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"You can find pictures anywhere. It's simply a matter of noticing things and organizing them. You just have to care about what's around you and have a concern with humanity and the human comedy" ... Elliott Erwitt
Cockles Harvest Cloth Seller Hot Pants
Limerick Pride Good Taste Expressions
Dancer Shinto Miko (巫女 Shrine Maidens) Over There
Sea-Wall Runner 2 Red Dress Kikuyu Traditional Costumes
Fair Maiden Blue-Eyed Trio Sea-Wall Runner
Beauty Parlour Rude Message ... no offense meant! School's Out
Style Street Theatre 2
Kiss the Donkey Fair Maidens
Limerick Pride 3 Style Council Mistress of Cermonies
Pink Dress Lazy Beds ... Planting Potatoes Aymara Traditional Dress
High Five Legs Eleven
Triplets? Groundnut Soup for Sale Horse-Fair, Spancil-Hill
Doing a deal Inca Chief Tiaras for Sale
Viking Raider Hen Party Leprechaun on a Bike
Geishas, Kyoto  Exhibition Lying in Repose
Fast-Food –  Ghana-Style –  6am –  Fante Kenkey No, This Way!
Fancy Dress - Ghana Style Cahirmee Horse Fair Dancing Granny
St. Patrick's Day Parade Family Group Mad March Hare
Friday Night Session Wedding Pose Tracking Lions ... carefully!
Ostrich Egg –  Water Bottle Temple Maiden Freckles
Man's Best Friend Traditional Dress Judging the Dogs
Spancilhill Fair 'Bonny Babby' Pigeon Man
Limerick Pride 2 Street Trader Maasai Dance
Lamb or Llama? Coonagh Crew Krakow, Poland
Dentition Strasbourg, France Road to Mankessim Hospital
Galway Sheep The Chief of Abbe Village Soft Drink, Hiroshima
Killorglin Fair Hurling Team
St. Patricks's Day Parade Road Warrior Patrick J Touhey - Famous Loughrea Uileann Piper
Dusk Riders Pilgrim Rose and Rose
Alvaro Atan Junior - Sounding Stone Apres-Match
Orange Seller + Family Fishing Trip Blue Moped
Horsedrawn Mower Tracey Concrete Pups for Sale
Friday Night Shangan Sangoma (Faith-Healer) Alice in Wonderland + Friend
Atlantic Spray 2 High Jinks Contorsionist
Beauty Me and my fish Lost Something?
Alvaro Atan Paoa (Alvaro Senior) Walking the dogs Carcassonne, France
Stepping Out Peter Coffey Cahirmee Horse Fair
Millennium Bridge Cooling Down, Lodz, Poland It takes Two to Tango
Wild Thing 6th Place Busy Shopfront
Fancy Dress Cardinal's Farewell Posing in Pink
Traditional Hay Making Family Group Making Banku
Vintage Tractor Horse Judging Competition Maasai Game
Fair Maidens Village Children Water-Seller, Marrakech
Harajuku Bridge 2 Punk Senior Street Artist
Hats for Sale Bog Barrow Going to the Races
Irish Dancing Friends Na'vi
Manekin Geishas Horse Fair
Miniatures Flood Control Pounding Fufu
Killorglin Parade Limerick Floods Harness Maker
Just Friends Street Theatre 5 Dublin's Fair City
RMS Titanic - Steerage Street Scene Willie
Tommy Student Protestor Limerick Filipino Community 2
Big Hair Inca Staircase Three Fishermen
Musical Chairs Mountains of the Moon Maasai School
Sour Puss Avignon, France Spinning a Yarn
Celtic Warrior Going Fishing Fruit Market
Preparing Banku Grace with Plantain Coonagh Crew
Saturday Night Session Shrine Maiden Wedding Guests
Seeking Alms, Miyajima Roast Pork Brushes for Sale
At the Bazaar Fresh Carrots Clowning Around
Won-Jak Stallion Parade The Nose
Moroccan Musician Bodhran Player Enjoying a Sprite
Makuyuni Market Cardinal Turkson Lagoon Ceremony Observers
High Jump Taxi Tow-Truck Holy Orders
Street Music 90th Birthday Taking a Breather
Pilgrim's Progress Barbuda Boatman Taxi Driver
Spinning Wheel Over there! Foggy Christmas Morning
Oysters Martial Arts Killorglin Fair
Street Theatre 3 Hot Dogs Marathon Watching
Melly Waggit Goat Judjes Warriors Dancing
Night Life Hooded Horseman Lenin
Hand-made Pottery Pigtown Street Theatre Queen of the Fair
Maasai Warriors Mashing the Spuds Eight Feet in the Andes
Last Rays Scarlet Letter Bamboo Cannon
Enjoying the Fair Settling Matters of Importance Wedding Couple
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Sean McGowan 2 Plaques for Sale
Aymara Mask Man's best friend Friendly Policeman
Killorglin Fair Maasai School + Chief Oslo - Busker
Havana's Finest Concentration Crowning the Puck
Three Girls The Volunteers Bird Man
Killorglin Busker Bicycle made for Three Begging in the snow
Three Angels Barefoot Ninja Life is Good!
