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South Africa

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Male Cheetah 6 Village Weaver Male Cheetah
Adult Rolling Wild Dog Pups - Checking for crocs Village Weaver
Wild Dog Pups at Waterhole Male Cheetah Wild Dogs on the move
Sleepy Times Pups - Food Fight Male Cheetah
Approaching the water Alpha Male Village Weaver
Village Weaver Thinking? Up tree with Bushbuck kill
Village Weavers Village Weaver Wild Dog - Adult Male
Village Weaver Male Cheetah t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105963338.hSdk6vcN.jpg
Pups at waterhole Wild Dog - Alpha Female Prowling Male
Village Weaver Male Leopard Male Leopard
Pups at waterhole Night Hunting - past the Rhinos Male Cheetah
Wild Dog Pups Play Fight Feeding Time
Adults drinking after a kill. Wild Dogs Hunting at night Male Cheetah
Wild Dog Adult Adult Female Wild Dog Pup Exploring
Male Cheetah Wild Dog Pup Wild Dog Pups - Food Fight
Wild Dog Resting Wild Dog, De-Wildt Centre Wild Dog Yawn
Wild Dog Pups Wild Dog Resting 2 Village Weaver
Wild Dog Pups Alpha Male Male Leopard Hunting
Wild Dog Pup - Food Fight Wild Dog - De-Wildt Centre XX8L8220.jpg
Wild Dog Adult Village Weaver Wild Dog
Male Leopard Hunting 2 Wild Dog Pups Leopard Hyena Confrontation 2
t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105722862.6v4yr6uW.jpg Wild Dog Where's the Croc?
t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105722261.XtD3TnTd.jpg Leopard Hyena Confrontation 1 Wild Dog
Male Cheetah Female Night Hunting 2 Alpha Male - Wallingford
Male Leopard Hunting 2 Relaxed Adult Male Wild Dog
Wild Dog Feeding Time t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105722264.X89HNln1.jpg
Night Hunting t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105661034.EnMN8bKM.jpg t5%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105722863.lHkwqNFW.jpg
King Cheetah Male Leopard Hunting 3 Male Leopard Hunting 4
Adult Female 2 Relaxed Adult Male Wild Dogs Alert
Wallingford Male 2 Adult Female t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105722256.mCrQoJsh.jpg
Hungry Adult Male XX8L8030.jpg Relaxed Adult Male
King Cheetah t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105661036.MhkdoJjj.jpg XX8L8139.jpg
The female that charged the guide Bushbuck Kill up a tree t1%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f105722865.WKUsU6tI.jpg
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