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mystery... time will tell...

mystery... time will tell...

Some asked me why I only showed bits and pieces of myself.
Without a face, they couldn稚 picture who I am.
What is more important to you? A beautiful face, or a beautiful mind and soul?
Is beauty only skin deep, or could it withstand test of time?
I知 open to share my thoughts and my emotions, though they may not be always logical or sensible.
But I知 unable to show you anything more, because I知 still a mystery, even to myself.
It痴 a journey of self-discovery, self-expression and self-confidence.
And I知 thankful to those who do not mind knowing me better.
I知 going to leave you all with this image and return again after a week or more.
Take care, everyone and will catch up hopefully soon!

(Part of my new gallery: exposed...)

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PauloCGama03-Dec-2009 22:55
Can't stop admiring. V
saurabh namdeo 18-Apr-2009 06:33
it's wonderfull
Adrian Reilly16-Mar-2009 10:17
Time is still telling:-)))))))))))))
Adrian Reilly29-Feb-2008 10:27
Time is telling:-)
Sunshine Steve 03-Oct-2007 11:19
Thank you for being "You!"

"Some asked me why I only showed bits and pieces of myself.
Without a face, they couldn’t picture who I am.
What is more important to you? A beautiful face, or a beautiful mind and soul?"

From the soul comes all... without the "heart Connection" the most beautiful face would be blank. With a heart filled soul... and proper intent... the mind will fly... and the face MUST be beautiful.