Horse + Cart 3 Miss UN Europe Warriors Dancing
The Horse didn't do it! Currach Race Team Maasai Teenager
Atlantic Coast Returning from the Market The Picasso Piccolo Troupe
Parade Marshal Maasai Family Disdain
Rainbow Warrior Crowning the Puck Killorglin Parade
30-Aug .. At the Finish Marrakech Party Mattress Delivery
Horse Fair Bird Seed Wedding Guests
Busker Arusha Street Scene Maasai Woman
Winning Team Finishing Touch Alice in Wonderland
Any Bids? Bird Man Jamming with Ecki
Inside a Maasai Hut Nzulezu Boatman Brenu Beach
Herd Boy The Unlucky Thief! Red & White
Trinket Stall Mothers and baby Clam Supper
Pesto Lady Supply Chain Young Maasai Woman
Limerick Pride 4 Downtown Shopping Man from Pretoria
Vintage Tractor Man at Work Sorting Sardines
Killorglin Cattle Fair Going to the Fair Ninja
Killorglin Fair Pretty Girl Killorglin Parade
Bareback Rider Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Head Gear
Three Musketeers Pilgrim 2 Oslo Busker
Leprechaun Bikers Chickens for Sale Bubbles
Traditional Music The Volunteers Ships Ahoy
Beef Promotion Bonnets Ladies Night Out
Enjoying the Right of Way Lets Talk Tractors Digicel Welcome
Jetty Rescue Street Theatre Killorglin Fair
Cahirmee Horse Fair Harajuku Bridge 3 New Orleans
Police Parade Canoe Trip 2 Sean McGowan 5
Killorglin Parade Nyali Road, Mombasa Fruit Stall
Volunteers on the Lake St. Patrick's Day Parade HMS Cuans - Cultural Parade
Village Kids Unicycle Fire Juggler Killorglin Fair
Dunderry Fair Yellow Dungarees Village Children
Shrinking Violet Pizza Festival 2 Currach Spectator
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Nzulezu Boatman 2 Killorglin Parade
Bay Watch Meet the Champion Dirty Job
Horse + Cart 2 East meets West Harmattan Haze 2
Shetland Ponies Chilean Miner Killorglin Town
Buena Vista Social Club The Chief with the Elders Taking a Break
Beach Manoeuvres Meeting the Chief & Elders
Town Crier Washing Line
Begging for a Living Maasai School Streetside Cobbler
Mapuche Festival Water Babies The Unlucky Thief 2
Just Good Friends! Ice-Cream Stall European Duathlon Championship - Open Race
Chip off the old block Going Fishing Akakachi Kids
Traditional Costume RMS Titanic - 1st Class Master of Ceremonies
Beach Warriors Three Amigos Ringetani Spectators
Harness Auction Band Master Local Transport
First Meal Doing the books Little Miss Muffet
Gypsy Musician Duathlon Music-man hits the Road
Friends Bird Woman Okonomiyaki 2
Leaning Tower Pork-Pie Hat Triathlon 2
Convertible Curiousity Family Reunion
Smoked Fish Street Market Shoe Shine Time
Temple Maidens Hugh DeLacey
Welcome Party Lady in Red Street Market
Waiting for the Boat Playing the Umbrella Horses
Canoe Trip Ladies Eight Contestant Barringtons Pier
Chip off the old block Acropolis Running away with the Circus
Horse & Cart Pup for Sale Four Brides
On the move Ann Marie Craftsmanship
Captain Silver - ESB Float Basement Kitchen Drummer Boys
Flower Power Charity Run Picnic at Umbrella Rock
Enjoying the Fair Smoke Break Ulster Ladies Single Scull
Jaunting Car Octopus Balls Cusco Cathedral
Trucking Farmer and Tractor Waiting for the Train
Mr. Waters Altiplano Snowstorm 5th Place - #5
Kojo Down at the Mall Expressions
Bareback Rider Terraces - Isla del Sol Street Theatre 4
Moped Magic Schoolboy Rugby Peek-a-Boo
