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The color red affects us mentally and physically. It has more personal associations than any other color.
Recognized as a stimulant red is inherently exciting and the amount of red is directly related to the level of energy perceived.
Red draws attention and a keen use of red as an accent can immediately focus attention on a particular element.
It increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy, encourages action and confidence and gives a sense of protection from fears and anxiety.
Red is the color for beauty in many languages. In Sweden, Falun red (red based on the pigment from the Falun mine) was reserved for the privelaged class.
In China red is associated with good luck and fortune. In Chinese culture colors corresponded with the five primary elements, the directions and the four seasons. Red was associated with summer, fire and the South. In Japan red is the color of Shinto sanctuaries.
In Greece Easter eggs are dyed red and the Greek expression "Piase kokkino" (touch red) is said when two people say the same thing at the same time. It is believed that the event is an omen that the two will have an argument in the future, which can only be broken when the two touch the closest thing that is red .
In England, red phone booths and red double decker buses, are national icons.
In India, a red mark on the forehead is said to bring good luck.
Red is the color most associated with the Soviet Union during communist reign.
Hot Pants Red Dress Kikuyu Traditional Costumes Lonely Road
O'Neills' Bar Apres-Match Spancilhill Fair Beauty
Maasai Game Water-Seller, Marrakech Vintage Tractor Scarlet Letter
Red-Rose Red Bridge Two Horses Running away with the Circus
Buena Vista Social Club Rally of the Lakes 2011 Red Bus East meets West
Loughshinny Harbour Clowning Around Coral Tree Ducati Museum
Life is for Living Hot Table Cafe Deposit your Butts Munster Men's Four
Red-Hat Munster Men's Double Scull Munster Men's Coxed Pair
Fuchsia La Perla de Caminita Studebaker 4-Door Sedan Red Cottage
Sea-lions on a Buoy Spinning a Yarn Santa Clown Comparing Notes
Sunday Mask Inca Chief Rusty Jalopy
Close Quarters Moving House Red Rocks High Plains Drifter
Lifeguard Rock Wall - Navaho Homestead Heather Berry Tulips
Butte Red Rose Volcano Rose Roses Galore!
Red Mud Roads Evining Run Raindrops keep falling ... Not so sure?
Wheelbarrow Recliner Hand-Loom Clowning About Bad Ass Balloons
Concentration Christmas Iguana Red Sky at Night - Shepherd's Delight Galápagos Mockingbird (Mimus parvulus)
Gotta Scritch that Itch Starfish on Lava Pebble Beach Anti-Austerity Protest Red Sky at Night
Red Sky at Night - Shepherd's Delight Sunset Manoeuvres Forgotten Era Salsa Dancers
Dunderry Mayor and Fair Day Rose Red Moskvitch - Light-Red Licence-plate Pilar - Hemingway's Boat Red Sky at Night
Petal Power Loch Ryan Sunset Son et Lumiere 2 Thumbs-up
Gardar - Grounded The Chief Raudasandur –  Red Sands Christmas Doors
Blanket on the Ground? Tulips Rusty Crowned Hornbill (Tockus alboterminatus)
Okavango Sunset Linyanti Sunset Shelter from Katla Mountain Farm
Red Rocks Downtown Drangsnes Red & Blue Three Red Roofs
Round Bale Press ... Vicon RF 130 BalePack Zetor-7211 + Round Bales Red Steeple Old 'International' Tractor
Red House Shipwrecked Mariners Society MV Plassy Shhh!
Red Red Foot-Soldier Gas Light Mast Shades Viking Sunset
The Chief Joy Dadi  Bitters Hard Stare Palanquin Bearer Headgear
Sunset Surfer Clare River in Flood Celebration Red Cactus
Celebration 2 Red Sky at Night Mutton Island Signal Tower Les Miserables
May Day Fireworks May Day Fireworks To the Rescue Sunset Reflections on Derwent Water
Abandoned Telephone Box Traditional Ice-cream South Bull Wall Lighthouse Virgin Balloon Flights
Red Dawn Hot Air Tauromachie - French Style A whole load of angry bull
Just do it! Camargue Sunset Banku and Tilapia with Peppers Stew