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Beetles (Coleoptera) (44 Galleries)

Galleries are arranged alphabetically by family, not by common name (and not by taxonomic order).

Please click on thumbnails to open each separate gallery.

Please feel free to correct my ID if you see any mis-identifications. Thank you!

Horned Powder Beetles (Family: Bostrichidae)
:: Horned Powder Beetles (Family: Bostrichidae) ::
Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (Buprestidae)
:: Metallic Wood-boring Beetles (Buprestidae) ::
Fruitworm Beetles (Family: Byturidae)
:: Fruitworm Beetles (Family: Byturidae) ::
Soldier Beetles  (Family: Cantharidae)
:: Soldier Beetles (Family: Cantharidae) ::
Ground Beetles (Carabidae)
:: Ground Beetles (Carabidae) ::
Tiger Beetles (Family: Carabidae, Subfamily: Cicindelinae)
:: Tiger Beetles (Family: Carabidae, Subfamily: Cicindelinae) ::
Checkered Beetles (Cleridae)
:: Checkered Beetles (Cleridae) ::
Chrysomelid beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae)
:: Chrysomelid beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae) ::
Pea and Bean Weevils (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Bruchinae)
:: Pea and Bean Weevils (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Bruchinae) ::
Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cassidinae)
:: Tortoise Beetles and the Hispines (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cassidinae) ::
Broad-bodied Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Chrysomelinae)
:: Broad-bodied Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Chrysomelinae) ::
Shining Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Criocerinae)
:: Shining Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Criocerinae) ::
Casebearing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cryptocephalinae)
:: Casebearing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Cryptocephalinae) ::
Oval Leaf Beetles (Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Eumolpinae
:: Oval Leaf Beetles (Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Eumolpinae ::
Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily:  Galerucinae)
:: Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Galerucinae) ::
Aquatic Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Donaciinae)
:: Aquatic Leaf Beetles (Family: Chrysomelidae, Subfamily: Donaciinae) ::
Long-horned Beetles (Cerambycidae)
:: Long-horned Beetles (Cerambycidae) ::
Ladybeetles (Family: Coccinellidae)
:: Ladybeetles (Family: Coccinellidae) ::
Weevils (Curculionidae)
:: Weevils (Curculionidae) ::
Dermestid Beetles (Family: Dermestidae)
:: Dermestid Beetles (Family: Dermestidae) ::
Predacious Diving Beetles (Family: Dytiscidae)
:: Predacious Diving Beetles (Family: Dytiscidae) ::
Click beetles  (Elateridae)
:: Click beetles (Elateridae) ::
Handsome Fungus Beetles (Family: Endomychidae)
:: Handsome Fungus Beetles (Family: Endomychidae) ::
Pleasing Fungus Beetles (Family: Erotylidae)
:: Pleasing Fungus Beetles (Family: Erotylidae) ::
Whirlygig Beetles (Family: Gyrinidae)
:: Whirlygig Beetles (Family: Gyrinidae) ::
Crawling Water Beetles  (Family:  Haliplidae)
:: Crawling Water Beetles (Family: Haliplidae) ::
Clown Beetles (Family: Histeridae)
:: Clown Beetles (Family: Histeridae) ::
Fireflies (Lampyridae)
:: Fireflies (Lampyridae) ::
Stag Beetles (Family: Lucanidae)
:: Stag Beetles (Family: Lucanidae) ::
Net-winged Beetles (Lycidae)
:: Net-winged Beetles (Lycidae) ::
False Darkling Beetles (Family:  Melandryidae)
:: False Darkling Beetles (Family: Melandryidae) ::
Blister Beetles (Meloidae)
:: Blister Beetles (Meloidae) ::
Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Family: Melyridae)
:: Soft-winged Flower Beetles (Family: Melyridae) ::
Tumbling Flower Beetles (Family: Mordellidae)
:: Tumbling Flower Beetles (Family: Mordellidae) ::
Hairy Fungus Beetles (Family: Mycetophagidae)
:: Hairy Fungus Beetles (Family: Mycetophagidae) ::
Sap-feeding Beetles (Family: Nitidulidae)
:: Sap-feeding Beetles (Family: Nitidulidae) ::
False Blister Beetles (Family: Oedemeridae)
:: False Blister Beetles (Family: Oedemeridae) ::
Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles  (Family:  Passandridae)
:: Parasitic Flat Bark Beetles (Family: Passandridae) ::
Shining Flower Beetles (Family: Phalacridae)
:: Shining Flower Beetles (Family: Phalacridae) ::
Fire-coloured Beetles (Family: Pyrochroidae)
:: Fire-coloured Beetles (Family: Pyrochroidae) ::
Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeidae)
:: Scarab Beetles (Scarabaeidae) ::
Carrion Beetles (Family: Silphidae)
:: Carrion Beetles (Family: Silphidae) ::
Rove Beetles (Family: Staphylinidae)
:: Rove Beetles (Family: Staphylinidae) ::
Darkling Beetles (Family: Tenebrionidae)
:: Darkling Beetles (Family: Tenebrionidae) ::