Ann Marie Moving Statues Weighing Anchor
Graduation Day Oranges & Lemons Cider man
Oranges for Sale Village Elder Wedding Shower
Llama Ladies Salute Brushes for Sale
Your Country Needs You Fancy Dress Horse-drawn Tour 2
Vintage Tractor Street Market Harajuku Bridge 4
Mad March Hare Bagpipes Hitching a lift
James, Sean & David Bareback Cowboy Rapunzel
Carrying the Madonna Dr Equator @ 6,389 ft
Jewellery Vendor Newtown Clarina Crew Sunrise Smiles
Brenu Beach 23 Ice-cream in the Rain Brenu Beach 24
Hat Vendor The Cheque's in the Post? Irish Red Cross
Melly Waggit Mapuche Head-dress Africa Day Singer
Jaunting Car Christening Maasai Warriors
Smoked Fish Seller Fun at the Fair Hats for Sale
On the edge Daddy, Teddy & Me! I'm Watching You
Mike Balloons for Sale Happy St. Patrick´s Day!
Limerick Pride 3 Tending the Fire Colour Coordinated
Picking Grapes Blue Umbrella Begging for a Living
Rocky Foreshore Collecting Water, Bangalore 1st Class Passenger
Sporting the Green The Chief The one that got away
Limerick Pride 5 Ambidextrous Rickshaw Man
Windswept Skipper St Patricks Day Parade Limerick Pride 2011
Volterra, Italy Selling the 'Big Issue' Street Trader
Band Master Who's afraid of the Gringo? Wedding Guests + Groom
Umbrella Shakedown Bareback Rider Missing ... one car
Three Card Trick Modern Viking Titicaca Fisherman
Beach Fishing Eight Pizza Chefs Window Party
Jaunting Car 2 What are my chances? Sister & Brother
Macnas Parade DJ Cow-Herd
Fun on the Farm River Cruise
Palaio Faliro 2 Two of the Quads St. Patrick
Sporting the Green Cardinal's Mass Fishing Village
Horse-drawn Tour Gabriella and her husky friend What's the rush?
Look Right Carlos - Park Ranger - 'Orongo Heat Wave
Sleepy Baby Rescue Demo Crew Minstrel
Bring on the Party Twins Harmattan Haze
Cherry Blossom 3 Music Man goes Mobile Historic pageant
Bushman Traditional Dance - Lion attacks Kudu Three Generations 12 toes
Connaught Ladies Pair Jugglers Practicing Leprechaun
Fish Fillets - a la plage Busker Teamwork
Cymbals Dawn Fishing Yellow Umbrella
Lucy, Dillie & Tom Roadside Mango Stall Leinster Ladies Quad Scull
Snowman Three Amigos Piraeus Sunset
Red Bus Eco Friendly XMas Tree _MG_4236_ww.jpg
Tomatoes for Sale Nemesis Sunset Cyclists
Mapuche Parade Limerick Pride 7 Posing for Brunni
Wedding Spectators Running Repairs Clowning About
Wearing the Colours Triathlon
Mock Protest Ringetani Dancers, Kruger, SA Wistful
Going Fishing Dugout Canoe Downtown Shopping
Piper from the Mountains of the Moon Quad Bike Birthday Boy
Munster Men's Four Bank Bonus Protest Cowboy
Winter Fashion Goodbye Mapuche Festival
Tiger Security Guard Plaza de Armas
Mapuche Parade Welding Crew Determination
Nice day for a Guinness Gondolier Fishing Crew
Congratulations Incense Burner Funeral March
The most famous pub in Ireland Lifeguard Apples and Oranges
Ladies Double Scull Luke
Rickshaw Vincent Sunday Parade
Market Bound Seeking a Divination Hot Table Cafe
Golden Wonder Pouring a Libation for the Ancestors Lonely Fisherman
Big Yawn Red Cross Collection Purple Dress
Damp Day-Trippers The Chief of the Fisherfolk Splash
Surprise! Three boys Street Graffiti
Wary Shepherdess Cool Gaze Flying Ploughman
Beach Party Munster Ladies Pair Kwame & Oisin
Troublesome Threesome Proud Dad Chilean Sailor
Water Carrier La Perla de Caminita Do you like my Hat?
