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Bees, Wasps, Sawflies and Ants (Hymenoptera) (22 Sub-galleries)

These photos are taxonomically arranged by family.

New photos will be posted at the beginning of the gallery and later placed in taxonomic order.

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Sawflies (Suborder Symphyta)  (1 gallery)
:: Sawflies (Suborder Symphyta) (1 gallery) ::
Bees  (8 Sub-galleries)
:: Bees (8 Sub-galleries) ::
Chalcid Wasps (Superfamily:  Chalcidoidea)
:: Chalcid Wasps (Superfamily: Chalcidoidea) ::
Spider Wasps (Family: Pompilidae)
:: Spider Wasps (Family: Pompilidae) ::
Pigeon Horntails (Family: Siricidae)
:: Pigeon Horntails (Family: Siricidae) ::
Ichneumonid Wasps (Family: Ichneumonidae)
:: Ichneumonid Wasps (Family: Ichneumonidae) ::
Braconid Wasps (Family: Braconidae)
:: Braconid Wasps (Family: Braconidae) ::
Leucospid Wasps (Family: Leucospidae)
:: Leucospid Wasps (Family: Leucospidae) ::
Perilampid Wasps (Family: Perilampidae)
:: Perilampid Wasps (Family: Perilampidae) ::
Gasteruptiid Wasps (Family: Gasteruptiidae)
:: Gasteruptiid Wasps (Family: Gasteruptiidae) ::
Pelecinid wasps (Family: Pelicinidae)
:: Pelecinid wasps (Family: Pelicinidae) ::
Thread-waisted Wasps (Family: Sphecidae)
:: Thread-waisted Wasps (Family: Sphecidae) ::
Sand Wasps (Family: Crabronidae, Subfamily Bembicinae)
:: Sand Wasps (Family: Crabronidae, Subfamily Bembicinae) ::
Beewolves and Weevil Wasps (Family: Crabronidae; Subfamily: Philanthinae)
:: Beewolves and Weevil Wasps (Family: Crabronidae; Subfamily: Philanthinae) ::
Square-Headed Wasps (Family: Crabronidae, Subfamily: Crabroninae)
:: Square-Headed Wasps (Family: Crabronidae, Subfamily: Crabroninae) ::
Digger Wasps (Family: Crabronidae)
:: Digger Wasps (Family: Crabronidae) ::
Cuckoo Wasps (Family: Chrysididae)
:: Cuckoo Wasps (Family: Chrysididae) ::
Potter Wasps and Mason Wasps (Family: Vespidae, Subfamily Eumeninae)
:: Potter Wasps and Mason Wasps (Family: Vespidae, Subfamily Eumeninae) ::
Paper Wasps (Family: Vespidae, Subfamily: Polistinae)
:: Paper Wasps (Family: Vespidae, Subfamily: Polistinae) ::
Social Wasps (Family: Vespidae, Subfamily: Vespinae
:: Social Wasps (Family: Vespidae, Subfamily: Vespinae ::
Tiphiid Wasps (Family: Tiphiidae)
:: Tiphiid Wasps (Family: Tiphiidae) ::
Ants (Formicidae)
:: Ants (Formicidae) ::
Wasp on peony
Wasp on peony
Wasps in the garden
Wasps in the garden