries are extensive so I will have to revisit them
again. Keep up the good work.
P.S....thanks for visiting :) Linda Marlowe
Guest 01-Feb-2008 15:30
Thanks Michael. Congratulations on your works.
William Von Gonten08-Dec-2007 02:15
Thank you for peeking at my pictures. I use to work for Scitex back in the 1990's and thay sent me once to Tel Aviv for training. You photos bring back fond memories. Bill Von Gonten
Titia Geertman03-Dec-2007 08:26
Thank you for your comments on my pictures. I've strolled through your galleries and they're beautiful. Especially the one of Israël is very impressive. My Mom has been to Israël several times in her life (she's 96 now), visiting the Jewish woman she kept hidden in her house during the war. They always kept in touch. Irma died several years ago, but her husband still lives in Tel Aviv. Two years ago he came over to visit my Mom.
I wrote a poem for her when she died. You can find it here
john dahlstet23-Oct-2007 03:17
thanks for your kind remark. I note you are shooting film. I still do a bit but scanning is a chore. I admire your patience. Nice photos too, btw.
gilanuriel11-Oct-2007 15:58
äéé îéëàì, úåãä ùáé÷øú áàúø ùìé åùîçúé òì äúâåáåú. ùåèèúé âí àöìê åîàåã àäáúé àú òáåãúê. âéìä
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:27
Lovely work. Share more please.
Andrija Kasom24-Apr-2007 07:49
Dear Michael,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:18
I'm going to model some of my work after you in the soon as I get a new camera.
Michel Carlué06-Feb-2007 13:03
Thanks for visiting my galleries !
Yours pics are beautiful, very original compositions, use of colors and BW. "Archeological Architecture Remains" and "Bicycles" are my favorites, congratulations !!
Federico D'Incà28-Jan-2007 12:31
Tks for your comments Michael have a great selection here ...well done ..!!
Nick Powell28-Jan-2007 11:52
Michael, thanks for visiting my galleries, I appreciate your comments. You have a very diverse collection of quality images, which I enjoyed viewing. Best Regards, Nick.
Irene Müller09-Dec-2006 19:50
Michael, I've been looking through your galleries and I'm very impressed. You have a wide variety of interesting subjects here. If I had to pick a favourite I'd go for your black/white work, it's wonderful.
Also thank you for the kind comment on my work.
Cedric Sims09-Dec-2006 15:00
Nice galleries you have.I like the wide variety of photos you have captured from all around.
william mahan09-Dec-2006 13:27

Michael: Thanks for visiting my galleries and the kind comments, I enjoyed seeing your work.
Jim31-Oct-2006 15:39
I mean it was a couple of weeks, not months ago that you visited one of my galleries (signs). Thanks again.
Jim31-Oct-2006 15:36
Michael, greeting from Washington State, USA. Thank you for viewing my galleries and commenting. I know it was several months ago, but I am a little slow at responding sometimes.
Jarek M19-Oct-2006 11:52
Thanks very much for visiting my gallery and your comments.

Best Regards
Wendy19-Oct-2006 09:28
Hi There. Thanks for visiting my galleries! You have some outstanding are certainly well travelled! Cheers.
Jim Woodworth10-Oct-2006 15:23
Excellent body of work. Thanks for stopping by my galleries and drawing my attention to what you have here.
Peiying Mo03-Oct-2006 20:23
Hi Michael,

Really enjoyed your photos, from giant to insignificant, from historical ruins to ants... you put a lot of thought in your photos. Excellent work!

T.DEE23-Aug-2006 00:22
Hey man, thanks for the comments. I'm glad you liked what you saw. I really enjoy your work as well. I'm adding you to my user group so I can come back and see what your up to. Thanks again.
Rosemarie Kusserow01-Aug-2006 07:30
Thanks Michael for your kind comment on my b/w images, I´m glad you liked them, take care, Rosemarie :o)
Wei O'Connell20-May-2006 14:17
Hi Michael,
Thank you for the nice comments. I love your "Sky" gallery. Excellent work. I will stop by your galleries often for sure.
Iain Kirk13-May-2006 13:23
Thanks for the comments and new stuff will be up soon - HONEST!!!

Martha Albuquerque12-May-2006 13:17

Thank you for all your comments in my gallery. You have such a interesting and nice work! I added you as my favorite, then I will come back for more!

Martha Albuquerque
John Hudson07-May-2006 16:04
thanks for the comments Michael
lorand12-Apr-2006 19:50
Hi Michael!
Thank you for your visit and comment.
Regards, Lorenzo
Marcia Colelli16-Mar-2006 20:47
Thank you for visiting my galleries and the nice comment on my door photo. I also enjoyed looking at your galleries.
robert joyon17-Feb-2006 14:03
thanks Michael for your visit...
Just for info, dont abuse too much on saturation on your pictures as they are loosing some kind of identity...
A good photo is a photo talking by itself :o)
Craig Gillette10-Nov-2005 00:31
I'm glad you looked and commented on the surfer, kind of a first try one afternoon after eating near the pier. I've really enjoyed the forum, so many different people and areas to enjoy - and places that I've never been. I see that you've got some forest fire shots - that's a continuing worry for us hear in Southern California as well although this year hasn't been too bad.
Guest 01-Oct-2005 19:49

Thanks for visiting also, glad that you enjoyed.

Peter Chou28-Sep-2005 15:52
Hi Michael,

Thank you for visiting my gallery, especially the locked one that has the password of seance! I like your perspective of the places you have travelled to! Do show me more parts of the world through your eyes.