Medicine Woman Rubber Tapper Ulster Ladies Four
Donkey's Milk Vendor Fresh Fish Headphones
Fisherman Scrap Metal Collection Street Scene, Xian
Congratulating the Bride Sorry, I'm busy Work in Progress
Fisherman Acting Up Jay-Walkers
In-train Entertainiment Me and my Dad Boiled Eggs
Vintage Ploughing Dance Exhibition 2 Ulster Ladies Four
Midday Heat Intrepid Traveller Jumping for Joy
Lama glama + minder Four Jarvies Sea Foam
High Jinks 85th Birthday Maria had a little Lamb
It takes Two to Tango 2 Summer Evening Stroll Republica de la Boca
Limerick Pride 2 Azonto - Handsfree Eight Sisters
Rowing Crew Life is for Living Celebration Dance
Hubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble Crooked Streets Rinsing the Cockles
Oranges for Sale Limerick Fun Run 2012 Lollipop
Hotel Employee Masked Dancer To the rescue
Sunday Best Playing Chicken Belle of the Ball
Sonos Dancers Salsa Dancing Sharing a Laugh
Wedding Procession Dance Exhibition Umbrella Shakedown 3
Hanging Out on the Malecon Fun on the Beach Dunderry Fair 2012
Audience with the Chief The Girls Easy Rider
What age are you? Cow Herd and Pop Celebrating Victory
Winter Sunshine Sunday Finest Fire-Eating Stilt-Walker
Spring Picnic Bushman - Stick Game Comparing Notes
Marathon Runners Meeting with the Chief and Elders Piper
Sunset Ballet Morning Light Just Checking
Dunderry Mayor and Fair Day Rose Roses Galore! Barbecue
Torre Contrada Bareback Rider Woman Overboard
Salsa Dancers I'd rather be fishing Rainbow Flag Grounded
Fruit Shop Owner Finger Puppets Classic Approach
Saying Goodbye Santa Clown Student Protest
Poseidon Aymaru Dancers Colour Coded
Gregorio Fuentes - 'The' Old Man and the Sea ¡Qué lindo! The Beautiful Game
Musical Trio Singing for a Living Cashing-in on the Legend
And the Band played Waltzing Matilda Wind Sock Gina
Groovy ... Ann Marie Cruising The Cardinal's Mass
Bronze Busker Munster Men's Double Scull La Dolce Vita
Wheelbarrow Recliner Playing in the Rain
The King is Back in Town Friday Morning Little Angels
Snacks? Please buy some ice-cream! Fried Eggs
Cutlass meets Coconut Fidel Lookalike Enjoying a Coke+
Fruit Seller Leinster Ladies Double Scull Period Dress
Checkers Leinster Ladies Double Scull Leinster Mens Single Scull
P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Cuban Cigar
Soccer Team Obama Girl Horseman, pass by!
Sore Finger Small Sad Child Old Timer
Simiu School Munster Ladies Pair Brassed Off?