I look forward to more of your incredable work!
liansongchen06-Feb-2007 02:24
Guest 03-Dec-2006 08:59
You have nice back anyway.
Ana Carloto O'Shea02-Nov-2006 14:37
Your work is very elegant. You don't just compose the photos, but you do it in a very special way, with a sort of minimalistic pos modernist style that is quite alluring.
Guest 16-Sep-2006 22:42
Very serene!
cliffwright13-Sep-2006 10:56
Very nice image ... I love the concept and the exposure
Bill Harris09-Sep-2006 08:58
A wonderful talent
Roe..05-Sep-2006 12:20
this is soooo perfect..I love it...v
Yves Rubin05-Sep-2006 06:13
Superb! I love your point of view! Yes, less is more.
Guest 04-Sep-2006 14:13
very nice!
Rene Hales02-Sep-2006 14:06
Emotional and emotive - thought provoking and engaging.--Rene
Jen Bixler02-Sep-2006 05:34
You have a way of stirring questions and emotions all in one with your stunning images.
lorand01-Sep-2006 22:30
Wonderful work!
TimA01-Sep-2006 07:54
Hear hear Phil re your third comment!
Sheila01-Sep-2006 02:44
Awesome work!
Cindi Smith01-Sep-2006 00:19
Awesome shot! I like your description of this image and can understand. I like the mystery! V
Phil Douglis31-Aug-2006 17:46
Back to this image once again. Thanks, Ai Li, for message telling me what is really going on here. I will keep your secrets, but after reading the divergent comments of Chris and JD, I am more convinced than ever that the great strength of your imagery is its ability to make the viewer see whatever he or she WANTS to see in it. Every picture in this gallery does this. It does not really matter what you intended to say -- what matters is that you create mysteries that force each of us to come to own conclusions. You respect the intelligence of your viewers and you capitalize on it again and again. This is what photograph art is supposed to do. And you do it so well.
JD31-Aug-2006 08:44
I am coming late here, and a lot has been said. I am still puzzled by the hands. Not sure of anyhting, but I believe these hands are yours. The composition is absolutely spectacular, with the right circle rolling on your shoulder. The work on the exposure so that the darkest part of the skin matches the clocks color, while is lightest part of it is white, is brilliant. Vote.
Chris Sofopoulos31-Aug-2006 08:36
I read the comments of Phil and saw more carefully that these hands aren't yours.
Of course with this addition, the image is stronger! And the more I look at it and read Phil's opinion and words the more I love it.
It is an exceptional image Ai Li. In every aspect.
Many bravo for the inspirational and so EXPRESSIVE work. v
Ray Rebortira31-Aug-2006 05:17
This image, especially the clocks, reminds me of the Marschallin's anxiety about the passage of Time and her bittersweet resignation. Ja, ja...
Doug Kessler31-Aug-2006 04:38
Another step towards exposure. Brilliant!
JSWaters31-Aug-2006 02:03
The beauty of the unfolding flower lies in not seeing or knowing everything at once, Ai Li. Peel away the layers and open the petals bit by bit - that way we can savor discovering you as you discover yourself.
Adrian Reilly31-Aug-2006 01:08
Stunning piece of work miss agility 2006:-)
Phil Douglis31-Aug-2006 00:11
I meant to say "pain of guilt," and not "paint of guilt" in my last comment, Ai Li. Sorry.
Sue Robertson30-Aug-2006 23:36
It has all been said. This is just a wonderful image. I look forawrd to seeing more. v
Phil Douglis30-Aug-2006 22:26
Ai Li, there is another image on pbase using a nude back and grasping fingers, but in a different context -- Marisa Taddio's brilliant image using a steel rake to symbolize the paint of guilt at That is her own hand in the picture, which implies self-preservation in the face of enormous pain. Amazing how fingers seen coming around the back of the body can change meaning just by the position and nature of the gesture.
Phil Douglis30-Aug-2006 21:41
I may be late arriving at this discussion, Ai Li, but I am still having a wonderful time analyzing this thought provoking image. I have spent a half hour with it, and the more I look, the more I see. Given your intentions, this image is huge step in the right direction. When seen in the context of this gallery, it exposes still another dimension of your soul in a thought-provoking manner. You abstract the image boldly, removing all clothing and much of the skin texture as well. In fact, we can barely see the imprint of the spine and the shoulder blades – the body appears soft and without flaw, utterly abstracted by frame and vantage point. The incongruity arrives with the fingers that touch your waist. For an instant I thought you might be embracing yourself, but when I saw the forward position of the arms, I see that those fingers can’t be your own. You face someone you trust, with a sense of great dignity and intimacy. Yet when we open ourselves to the touch of another, vulnerability is implied as well. The clocks speak of extended time. Given the variance of time and the graphic context in which they appear, they symbolically imply that love is a state of mind that grows with time. You masterfully combine all three of the key principles of photographic expression here, Ai Li, to engage the imagination, intellect, and emotions of your viewers. This is an image that shows less and says more through abstraction. The unexpected fingers at the waist are strikingly incongruous. The human values implied by this image are many: love, tenderness, perpetuation, vulnerability, and above all, trust. You say in your caption that you are a mystery, even to yourself. Yet through this image, and indeed, this gallery, you are coming to discover yourself in ways you perhaps never imagined, and you are taking all of us along for the ride. Congratulations, Ai Li. You have once again have given us all, including yourself, much to think about. And you build great anticipation for the next mind-bender that may be coming our way.
TimA30-Aug-2006 20:50
Beautiful, thought provoking and intelligent work!
I agree with your sentiments although of course beauty has its purpose early on in love.
I like the idea of the hands I think I know which way your are going with it.
What intrigues me though is the two clocks - why two? It could of course simply be coincidence that they are both there, if you have relatives in another country for example. Or it could signify something more. Part of the mystery perhaps?
Ann LT30-Aug-2006 19:43
Another brilliant image.
You are sooo good w/ this!! V
Catherine_D30-Aug-2006 19:12
Couldn't agree more with your statement Ai Li...You are absolutely right :) And what a wonderful way to show it with this wonderful shot...V...
Guest 30-Aug-2006 18:44
:D I knew it would be a great and intriguing shot. I'm so proud to know you Ai Li xx
Jim Ross30-Aug-2006 18:39
Fantastic work again... I never tire of these shots.. .Gmv..
Ray :)30-Aug-2006 17:55
Well, there's no two ways about it, is there?
Apart from the main subject matter, I think the clocks are really cool too.
Enjoy your break :-)
Kathy Pedersen30-Aug-2006 17:30
Beautiful work Ai Li, the inside, the inner soul makes us who we really are. Very well presented! V!
petem30-Aug-2006 16:34
So right!
Kal Khogali30-Aug-2006 16:19
;-)) I thought your husband might declare Copyright ;-))K
Craig Persel30-Aug-2006 15:53
Fantastically creative image . . . and I agree 100% with your sub-comment. Vote.
Ken McColl30-Aug-2006 15:23
Clever, VERY clever...yes, time does indeed tell. KMc
Rob Rosetti30-Aug-2006 14:24
Everything is perfect here. Soft focus and soft light, quite an high-key. Mystical shot!
Sheila30-Aug-2006 14:09
Wonderful work.
Don't turn your back on us completely.
Stu Egan30-Aug-2006 13:56
Excellent again...a good literal image to leave with!
Steve H30-Aug-2006 12:52
Another magnificent image Ai Li. I hope you hubbie appreciates what a talented wife he has ;0). V
ltolksdorf30-Aug-2006 12:25
Very beautiful image and thoughts. Vote.
Clarke & Emi30-Aug-2006 12:20
Very interesting graphical image. I love the tone you use here, it helps showing 'I am still a mystery, even to myself' - showing the unsure and mystery feelings. Very nicely presented. V
Ed Goodnight30-Aug-2006 11:47
wonderful composition
antidote330-Aug-2006 10:56
awesome....would be a very interesting artistic gallery
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