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"When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!" ... Ted Grant

"Life is like a good black and white photograph, there’s black, there’s white, and lots of shades in between" ... Karl Heiner
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Lonely Road Horse-Fair, Spancil-Hill
Tetrahedral Rocks King John's Castle Peter Coffey
Pacific Shore Doughmore Beach Atlantic Coast 2
Traditional Hay Making Dublin's Fair City Musical Chairs
Willie Tommy Long Drop
Harness Maker Italian Scarecrow Fisherman
Lenin Man's best friend Three Girls
Hungary Winter Vintage Morris Minor Swan Landing
Sand Patterns Episcopal Palace Student Protestor
Disdain Sealion Colony Ripples
Clam Supper Doughmore Beach Buffalo Bull
Hairy Horse Man from Pretoria Beach Fun
Doing the books Viking Boat (Oseberg) Fishermen Return
Poseidon Coastal Rocks What's up Doc?
Shangan Sangoma (Faith-Healer) Atlantic Coast Surf Dog 2
Like Father, like Son Atlantic Spray Fish Drying
Village Life Atlantic Coast Piebald Horse
Beach Manoeuvres Ahu Nau Nau Traffic Jam
Burren Stone Wall Nzulezu Boatman Horse & Cart
Oseberg - prow Peak through Clouds Castle Window
Gokstad 1 Silhouette Lunar Landscape (R574)
Montserrat Volcano Oseberg - side-view 2 T.Rex
Waiting for the Train Bootleg Block-making Stormy Sea
Easter Island Replica Foggy Morning 3 Pup for Sale
Tune 2 Summer Evening Kon Tiki 2
Mad March Hare Gokstad 3 Sands of Time
Rough Sea King Canute Living Bridge
Kon Tiki - Balsa Wood Boat 1947 Oseberg - head-on 2 Croft's Port Barrels
Piece of Work South Mall, Cork Mill Bar
Root Monster Ra Expedition - Reed Boat Oseberg - side-view 1
Doolin Harbour Tune 1 Oseberg - head-on 1
17 Flat Fishing Disgruntled Teenager
Atlantic Storm Coastal Clouds Samuel Beckett Bridge
Horses in Fog Jaunting Car 4 Wall of Water
Punta de los Lobos Marinos Tree Root Atlantic Waves
Pig Temple 20 Street Trader
Atlantic Coast 5 Separating the goats from the sheep Coastal Erosion
Grating Dugout Canoe Ancient Roman Bridge
Rose Cactus Seagull Blizzard Homeward Herd
Foggy Dawn Heron Gokstad 2 Sand Ridges
18 Oseberg - front Fisherman
Sea to Air Christmas Eve 2 Kite Surfer
Doughmore Dusk 2 Doughmore Beach Marathon Plain
Kite Surfer 3 Foggy Morning 2 Elephants Eye
Lonely Fisherman Sarsfield Bridge 2 Heron Reflections
Show of Strength Stone Figure Seagull Blizzard 2
Walk on Water Wistful Mining Village
4 2 Path Guardian
Congratulating the Bride Plassey Egrets at Dawn
Waves & Spray Shinkyō (God Bridge) River Frosty Morning Shadows
Departing Heron Egrets Dancing Sand Crap
New meets Old 9 Wary Shepherdess
Atlantic Storm 2 Shoreline Shapes Galloping through the Foam
Sea Holly 2 Hidden Warrior
Abandoned Terraces 6 Doolin Pier
5 Freedom Charter Memorial 14
Desmond Castle, Adare 19
Sleeping Giants Donkey's Milk Vendor Basalt Blow Hole
Chiesa di San Pietro‎ Shipping News Torre Contrada
Precision Stonework Doolin Pier Boating Barrier
Atlantic Waves Seven Dogs Mediterranean Coast
Chinese Ship Rinsing the Cockles 12
Towers Rough Crossing 13
Sulkie Time-trial Lava Flow Devil's Bridge 3
Ulster Double 7
Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross 10 11
Chiaroscuro 1 Che Guevara
Rush Hour ... Milking time Gully Town Gate
29 Steps Five Horses 21
Atlantic Waves Spanish Point 3
Spectator Sport 22 Frosty Morning Fog
Lighthouse Burning off the Fog Putucusi - Happy Mountain
Submerged Tree Root Atlantic Coast 2 Atlantic Coast 4
Musical Trio Gathering Seaweed Atlantic Coast 3
Lemon Olympus Atlantic Coast 7 Walkies
Chilean Sailor Estuary Siesta Time
Fish for Sale Atlantic Coast Ashes to Ashes ...
Three Amoogos Doolin Harbour Atlantic Storm
Grain Store Jaw Jaw Where is everyone?
Cow Skull Atlantic Swell Follow the Leader
Airborne Atlantic Dunes Friendly Donkey
Young Wild Boar Lome Market Bogged Down
Coconut Tree Doughmore Beach Catching Crabs
Enjoying the Fair Atlantic Storm Atlantic Storm
Springtime Atlantic Coast Can I come in?
Keep Off Easy Rider Old Friends
Walk! Tetrahedral Horizontal Rain
Swan Landing in Fog Horse Fair Sea Stack
New Pier Kimmeridge Bay Galápagos Giant Tortoise
Dolphin Skull Restaurant Owner Atlantic Storm
Sea Spray Atlantic Coast Atlantic Storm
Cliffs of Moher Cliffs of Moher Shining Through
Atlantic Ocean meets Cliffs of Moher Fidel Lookalike Hard Stare
Jacobs Ram Pups in a Pram Jim
Salsa Club Wedding Day Memories
Artic Tern  (Sterna paradisaea) Monk's Village Sorting the Catch
Joe ... wearing the cloth Fetish Priestesses Winning Team
Summer in Iceland Rush-hour
Power of the Sea Modes of Transport Stormy Seas
Friendly Locals Toiling in the midday heat Storm Bridget
Storm Bridget Troll Barbeque Competition
Dancing with Horses Artists' Paintpots Quiver Tree (Aloe dichotoma)
Submerged Mud-Pot Eruption Stampede
Cassava Planting Dancing in the Aisles Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge 2 Water Works Charles Bridge 3
Swans Galore Bubble Fun Charles Bridge 4
Charles Bridge 5 Breakfast Homeward Bound 2
Gongong - Town Crier Atlantic Waves Succulent
Atlantic Sunset Whirlpool Turbulence
Waterfall Ghost Town Nambian Sunset
Afashe Participant Battle Scars Market Trader
Afashe Spectator Power of the Sea 1 Power of the Sea 2
Power of the Sea 3 Clare River Atlantic Coast
Power of the Sea Clifftop Stroll Power of the Sea
Cliffside Stroll Motion Low Flying
Log Cabin Leviathan of Parsonstown Atlantic Coast
Atlantic Coast Wood Cabin Motion
Foggy Morning Atlantic Coast Bakkatue Festival
Form follows Function? Seven Seagulls Atlantic Coastline
Volcanic Coastline Winter Sunset Mountain Sheep
Little Samphire with Caherconree Having a Laugh Kayayei
Charcoal Warriors 2 Barefoot Thatcher Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus)
Indri Baobab Tree (Adansonia) Rocky Mountain
MacGillycuddy's Reeks