Midnight Cowboy Walkies Fish for Sale
Student Demonstration Munster Ladies Double Scull Ancient Mariner
Over There Fashion Crisis Easy Rider
Window Seat Catching Crabs Rearing to Go
I love my horse Vegetable Market Ulster Single Scull
Lotto Stars Band on the Run RNLI Member
Begging for a Living Juggler Lome Market
Lolipops Limerick Pride 6 Traditional Costume
A Woman's Life Shipping News Push-Off
Mother's Little Helper Running Water Ferry Dance
Kiss Me Hands Free
Gardening Crew Fisherman Phi Lad Elp Hia
Ripe Mangoes Clowning About
Goat Carriage Rita, Mark & Joe Concentration
City Gate Mary Roadworks Crew
Street Stall Papa Ando (Patrick) Bad Ass Balloons
Shopkeeper - Witches Market Don't pay the Ferryman Morning Commute
Firewood Ladies Pairs Race WG Band
Mantey Family Me and my Mom Sonos Dancers
Sunday Mask Homemade Ice Cream Striking Cement Workers
San Children Barmaid Horse Fair
There's something in your eye! Mapuche Festival Market Stall Owner
Sheebeen Piper at the Gates Sunday Best
Mark & Gladys Ladies Coxed-Four Race Gathering Firewood
Ritual Sacrifice? New-Year's Eve Pageant Lagoon Ceremony at Dusk
Rita Fighting Irish Water Melon
Curious Kids Kuful vs. Atonkwa Drive-by Snacks
Surfers Lemon Olympus Energy and Enthusiasm
Hand-Loom Ahoy there! Enjoying the Fair
Construction Crew Fresh Bread A Bushman called Bill
Boys from Kuful Raindrops keep falling ... Jacqueline with her Mom
Love is ... a 3 legged-race Brother & Sister The Gift of a Rooster ... and a Goat!
Before the Graduation New Baby - Proud Mum
Shades of Grey It happened over there! Balloon Man
Gladys' New Dress Farrier at Work
Modes of Transport Student Protest Cooking the Spuds�Cooking the Spuds�Cooking the Spuds�Cooking the Spuds
Fresh Mango Leaves Two's Company Limerick Fun Run 2012
Not so sure? Coconut Tree San Family
Homeward Bound Simiu School Octogenarian
Kittens for Sale Mark, Rita & Joe Problem Solver
Red-Flag, Green-Flag Coonagh Crew Surprise!
Enjoying the Parade Three Paddies Sunday Finery
Jim Hard Stare Local Cowboy
Dunderry Fair Jester Audience with the Chief 2
Friendly Locals Having a Laugh Theresa
Race for Home Pups in a Pram Mother & Son
Can I come in? Bridal Escape Local Character
What's that smell? Tropical Downpour Proud Dad
Rush-hour Hey, Photo Me? Dance Exhibition 3
Restaurant Owner Hand Loom Buddies
I'm going on my Holidays Levitation Me & my Mom
Memories Rita Exploring Okavango by Makoro
Homework Carol
Radio interview - 95.8 FM Hey, Maestro ... what we gonna play? Modes of Transport
Toiling in the midday heat Worried? Steam-Enging Steering
Mobile Hat Shop Orcadian Harpist Dance Exhibition 4
Happy Family Group Water Sellers Cooperation?
One big happy family 90th Birthday Hitching a Ride
Equine Exercise Rum Bottler Head-Gear
Fun & Games Fetish Priestesses Afashe Festival
Granny looks Nervous Homework Club Barefoot Barrow-Boy
No Swimming Old-Timer Fetish-Priest – Lagoon Ceremony
Lagoon Opening Ceremony Cycling to School Salsa Club
Running Repairs Enjoying the Horse Fair First Morning –  Happy to be going back to school
Morning Wash Cobb Stallion for Sale Buddies
Surrender My Little Pony Enjoying the Attention
Headgear Top of the Morning! Swan Song
Winning Team Mr. Isaac –  in repose Kojo
Goat Mobile mid-Summer Ritual Hanging Out at the water-tank
Pascal Fishermen Returning Bedtime Stories?
