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Centro: Art Nouveau | El Palacio de Correos | General Prim 39 | La Alameda de Santa María la Ribera

La Alameda de Santa María la Ribera

The Alameda is a park located in the Colonia de Santa María Ribera a district of Mexico City. The district’s main attraction is the Kiosco Morisco (Moorish Kiosk) located at the center of the Alameda. The mainly cast iron structure was designed by engineer José Ramón Ibarrola as an exhibit for the New Orleans Universal Cotton Exposition and World's Fair (1884-1885) where it was know as the Mexican Alhambra.

It was later reassembled on the south center of the Alameda Central, a park on the west side of the historic center. In 1910, it was removed to make way for the construction of a monument to Benito Juárez, and moved 2 kilometers northwest to its present location. In 2003, it underwent a thorough restoration. For more info, click here.
There are other sights around the park.

Under Construction - At present, only photos of the kiosk have been uploaded.
Others are in progress.

A - The Moorish Kiosk B - Location of Oaxaca cuisine tent C - Homes D - Geological Museum
A - The Moorish Kiosk
B - Location of Oaxaca cuisine tent
C - Homes
D - Geological Museum
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