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Charlie Lentz | all galleries >> Birds in Maryland > Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus)
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Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus)

Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus)

Conowingo Dam, MD

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Avey 30-Jan-2017 00:11
Jan 2017 Potomac, MD. I saw three birds sitting on a log in a ravine with a stream running by. when I looked down again one was eating berries from a bush. I told a friend the couldn't be vultures1 Upon looking the birds up, "Oh yes they are. We have hungry deer in the woods and they may have been waiting for a sickly one to become their dinner!
Avey 30-Jan-2017 00:05
Jan, 2017. Potomac, MD. I saw three birds sitting and walking on a log in a ravine with a stream running through. As I looked down one appeared to be eating berries from a bush. That is the reason I told a friend they were not vultures. When I looked them up , "Oh yes, they are definitely vultures." We've lots of hungry deer in the woods which if unwell could make them a good supper!
Guest 07-Jan-2017 19:19
Omg I live in reisterstown near Lyndon and they've been all over the place. Its scary. They're huge and they fly all around and then there are even more roosting in the trees and on roofs. Crazy!
Keidra 07-Jul-2016 00:43
I've seen these birds everywhere. One time there was a whole community of them roosting in a nearby tree while a few of them were eating the remains of roadkill. This was when I was en route to Anne Arundel County. I've always seen a whole community eating a doe's corpse. This was when I was still in high school. Man, so many of them!

By the way, I love the way they walk - so raptor like.
Guest 05-Mar-2014 05:35
I seen this bird on a roof on a apartment complex and around that time me my mom my moms boyfriend and little brother hadn't seen my moms cat that was missing prior that day and it was making a loud screeching like a rooster loosing it's voice and it's ugly and it makes me wonder about my moms cat when she posted it on Facebook and like two dudes said when they come around it usually means it's something dead AND THAT'S WHAT MADE ME GOOGLE THIS BIRD FACEBOOK PAGE IS (Dasallihear yo'redd edwards)
lisa 24-Feb-2014 03:33
Up to Conowingo Damn, there are hundreds of them on top of the damn that I got pictures of just sitting there.
Guest 02-Feb-2014 03:12
We saw one on the roof of our neighbors townhouse today. It was high up and far away but we're pretty sure it was a vulture. They look very ominous and scary, but are they in any way dangerous?
Guest 22-Aug-2013 00:55
I saw a couple in Upper Marlboro hanging out near some old household items waiting for bulk trash pickup. Didn't look like anything was edible. Maybe they were shopping for their nest. Funny.
Harold J. Haltaman 08-Aug-2013 16:44
As a USA Veteran I took my friend to, Perry Point VA medical facility in Perry Point MD, in Cecil County, Maryland, I live in Wicomico County on the eastern shore of MD.

We drove to the Warf aria, There sitting on the gate to the wild life sanctuary were about 10 black vultures, with all these feral cats. I had never seen vultures with black heads. They looked like overgrown crows

On the eastern Shore of MD, we have vultures with red heads. I got out of my car to take a closer look. Then out of no were, came about 10 or 12 feral cats.

I guess people take food to these feral cats. But the all black vultures just set on the gate with some of them on the ground with the stray cats?