Kermit Mori and his Wife Cob Stallion for Sale
Back-Packer Footballers Fun for all the Family
Dangerous Passage Trudy
White Dress New-Year Pageant Splitting Bamboo with a Machete
Salad Days Aine Joe ... wearing the cloth
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling Hot Line Orange Friday Celebration
Eleven Siblings + Father Chatting with the Thatcher Morning Snack
Minding the Net Great Limerick Run - Half Marathon Face Paint
Village Effort! Football Team Characters Tender Love & Care
Newspaper Reading The Grandchildren Market-Stall Owner
Good day at the Market Market Bound Fishy Bits
Orange Seller Afashe Festival Last Ditch Effort
Cautious Smile Sorting the Catch Four Generations
Wedding Day Local Musicians Gecko Hitch-hiker
Barbeque Competition Dancing in the Aisles Ahoto/Kuful Warriors
Dangerous Passage Sad Girl Afashe Dancer
Arresting Moment The Chief Makoro Tour
Travelling Cobbler Mr & Mrs Hope (Ata Mamie) Kebab Stall
Funeral Attire Mending the Nets Barbecue Festival
Brenu Beach Boda Boda Walking to the Farm
Market Bound Traditional Dress Security Detail
Northern Delegation Papa Nyankopa (Good Friend) Les Miserables
Boda-Boda Cassava from the Farm Sunday Best
Cassava Planting Crew Miss Bakatue 2015 Wife of the Chief Mourner
Charcoal Warriors Shhh! Small Girl
The Grandchildren 2 Proud Dad Headgear
Chariots of Fire The Shepherd Painting with Light
Fancy Dress The Chief in his Palinquin Beach Fishing
Fancy Dress Cassava Planting I'm not so sure
Papa Nyankopa (Good Friend) Volcanic Camel Train Beach Fishing
Bank Worker Kuful Youth Sunset Fun
Homeward Bound Flag Bearer Posing
Bush Road Commute Face-Paint Market Trader
Bush Road High Jinks John
Man at Work Washing Bakatuie Boat Race
Fancy Footwork Garage Worker 2 Les Miserables
Camera Shy Les Miserables Bakatuie Boat Race
Baby Face Granddad's Birthday Cake Salt Mining in Style
Community Effort non-Traditional Headgear Village Meeting
Afashe Dancer Les Miserables Look, there's a lion in the tree!
Foot-Soldier First Net Cast Matteo's Family
Winter Sun Les Miserables 2nd Runner Up
Garage Worker Afashe Participant Village Effort!
Afashe Participant Flying the Flag Launching though the Waves
Bareback Rider Wild West Breakfast
Coconut Party Small Girl Amazement
Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb Disaster in Paradise The Chief - in his Palanquin
Mobile Shoe Store This way to the Fire Drumming Team
Afashe Participant Thatcher Off the beaten track
Serious Face-Paint Palanquin Bearer Headgear
91st Birthday Busy Beach School Excursion
Queen Mother Resting Happy St. Patrick's Day The Chief
Having a Laugh Les Miserables Fun at the Beach
Sunday Best Three Sandy Amigos Camargue Horse Manoeuvres
Having a Laugh River Dance Hard Stare
Gardienne 2 Street Trader Emerald Sea - Fisherman
Young Girl Head Drums Joy Dadi  Bitters
Celebration Sisters Launching though the Waves 2
Afashe Spectator Small Fish Supper Les Miserables
Thumbs Up Good Friends Posing
Les Miserables Wary Les Miserables
Heading to the Market John High Jinks
Zebu Herders - Having fun Sunset Explorers - Ruined Coast-Guard Station Bakkatue Festival
To the Rescue Rubberbandit Mending Nets
Wave Runner Ready for the St. Patrick's Day Parade Free Range Chicken for Sale
Charcoal Warriors 2 Pulling in the Net Wearing the Green
Richie Diaper Depot The Safari Guides
Forest Path Fancy Dress - Juniors Kayayei
Evening Dip Kwasi Mark Senior Tropical Sunset
Les Miserables Kayayei Sombrero Small Boy - Looking Nervous
Golden Dawn Raising the Sail Alex and Nolly
Makolo Market Hazy Sunset Thanksgiving Celebrations
Doughmore Sunset Atlantic Surfer 4 Merry-go-Round
All hands to the pump The Band Coconut Kids
Fly Fishing - Summer Evening Range of Emotions The Happy Couple
Alex Market Trader Market Trader
Roadside Observer Fishermen Assembling a new wooden pedal-chair
Joseph Brother and Sister The Management Team
Ready to Launch A Woman's work is never done Mr. Tse
Happy Chappy High Jinks at Dusk Excitement
Squeegee Man Proud Market Stall Holder Having a Laugh
Mud Road - Wet Season Ready for Action Unsure
Thumbs Up Kuful Kids 2 Kuful Kids
Alex Wedding Guests Falcon Cement
Play Time Traditional Face Paint Tenderness
Mixing Paint Barefoot Thatcher Stopping for a Chat
Family Group