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Birds in a different light I

The objective of this gallery is to show native North American birds in an atypical format be it an unusual pose, different lighting condition such as backlight or possibly an action shot.
Simply click on each thumbnail photo to open up the full sized photo and make sure you select the "original" size below the photo for best results and image resolution. Comments welcome!

Eastern Bluebird Rufous Hummingbird Florida Sandhill Crane and Chick Great Blue Heron Osprey Pair Tricolored Heron
Wood Stork Eastern Meadowlark Harris's Hawk Pileated Woodpecker Wood Thrush Black Vulture
American Redstart White Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird Cooper's Hawk Pine Warbler Brown-headed Nuthatch House Finch
Pileated Woodpecker Tufted Titmouse Downy Woodpecker King Eiter Tufted Titmouse Eastern Bluebird
Royal Tern in Dive Brown Pelican Great Egret Northern Parula Warbler Anhinga Anhinga
Blue-winged Teal Black and White Warbler Song Sparrow Ring-necked Pheasant Bullock's Oriole Mountain Bluebird
Yellow-headed Blackbird Rose-breasted Grosbeak Indigo Bunting Red-winged Blackbird Greater Roadrunner Buff-bellied Hummingbird
Pied-billed Grebe Vermillion Flycatcher Crimson-collared Grosbeak Altamira Oriole Rose-throated Becard Common Yellowthroat
Eastern Kingbird Summer Tanager Indigo Bunting Prothonotary Warbler Rose-breasted Grosbeak Cedar Waxwing
Northern Cardinal Cedar Waxwings Mourning Doves Song Sparrow Pine Warbler Downy Woodpecker
Red-bellied Woodpeckers Northern Mockingbird Northern Mockingbird Ruby-crowned Kinglet Red-bellied Woodpecker Black Skimmer
Tufted Titmouse Turkey Vultures Broad-tailed Hummingbird Gambel's Quail Great-horned Owl Cactus Wren
Mourning Dove Eastern Bluebird Pair Kildeer and Chick Indigo Bunting Red-shouldered Hawk Blue Grosbeak
Northern Cardinal Red-bellied Woodpecker Downy Woodpecker Kildeer Red-winged Blackbird American Goldfinch
American Crow Brown-headed Cowbird Purple Finch Pine Siskin Red-crested Cardinal Gray Francolin
Red-winged Blackbird 'Amakihi Pacific Golden Plover Scarlet Honeycreeper ('I'iwi) Hawaiian Goose (Nene) Hawaiian Black-neck Stilt
Yellow-bellied Adult Male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Purple Finch Yellow-rumped Warbler Red-headed Woodpecker
Carolina Wren White-breasted Nuthatch Northern Cardinal Black-crowned Night Heron Brown Thrasher American Robin
Northern Mockingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird Chipping Sparrow Northern Flicker Red-shouldered Hawk
Brown-headed Cowbird Adult Female Northern Mockingbird Wood Ducks Summer Tanager Summer Tanager
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Rose-breasted Grosbeak Rose-breasted Grosbeak Eastern Bluebird Wood Ducks
Male Gray Catbird Rose-breasted Grosbeak Rose-breasted Grosbeak Rose-breasted Grosbeak Summer Tanager
Indigo Bunting Indigo Bunting Eastern Phoebe Blue Jay Chipping Sparrow Wood Ducks
Carolina Chickadee Hatchlings White-breasted Nuthatch Rose-breasted Grosbeak Yellow-rumped Warbler American Goldfinch Carolina Wren
Brown Pelican Cedar Waxwings Greater White-fronted Goose Eastern Song Sparrow Savannah Sparrow Carolina Chickadee
Carolina Wren American Coot Northern Cardinal White-throated Sparrow Red-winged Blackbird Wood Ducks
Carolina Chickadee Summer Tanager Marsh Wren