I’m 82 years old, It’s the first time I seen, black headed vultures
Dylan seamster 03-Apr-2013 16:45
I believe I saw one but I'm not sure
Guest 10-Dec-2012 19:45
I saw about 8 of these birds on 295 near the NSA exit. I thought they were ravens till I got close and saw how huge they were and how strange they walked. I'm from CA so I didn't know what they were and told everyone I thought they were shaped Ike vultures and what do you know I looked it up and here they are. Cool now I know.
Guest 15-Nov-2012 16:47
I counted 24 of these birds on my neighbors roof yesterday and approx. 10 more in a tree. They hang out in this area constantly (Ellicott City)
devy white 27-Feb-2012 23:29
I have an old water tower here in Bivalve Md which hosts a fasmily every spring. They live here for months raising their young. It is amazing how devoted and protective they are
guest 22-Oct-2011 21:42
Just saw two on the chimney of my neighbors house in Hampden.
Jay 14-Aug-2011 13:08
I saw 3 of these birds while driving on MD RT 17 midway between Myersville and Middletown off I 70 near Frederick,MD. They were feasting on a dead deer on the road side and was not shy when we stopped as close as 10 feet. The birds looked exactly as in the picture and was ugly nag massive.
Wayne N Kathrin (facebook) 11-Aug-2011 19:07
I live in Northern Jersey, surrounded from tons of lakes, seas, woods and mountains, they are everywhere here to see on the sky along with chicken hawks ... saw them several times just sitting in front of my door or our drive way ... as 3 of them did circel our cat in our yard on the ground i did just run out and grabbed our cat inside the house, 1st time that is was kind of scared of them. Don't know how big there hunted food usually is, but i thought it's possible that our cat (who isn't that big than others) could fit their meal plan...
guest 18-May-2011 14:18
This big bird was walking in my driveway - first I thought it was a black duck. What's my neighbor's duck doing in my yard? I got near it and it was ugly then it flew high and joined another one on top of my neighbor's chimney cap. Never seen one like this before, so interesting that I had to google it on the web!
Guest 29-Mar-2011 02:57
I live in Broolyn, MD.near Harbor Hospital. On mon.mar.28 about 8:37 I was taking my nice to shcool and there was O.M.G. a black cat laing in the st. and on the side of it was 5 big black birds. when I got back home there was 2 more 7 in all and cat was black no more.
Jay 27-Mar-2011 19:30
I live in Upper Marlboro Maryland. I saw these vulture near the trash. They were so scary looking that I had to google to get information on them. They are not intimated by humans or automobiles. I had to beat the horn several times for them to move...not good!
Guest 14-Mar-2011 20:57
I saw three of them circling in my neighbor for several hours. They finally landed two blocks up the street. I got in my car and found them one block over and up walking on the church grounds. Very big, scary, and ugly. I guess humans have destroyed their natural habitat. When are we going to learn.
Guest 09-Mar-2011 06:06
I was driving down Valmerhaussen Road, in Jessup at 7am and saw one of these guys hanging out at the bus stop. I had to stop and look, because it was the scariest bird I have ever seen. Not to mention..he was huge. He must feast well in these woods. By the way I just moved here from NYC so this is all new to me!
Kaitlin 02-Mar-2011 01:27
I just saw two of these in Hunt Valley.
Guest 20-Oct-2010 14:15
I have been seeing a ton of them in Owings Mills and Reisterstown, MD lately!
Guest 11-Jul-2010 17:36
That was suppose to be roof.
Guest 11-Jul-2010 17:36
Just saw two on my neighbors rood in Lutherville. Scary. Took my dog inside!
Guest 04-Jun-2010 07:12
I seen this bird the other day while jogging where I live at in waldorf those birds have murder in his eyes.
Guest 23-Mar-2010 18:36
there were two in my backyard in Towson this morning!! I'm new to Maryland and had no idea there were vultures here, How cool!
Shelly 24-Feb-2010 02:20
I live in Waldorf, MD and I see them every morning before I go to work by our trash dumpster. There are always at least 5 to 6 around and they are HUGE uplcose. To me they are very intimidating and I run everytime.
Charles G. 02-Feb-2010 00:09
i saw one today picking through the trash of my complex...i live in columbia md
Guest 26-Jan-2010 18:54
They are also in Upper Marlboro off of Brown Station Road.
I had some attack my trash in Clinton, MD today.
Sean 15-Dec-2009 12:51
I live in Bowie, MD and the vultures come in hoards to eat the trash put out on our street. There's always at least 20 of them scattered around in groups tearing at our garbage bags. Before they used to be intimidating, now they are just annoying.
Guest 15-Sep-2009 20:48
That last one, I forgot to mention I live about 2 minutes from the Conowingo dam
Guest 15-Sep-2009 20:48
They are EVERYWHERE at my house constantly because we cut hay. Along with them are chicken hawks who always watch my puppy and it is so scary
Guest 11-May-2009 23:20
2 of them were sitting on the dumpster outside my building in Silver Spring, MD
Jess11-May-2009 05:28
I think I saw some of these vultures one day on route 29 in Columbia, MD. I think there were 6 total. They were sitting on the highway signs above the road. 2 sets of 3 birds on 2 signs, one right after the other. One of them had it's wings spread out. It was a pretty amazing sight. These birds give me the creeps for some reason. I've never seen them before.
Guest 07-May-2009 02:17
they have a wrinkley face
Milan Vogrin12-Feb-2008 23:09
Very nice!
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